I'm so sad this story is coming to an end... I've loved writing about this version of Clary and Jace. This is the final chapter then the only thing left is an epilogue... tears.

Thanks for reading.

Chapter 14 -

Once Jace and Clary were far away from the crowd, in a dark corner of the roof, they turned to face each other as Clary spoke first. "Jace… you look like shit."

Jace breathed out a chuckle and shook his head, "You never did sugar coat things, huh, babe?"

Clary shook her head, "Tell me everything. No secrets, Jace."

"Okay, Clary. But I'm going to start from the beginning, and I need you to listen the whole way through. Promise you will let me explain without interrupting." Jace begged.

"I promise." Clary whispered, scared to hear where this was going, but having faith in her boyfriend.

Jace let out one more steadying breath before speaking. "A few months ago, my Dad approached me about a new potential multimillion-dollar client. He said he had gotten inside info from someone at Forsaken Corp. and that this client wasn't happy, and could be easily persuaded to switch to Shadowhunters, and that he was entrusting me to make it happen. I thought it was a little shady, but if they weren't happy who was I to not take advantage. I was under a lot of pressure since I had just been promoted, along with Alec, and didn't want to let the company – and my father – down. So, I got in touch with the informant – Seelie – and she explained that she would push the client our way… it was too easy, and I wasn't sure what Seelie got out of it. All she would say is that my dad had taken care of her. I assumed she meant financially, but tried not to dwell on it, since the contract was already complete.

"Then about six weeks ago, Seelie contacted me again. She explained that she had an even bigger client that she could talk into leaving Forsaken for Shadowhunters if I paid her two hundred thousand dollars. When I told her there was no way in hell I would do that she threatened to come forward with information on previous shady deals and expose our company. I went to my father and Robert Lightwood to tell them the situation and they basically threatened me into giving into her demands. They said it was my responsibility to keep the company running and without big name clients I would need to start making cuts in the company and people would lose their jobs. I still wasn't comfortable, but after talking with Alec we decided to move forward with the deal. That deal closed five weeks ago, the night I met you." He let out another breath before continuing…

"What Seelie, my Dad, and Robert didn't know, was that Alec and I had gotten lawyers involved every step of the way. We had found out this was something that our fathers had done often, and that they had been sabotaging Forsaken for years, all thanks to some grudge they held against the owner. I swear I had no idea that was your father's company, Clary, but either way Alec and I weren't going to let our fathers continue corrupting our company. We have spent the past month gathering more and more intel against our fathers. We were planning to confront them and ask them to step down from the company or we would take them to court where the company's reputation would be ruined, and they would lose their savings in legal fees. We were planning this meeting for next week, but after last night's events we forced them to meet early this morning. Alec and I were up all night planning, and we've been in meetings all day… hence why I look like 'shit'.

"As you can guess, our Dad's took the deal and are no longer a part of the company. But we didn't feel like that was enough. When we met with your dad and brother today, we signed a non-compete agreement, meaning that Shadowhunters may not accept any former clients of Forsaken without written agreement from Forsaken first. We also had to hand over our intel on Seelie so they can use it against her. Alec and I also offered 2.5% royalties every year to Jon and your father each. Jon agreed, but your dad asked that his portion be assigned to you, if you want it." Jace released a deep breath as he finished speaking.

"Is that everything?" Clary asked. Jace nodded and Clary took his hand as he looked into her eyes. "I don't want the royalties, please pass them to Sebastian… that's the least he deserves after what he's done for the company and for me."

Jace nodded, "I figured you would say that. The lawyers are getting the paperwork ready and will have it for Jon and Sebastian to sign tomorrow morning before they leave town."

Clary smiled, "I'm proud of you. I knew the Jace that I know and love would never have gone along with a situation like that willingly. I'm glad I wasn't wrong. I'd hate to never be able to do this again…." Clary said as she pulled him in for a deep kiss. As Jace opened his mouth to hers he pushed her up against the wall and brought his hands to her hips.

"I love you, Clary. I'm so sorry you were caught in the middle of everything last night. I never ever want you to have any reason to doubt me again." Jace said against her lips.

"I know, and I'm sorry I didn't let you explain last night. I should have trusted you would do the right thing." Clary said as she pulled back to look into Jace's eyes.

Jace shook his head, "Honestly, last night, what could I have told you that wouldn't have sounded like bullshit? Yeah, I did that stuff but I'm trying to make it right?" Jace mimicked. "That wouldn't have made it any better, you needed to see actual results… and I'm so grateful your Dad and brother were understanding today. That meeting could have gone a whole different direction, but I think we have a mutual understanding. Thank God." Jace said, breathing out a sigh of relief. "I was so worried I would lose you. I can't live without you, baby. You are my other half and the past day, not knowing where we stood… it felt like… it felt like my heart was being ripped open. I know it's only been a little over a month, but I can't go back to a life without you, Clary. I won't." he finished with conviction as his golden eyes shined with unshed tears.

Clary grabbed his face with her hands and forced him to look into her emerald eyes to see the love swirling in them. "You don't have to, Jace. You won't have to. I'm still here, and I would never give up on you or us. Ever. I love you… with all of me, I love you."

With those words, Jace kissed Clary passionately. As the kiss grew more heated Clary wrapped her exposed legs around Jace's hips as he ground into her against the wall.

"Fuck," he growled out. "I wish we weren't at a party with our friends and family most likely searching for us right now. If we were alone, I would fuck you against this wall until the only thing you could say was my name."

"No one is around baby, what kind of rebels would we be if we didn't have sex in public at least once." Clary whispered seductively as her hands trailed in between them to undo his pants.

Once Jace's pants were open, Clary pushed his clothes down just enough to expose his already hard cock. Jace pulled Clary's panties aside and could feel her wetness coating the tiny thong. Knowing how wet she was for him made him rock solid and he began rubbing his head against her wet folds, as he asked her "Can you be quiet, baby?"

"No. Can you be fast?" Clary moaned out as his head hit her clit.

"Probably not." Jace growled as he buried himself to the hilt in one push.

Clary bit her lip to keep from crying out. "Then we'd better hope we haven't been gone too long and no one comes looking…" she said breathily as Jace began thrusting in and out of her tight heat.

"Fuck, baby. You feel so good." Jace said with a groan.

Clary was still biting her lip to stifle her moans, but Jace could see she was struggling to stay quiet much longer. He began kissing her deeply and she began moaning into his mouth to stifle the sound.

"Yes, Jace, please… more. Harder. I'm so close, baby." Clary begged against his lips.

Jace picked up the pace as he thrust even harder and with a few more deep thrusts he began shooting rope after rope of cum into his girlfriend as she came around him. "Fuuuucckkkk." Jace growled out.

Once they stopped shaking, Jace pulled out of his girlfriend and set her back on her feet and kissed her deeply. "I love you, Clary."

Clary looked deep into Jace's eyes as she whispered her love back to him.

Luckily, Clary always packed wet wipes in her clutch in case she needs to touch up any makeup while she is out. This time she used them to clean both her and Jace off. Once they were both presentable and their hair was smoothed back down and Clary's lipstick back in place, they made their way back to the party.

Clary was able to properly introduce Jace to her family this time, without any shocking revelations or awkward moments. And Jace reintroduced her to the Herondales, as his girlfriend. Their parents were studiously avoiding each other, which Clary and Jace both figured was probably for the best in this situation. They both decided there was probably too much bad blood to repair that relationship, but as long as they accepted Jace and Clary, that would have to be enough.

Jace and Clary each gave short toasts to Magnus and Alec's happiness before taking shots and dancing the night away in honor of their best friends. Clary couldn't help but think eventually Magnus and Alec would be the ones saying toasts in honor of her and Jace. When she told Jace as such he replied, "Whenever you are ready baby, let's do it."

Clary laughed as she asked, "Don't you think we've been rebellious enough for one night?"

"With you baby, there's no such thing as enough." Jace said with a smirk as he spun her around and pulled her back to him as they continued to dance.

Clary leaned in and whispered into his ear, "I'm sure we can find another wall to try out if you aren't satiated yet, Mr. Herondale."

Jace shuddered as her breath hit his ear and he teased back, "Baby, there's not enough walls in this building for what I have in store for you tonight."

Clary raised her eyebrows at her boyfriend and asked, "What are we waiting for then?"