"Ah hell, so we are actually going through with it."

Imperial troops were amassing for the offensive alongside their German allies. They were to push back the approaching Russians from their eastern territories in Galicia.

Ludwig Bayern of the Honvedseg first core was one of hundreds of soldiers preparing for the assault. More and more troops were arriving each hour, the fire trenches were filled to the brim of imperial and German troops. Ludwig was shuffled to the front of the mass much to his displeasure.

Of all the places, I'd end up here? Why couldn't I be transferred to the Izonzo front? He wondered

He saw his officer in front looking at his watch, as the time neared, their artillery seemed to deafen as adrenaline rushed through Ludwigs body.

From the Far East of the trench line, a whistle blared, this continued and passed their officer who did the same. With a shout, bodies began rising out of the trenches, and quickly pressed forward.

"Onward, for the Kaiser!" Shouted his officer.

As they charged over the battered terrain, soldiers began to fall to the devastation of the maximum machine guns the Russians had placed.

With bayonets fixed, Ludwig was behind his officer until he dropped. Ludwig rushed over to his side, only to see the courageous man gasping for air, and attempted to grab Ludwig's collar on his uniform. Only to drop as the life in his eyes faded.

Shaken, he was ushered forward by a sergeant, still diving and weaving until the enemy trench was a stone thrown away.

Stormtroopers both of their own and their allies were the first into the breach, tossing grenades into the trenches before charging in.

Ludwig and a few others from his company entered the trench after the storm troops. Small arms fire began to crackle, and the man next to Ludwig dropped from a bullet penetrating his shoulder.

The rest ducked down, and returned fire. With his rifle aimed, he only had to wait seconds before a Russian peaked his head to the side of the trench wall. With a slight pull, the Russian fell forward.

The fighting was fierce, as hand to hand combat ensued. Soldiers drew trench clubs, knives, unattached bayonets, and anything they could find that was short and sharp.

Not long after, the Russians began to withdraw to their second line, and the rumble of artillery could be heard again.

"Get down, they're bombarding the trench!"

The Russians guns continued, until the explosions turned to smoke, then to gas.

"Gas! Gas, gas! Get your masks on all of you." One of the remaining officers shouted.

As he did, A yellow cloud enveloped their positions, and Ludwig now with the remnants of some of his company frantically placed their mask on.

Another whistle was heard, and that meant another charge, it was a Prussian officer urging his men onward, one ward they went to the second line, Ludwig and two other comrades surged forward into the fog, ran they went bayonets forward until curiously the fog began to lift.

-Line break-

It was the dead of night and Bolin, Mako, and Korra had just lost their bender match.

"It's your fault you let the center line fall!" Bellowed Korra.

"If it wasn't for your sloppy footwork I wouldn't have to take on two at once." Shot back Mako

"Hey guys, can't we just put this behind us? I know let's stop at Teri's dinner for dinner!" Suggested Bolin.

Both Korra and Mako stared daggers at Bolin causing him to wince. As the two were doing so, the two stopped to stare at the rising cloud from the alley.

"What? Is there something on my fa-"

As they were passing a dark alleyway, dust or smog from the alleyway seemed to shift until figures rushed out in blue.

-Line break-

As Ludwig rushed from the fog, the terrain drastically altered. From sunken mud to hard stone he lost his footing and fell forward.

Ludwig quickly rose and found his rifle was out of reach.

"Woah, sorry there … bud?" Bolin attempted to reconcile.

Ludwig, not sure what was going on, he stood there frozen.

Another trooper rushed behind, and quickly slowed upon the drastic change of environment.

Ludwig turned to the other soldier.

Mi történik itt?

The other soldier responded

Nem tudom, de nem oroszok

Upon saying this, the soldier lowered his rifle.

-line break-

Korra and Mako were now in a defensive position while Bolin scrambled to be upright next to Mako.

"Who the heck are these guys." Bolin whispered.

"I don't know but, They don't look like they're from around her." He whispered back

"Really? What gave it away? The weird language or the weird spears they have?" Korra jabbed.

The two parties not moving where now standing, unsure of what to do.

Bolin, walked forward and extended a hand to everyone's surprise.

"Uh… hello?" He asked Ludwig.

Ludwig's eyes lit up.

"Ah, so you speak German."

Ludwig exchanged handshakes with Bolin.


Mako quickly approaches Bolin.

"Who are you?" He asks the strangers.

"First army, of the Honvedseg." He said matter-of-factly. He turns to the soldier next to him.

"K.u.K fourth army core." He mentions.

"Army?" Asked Korra.


The three start to shift focus to Ludwigs arm. Noticing this, he did the same.

"Sir, your arm." The soldier pointed out.

Blood was trickling down his arm

"Uh.. do you happen to know where some first aid is?" He asks.

"Uh… yea, let's rush this way yea?" Bolin started.

The group quickly moved toward Republic city hospital.

-end of chapter-

Despite it seeming rushed, after a year contemplating making this, I finally did it though the ending was not the best for the chapter.