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FIRE and BLOOD in Remnant

The Stray and Secret

Draegon stared at Blake who in turn stared back at him. They circled each other in the Combat Stadium. It was the last class on Friday and Draegon was chosen to fight Blake. Blake had both parts of her Gambol Shroud at the ready while Draegon had his practice great sword in both hands. Draegon had to be careful, Blake was almost as fast as Ruby and she hasn't used her Semblance yet, "she must want to use it at the last second to defeat me before I can negate it." Draegon thought.

Blake was thinking the same thing and knew she had used her semblance to land critical blows on him. He was almost as good as her former partner and that worried her a bit. She looked at the Aura meters and saw she lost a third of her Aura from a slash he did and he only lost one fourth of his Aura from the counter slashes.

Draegon dashed forward all of a sudden and Blake narrowed her eyes as he came at her. Draegon brought a downward slash and she jumped away. Her sword changed into Gun mode and she fired some dust rounds and Draegon deflect the ones that came at his chest while the others flew past him. Blake threw her weapon at him while she held the ribbon and Draegon moved slightly just as she planned and within a few seconds she would pull her ribbon but that all changed. Draegon brought his sword down on the ribbon and it was wrapped around the blade with her weapon. Draegon with massive heave, yanked his sword up and it took Blake off the ground and sent her flying. She let go of the Ribbon before Draegon slammed his sword to the ground hoping to do the same to her but failed. Blake landed gracefully and saw that Draegon now had her gun in his hand and he changed it back to Blade mode.

"This is just like he did with Ruby," Blake thought as Draegon charged forward with both blades. He threw her sword at her to distract her but Blake quickly slashed it out of the way with her sword sheathe but as soon as she did Draegon brought a sideways slash at her and just as it nearly hit her Draegon shouted, "Stop," he said as he held his left hand out in mid swing and Blake couldn't activate her shadow semblance which she just tried to do quickly enough before he could stop it. However, Draegon took a shot in the dark and it work. Blake semblance was negated and she took the sideways slash knocking her aura into the red thus ending the match. As the bell rang Glynda walked out onto the stage.

"An impressive battle both of you remember students you must try to figure out what your opponent will do in battle only then can you predict their moves. That's all the time we have for today enjoy your weekend," she said as the bell rang and she walked away. Draegon offered his hand to the down Blake and she took it and got back up.

"How did you know I was going to use my semblance at the end?" Blake asked as she put both of her weapons on her back.

"Well, I knew I had you there at the end and that the only way you could dodge is if you used your semblance so when I was at mid swing, I used my semblance hoping to stop yours and it worked," Draegon said as Blake looked impressed that he guessed at the right time to use it. "Besides if you corner a cat, you get scratched," Draegon said as he smirked and Blake punched him in the arm while her face told him to shut up. The rest of team RWBY came over.

"Great match guys," Ruby said happily.

"It was impressive," Weiss admitted.

"That's two for Draegon, are you planning on facing us all?" Yang asked and smirked and Draegon just shrugged his shoulders.

"So, what do guys want to do for the beginning of the weekend?" Ruby asked.

"Oh, I know let's head down to Vale," Weiss said excitedly and left causing the other four members to look at each confused before they started following Weiss but as Draegon was walking he sniffed his Jacket and it smelled awful. He needed to get it cleaned so he dashed to his room to change.

Later in Vale Draegon just came out of a store with a white t-shirt and different black pants after dropping off his combat Jacket and pants. With a back pack on his back and his Valyrian swords still attached to his sides. The shop was a dry cleaner that specialized in cleaning clothes that have dust infused into them. The rest of team RWBY was waiting for him and once he nodded that he was ready the began walking further into Vale with Weiss leading them.

There were decorations all around them as they walked by. While everyone was looking Yang saw that Draegon backpack looked like it was still carrying something.

"Hey Draegon, what's in the bag?" she asked and everyone looked at Draegon. Draegon looked back at them all and opened the bag to show them. Inside were the three Dragon eggs. Team RWBY were shocked that Draegon brought them with him.

"I thought that maybe they needed some fresh air so I took them with me. I'm out of ideas on how to hatch them so I'm just socializing with them. It's all I can do." Draegon said as he walked forward with the eggs in the bag. The rest of the team kept looking until Ruby broke the silence.

"Aaaaaawwwwww, he acting like a daddy," Ruby whispered and the other three grinned and laughed with her.

"I heard that," Draegon shouted making all stop laughing and froze. They looked to see Draegon looking at them with a raised eyebrow before he kept on walking. The rest ran to catch up with him.

They saw even more decorations as they walked and Weiss took the lead again. They saw an old man who looked like the one they saw the night Ruby met Draegon raise a sign that said "WELCOME TO VALE."

"The Vytal festival oh this is absolutely wonderful," Weiss clasped her hands together happily while the rest of the team looked at her confused.

"I don't think I've ever seen you smile this much Weiss. It's kind of weirding me out," Ruby said as she backed up a step.

"How could you not smile? A festival dedicated to the cultures of the world. There will be dances, parades, a tournament. Oh, the amount of planning and organization that goes into this event is simply breath taking," Weiss said as she continued to walk happily down the street with her teammates behind her.

"You really know how to take a good thing and make it sound boring," Yang said as she sighed.

"Quiet you," Weiss retorted as they soon were at the docks.

"Remind me again why were spending our Friday afternoon visiting the stupid docks?" Yang said bored. Ruby covered her nose at the smell.

"Uh, they smell like fish," she said. "I've smelled worse," Draegon said as he thought back to when Drogon forgot to go into the Emerald Forest to do his Business and just did it on the school grounds. Draegon had a nose plug on him while he loaded the leavings into a cart with a shovel and was being watch by an angry Ms. Goodwitch who had a face covering on herself. He looked angrily at Drogon who was just yawning and began to take another nap.

Weiss continue talking which broke Draegon out of his thoughts. "I've heard that students visiting from Vacuo will be arriving by ship today and as a representative of Beacon I feel as though it is my solemn duty to welcome them to this fine kingdom." Weiss said a bit smugly before walking off with others following her.

"She wants to spy on them so she'll have the upper hand in the tournament," Blake said as if it was obvious. However, Weiss denied it.

"Uh, you can't prove that," she said. "It's actually not a bad idea," Draegon said making Weiss smile that at least someone agreed with her.

"Whoa," Ruby said as she looked across the street to see a crime scene. A dust shop had been broken into. Draegon narrowed his eyes as he and the rest of the team came over to Ruby's side as they saw it as well. When the team got closer to the crime scene, they saw two detectives working on it and looking for clues.

"What happened here?" Ruby asked as she and her team walked up to the man in shades.

"Robbery, second dust shop to be this week, this place is turning into a jungle," he said and walked away.

"That's terrible," Yang said as she continued to look at it.

"They left all the money again," the officers partner said which got both Ruby and Draegon attention.

"Ah it just doesn't make a lick of sense, who needs that much dust," shades asked. "I don't know an army," his partner replied. "You thinking the White Fang?" Shades asked again.

"Yeah, I'm thinking we don't get paid enough," his partner replied. At the mention of the White Fang Weiss humped in anger.

"The White Fang what an awful bunch of degenerates," she said to the rest of the team. Draegon however saw Blake became mad and that was curious to him.

"What's your problem," Blake spoke. "My problem, I simply don't care for the criminally insane," Weiss answered.

"The White Fang is hardly a bunch of psychopaths. There a collection of misguided Faunus." Blake retorted and Weiss raised her eyebrow.

"Misguided, they want to wipe humanity off the face of the planet," Weiss said seriously.

"So then there very misguided. Either way it doesn't explain why they would rob a dust shop in the middle of downtown Vale." Blake explained making the other members think about it.

"Blake's got a point, besides the police never caught that Torchwick guy Draegon and I ran into a few months ago. Maybe it was him," Ruby suggested.

"I'm with you Ruby because on the night he robbed the store he was only interested in the Dust not the money, which is rather peculiar I can bet this was his work but, the question is, why only take dust and leave the money. Wouldn't it be better to take both?" Draegon said out loud while thinking as the members looked at him.

"That still doesn't change the fact that the White Fang are a bunch of Scum. Those Faunus only know how to lie, cheat and steel." Weiss said crossing her arms and Blake looked mad.

"That's not necessarily true," Yang said with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey stop that Faunus," a voice said and all of them looked at a boat that just docked.

"What a coincidence," Draegon muttered with a raised eyebrow of his own.

A tan-skinned boy with short spiky light-blonde hair and dark-gray eyes who was wearing two red wrist bracers over black fingerless gloves and an open loose-collared white jacket with no shirt underneath, displaying his muscular physique. He also had blue cargo pants tied up with a white belt. He wore white bandages on his legs and has a chain hanging from the belt loop on the right side of his pants. He ran in sports black and yellow sneakers and wears a twisted golden necklace around his neck.

Team RWBY ran over to get a closer look at him to see him running across the boat and being chased by crew members before he jumped off onto the dock.

"Thanks for the ride guys, hah," said the Faunus who was identified as Sun.

"You no good stowaway," one of the crew members shouted as Sun ran off and hung from a lamppost with his tail eating a Banana.

"Hey a no-good stowaway would have been caught, I'm a great stowaway." Sun shouted back while hanging and dodged a rock that was thrown at him as the Police walked up to him.

"Hey get down from their this instant," Officer shades said but growled when Sun threw the Banana peel at his face. Sun laughed at them before he jumped over them and took off running. The cops ran after him. He soon came up to team RWBY and as he passed by Blake, Sun winked at her before taking off again. Draegon noticed it as well and raised and eyebrow. "Must be a Faunus thing that can tell them apart from humans even if their hiding their animal traits," Draegon thought.

"Well Weiss you wanted to see the competition and there it goes," Yang smiled.

"Quick we have to observe him," Weiss shouted and took off followed by Ruby and Yang. Blake was still stunned at the wink.

"You coming," Draegon broke her out of her thoughts and both she and him went to catch up with the others.

They ran through Vale making all kinds of turns trying to keep up with Sun and the Cops. However, once they rounded a corner Weiss didn't react in time and bumped into someone. The rest of the team stopped when they fell to the ground Weiss looked and saw Sun get away from the officers.

"No, he got away," Weiss shouted in sadness.

"Uh, Weiss," Yang said as she pointed to the girl she fell onto. The girl had short rather curly hair that fell down to her chin with a small cowlick on top, and she wore a pink bow on the back of her head. She had bright green eyes, light skin, and freckles. She wore an off white old-fashioned styled off the shoulder blouse with frill detailed trim and frill flared cuffs that half covered her hands alongside copper button detailing on the lower parts of her sleeves. She also sported a short gray pinafore dress with golden trim on the hem alongside four light green stalagmite styled stripes on the lower half of the dress, two on the front and two on the back, accompanied by two matching-colored circles above the tips that had a stripe that ran around her waistline, with golden outlines, and a detachable black and light green collar. She also wore a pair of black thigh-high leg pieces that seemingly were attached to black shoes.

The girl in question smiled at Weiss and Weiss scampered up startled.

"Salutations," she waved while still on the ground.

"Um, hello," Ruby said slightly confused.

"Are you okay?" Yang asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm wonderful thank you for asking." She replied while still on the ground which made Draegon a little bit creeped out. The other team members looked at each other before looking back at her.

"Do you want to get up," Yang said slowly creeped out as well.

"Yes," she said slowly before jumping up. Once she was up all five of them took a big step back from her.

"My name is Penny it's a pleasure to meet you," the girl identified as Penny said.

"Hi Penny, I'm Ruby," Ruby said.

"I'm Weiss," Weiss spoke next.

"Blake," Blake said calmly.

"Draegon," Draegon said while still confused at her.

"Are you sure you didn't hit your head," Yang said only to get shoulder bumped by Blake. "Oh, I'm Yang," she said quickly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Penny repeated.

"You already said that," Weiss replied and was confused.

"So, I did," Penny said as she realized it.

"Well sorry for running into you," Weiss said as she and the team started walking away.

"Take care friend," Ruby quickly said as they left.

As they walked Draegon felt like he almost couldn't sense that girl's presence which was weird.

"She was Weird," Yang said slowly before Weiss decided to focus on Sun again.

"Now where did that Faunus riffraff run off to." Weiss said only for Penny to appear in front of them all.

"What did you call me," Penny said and Weiss and Draegon looked back and forth wondering how she got in front of them so quickly.

"Oh, I'm really sorry I definitely didn't think you heard me," Yang said apologetically.

"No not you, you," Penny said as she walked up into Ruby's face.

"ME, I don't know, I what I…" Ruby squeaked.

"You called me friend, am I really your friend?" Penny asked hopefully.

"Um," Ruby said and looked behind her to see Weiss, Blake, and Yang waving hand signs for NO and Draegon shrugging his shoulders because he didn't know what to agree on.

"Yeah sure, why not," Ruby said and Weiss, Blake, and Yang all fell down anime style while Draegon just looked at them and shook his head. Penny on the other hand started to cheer.

"Sensational we can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys, like Draegon," Penny said causing Yang to smirk at him and Draegon turned a tiny bit red and scratched his head while looking away in embarrassment.

"Oh, was this what it was like when you met me?" Ruby asked Weiss as she got up and dusted herself off.

"No, she seems far more coordinated," Weiss spoke dully.

"So, what are you doing here in Vale?" Yang asked as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm here to fight in the tournament," Penny answered happily.

"Wait your fighting in the tournament?" Weiss asked.

"I'm combat ready," Penny saluted to them.

"Forgive me but you hardly look the part," Weiss said unsure about Penny.

"Says the girl wearing a dress," Blake replied dully.

"It's a combat skirt," Weiss defended and Ruby zipped up next to her.

"Yeah," Ruby said and gave Weiss a low five to not take the insult. Before she realized something and walked up to Penny.

"Wait a minute, if you're here for the tournament does that mean you know that monkey tailed rapscallion?" Weiss asked but Draegon saw that Blake was getting angry.

"The who?" Penny asked and Weiss held up a pour picture of Son.

"The filthy Faunus from the boat." Weiss said frantically and Blake burst.

"Why do you keep saying that?" Blake asked mad.

"Huh," Weiss said confused.

"Stop calling him a rapscallion, stop calling him a degenerate, he's a person," Blake defended.

"Oh, I'm sorry would you like me to stop referring to the trash can as a trash can. Or this lamppost as a lamppost," Weiss sarcastically pointed out.

"Stop it," Blake shouted.

"Stop what, he clearly broke the law. Give him time he'll probably join up with those other Faunus in the White Fang. However, we might get lucky and he'll be taken out by the Fire Demon." Weiss said and Blake clenched her fist while Draegon looked shocked and if he was drinking something he would have spitted it out in shock. Ruby and Yang noticed Draegon shocked looked. How on earth did Weiss know that name he thought.

"Uh, you ignorant little brat," Blake said as she stormed off leaving a shocked Weiss.

"How dare you talk to me like that I am your teammate," Weiss said walking after her and Ruby looked worried.

"You are a judgmental little girl," Blake retorted. "What in the world makes you say that," Weiss said angry.

"Uh, I think we should probably go," Yang said as stepped by Ruby and Draegon walked over nodding in agreement. Suddenly Penny popped up behind Ruby.

"Where are we going?" Penny asked. Yang and Ruby looked upset and Draegon shook his head.

"The mere fact that you would sort that Faunus boy with a terrorist group sorely based on his species makes you just as much as a scoundrel as you believe him to be and to say he'd be taken out by the Fire Demon is just as awful." Blake fired back at Weiss.

"So, you admit it, The White Fang is just a radical group of terrorists." Weiss retorted.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Blake said as Ruby, Yang, and Draegon looked back and forth at them as they talked.

Soon the team was back in their dorm room and Weiss and Blake continued to argue while the others stood and watched them argue on their beds.

"I don't understand why this is causing such a problem," Weiss said.

"That is the problem," Blake said.

"You realize your defending an organization that hates humanity don't you. The Faunus of White Fang are pure evil," Weiss said as she got up.

"There's no such thing as pure evil. Why do you think they hate humanity so much? It's because of people like Cardin, people like the Fire Demon, and people like you, that force the White Fang to take such drastic measures." Blake said as Weiss looked surprise and Draegon looked down slightly ashamed of himself.

"People like me," Weiss said pointing to herself.

"Your discriminatory," Blake shouted.

"I'm a victim," Weiss shouted and she and Blake stared at each other before Weiss broke the silence. "You want to know why I despise the White Fang, why I don't particularly trust the Faunus. It's because they've been at war with my family for years. War as in actual bloodshed. My grandfather's company has had a target painted on its back for as long as I can remember and ever since I was a child, I've watched family and friends disappear. Board members executed, an entire train car of dust stolen, and everyday my father would come home furious and that made for a very difficult childhood. However, I started to get hope again when that person showed up. No one knew his name or what are you look like but he was dangerous with sword and he faught the White Fang. Many groups of the White Fang were defeated by him and I felt happy knowing that someone was out there trying to stop them but people gave him a name like The Fire Demon he deserves something better than that." Weiss said as she looked out the window and seethed with anger while Draegon and Blake looked down.

"Weiss I…" Ruby said trying to comfort her.

"No, you want to know why I despise the White Fang. It's because their a bunch of liars, thieves, and murderers and I hope the Fire Demon defeats them all," Weiss got into to Blakes face.

"Well maybe we were tired of being pushed around and if I see the Fire Demon then I'll end him," Blake said angrily. Weiss backed up and Blake realized what she said and Draegon broke the silence.

"Well look no further you found him," Draegon said sadly as he stepped forward and team RWBY all looked at him in shock.

"I," Blake said before sprinting out the door.

"Blake wait come back," Ruby shouted and Yang looked at Weiss who was mad and then they looked at Draegon who looked sad before he just plopped down onto the floor.

Blake ran across the courtyard up to Beacons statute before she stopped. She sadly looked up at the two Huntsman who were standing on a rock over a Beowulf Grimm. Blake finally decided to take her bow off. Her cat ears were revealed as she wiped a tear away.

"I knew you would look better without the bow," Sun said hiding behind her. In the distance Drogon was watching them with curiosity but he felt it wasn't his problem and took off for his night hunt.

The next morning Ruby woke up and looked over to see Blake's bed was empty. She saw Draegon staring at it as well and he looked at her and shook his head. Ruby groaned with sadness.

Back in Vale Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Draegon were walking around looking for her and Draegon was still carrying the eggs.

"She's been gone all weekend," Ruby said worried.

"Blakes a big girl I'm sure she can handle herself," Weiss said in a not caring mode.

"Weiss come on she's one of our teammates," Yang retorted.

"Is she, we all heard what she said," Weiss said suspiciously.

"Weiss," Ruby said seriously.

"Maybe she is, maybe she isn't, either way she's missing and we need to find her," Yang spoke in concern.

"A member of the White Fang right underneath our noses," Weiss said as if it was unbelievable.

"I just hope she's okay," Ruby said sadly. Weiss looked behind her and saw that Draegon had been silent and looked sad.

"You've been quiet all weekend are you going to tell us how you became the Fire Demon?" Weiss asked and Ruby and Yang looked at him with curiosity. Draegon took a deep breath and sighed he would have to tell them eventually.

"It's a long story," Draegon said in calmness.

Further away Blake was having tea with Sun silently. Sun looked bored so Blake broke the silence.

"So, you want to know more about me," she said.

Well what do you think I told you guys Draegon has secrets of his own. His mom Daenerys had so many titles when she became Queen. I want Draegon to have just as many titles. Hope you've enjoyed my story. I'm closing the voting. Draegon will tell team RWBY and a few others about his families history. So if you've not read Fire and Blood. You will get a lot of information about it. Have a good day. Next time it's the last chapter of Volume one of RWBY Fire and Blood in Remnant and Draegon will tell his friends how he became the Fire Demon. Plus I have one more surprise. Stay tuned.