Waverider, Captain's Headquarters

Sara walked in and saw Zari setting in one of her chairs and drinking one of her finest scotches. "Last time I checked, Muslims aren't supposed to drink alcohol," Sara commented as she walked in.

"Yeah, well, I've been a very traditional one. Plus, I kinda wanted to feel numb for a bit today," Zari replied as the Air Totem Bearer poured her Captain a drink as well.

Taking a sip, Sara noticed how "closed off" Zari seemed lately; even more so than usual. After they defeated Neron at Heyworld, Zari found out that the creation of the Heyworld led to series of events that would prevent Zari's dystopian future in 2042 and thus save her parents and her brother from the events that would lead to their deaths. Three months ago, Sara thought that Zari would be happy but lately in the last month or so she's been kinda miserable.

"Something bothering you Z?" Sara asked.

"What makes you think that?" Zari replied.

"Cause your drinking, also you seem to be spending more time with us than your family. Which I don't mind, but I just figured you'd be with them all the time now." Sara mentioned.

"Yeah well, they don't exactly want me around," Zari revealed.

"What? Based on everything you told me, the Tomaz family sounds pretty awesome." Sara said as she took a seat.



"My family's name, real is Tarazi. We changed it to Tomaz because it was better to be Hispanic than Persian in a dystopia." Zari clarified.

"Geez, that sucks. So, Zari Tarazi, huh?" Sara brought up.


"Okay, so why don't they want you around?" Sara asked.

"Because apparently, in this new timeline, I'm a bitchy self-absorbed phone addict who would rather chop off my own foot than be pulled away from my social media accounts," Zari exclaimed much to his dismay.

"Really, I know you can be the definition of snarky and I've seen time change a lot of things but I don't understand how changing history could turn you into someone like that," Sara said with wonder.

"Probably has something to do with me becoming an internet sensation with a baby dragon when I was a kid due to the timeline changes," Zari said and typed some stuff to show Sara the timeline changes that have happened to her. "So, after Heyworld I became known as "Dragon Girl" to the media." She said showing images of her child-self playing with the baby dragon.

"Well, at least they didn't call you Mother of Dragons." Sara quipped.

"Yeah, that woulda been kinda awesome. Anyway, after that, there was a bunch of talk shows, some business offer, and before I knew it I own my business with several thousand followers and more money than I knew what do to with." Zari explained.

"Ah, money. That explains it." Sara said knowing it could bring out the worst in people.


"So what your family, hates you now because you're a shallow attention-seeker?" Sara guessed.

"Pretty much," Zari replied and took a seat again. "You know I spent so long wanting, hoping, wishing that I could find a way to bring my family back. But I never thought ... I never thought, never even considered that by doing so my relationship with them would change. That they would see me differently ... that they'd be so ... ashamed of me. And while the me that grew up like this probably wouldn't care ... this me does. And I don't know what to do with it."

"Yeah, yeah that sucks. And trust me I personally know what it's like to be the black sheep of the family." Sara mentioned as she took a seat next to her friend. "Before, I was a Legend. I was the daughter of a distinguished cop and a respectable college professor. And my sister was ... well, seemingly perfect. Good grades, lots of people liked her and all that. Me, I was the screwup, the misfit, the rebel. I got into trouble more times than I count. And then there was the Queen's Gambit." She reminisced to her friend.

"Pretty sure, what happened to you and what's happening to me is not the same thing," Zari said with a little snark.

"In a way it kinda is. When I finally came home, I didn't just have to face my family again or the people the hurt. I had to face the person I used to be. I had to ... show them that wasn't that girl anyone, that I was someone better ... or at the very least someone trying to be better. And you can too." Sara advised. "Look, I don't know what you're like in this new timeline but whoever that is you're not her. Sure you can be a snarky pain in the ass."

Turning her head, Zari looked sharply at Sara. "I'd choose your next words very careful Captain." She recommended.

"But ... eventually I saw you for who you really are. Smart, warm, and loyal to a fault. To your family, whether they're in a dystopia or on a time ship." Sara reminded her.

"So what your saying is, show them I'm not the Zari they know." Zari figured.

"Basically, yeah. Shouldn't be that hard right." Sara mentioned.

"Yeah, shouldn't be hard." Zari sighed as she knew she had a long road ahead of her before she could reconnect with her family and find a way to reconcile with her new life.

Author's Notes: When Zari showed up first I didn't like her that much but by the time of Legends 3x11, I grew to really like her. And I can't help but feel like they did her dirty in Season 5 by sticking her in the Air Totem and replacing her with a Kim Kardashian Parody, I really do hope that they'll find a way to keep both Zari(s).

The Arrowverse can really do wrong by other characters, especially female characters. But that might just be me.