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FIRE and BLOOD in Remnant Ch 2

Plans and Intentions

Daenerys Targaryen was standing in the ruined throne room of The Red Keep in Kings Landing staring at the Iron Throne as Snow and Ash fell around her. She looked and there she saw what she worked so hard to get.

The Iron Throne forged by Aegon Targaryen the Conqueror and his mighty Dragon Baleroin with a thousand swords they won by conquering the seven kingdoms. Six technically but who's counting she thought and let out an amused chuckle and shook her head before walking up to it.

She was just about to touch it when she looked behind her and saw Jon Snow standing there smiling at her.

Dany smiled back and ran over to embrace him and he embraced her. She had never been happier than in this moment.

She had won.

They won. They won the Iron Throne and Cersei Lannister was dead and Kings Landing had been taken back by the Targaryen's.

Now Daenerys would rule the Seven Kingdoms and Jon Snow would stand by her side because she loved him more than anything else.

She was even more happy to find out that Jon was the son of her eldest brother Rhaegar Targaryen she wasn't alone anymore.

Two Targaryen's ruling together. Sure, she had lost many people along the way to achieve this goal.

Her best friend and translator Missandei, her two best Knights Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan and her two youngest Dragons Rhaegal and Viserion were gone but she still had Drogon, she still had Greyworm, and most of all she had Jon and she was happy.

Daenerys looked at Jon and he looked right back at her before he whispered to her.

"You are my Queen now and always," he said before kissing her on the lips and as she sunk into the kiss, she instantly felt a great amount of pain enter into her.

She broke away from the kiss and looked down and saw Jon's dagger sticking in her heart.

Tears fell from her eyes as a great sadness befell her and pain before everything went black.

Daenerys gasped with air as she woke up scared out of her life. She saw her surroundings and saw that she was in her bedroom of Dragonstone.

"Was it all a dream," Daenerys thought. Her taking Kings Landing, Drogon burning everything including the men, women and children.

Her about to reach the Iron throne only for Jon Snow to kill her.

"No, it's impossible," she spoke. She loved Jon and Jon loved her he was just confused.

She then looked down to her breast and what she saw mad her hold her breath.

There was a scar from where Jon had stabbed her in the heart and it looked like it has barely healed at all. Dany knew instantly that it was no dream Jon Snow the man she loved above all else had killed her.

She started to breathing heavily and was becoming scared but before she could pass out the door to her room opened and in came a Red Priest.

"Slowly your Grace Slowly," said Kinvara trying to calm her down.

Daenerys looked at her and all of sudden tears started falling from her eyes and broke out into a Sob.

Kinvara hug her as she let it out listened to her as she kept whispering "he killed me."

"I know," she replied.

Later Daenerys finally calmed down and decided to get dressed. Kinvara was waiting for her outside, Dany stepped out and was dressed in her winter clothes that she wore when she went North to fight the army of the dead.

They started walking down the stone hallway towards the painted table neither said anything until they came into the room, then Daenerys broke the silence when they were inside.

"How long was I out?" she asked.

"You have been unconscious for about a week your Grace," she replied. She looked at the Priest and wondered some things. "Is Drogon alright," she asked. "Yes, he was the one who brought you here and allowed me to help revive you and someone else," she said.

Daenerys gave her a curious look and spoke "Who else was revived."

Kinvara left the room and Daenerys was about to follow her but the Red Priest held up her hand that told her to sit and wait so she complied.

After five minutes she returned carrying a bundle in her arms. Daenerys had a surprised look in her eyes as Kinvara brought it over to her. As she looked her breath held because in that bundle was a baby sleeping peacefully.

"Would you like to hold him your grace?" Kinvara asked.

Dany nodded as the baby was passed over to her and she could see small strands of white and bit of silver hair just like hers. The baby started to stir and it opened up its eyes, which allowed Dany to look and see that they were Amethyst just like her. This was her son and she knew instantly as the baby smiled happily because he knew he was with his mother.

"How is this possible," Dany asked as tears of happiness were about to come out of her. "The witch cursed me and said I would only have a child when the sun rises in the west and when the ocean dries up."

"It's probably best if I start from the beginning your Grace," said Kinvara who began telling her all that had happened week ago of what Rhollor did to her and what he told Kinvara about.

"There's more your Grace because Rhollor didn't have much time he wanted me to tell you why you could not have any children." This caught Dany's attention so she just sat their holding the baby as it tried to grab one of her loose hair strands and listen to her explanation.

"It all started back when the Witch cursed you, yes you could not have children anymore since Rhaego died but when you decided to burn her along with yourself and Khal Drogo and your three eggs that was when our lord Rhollor decided to act. He through the fires purified you from the curse and made you unburnable but he also used fire to encase your womb so nothing impure could ever enter again. That was why you could never have any children with the other men you were with because they were impure but that changed when you met Jon Snow or as his real name Aegon Targaryen. Even though he had no knowledge at the time he was able to penetrate your fire and then you became pregnant with the little bundle of joy you have in your arms."

As she finished Daenerys still looked confused and decided to ask her a question.

"If that's true how come I didn't notice any signs of my pregnancy because I know for a fact that I would eventually notice that I was pregnant before I started to attack Kings Landing."

"The Lord of Light had a plan in that as well your Grace, he didn't want you to worry about your child as you battled the Night Kings army or your attack on kings landing. He uses his magic to keep the baby small and unnoticeable and would only allow it to grow after you won the Iron Throne.

"However, when you died, he had to act fast, so he used a good amount of magic to save you but at a cost."

Daenerys head turned to full attention "what cost?"

"Rhollor didn't have enough magic to save you both because he had to waste his magic saving everyone else that he chooses from death and It took a lot out of him so when it was your turn, he could only revive one of you and let the other live for a little while longer."

Daenerys was shocked and sad as she looked down at the child who just yawned as he was bored and about to fall asleep. "Please tell me that the child will be the one who gets to live a full life because I can't bear the thought of losing another child." Daenerys pleaded humbly.

"Yes, the child will live a full life because our Lord has a mission for him and he knew you would choose the child over yourself as any loving mother would, I'm afraid you will only live to see him become a teenager."

Dany sighed sadly and wondered if this was Jon's fault for killing her or her own for becoming mad and incinerating everyone in Kings Landing and Jon killed her to save her. The more she thought about it the harder it was to decide.

"What is this mission that the Lord has for my son?" Daenerys had an eyebrow raised when she asked and Kinvara indulged her about the two brothers and how the boy was meant to help end that constant battle that was going on in another world between them and Daenerys and Drogon would be with him to prepare him and protect him as best as they could when it was time. For all three were going to soon be transported to a completely different world.

Daenerys was in a state of shock that she would be traveling to a different world entirely, it would be completely different for her journey to Westeros. Kinvara looked at her and realized other information on why she came to Dragonstone.

"Your Grace there are some things I think you would want to take with you on this journey," Kinvara pushed a chest over and placed it next to her.

"When we priest saw the Red comet, we knew instantly it meant the Dragons have returned. In doing so we Red Priest traveled all over Essos and Westeros collecting every lost Targaryen treasure we could find and they are all here in this trunk. We did this so that the pure fire of the Dragon would summon our Lord of Light and it did which we are most grateful for."

Dany used one of her hands to open it and looked inside and it nearly made her heart stop again. For inside were her families two lost Valyrian steel swords Blackfyre and Dark Sister along with 3 dragon eggs one Silver, one Red, and one Bronze. There was also the ancient Crown of Aegon the Conquer and a massive book called Fire and Blood with Targaryen-colored clothes wrapped up around all of them.

"Where did you find them?" Daenerys felt nervous and excited at the same time.

"The Book Fire and Blood was written by multiple Maesters in Old town since the beginning of Aegon's Conquest it has the complete history of your Family all the up to the end of Roberts Rebellion. We purchased the first copy they made and many more are being made so everyone in Westeros will never forget the Targaryen's. The Red Dragon egg we purchased it from some Dwarves that stole it during the Second Blackfyre rebellion and we found out they found the Crown of Aegon the Conqueror. We learned that all the other Targaryen crowns were destroyed so we could not bring them with us to give to you. The Silver egg was found with Dark Sister up North at the Wall it was left behind by the Good Queen Alysanne Targaryen when she visited Winterfell but then was collected by Aemon Targaryen on his way to the wall and held on to it and Dark Sister for many years before we came to him while Jon Snow was away and told him of our intentions, he was more than happy to give it to us. When the Golden company left to Kings Landing, we searched there base and found the sword Blackfyre along with the Bronze egg but we don't know how they acquired it no matter its yours now. The eggs have turned to stone but you proved that wrong with your eggs they may be able to hatch either from you or your son."

"What has happened since I've been dead," Dany asked as she held Aegon's crown in her hand looking at it. Kinvara told her about how Sansa and Bran became the King and Queen of Westeros and that Jon was banished to the Nights watch while Tyrion became Brans Hand. The Unsullied and the Dothraki left to go back home to their lands. Most importantly the Iron Throne had been destroyed by Drogon.

Dany almost pitied Jon for he would never get to meet his son and the Iron throne that her family held for almost 300 years was gone never to return, but as she always reminded herself "If I look back, I am lost." She realized that it was both of their fault in the events that led up to now so it was time to move on. A part of her was upset that the Iron throne but nothing could change what has happened.

It was time.

Daenerys was carrying the child in a cloth in the front and had the eggs, book and clothes in a shoulder sack. She had strapped Dark Sister to her side and placed Blackfyre on her back as she and Kinvara were walking towards Drogon. She decided to leave The Crown of Aegon in a secret area of Dragonstone so that no one could find it because she didn't want her son to fall into madness like she did.

"Don't worry your Grace this storm that you see has been cast by Rhollor to keep all trespassers out the only way to get to this island is on Dragon back." Said Kinvara as she walked behind her as Drogon started to wake up.

As Daenerys climb on to his back, she turned back to her. "Thank you for everything you have done Kinvara I am forever grateful."

"Of course, your Grace I will take care of Dragonstone until the Targaryen's do decide to return to Westeros. Your Dragon Drogon knows where the Portal to this other world is so he will take you there. I almost forgot have you thought of a name for the child? Will he be named after one of his ancestors?" Kinvara looked curiously at her.

Dany looked down at the baby as it has just woken up and was blinking at her with his Amethyst eyes and just briefly as he was blinking, they turned silver before they turned back to their normal amethyst color. She looked almost shocked for a moment but smiled and shook her head.

"His name will be Draegon, Draegon Targaryen," she said as Drogon roared and took off into the storm to find the portal as Kinvara watched them leave. Daenerys had no idea what was in store for her son as they were flying and she was sad that she would only get to be with short amount of time. She saw lighting forming a circle and Drogon was flying right towards she sighed and smiled as she looked down at little Draegon she would protect him and so would Drogon with Fire and Blood as the flew into the portal to the new world known as Remnant.