Okay, I don't know what happened to my brain when I wrote this epilogue... seriously, I must have been drinking... I honestly can't remember. Anyway, here is the ridiculous epilogue to my first fic, 'It's You'.


6 months later...

"Mags! Is everything ok in there?! Let me in!" Clary yelled through the locked bathroom door.

"No! I'm having a crisis, Clarissa!" Magnus yelled back.

"Well, how the hell am I supposed to help you if you don't tell me what is wrong?!" Clary yelled back as she knocked again. "Izzy is about to pick the lock with a bobby-pin. We are coming in, okay?" Clary said with a deep sigh as Izzy jiggled the lock and pried the door open.

Even after arguing with Magnus for ten minutes through the closed door, they were completely unprepared for what they saw when it opened. Their best friend - who was the bravest and strongest person they knew - was sitting on the floor by the tub in complete disarray, looking completely broken.

Clary fell to her knees next to him, disregarding the fact that she was likely getting her beautiful dress dirty. "Oh, babe... what's wrong? Are you having second thoughts?"

Magnus looked up with tears in his eyes, "Oh, Clary... it's so awful."

Izzy spoke up from next to Clary on the floor, "Mags, tell us... what happened?"

Magnus took a deep breath and blew it out as he spoke, "I forgot my favorite glitter."

"Huh?" Clary asked as her eyes widened.

"I forgot my favorite glitter! I can't get married without it! Why would Alexander want to marry someone who looks basic as fuck?!" Magnus yelled.

Clary looked to Izzy with wide eyes and cocked her head as if to say, what the fuck? He's officially lost it.

Izzy spoke as if she was approaching a rabid animal, "Magnus... dear... you know Alec will love you no matter what kind of glitter you use, right?"

"Izzy's right, but if you need me to run to get new glitter just say the word." Clary said to her best friend, still not quite believing the situation.

"No, no… you just don't get it…" Magnus said shaking his head.

Clary sighed, finally understanding what was actually going on, "Mags, you can do this. You will be an amazing husband and one day an amazing father. You and Alec are not your parents, babe."

Magnus let one tear drop before looking up at Clary to see the love and concern in her eyes. "What if I become him? What if I treat Alexander the way he treated my mother?" he asked sadly as he looked down at his hands.

Clary grabbed her best friend's face and forced him to look into her eyes, "Listen very carefully… you will never become your father. You are nothing like him, and you were basically raised by Luke and my mom, so if you were to turn out like anyone it would be one of them. You can do this, Magnus. Alec completes you, and you complete him. Never let fear take that away from you."

Magnus nodded and began to come back to life after Clary's speech as Izzy moved his hand to her slightly swollen belly, "Feel that? All this angst is upsetting him… he doesn't like to hear his uncle upset. Get it together for the baby, Uncle Mags."

Clary scowled, "No fair! I haven't felt him move yet. My turn!"

Izzy rolled her eyes at her friend, "Here, Crazy… put your hand right here."

Clary scowled at the nickname as she moved her hand to Izzy's belly. Izzy had taken to calling her Crazy-Clary – which has now been shortened to just 'Crazy' – after her and Jace's escapade in the Maldives two months ago. Okay, maybe it was more like a sexcapade, but given the circumstances that was totally warranted.

Just then someone knocked on the door to the dressing room they had been occupying all day. Izzy got up to let in a confused looking Simon. "What are you guys doing on the floor in the bathroom? And why aren't you dressed yet?" He asked Magnus incredulously.

"We were trying to bond with your unborn son before you interrupted. What time is it?" Clary asked.

"A quarter til four, the wedding starts in fifteen minutes." Simon said, shaking his head. "Do I need to tell anyone to postpone?"

"Postpone?!" They heard someone yell from the hallway as Jace appeared in the doorway. "What the hell is going on?"

Izzy shooed the boys away, "We are trying to get the groom ready for his wedding, now go!"

"Simon said something about postponing, I just want to make sure I don't need to kick anyone's ass – you know, best man duties and all." Jace said as he crossed his arms over his chest. Clary couldn't help but stare at him in his suit, God he's sexy, and all mine… she thought to herself.

"Jace, you look hot as fuck." Clary couldn't help but blurt out as Jace smirked at her. "I mean, you always look hot, but I'm seriously thinking about finding an empty room somewhere and-."

"You know we are still here, right?!" Simon said loudly.

Jace ignored him as he stared at Clary with lust in his eyes, "And you look absolutely breathtaking, babe. Although, I'm not sure why you are on the bathroom floor… but still, you are the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen."

"You guys are disgusting." Magnus stated. "Is this what I have to look forward to?"

Clary just continued to stare at Jace, "Don't be jealous, Jace and I have had two months to perfect this marriage thing. You will come around to the sappy, love-sick declarations stage soon."

Jace smirked, "But first, you get the lust-filled 'let's never leave the bedroom' stage… or the kitchen, or the couch…"

"And on that note… get out. Both of you, we have a Groom to dress." Izzy declared and shut the door on Jace and Simon as she turned to Clary. "I can't believe you married that guy."

"And I can't believe you got knocked up by that guy." Clary retorted, gesturing to where Simon had stood.

Magnus finally stood from the floor, helping Clary up as he went. "Girls, let's get back to the most important thing… Me." He said as he gestured towards himself.

As the girls feverishly helped Magnus get dressed – Thank God his hair was already complete – Clary couldn't help but reminisce over the past six months.

Izzy and Simon had become an official couple, and then announced their pregnancy three months later, to everyone's extreme surprise and joy. Their baby boy was due in four months, and Clary could not wait to be an honorary aunt.

Once Izzy and Simon announced their pregnancy, Clary and Jace decided she would just move into his condo, since they had become disgustingly inseparable by then. Their families were becoming mildly cordial, but certainly not friendly. Luckily, Stephen and Celine loved Clary – just as Clary's family loved Jace. Neither party held the other's parents against their child, thank goodness.

A couple of weeks after living together Jace and Clary had taken a much-needed vacation to the Maldives, where Jace proposed in the most beautiful beach-front setting Clary could have ever imagined. He had even hired someone to paint the scene for them. Clary, unsurprisingly, said 'Yes', however when she asked Jace if they could get married right then and there, he was most certainly surprised.

However, in true rebel fashion they did end up eloping, and in turn finally got their families to agree on something - that they were completely pissed off at Jace and Clary. However, once the couple agreed to have a small reception at the gallery they were mostly forgiven.

Clary smiled as she came out of her memories. "Magnus, I am so happy for you. I can't believe how much has changed in the past six months."

"Just think, Crazy, we could have been doing this for you." Izzy said with a smirk.

"I don't regret a single second." Clary said with a big smile. "Have you and Si talked about marriage?"

"Not a lot… I mean, we are definitely committed to the idea eventually, but I do not want to be pregnant in the pictures and I don't want to be planning and raising a newborn, so it might be a while." Izzy answered.

"Wow… that's very… mature of you, Isabelle." Magnus said proudly.

"You are going to be an amazing mom." Clary said with a smile towards Izzy. "Just like you are going to be an amazing husband, Mags. Just like I am already the most amazing wife." Clary said with a big laugh.

"You are certainly the most conceited wife." Izzy said with a laugh. "Mags, I think you are ready." She said while opening the door to the waiting groomsmen.

Izzy hugged Magnus briefly before linking arms with her brother Max, who was Alec's other groomsman, and they began walking down the aisle. Magnus had asked Jocelyn to walk him down the aisle and they would go after Jace and Clary.

Clary winked at Magnus before turning to look deep into her husband's eyes. She couldn't help but picture their future as she linked her arm through his. "Ready Mr. Herondale?"

Jace looked into his wife's eyes and kissed her deeply before replying, "Always, Mrs. Herondale... Always."