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3rd POV

Months before the guest arrived

The view opens up in a cobblestone basement, bellow the accursed manner. It had recently been renovated into a laboratory of some kind. As the sparks and sound of turning gears deafen the pleads and begging for mercy, the masked man walked on in. He moved about before coming across two strangers wearing nothing but there undergarments. They were bound in chains as they scream at a man dressed in a lab coat was tampering with a machine.

"Please don't do this, please!" The young lad cried out.

"Shut up!" The doc mutters as he busily flipped the switch.

"We didn't do anything!" The female captive cries out.

In a snap of anger he quickly spun around and snapped. "Shut up, I need, I need to think!"

Upon doing so, he noticed the masked man. The two stared for a few moments before the Masked man spoke, saying only two words. "It's time." The scientist gave a disturbed nod before walking over to the side. After searching for a few moments, he finally found what he was looking for. Two syringes filled with a powerful sedative. He then walked over to the male captive and injected him with the powerful sedative as he screamed out to stop. Without skipping a beat, he walked over to female captive and injected her with another. Soon enough the sedatives took hold and they went limp while struggling to stay conscious.

The scientist unlocked their chains one by one before dragging him to a horrific machine that's purpose was so ungodly horrific. He'd stick one captive in the right tube before placing the other in the left. He'd check to make sure the piping was set up right before grabbing a cart with a glass coffin on it. Inside it was blacken bones of a creature long since dead. Once the coffin was in position he walked over to a lever. He hesitantly put's his hand on it before looking up at the masked man. He gave an encouraging nod to the scientist to pull the lever. The scientist turns back to the machine and with a loud sigh flipped the switch.

A strong current course through the machine causing the lights to flicker throughout the basement. The ungodly machine hummed to life and begin working to it's horrible ends. A black gas poured out into the two chambers that the captives were held in. They choked on it as there skin goes pale and there veins blacken. As they slowly succumb to this painful gas, a black goo comes pouring out of the tubes into the glass coffin. The liquid nearly filled the coffin to near overflowing before stopping. After a few moments a horrific creature burst out of the inky black tar. An ungodly fusion of man woman and grim. As it screams out, in a banshee cry, the Masked man approached the scientist. He inspected the creature for a few moments before remarking in a hush voice. "We'll need more."

"The machine needs to be recharged." The scientist remarks as he turns his attention to the valve systems noticing the struggle it took to create such a thing. He then gave an educated guess. "It requires more electricity than a small city."

The masked man didn't reply at first. Rather he simply removed from his robe a strange golden pyramid. It was a metallic tendril coming out the side and up it's surface with a red jewel that glints with a maddening haze at the very top. The figure remarks as he set it down on the table. "Try using this."

The scientist looked it over with a craze look in his eyes. As he inspected it he remarks. "Once I place the object in the machine, it may be impossible to retrieve."

The masked man did not care. He was to busy looking at the ungodly monster before him. With a smile under that bird mask, he replied simply. "It's better that way." The scene cut's to black before a sudden explosion changes the scene.

Moments after the car exploded. 11 hours to sunrise

The car exploded sending the three closest back. Penny crash landed against the back of the wall hard while, Ren's entire left arm was horrifically singe. Stray shrapnel raced across Pyrrha's face and hands. As the explosion slowly dies their friends quickly raced over to them.

"Pyrrha!" Jaune shouted as he raced to her side.

"Penny!" Ruby shouted as she raced over to the wall Penny was flinged into.

"RENNY!" Nora shouted in panic as she catches Ren midair.

They quickly flustered over their friends before racing inside with the three following after them Upon entering they quickly brought them to the library where a couch was set. The butler shortly followed after holding a first aid kit. Upon seeing him with that Nora quickly snatches it and looks around for any creams to help her beloved Renny. As she toss aside items she finally found some Systemic antibiotic gel and gauze before racing over to Ren. Jaune and Ruby now having a chance to grab anything to help there friends, did so and begin patching them up. As that happen Sun side stepped from the group to look back into the Foyer. There his friend's body remained. Covered by a blanket, with a bit of blood sinking into the blanket. As he stared on with hopelessness in his eyes. After a few moments of staring a voice caught his attention.

"Everyone's ok… for the most part." Blake said gaining Sun's attention.

"Oh… that's good." Sun remarks as he continues to look on.

"… Are you ok?" Blake finally asked.

"Well… my friend apparently in an actual cult. And we all been led to a death trap… so no… not really Blake." Sun said without taking his eyes of his best friend. After a few moments he lets out a small chuckle. "Heh, and here I thought he couldn't get any cooler. Now he died fighting evil, while were here running around like chickens without heads… gods what did you leave me with buddy."

The two remained silent for a few moments before sun suddenly felt a strange pain in his hand. Looking down he noticed that Blake had removed one of her gloves and wrapped it around his bleeding hand as a makeshift gauze. As she does so she remarks. "Then let's not let his life be in vain. If we can't leave then we can at the very least complete his mission and stopping this evil."

Upon finishing saying that she had tighten the glove. Sun looked down at it before noticing her walking off to reconvene with the group. Sun checked the makeshift bandage over his hand before looking up at his friend's body. It then went through his mind that Blake was right. If he couldn't save his friend, he might as well avenge him. Taking a deep breath, he looked at hid body one last time before walking back over to the group.

In the Library the group all relived that their friends were not seriously hurt beyond cut's and burns. As they sat there wondering what's next, Ruby finally speaks up. "So… what now?"

"Now… we defeat this evil." Sun said as he reenters the room.

"How?" Weiss asked with a distraught look on her face. "I for one don't know what to do next or if I even want to do it."

"Well, what about that cult?" Pyrrha asked as Jaune applies another Band-Aid to her face. "That symbol on the card Neptune left behind. He did say that they left markers as clues."

"Yeah, that's true. What does that symbol even look like?" Yang commented. Sun quickly pulls the letter out of his jackets breast pocket before showing it. The symbol was strange but distinct. A circle with serries of lines curving. As they memorized it Weiss soon recognize it. During the game of cards, she had noticed a box with that symbol on it. She looked up to where it was and true enough it was still there.

"Hey guys. I think I found our clue." Weiss remarks as she points to the box.

Seeing it, Blake quickly raced over to it before inspecting it closely. It was the same symbol. The group quickly gathered around it before Blake pulled the box up, revealing that it was a cover to a glass dome. Much to her regret. Underneath was a severed mummified arm with tattoos on it. Upon the sight it caused the room to erupt in panic. After a few moments Blake finally found the nerve to look closer at the severed hand. While it was disturbing, she couldn't help but notice a series of strange nobs and a note at the bottom. She quickly looked down at it before reading the card aloud.

"Her essence can speak to you through the spirit board in the library." Blake read aloud causing a bit of panic.

"Seriously? Spirit board? Our hopes of escaping is left up to child's toy?" Weiss asked in complete shock.

"Child's toy? Oh hell no. Those things are evil. Never going to try it. Not worth the risk!" Nora shouted out in panic by Ren's side.

"Unfortunely we are going to have to do it." Yang remarks with a shudder. She never did believe in the supernatural but with what's going on she's open to suggestions.

"Will she be able to help us?" Ruby asked as she approach Blake. Blake looked down at the card and finished reading what it said.

"Her essence can speak to you through the spirit board in the library. Giving you clues, however it requires great strength to speak from across the grave and can only occur once an hour." Blake reread the paper.

"So she's like a lifeline?" Penny asked both worried and fascinated by this.

"Seems like it. Guess we should be careful with our requests." Ren remarks. As the group said in agreement, another voice is heard from behind the group.

"May I make a suggestion?" The Butler remarks gaining everyone's attention. "Someone should act as the voice and read the invocation."

He then points to Jaune or what was behind Jaune. Turning around he found the spirit board lying there with an inscription in the corner. Jaune really didn't want to do it. He has seen enough horror movies to know where that will lead. However, nobody else wanted to do it so, with a heavy sigh he walked a few steps towards it before reading it. "We call you now to bless our meetings. Heavens promise our spirits thrive so now for the living let the dead come alive. Greeting spirits, speak to us."

Upon saying those words the planchette begins to move on its own causing Jaune to hope back in fright. Tripping over the couch and landing on the ground before crawling away. "It's moving on it's own! I knew them horror movies were real!"

As terrifying as this is, Weiss approached the board. Either she found her nerve or she truly didn't believe in the supernatural. Upon approaching it she watched at the planchette moved to five different letters. Over and over again. Eventually she managed to decipher what it was doing.

"B… O… O… K… S… Books? I think this thing is trying to spell books?" Weiss called out.

"Books? That's are clue?" Yang asked with squinted eyes. "Weiss we're in a Library that honestly can't be the clue."

"That's what it says. Maybe look for one that sticks out?" Weiss replies.

Yang continue to squint her eyes in disbelief before giving a sigh. She relented and quickly begin searching the room for books. Everyone quickly joins in the search for them. It took them thirty minutes but a few strange books they had found had the same star pentagram symbol just like the one on the hand. It also came with a direction marker on it. After looking around they found a strange box inside the cabinet. It was marked with the society's symbol and was locked with a coded combination. First everyone thought it was the combination, but the number of books didn't line up with the code. After a few moments Sun pointed out the arrows and how the hand had nobs at the base of the structure. Counting the nobs it became apparent that the books were showing the direction to point the nobs. With a few books missing they quickly moved about before finding the final three books.

Pyrrha sat before the knobs and begin twisting them to the position of the books. Up, down, right, left right, down, down, up. Twisting the last notch, the hand suddenly begins to move and squirm inside it's container. No longer a shriveled mummified hand it looked like it was full of life and the lights flickered on and off with a corrupted ethereal voice in the air. Speaking in a hush voice it remarks twice, "3-5-4-7. 3-5-4-7."

As creepy as that was, the lights return to normal. A little creeped out Weiss put aside these thoughts and quickly made her way to the chest before inserting the code the dead… hand ghost, gave. Much to her shock and relief the code worked. Inside she found much to everyone's surprise, Chest pieces. As everyone pulled them out, they uncovered a note detailing in riddles a chest game. On the bottom was the numbers of places on the chest board and Weiss begin to instruct Pyrrha and Ruby on which pieces move.

"Thirty men and only two women, but they hold the most power. Dressed in black and white, they could fight for hours." Weiss read aloud as Pyrrha took the black pieces and Ruby the White. "The ladies need to find a perfect pair, a handsome knight on their right with a flair."

Recognizing the Knight pieces were on their right side the two begin to play accordingly. Continuing to read aloud. "Yet one of these ladies is in deep sorrow. Her white bearded husband will not have his home tomorrow. Because a vicious bishop... Took his house a beautiful, medieval castle."

"So, would these be considered the castles?" Jaune asked as he points to the rook.

"Yeah, and then the bishop just goes and takes his spot." Yang said with agreement.

"Oh he takes the castle, dang if I were playing it be the queen who takes it." Nora remarks as she snatches the rook piece. Doing so she caused a small cubby in the side of the table to pop open revealing a note.

"Hey, we did it!" Jaune said with some excitement.

"Let's not get too excited we still have a long way to go." Blake said cautiously as Weiss picks up the note.

Reading it aloud the group found what was written to be disturbing. "Today's experiment was a success. The machine was able to consume the life force of two college students and produce an ungodly monster. However the machine's demand for power is endless. I'm using an ancient artifact with an origin I do not wish to know as a source, but it has come with a price. My mind can no longer distinguish between reality and nightmare. I've locked the key to the machine inside the green cabinet in the dining room, but my scattered mind cannot recall where I left the combination on the first floor. All the thoughts I can hold are the four elements of triangles I learned as a boy. Fire, water, air, and earth."

"Wait… he made a machine that makes monsters?" Yang asked.

"Man must be a real mad scientist." Sun remarks in agreement.

"Yeah… So we should be looking for these symbols?" Ruby remarks as she points to them on the paper Weiss had grabbed. Four triangles were drawn on the bottom of the paper. Fire was a triangle pointed up, Water pointed down, Air pointed up with a line through the upper part, and Earth the triangle pointed down with another line through it.

"We should split into teams. We work quicker that way." Blake remarks.

"You sure that's a good idea Blake?" Yang asked.

"Yeah, have you never seen a horror movie?" Nora added.

"Guys, this isn't a horror movie." Pyrrha remarks. "Sides we won't be that far from each other. If anything bad happened we will all come running."

While it was an unpopular idea the group agreed to it 3 groups. Yang, Pyrrha, and Weiss. Ren, Jaune, Blake, Nora. Then Sun, Ruby, and Penny. They searched the entirety of the bottom floor hoping to find the symbols but it wasn't easy. After ten minutes of searching Jaune noticed something off in living room. A strange bronze dish with multiple coper wires connecting to a light bulb. Inspecting it closely he realized that it was a heater of some sort. On the back was the symbol for fire so he quickly looked for a way to turn it on. Turns out it wasn't even plugged in. Upon plugging it in, the electric circuit was deliberately tampered with so the electric current showed for the briefest movement the number five.

In the study, Yang, Pyrrha, and Weiss were looking for any of the symbols when Weiss spotted an active fan. Thinking about it she inspected the fan before realizing that the symbol was on the base so she quickly turned it off. After a few moments the fan finally come to a stop revealing the number eight. Outside in the hallway, Sun uncovered a strange looking flower pot that lacked any water for the tulips. Closely inspecting it he realized that it had two holes and the water symbol on it. Quickly turning to Penny, he asked for her to get some water. Looking around for some she noticed by the corner a flower vase with quite a lot.

She removed the flowers before handing it to the maid. Carrying the flowers over to the vase Penny begins to fill up one hole… sadly, once all the water was spent did she realized that she had filled up the wrong hole. Ruby and sun picked up the vase and tried to pour the water out but ended in failure so Sun had to fish the damn-thing out. It was a Ping-Pong ball with the number three marked on it. Outside Blake suggested that they search the gardens seeing that it would be the most likely place, while Jaune stated that the clues are on the first floor he still went outside with the group. It was completely dark and the others had trouble seeing excluding Blake. After getting on there hands and feet and shuffling through the dirt they finally found something buried in the dirt. Jaune being the first to find it he and Blake removed it from the ground. It was a chest of some kind, it wasn't locked but was stuck. After struggling they pulled the lid three to find a number two carved in on the bottom.

Everyone reconvened inside the dining room. Unlocking the Green cabinet using the numbers they had collected unlocked it and found a gear the size of a soccer ball inside. Along with that a note of some kind. Yang grabbed it before reading it aloud for the group to hear. What she said next caused everyone's hearts to sink.

"The ungodly machine is in the basement… really, the basement? How fucking cliché." Yang remarks in an annoyed tone before continuing. "The cog key will ignite its wicked engine, but for those who find this message understand that once the machine has been started it can only be stopped by the loss of an innocent life. Two souls must be selected to be locked in the machine, then those two must each choose a partner who will aid them in defeating the machine. Should they fail to stop its infernal engines will kill the two competitors and spawn an ungodly abomination. May the gods forgive me for what I have wrought upon this world."

"So… we need to choose two of our friends to fight to the death?" Ruby asked with much horror in her voice.

"… Screw, that!" Yang snapped as she leans back against the wall. "No way in hell I'm going to send two friends into a death match!"

"Agree. I already lost by buddy ain't no way I'm losing any of you!" Sun remarks.

"But you tried to strangle Jaune a few moments ago." Nora remarked motioning to the bruises around Jaune's neck.

"I lost a friend. I wasn't thinking straight at the time." Sun remarks.

"Yet you still did it." Pyrrha remarks with some disappointment and a hint of spite.

Before the conversation could break out into an argument the Butler spoke up. "Eh hum. I may have a method for voting. Please, have a seat while I got fetch it."

He quickly left before returning in five minutes with a top hat and pieces of parchments. He then pulled a pen from his inner pocket and puts it on the table next to the parchments. "Here is how the final voting will work. Each one of you will write down the name of the person you want to attempt the final task and put it in this hat. I will then draw two names who must face death. Please, discuss this amongst yourselves."

The room went silent. Nobody wanted to get up out of fear for being voted. After five minutes Jaune stands up before walking over to the Top hat. He then wrote down a name before presenting to everyone. Revealing he had written his own name.

"… We have to vote right? So… let's vote ourselves in. That way, it's none of our faults. Does that sound good?" Jaune said to the group. Everyone broke out in murmurs before Ruby took the first step. She wrote on the parchment her name before presenting it as well.

"Jaunes right. We have to do this. Might as well do it with no hard feelings." Ruby remarks before tossing her name into the hat alongside Jaune.
That show of trust was enough to encourage everyone to get up and write. After a few moments they had all cast a name into the hat before returning to their seats. The butler shakes the hat a few times before setting it down and reaching into it. He then pulls out a small parchment. Unfolding it everyone held their breaths before the name was read aloud.

"Pyrrha Nickols" The Butler read aloud causing a few to breath a small sigh of relief before realizing their friend was going in. Pyrrha looks down in worry however as she does, she feels a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she found Jaune as patting her back in comfort. He had a worried expression on his face but he was trying to remain faithful to her. She gave a small smile before the two turned back to the Butler who had already picked out a new name.

"… Pyrrha Nickols." The Butler responding causing everyone's eyes to widen. Someone had placed her name in the hat… twice. Meaning someone didn't do it. Jaune's eyes quickly looked around the room before settling down on Sun. He must have put her name in the hat. Before he could accuse him the Butler spoke up again

"Sun Wukong" The Butler said causing Jaune to hold his tongue. Sun on the other hand was a little concerned. He was going up against Pyrrha Nickols, the impossible girl herself. He did not like his chances. So with a heavy sigh he spoke up.

"Would you like to take first pick of partners?" Sun asked.

"Um… sure." Pyrrha remarked with a betrayed look on her face. She then turned to the group of friends. One of them had put her name in the hat though who is a question for another time… if she makes it out. After inspecting everyone she choose one. "Penny, would you help me in the challenge?"

"At your services Ms. Nickolas. I promise not to let you down." Penny remarks.

With that choice made, Sun was up to bat. He looked around unsure who he should pick. He looked over the list of people. Normally he would love to choose Neptune but… he isn't here. So with a sigh he chose the girl he thought would be the best help to him. "Yang. Want to destroy a nerds science project?"

"Hell yeah man." Yang remarks as she walked over to him.

"Well then. I'd advise you say your farewells now. In case you don't come back." The butler said with a small nod of condolence. "I'll be by the door before I bring you down to the basement."

Everyone quickly went to their two friends and wished them luck. Patting them on the back, giving them hugs, wishing them the best of luck. Once the goodbyes have been said they Pyrrha quickly grabbed the gear before she, Penny, Sun, and Yang headed down into the Basement with the Butler as there guide. They moved through the winding cobblestone corridors of the old house, passing by multiple rooms in the cobble stone hallway. Eventually they made it inside a room before the lights suddenly flashes on. Revealing the Ungodly machine. It was made of pipes, valves, circuits, and heavy brass gears, all built within the side of the house itself. The device looked to complicated and was using up a lot of power. Yet it will require more than brute force to break it. Upon entering the room Pyrrha spotted two glass chambers. Realizing that they needed to enter, she motions to Sun and the two enter the chamber. Penny and Yang closed the doors behind them, but not before Pyrrha whispered something into Penny's ear.

"So… what now?" Yang asked.

Penny gave a shrug before noticing a book on the table. She approached it before flipping to the tabbed page. The notes read. "To free the artifact from the bowels of the machine, it must be forced into malfunction. Unfortunely, two victims of this ungodly machine must be locked in their separate glass chamber. The machine is started by placing the cog key in the center console. Once it has been placed the two who accompanied the others down to this accursed place must decipher my codes in the hopes of causing the machine to malfunction."

Upon reading that Yang spotted two blue prints by the table. Hearing the instructions Sun regretted bringing Yang. Odds were not looking well in his favor. Damn too, he really wanted to fulfill his dead friends promise. After Yang collected the two blue prints handing one on over to Penny and keeping hers did Penny continue. "The first person to get the machine to malfunction gets the person out of their tube. However, the other chamber will fill with a noxious gas killing the unfortunate soul whose partner was not quick enough. If after 30 minutes the machine has not malfunctioned, both innocence will be killed by the machine and a monster will emerge, made from there essence and combine with a Grimm. May the gods help you all."

"… Monty almighty." Yang remarks as she places her hands to her head in panic. Why did Sun pick her? Monty she ain't the smart one that's Weiss.

"Madams. Upon your command I shall insert this cog. Please. Tell me when you're ready." The Butler said with a solemn look on his face. The two girls looked at each other, before looking back at their partners. With a confident but hesitant nod they gave their consent and the Butler inserted the cog. Upon doing so it began to spin and bolts of electricity sparked. At the center of the room a command center with a series of lightbulbs lit up.

Yang and Penny raced over to it with their blue prints in hand. The first step to overloading the machine required them to switch the right switches in order. To Yang's eyes it looks like gibberish but to Penny she understood the complexity to it. On the side were multiple different symbols that match with the numbers. Almost like battle ship she realized they were pointing in the direction the switches needed to be flipped. In a few moments Penny had figured out the right sequence causing one of four lightbulbs to light up. Yang, was still lagging behind. The next challenge was to destroy the tempter cooler. Penny may not have her aura but she didn't mind the cold. She rolled up her sleeve before putting her hand inside. She moved her hand about for a few moments before find the screw at the very bottom. She begins unscrewing it. It took her a few moments but eventually she finally undid the screw. By all appearances she looks to be in the lead as Yang was struggling to find the right combination. Using the screw, she had removed she turned to her side of the machine. She spots a compartment that required the screw to undo. She inserted in and found wires that needed to be rearranged. She got to work on it. Yang however was still having difficulties finding the right combination. It was maddeningly confusing and feeling the pressure of her friend's life got angrier and angrier.

This all finally leads to her going into a fit of rage, she tossed the decoder over her shoulder and started randomly flipping switches. She got lucky and found the right combination. Without skipping a beat, she quickly reaches her hand inside the ice cold water. Her hand goes numb as the water went up her long sleeve glove. Penny was still in the lead and got all but one of the knobs into position. She couldn't find it and was trying to guess when she heard the sound of another bulb coming online. Looking up she sees that Yang had managed to remove her screw and was at the master control switch now. The two quickly worked trying to find the right combination, but it was all gibberish. As they worked, the timer slowly ticked down, starting at thirty it has gone down to fifteen now about to hit four when suddenly the fourth light went off… on Yangs side. Sun's glass tomb opens… Pyrrha's filled with a black gas. All three watch in absolute horror as she struggled to breath as he very life force was drained from her body. She looked on at Yang in absolute horror before her eyes finally close and her body went limp against the glass coffin.

"… Monty almighty… what have I done." Was the only word Yang could say before falling to her knees.

"What you could have. Yang It wasn't your fault." Sun said comforting.

"Agree… if anyone is the blame. It's me… her blood is on my hands." Penny remarks.

Though Sun agreed, those words still feel hollow to Yang. She had killed the Impossible girl… and one of her friends. As they stand in silence for their dead friend for a few moments, the machine sparked to life for a few moments before sitting out a compartment. Looking over sun spotted a golden object with a letter next to it. He quickly grabs the object before helping Yang up to her feet with the assistance of Penny.

They left that accursed place behind with the Butler leading them back. Leaving it behind with their friend whose corpse shall forever be held in the grasp of the ungodly machine. Upstairs the room remained silent. Nobody knew what was going to happen. Jaune and Blake were the most nervous of the group. Though Blake had a better time hiding it. After a few moments more they hear the sound of the door opening. Everyone's attention turned to the door. After a few moments, the Butler walked in With Penny and Yang walking in first. After a few moments Sun followed after. Blakes heart lifted in relief. Never has she ever been so happy. Course not the same thing can be said for Jaune. Seeing Sun's face causes his heart to sink. With his survival means that Pyrrha… didn't. He slides back in his chair as his two teammates comfort him. As he sat their moping Penny soon approach him.

"… Before… she entered the challenge… she asked me… to pass along a message." Penny said quietly. Jaune looked up with some tears forming in his eyes. He quickly stands up.

"She… She did?" Jaune asked.

"She said… that if anything happens and she doesn't make it. She wants you to know something. Back home in your room is a book. She hid it in the vent the code to the lock is 1-5-8-2. She wants you to read it… and one more thing as well." Penny was hesitant with these next few words. Course Jaune was just as anxious to know them as well.

"Yes, what else?" Jaune asked. Penny couldn't say it out loud, so she pulled him close and whispered the exact words. Jaune's face goes blank. His eyes widen, his jaw dropped and everything went blank.

Penny pulls back giving Jaune some space. As Jaune stands there his stomach cramped up and he had trouble remaining balance. He was contemplating everything that Penny had just said. Everyone looked on in curiosity at what Penny had told Jaune but by his reaction he seemed even more distraught. Jaune walked on over to a chair. Staring down at it for a few moments before grabbing it in a fit of rage.

"… UHGHGHAHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!" Jaune screamed out before flipping his chair in rage. The chair crash lands on the ground. He stared on at it for a few moments. The room goes quiet as everyone tries to figure out what was going on. It didn't take long before conflict arise, Jaune turned to the group with fire in his eyes and tears streaming down his face. His eyes fixated on Sun and before anyone realizing it he rushes him, screaming. "YOU SON OF A BASTARD! YOU KILLED HER! DAMN YOU, YOU KILLED HER!"

He leapt off the coffee table and was about to crash into Sun when Yang caught him midair. Blake quickly pulled Sun back as the group raced over to restrain Jaune. While Jaune screamed bloody murder. Someone had killed Pyrrha and that it was Sun.

"Dude she put her own name in the hat!" Sun screamed out as he quickly hands Ruby the cursed relic.

"LIAR!" Jaune shouted in rage.

"Think about it Jaune. My name was also drawn. It couldn't been me!" Sun protested.

"THEN WHO DID!" Jaune shouted as the group finally got him to stop. He shook off the group before backing away. "If not you then who? Someone in this room. Killed Pyrrha. And I won't stop till I figure out who!"

"Jaune you're overacting. Nobody killed Pyrrha." Blake shouted to him.

"Someone put in her name. That means any one you could have. We all agreed to put in a name and yet any one of you cowards put in hers!" Jaune snapped back harshly causing Yang to step in.

"Damn it Jaune. Relax. We don't know that. It could have been a mistake!" Yang snapped back.

"No… it might not be." Ruby interrupted. Everyone turned to her. The cursed relic was on the mantle and in Ruby's hand was a scraggly looking paper parchment. During the entire argument Ruby was about to do something when she noticed this paper note sticking out of the fireplace. She had set it down before grabbing it. Reading the paper filled her with utter discuss and despair at the very idea. She shows the paper to everyone before reading the content.

"You've been warned. One among you in league with the evil of the house." Ruby reads aloud.

Those words ring in everyone's ear. Someone here, is in league with the evil that had claimed the lives of two of there friends. As the view slowly close the last thing seen is everyone looking each other up and down. Oh how easy trust can be broken with a little bit of truth.

Well, shit. Pyrrha died. What? Were you expecting the Fixer? Heh, Hello everybody. Wombag1786 here.

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