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A few months ago on Nondescript Holiday, somewhere in the suburbs

3rd POV

The view opens on a small suburb. It was Nondescript Holiday; people were being festive and merry. Building snow men and singing carols. As the view slowly pulls pass them into a small house. Inside was a warm fire with chestnuts roasting, an evergreen tree with David stars hanging on it, and a quaint little faunas human couple and their children sitting by the table for a turkey dinner… or at first glance it does. They were bound and gagged, with tears rolling down the children's eyes as a stranger dressed in a red sweater walks by.

"Shh now. It won't be much longer, children." The stranger said as he pulls out a butcher's knife and held it up to the human father. He gurgles through the gag in rage but only muffles can be heard. "Hush now. I promise. I am a perfectionist Henry, of the most sincere type."

The psycho then removes the knife from the father's throat before walking by the three children. The two young kids who were a cat and dog faunas and the oldest sister who was human. As he walked by them with a smile he stopped at the end of table where a bunny faunas mother is. He lifts his knife up, testing the point. As he does this entire sequence he remarks, "And what I'm doing tonight will make this ugly world a little more refined and dignified."

His eyes then turn to the wife who was crying out but could only give a muffled choke. He put his hands on her shirt and tore it off, revealing her braw with huge tits coved by them. With a perse glair he strokes his knife in between the two wife's breast.

"Oh they are so lovely." He said with a perverse glair. Just then he heard the shuffling of the chair and looked up to see the father searing with anger giving muffled screams for him to stop.

"It is hard to imagine that they could be improved upon." He said causing the room to go silent. After a few moment's the Psycho gives a huge devious grin before remarking. "But I will try."

He raises his knife and the last thing the readers hear, is the screams of the wife as he plunged the knife into her chest. With that the scene opens up in the manner. Inside an unknown Room, the Psycho was applying lipstick to a Mannequin with pieces of leather strapped to it like skin. As he applied the lipstick, it became painfully obvious that it looked eerily looks like the woman. As he carefully applies the man takes a step back with a smile. Admiring his work with great pride.

"This is how a perfect act can last forever." He remarks aloud. He then turns around to find that same bird masked fiend admiring the art display of this serial killer. More particularly the bodies of previous victims who's skin he had flayed.

"Your art holds no equal." The masked man said as he strokes the dust under beak of his mask.

"You should see what I've done with the decorations upstairs." The Psycho said with a delighted smile as he turns back and went to work on finishing his new project.

Thirty minutes after burying their friend… alive. 9 hours to Sun Rise

The view opens up with Nora. She was holding the flat cap that Ren was wearing when they first arrived. Her face was tear stained as she looks on into the void. Her reflections while extreme fit the mood of the group. They had just buried their friend… alive. As they sat in Library, at the poker table. On the table was the box that they earned from sacrificing their friend was in front of them. No one dared to touch it. After a few uncomfortable moments, Sun spoke up.

"(Sigh)… guys. We can't stop. Not now." Sun said in despair riddled tone.

"We just buried one of our friends Sun. Give us a minute." Blake remarked

"A minute more and the sun will be up Blake." Weiss stated, gaining a few glances from everyone. Sheepishly she continued. "We just… Just need to figure out wh…"

Before she could finish. Nora's hand smashes the table causing a deck of card to fall to the table. With tear stain eyes she looked up at Weiss before hissing an angered tone. "We need to find the son of bitch who killed Renny. The one who is in league with evil. Ice Queen."

The look on her face. Screamed of sadness, and anger the likes that Weiss has never seen in Nora before. Ren had always kept her calm but without him, in a room filled with those who buried him alive. It was safe to say that Weiss was on her shit list. After staring her down for a few minutes Jaune intervened by getting between the two.

"I agree Nora. We can't go on without finding out who did it. However, we can't find out by arguing with one another." Jaune said calming Nora down, just for a moment. She returned to her seat and continued to cry into her beloved Renny's hat. Jaune having successfully defused the situation turned to the others. They quickly looked over the box that they had. No lid, key holes, or puzzles. Yet when shaking it, there came a rattling noise within. It was hollow. Needing to let out some rage, Yang proceeded to break the box. A few good swings and the box snapped in half. Picking through the contents, they found a piece of wood with the word, Idle, engraved into it.

"… Ok, the hell?" Sun asked. As he looked it over.

"Our next clue… does that mean Jaune has to sing?" Ruby asked turning to him.

"No that's Idol. I-D-O-L. Idle means standing still. Doing nothing." Weiss explains. Gaining an, "Oh" from Ruby.

"So does that mean we have to stand around and do nothing?" Penny asked.

"Doubtful. We were just doing that." Yang said sarcastically.

"Well, let's find what's not moving then. Cause tic tock it's…" Sun then pauses. He just realized something. The entire time they were in this room, remaining quiet. He had not heard one tic from a clock. He was positive that there was one in here. He quickly scanned the room and sure enough he spotted the clock.

"Hey guys. There's something off with this clock!" Sun called out causing all but the grieving Nora to go on over to him. Written on the plaque was a clue of some sort. Though a strange one at that.

"Letters Become Numbers and Numbers become Letters… What the hickory dickery doc does that mean?" Yang asked.

"Really, Rhymes now." Weiss said with a squinted stare.

"This is how I cope, Weiss." Yang said in her defense before turning back to the clock. "So… do these hands mean anything?"

The clock had four hands rather than the conventional two, all of them with the numbers one through four on each hand. As the group stared on at the strange clock, Jaune had an epiphany. He counted with his fingers till he got to I, which was the ninth number. He twisted the hand to nine before Yang picked up on this and pushed the second hand to four, Penny set it to twelve, and lastly Sun to five. Upon doing so there came a clock chiming noise before the entire book case behind them burst open causing everyone to scream.

"OH SWEAT MONTY OUM!" Jaune shouted out in panic.

"Monty Almighty… what just happened?" Ruby asked.

"The book, it just shot out of there cases." Nora points out, she had slowly pulled herself from her despair stoper to help. But only for now. The group quickly walked over and much to their surprise it wasn't a book. Rather it was a fake cover, built in to hide a key hole in the book case. While nobody had the key to it, least the shelf had a clue. A photo of the front staircase in the foyer.

The group then heads out to the front when Nora spots something in the corner of her eye. It was a light or something coming from outside. So she quickly grabbed the one of the few people she didn't hate and can see in dark.

"Hey, Blake. Do you see that out there?" Nora asked pointing outside.

Blake looked out, scanning the front patio when she spots what Nora was pointing to. A car. "Yeah… Nora, I think you found a way out of here."

"Maybe, let's check it out." Nora said before looking off to the side where she sees the flashlight one of group had set down before. Picking it up the two head on over to inspect the car.

Meanwhile the main group inspected the foyer. They searched everywhere but couldn't find anything till Weiss suddenly noticed something off. One of the Pegs on the railing. It wasn't in the photo. She pressed against it and sure enough it fell to the ground. It was a hollow peg and the Key was inside. With key in hand the group quickly raced over to the book case and inserted, what was on the other side was something nobody was prepared for, much less expecting. Outside, Blake and Nora had arrived at the car. Inspecting it closely they found that the truck was lock and wheels were flat or missing. They quickly open the door and tried to find the key. Blake looked inside the glove compartment and found a strange note. It had Neptune's cult symbol on it, with the words slowed down. It took Nora a second before trying the clutch. She pushed down on it a few times till a key fell out. For a moment, a spark of hope sparked within the two girls, sadly their hope was squashed when it became apparent that the key didn't fit the ignition. Trying to figure out the key Blake recalled that the back was locked so the two got out and sure enough the key fits the lock. They open it, only to find a horrific thing tied and bound in the back. The view returns to the main group. They had entered the secret Dinning room, inside where four disturbing mannequins. One human, and four Faunas. All settled down for dinner. The sight, was unsettling suffice to say.

"… ok, ghost, deranged killers, tacky furniture. That I can handle… but Mannequins? Nope." Yang said aloud as the group stared on into the room.

"I completely agree." Penny said with a nod. After a few moments of hesitation, the group moved in to see a note on table Penny being the first inside picked up the note and read it Aloud. "My dear employer, how grateful I am for your generosity in seeking out my work. Few understand its true importance, and to that end I must be absent for a time. The need inside me requires that I feed it regularly. This piece is almost complete and I will be calling it 'Dinner for five.' I'm sure with some careful examination you will see how to finalize the details. Be carful not to move the mannequins much or you will destroy the art piece. Warm Regards Calvin Blanche."

"… Is that a clue or something?" Jaune asked having no idea what to do next. As the group

"The need inside me, requires that I feed it regularly." As Weiss recites what the note said, she noticed a really good-looking pie by it's lonesome self. "Hmm, Maybe it's in the pie?"

Jaune being closets looked it over, giving a sigh he removed his blazer before rolling up his sleave. Reaching in he expected the pie to be cold or rotting but no. It was surprisingly warm, like it had just been pulled out of the oven. After feeling around in the cherry filling he soon felt something firm he slowly removed it only to find that it was a thumb. Shrieking in horror he dropped it. Everyone believing it to be like the platter readied for Jaune to vomit when Yang noticed something off about it.

"Hey, is that a real thumb or a mannequin one?" Yang asked. Jaune was hesitant but he and Sun inspected it closer only to find that it was fake.

"Oh thank Monty. For a second I thought it was real." Jaune states.

"You and me both." Sun remarks in agreement.

Jaune begins to wipe away the cherry filling while the rest checked the mannequin's thumbs. Yet they all had their thumbs. It wasn't till Yang had the idea that maybe it was a big toe. They searched and discovered the next clue in the hole where the father mannequins' toe was supposed to be. Pulling out a parchment Ruby read the message aloud.

"I thought my wife was a saint and then Calvin showed me the hole in he soul before I pried a lung from her chest." Ruby read aloud.

"The mom mannequin. Check inside her." Weiss said figuring out the puzzle. She, Yang, and Penny approach the mother and open her chest to see a note dangling from twine. Weiss pulled it out and read the following. "Mothers should know what's in a child's head. Then he cut one open to show me. I can never look at my children again."

Sun and Jaune quickly went to the two kids and removed the wigs. Sure enough it was clear that they can unscrew them. Excited Sun joked that this Calvin guy was making this too easy. Course he would eat those words upon opening the head. Inside were hundreds of worms, cockroaches, and oversize bugs, all oozing out into the room. Causing a panic, the two quickly closed it not wanting to open it. Course once the excitement died down, the two realized they are going to have to dig into the skulls. Meanwhile outside Blake and Nora had uncovered what was in the trunk of the car. A Mannequin, bound and gagged.

"… What, in hell?" Nora asked with a confused look.

"A mannequin… sure this night can't get any more stranger." Blake said with a sigh not even trying to guess the reason behind this.

"So… should we take it inside?" Nora asked.

"Wha… Why?" Blake asked.

"Well, it could be important. If nothing else so we had a reason." Nora explains as she tosses the Mannequin over her shoulder and proceeded to walk to the house. Blake followed after but as they were walking up the stair Blake got a peak underneath the Mannequins skirt. It had no underwear and a perfectly sculpted vagina. It caused her to pause for a moment before shaking her head. She mumbles about what kind of perverse psycho would have such a thing. Course she soon learned the truth when she and Nora came back to the Library.

Jaune and Sun where both vomiting in the corner of the secret dinning room, Bugs were sprawled across the dining room table, and Ruby and Penny were trying to force two mannequin scalps shut. Nora and Blake looked at each other for a few moments before Blake spoke.

"Um… so what happened?"

"Nothing much… just putting together a psycho serial killers art Exposé … how about you?" Weiss asked as she was overlooking a photo.

"Um not much. Just found a car that doesn't work. Had this thing tied up in the back." Nora said as she finds an empty seat to sit her down. Weiss now getting a better look at the Mannequin quickly noticed something. It was the one that was missing. With a bright smile she remarks.

"Nora, that's the missing Mannequin! By Monty's good name, you found her… granted I'm not thrilled to set this up but least we can leave this horrible room now." Weiss said with some relief that they no longer have to stay in this room. Nora and Blake gave a strange look when Yang quickly snatched the mannequin and positioned her in a certain spot. Weiss then showed the two a photo. "Sun and Jaune unfortunately had to pull this out of a head filled with bugs. Sad part was neither one knew which had it. Afterword's I'd figure out that we needed to match the Mannequins with this photo."

The photo she showed the two was of the family when they were still alive. However, when they started they were missing one. Luck would have it Blake and Nora brought the last one with them. Yang had set up the last Mannequin and suddenly a drawer on a nearby serving table open loudly. The next clue inside. Blake went for it and pulled out a letter. Opening it up she pulls out a key and a note.

"My employer, I have hidden the artifact given to me as you requested in my new art installation on the second floor. I'm afraid it can only be experienced with two guests at a time. Pick carefully, for they should be prepared to play…" Blake went silent at that last line. There were two words left and she didn't want to say them out loud. So Penny having no problem read the last line.

"Should be prepared to play, Perverse games. Warm Regards Calvin Blanche." Penny read.

"Perverse games… well, great. Not only this psycho fancies himself an artist but is a massive pervert." Sun said annoyed as he wipes away the last of the bile from his lips.

"Well, certainly explains the synthetic parts on the doll." Blake hummed a little too loudly causing everyone to look at Blake.

"… Maybe you should do it. Seems within your Repertoire." Weiss said with a cringy look on her face.

"No, blame Nora. She had it up to high!" Blake said trying to defend herself.

"Oy, don't get me involve with your fetish." Nora snapped as she walked away. Blake begins to stutter incoherent nonsense trying to claim innocence but in the end the group simply walked away leaving her in the room.

They all reconvene in the lounge, seems it has become their voting room. Inside they went in and were handed a parchment and pen by the Butler. For some it only took a few moments to write a name, for others a few minutes. The Idea to send one of their friends to play perverse games wasn't exactly ideal. Specially for Yang who was first. She wrote her own name in before turning to everyone.

"Nobody, dares put my sister's name in there." Yang said threatening.

"We won't." Jaune said with agreement.

"Good, cause you better not… Sun." Yang threatens before turning her angry glair to Sun.

"I won't. Seriously I won't." Sun said with his hands held up in defense.

"I mean it. I don't mind playing pervy games but my sister is where I draw the line. Is that clear… Weiss." Yang said turning that overprotect rage onto Weiss partner.

"Gods be damned Yang. We won't put your sisters name into the hat!" Weiss shouted with red cheeks.

Yang stared her down with suspicious eyes before writing her name. She was sure that someone had a crush on her beloved sister and were looking for the chance to get lucky. Then again, most likely they would pick her. For two big reasons. The rest went up and they casted their vote, majority being Sun. The Butler once collected all the parchments begin to shake the top hat a few times before reaching in and reading the following name.

"… Sun." The Butler reads causing sun to tilt his head down.

"(Sigh) Alright. Guess it's obvious someone wants to get lucky with the hottest guy here. So, who wants to get pervy with me?" Sun asked trying to hid his annoyance that he has to go into another death trap. The next name that the Butler said caused the entire room to go quiet and Sun's Pupils to constrict in pure fear.

"Ruby." The Butler reads.

The room went silent with the occasional twitch from Sun's body. He slowly turned around to see an angry aura over Yang. Her eyes had change to crimson red and gave a look that froze Sun's feet to the floor. A few moments of this intense stare down before Ruby grabs Sun.

"Come on… let's… let's get this over with." Ruby said sounding unenthusiastic about what awaits the two.

As she goes on, Yang continues to stare with heated eyes into the back of Sun's skull. He gave a nervous gulp knowing full well that if he does come back, he's a dead Faunas walking. The two went upstairs, once out of sight Yang flips around to the group, without losing a second, she snapped at the group.

"Ok… which one of you soon to be dead jerks put my sister into the hat?" Yang asked as she pounds her fist together and cracks hers knuckles.

Nobody answered right away, but not wanting to deal with her wrath they all point a finger at Weiss. Weiss not being innocent in this childish blaming game was pointing at Blake. Course she noticed soon after that majority were pointing at her. Panicking she tried to protest her innocence but it was too late. Yang was on top of her. Upstairs the two can hear Yang interrogating Weiss downstairs. A fate that Sun will be force to suffer through upon completion of the challenge. Seeing the nervousness on his face Ruby spoke to him.

"… I put my name in the hat." Ruby stated.

"What… wait, you did?" Sun asked with a surprise look on his face. Seeing the seriousness in her eyes caused his to widen in shock. "B-But… why?"

"I can't handle the idea of sending one of my friends to die. So… I put my name in with every match." Ruby answers honestly. For all previous games she has put her name into the hat. Damn the consequence she will not send one of her friends to be slaughtered.

"Wow… that's…" Sun couldn't believe it. He has been fixated on finding out who was in league with the evil while having Jaune go after him. So seeing one among them remaining defiant even at the expense of their own life, gave a spark of hope to Sun. Still will probably get him killed if she doesn't get back but hey. Maybe they will both get out. So with a small sigh he made a last request. "(Sigh), Before we enter mind if you write that down. Don't want to be throttled to death by your sister downstairs."

"Heh, sure. Just don't get any weirder with the whole kissing thing." Ruby said with a small blush.

"I doubt it will get any weirder then that." Sun said as the Butler unlocks the door.

"What's weirder then kissing?" Ruby asked.

"Um… Sex things." Sun remarks as he scratches the back of his head.

"What's Sex things?" Ruby asked causing Suns heart to suddenly drop. He then turn to Ruby with eyes wide at her innocence. Was he going to have to explain what it was… while doing it?! After a few moments Ruby snickers.

"Heh, heh, Kidding. I know what your talking about." Ruby said with a giggle causing Sun to give a sigh of relief.

"(Sigh) Seriously Ruby. Why?" Sun asked feeling a pinged of betrayal.

"You just seem a bit tense so I wanted to lighten the mood with a joke." Ruby said with a shrug. Sun opened his mouth to complain, but she was right. He lowered his head and shook his head before the two were allowed inside the secondary guest room. "Sides, I'm sure it ain't that weird what we're going to see next."

Course upon entering it was clear that Ruby spoke too soon. Inside the room, they found a dozen Unique Mannequins. All wrapped in a leather hide and positioned in multiple adulterating acts. This truly was a perverse place, a mannequin orgy of horror. The two staired on in utter shock by what they have seen and as much as both wish to leave they are forced to complete the challenge set forth by this derange Calvin. Sun spotted a letter on the desk and quickly read the Following.

"To find the artifact, you must join in with my vision. Start the part with a spin of the bottle and swap spit with your plastic friends. Kiss them enough and you will get a number from under the door." Sun read aloud. He then looked up on over to the corner where three mannequin girls are laying aside with a silver platter between them. In the center was a bottle. Realizing what to do, Sun gave a small sigh. "Great… when I prayed that my first orgy would have only girls, I was hoping they weren't made of plastic."

"(Sigh) And I was hoping my first kiss be with a real boy." Ruby said shaking her head. The two shook their heads before walking over to the corner and proceeded to play, Spin the bottle. Sun went first seeing that she was uncomfortable by this. Something at which he could agree upon but somebody had to go. He spins the bottle and it landed on a Blonde haired Mannequin. So, with a sigh he leans over and passionately made out with the Mannequin for ten seconds.

Upon completion he made a grossed out face spitting and curling his lips. "Ugh, It's like kissing an old boot."

"Ugh, great. Why does my kiss has to be with a boot?" Ruby said sadly as she spins the bottle. This time, it landed on Sun. The two look down at it before looking up. Then down, then up. Ruby gave a confused looks before asking. "So… does that mean we have too…"

"Well, the instructions said to swap spit with the plastic not with each other so I don't think I count." Sun said waving his hands off.

"Oh… oh well." Ruby said as she reaches down for the bottle.

"What? You have a crush on me or something?" Sun asked with a small smirk.

"Nope, just wanted my first kiss to be with a living boy. Even a girl sounds better then kissing a Mannequin." Ruby explains as she spins the bottle.

"Touché." Sun relented as the bottle continued to spin. Eventually stopping on a brunet Mannequin.

She leans on over and with a deep breath begins to kiss. She didn't know what she was doing but she just copied what Sun was doing before. For ten seconds she sloppily kissed the Mannequin before finally a knock was heard on the closet door. A note slid out and the two got up to investigate.

The letter had a letter 4 printed hugely on the back and the instructions on the front. Ruby who picked it up first decided to read it. "For the next step, one of you must move to the bed and complete the ménage à trois. Count to ten while giving all you got."

Ruby looked up to see a Faunas Mannequin sitting on the bed. Pants were down with plastic pecker in it's place. He was looking at what seemed to be a female mannequin mooning him. Looking rather unease by this Ruby asked. "Um, Sun… What's a ménage à trois?"

"A um… three-way." Sun answered with just as much unease in his tone as Ruby.

"Yeah… don't suppose you want to do it?" Ruby asked.

"Nope." Sun replies.

"… Rock paper scissors. Looser has to do it while the winner does the next challenge?" Ruby suggested. Sun looked over at Ruby before giving a nod. The two shook their hands and sure enough. Ruby pulled a Scissors while Sun pulled a rock. Disappointed Ruby asked. "Best two out of three."

"Nope." Sun once again replied.

"(Sigh) Yeah thought so as well." Ruby said before walking over to the Mannequin.

She noticed the synthetic vagina and anus and realized what to do. She sat on male mannequin's lap and leans in to kiss the female mannequin's ass. She does this for ten seconds all while rubbing against the male mannequins' privates. That was possible the ten longest seconds she went through before a knock on the closet door signaled for her to stop. She spat out the taste of that mannequin trying hard to wipe the taste of leather, dust and what she prayed to the entire gods was glue.

Picking up the card marked as seven, Ruby remarks with her tongue out as she rubbed the taste from her mouth. "Sunnn, dfn'f fell Yanf."

"If anyone asked. We were forced to play spin the bottle." Sun said with agreement knowing full well what if he told Yang, she will hunt him the ends of the world.. Looking at the instructions he realized right away what he has to do. And he didn't like it. "The next challenge, to receive the next note. You must find the lone woman leaning on the chair who could use some help from behind… you must press the button ten times within a minute in order to receive the next clue."

Sun looked over and there in the other corner was a woman Mannequin. She was leaning over the chair with her ass pointed out. It didn't take a genius to realize where the button was. Gagging at what he had to do, Sun gave a long sigh before approaching the Mannequin. Unlike the last one this one had no Vagina parts. Looking into the only hollow hole, he see's the button. It was fairly deep inside so he looked up at Ruby and asked. "Don't suppose now would be a time to switch roles?"

"Nope." Ruby response in the same tone that Sun did.

"Yeah, thought so." Sun said as he rolled up his sleeve and stuck a finger inside.

Much to his disgust it felt cold, shockingly so. Yet flexible. Sadly, his fingers couldn't make it in. Realizing that he looked around when he realized something. He has to… use his tail. As disturbing as the thought, he was now more than ever thankful, he was a Faunas. If he were human, he would probably have to use his privates. A concept he'd much rather not partake in. So, grabbing his long Monkey tail he managed to push it in all the way. Ruby watches in disgust as whatever soft tissue makes all manners of squishy sounds. Finally, after doing it ten times a knock on the closet was heard an out came another note. Sun pulls out his tail only to see it covered in a disturbing gel of some kind. Along with what he hoped to be a glue. While wiping the disgusting fleshy substance from his poor tail, Ruby picked up the last note only to find it had nothing but a number two on it.

"What does it say?" Sun asked while cleaning his tail with the Mannequins wig.

"Just a number two." Ruby said as she showed it to Sun. Looking down at it for a few moments an idea pupped into Ruby's head. "Hey what where to other two note numbers where again?"

"Um Four, Seven, and now Two… huh, is that a code for something?" Sun asked.

The two looked around before noticing the locked desk table with a three-number combination lock on it. The two moved over and quickly applied the three numbers in order. Sure, enough it came undone and they open it. Inside was a pen and a simple sleek black notebook. Ruby picks up the notebook and found a list of names. With instructions on the side. "… A name. Put any name in this journal, the only criteria being that they are living and within the house."

"So… any name? Huh. Guess this Calvin likes to disturb people when he's just another punk." Sun said with a smug smirk.

"No, it can't be that simple. There must be a trick or something." Ruby said as she flipped through the pages. Despite looking for any proof to the contrary she couldn't find anything. Only clue was a missing page. That looked like it was torn from the little book.

"Come on Ruby, just any name." Sun begged.

"Alright." Ruby said before writing in hers. Unaware of the consequences of her actions. Upon scribbling her name in the journal, she felt a pang of pain in her left hand. She collapses to the ground. Sun raced to her as the two looked at the area where she felt the most intense pain. Scarred into her flesh was her name, in her own hand writing no less.

"What in the hell?" Sun asked only to notice the blood leaking from her hand. It wasn't falling to the ground, rather floating over to the book's open page. Where Ruby had written her name, the blood merged with the ink. The letter shifted and turn before changing the name to Yang Xia Long. Upon completion did the pain stop and the blood flow stopped.

"Wha… What just happened?" Ruby asked unsure what just happened. Before Sun could answer there was a loud scream downstairs. It sounded like Yangs.

Downstairs, Yang interrogated everyone. Sending someone to die for her was one thing but doing so by a pervert. Somebody was going on in pieces. Nobody had voted for her. So not realizing her own sister put her own name in, she fought that it must have been Sun who did it. Blake was currently defending Sun from a very pissed off Yang, but it broke down into a bitter argument. The two went back and forth before Yang stopped mid-sentence, she vomited up something. A white pasty substance. The group watches in horror as she screams and worms on the ground in agony. The pasty white substance hardens upon contact with her skin. She was asphyxiating on her own porcelain respiratory. The group could do nothing as her entire body turned into a Mannequin. The only thing that remained were her eyes and hair. She was dead. Died a horrific death that not even the worst enemies would wish upon their worst foes.

Hearing her sisters cries for help caused Ruby to try and leave but the door remain lock and she couldn't break it down. Not until the desk safe open up. Inside was the artifact, alongside the key to the room and a paper parchment. Sun grabbed both and quickly unlocked the door. The two raced down the stairs to see Yang one last time before finally becoming a full Mannequin. Her sister dead, Ruby fell to her knees. Alongside Blake who cried in shock and horror over what had happened to her partner.

"Ruby… Sun? Wha… What happened up there?" Jaune asked with complete shock that both of them are alive.

"We… just…" Sun couldn't explain it before suddenly realizing something. The book, upstairs. It tricked them. "The game… it tricked Ruby."

"Tricked her? How?" Penny asked.

"It… asked for us to put a name in the journal." Sun answered.

"So she put her own sisters name into the journal?! That is absolute hogwash!" Weiss snapped.

"But it's tru…" Before Sun could even finish Blake pulled from her grief raced over to Sun and holding him by his neck begin choking him.

"SUN YOU (Sob, Sniff) BASTARD! (Sob, Sniff) TELL US (Sob, Sniff) WHAT REALLY (Sob, Sniff) HAPPENED RIGHT (Sob, Sniff) NOW OR I SWEAR (Sob, Sniff) TO THE GOD's (Sob, Sniff) I WILL KILL YOU (Sob, Sniff) RIGHT NOW AND (Sob, Sniff) FUCKING HERE!" Blake shouted through the tears of anger and betrayal.

Sun couldn't speak and didn't fight back. He struggled for a few moments till Ruby laid a hand on Blakes hand. Drawing her attention. With tears streaming down her face Ruby spoke. "Sun (Sniff) is… (Sniff) Telling the truth…"

Ruby then breaks down crying into Blake. She let's go of Sun and holds onto her leader as she cried. Hearing those words shattered everyone's moral. Enough for Jaune to go over and help Sun up. After a few moment's of hard crying Ruby calmed down enough to speak.

"It asked for a name. So… I put in mine… it didn't like it." Ruby said slowly before revealing her hand. The name scared into it proved what they were saying is true.

"Oh Monty. Ruby, I'm so sorry for you." Nora said as she hugged Ruby.

"(Sniff) This wouldn't have happen… if I didn't invite you all here." Ruby said now fully fallen into despair.

"Hey now. It isn't your fault." Jaune said comforting.

"It's this Horrible house. It tricked us all. No way it's your fault." Sun added.

"Agreed, but we can't punish the one who did these horrible things to us. Not until we escape." Weiss said taking charge now.

"One foot in front of the other." Penny said comforting.

It was a bitter sweet moment but deep down, Ruby still blames herself for it. She watches as Weiss and Blake picked up Yangs Mannequin body and put it right besides Neptunes. Sun had fetched a blanket and covered up the sister. There was a moment of silence before Ruby stands up. She had taken the artifact that Sun had set aside and walked over to the mantle where all the other artifacts where stored. She had put it down when a sudden lion roar can be heard. Echoing throughout the house. It wasn't quite like a lion, something more… demented. And very angry.

Eight: Little Soldier Boys travelling in Devon; One said he'd stay there and then there were seven. Welcome to the estate Yang, I'm sure you will like the others, you will just fit right on in. Hello everybody, Wombag186 here.

Admittedly, this was a dark chapter to write. Had to go full Leatherface with this one. *Shudders* anyways with that done the group just lost another big gun. Along with that we almost got a Red Sun (Strawbana, Strawnana, however the ship name goes) moment. Well, regardless we will see the repercussions of Ruby's selfless act backfiring. Along with learning, what on gods good earth was then noise?

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