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Years before the guest arrived, at Vale's infamous Danvers Asylum

The view opens in a dark and crude basement. Surrounding the view were a multitude of the latest in psychological tools. Left to rot beneath the asylum. Then the view lights up with an agonize scream as a huge amount of electricity lightens up the view. Turning to the side the view reveals a man in a mental ward outfit, he is strapped down to a specialized chair. Designed to administer a controlled electric shock. Right beside the control is a doctor, holding a few cards. He straightens his bow tie before pulling up one card.

"Now, Mr. Bronze. What do you see?" The doctor asked.

The patient bound in the chair stares on at the Rorschach photo. The doctor couldn't hear it but the whispers of terrible truths were hushing in his ear. The symmetry photo warped and moved till the sight of it became to disturbing to look at. Quickly he remarked, "A house… built by evil devouring ZZAZZAZAAZZZAAAZZAZAAZAZAAAZWWWWAWAZWAWZWZAwAWAWPPPPPPPPPPPPP!"

The doctor shook his head in disappointment as he presents another card asking, "What about this one?"

"… It's a monument of cursed mass… and the one in the center is a human butcher…" Before he could finish the doctor goes to shock him, disappoint by what he is seeing. "Wait please- ZZAZZAZAAZZZA-AAZZAZAAZAZAAAZWWWWAWAZWAWZWZAwAWAWPPPPPPPPPPPPP! (Huff, huff) Please (Huff, huff) stop… I'm tell you the truth! It's what I see!"

"But it is not what is real; you're hallucinating." The doctor said as he wrote down some notes, unaware the patient was eying a scalpel left vicariously close to him. He begins struggling to remove his restraints as his doctor was unaware. "When you first came in here, you though you saw a man being eaten by a demon, so you pushed him into oncoming traffic."

"You weren't there, I'm telling you the trut… ZZAZAZAZZAAAZZAZAAZAZAAAZWWWWAWAZWA-WZWZAWAWAWPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" Before the man could finish another electric shock went through him.

The doctor shakes his head as he put's down the pen and paper before turning to the knob on the voltage meter. "We can do this as long as it takes. Now what do you se…"

Before he could finish the patient had broke free of his restraint and snatched the scalpel and slit the doctors throat. He quickly made his escape as the doctor bled out where he sits. We last see the patient making his way out of the asylum to the house. His eyes filled with terror before realizing something. He had seen this place before. In one of his hallucinations. The view pulls in through the wall to find the view in the house.

In the present library, 4 hours till morning

The four sat around the gambling table. Silently looking down at the table filled with cards and Ren's hat right beside the priest bible. The clocked tick, had chimed four times but nobody wanted to get up. When the night began, they had 11 friends. Now there was four. Sun had just committed suicide, whether it was to ensure Nora's survival or he had given up all hope it didn't matter. He is dead, and the night was nearly over. Everyone is dead beat exhausted, barley holding off fatigue with the adrenaline from being chased around. After a few moments Blake finally speaks up.

"Guys… I… I know how difficult it is. But we need to work fast here." Blake spoke up.

"Why, we are going to die soon. Even if we managed to locate the next owner, I don't know if I can do another challenge again." Jaune remarks hopelessly.

"Then there is the question of someone among us in league with the evil." Nora added as she stared at Ren's hat.

"I'm not convinced that one of us betrayed us. I think it was the house trying to tear us apart." Ruby counters.

"And it did a very good job at it." Jaune retorts.

"Regardless, if nobody escapes then all of this would be for nothing so… let's get on with the next challenge." Blake said with some hope.

"(Sigh) Suppose so… who's the next owner?" Nora said as the Butler brought over a cup of milk tea.

Everyone took a glass as Blake scrolled through the journal till finally getting to the next page. Reading the passage aloud while the other's listen. "Vincent Bronze is a madman."

"Really? (Sigh) Course, why not?" Nora interrupted as she threw her arms up in irritation.

"He sees impossible things, horrifying things. He would stare endlessly at light bulbs. I never knew what he saw, but it seemed like he was trying to burn holes into his eyes. His sanity may be gone, but his heart is good. He hid something in the dining room; but I was never able to find it." Blake read as she took notice of the light bulb sketch next to the paper.

"Well, he sounds charming." Jaune said as he downed the tea.

"More so than the last owner we met." Nora added.

"Yeah… (Sigh) Wish he let me keep the gun." Ruby remarks feeling bad that she couldn't keep the gun. "But, suppose we should get going."

The group let's out a small grumble as they take one last sip of tea before leaving the room. Heading back to where it all began. In the dining room they still see the food they had left on the table. Gone cold, not that anybody has an appetite for it anymore. A quick search around the room, Jaune discovered a strange carved snuff box with a lock on it, Unlike the others it, the numbers on the lock had a unique color to them. Realizing that they needed to find these colors, Blake thought back to what the Journal said. About how he would stare at lightbulbs for hours. She quickly scours the room before noticing something. One of the lightbulbs in the lounge room wasn't on. She could have sworn that it was always on. She removed the lightbulb and revealed a painted yellow 1 on the inside. She revealed this and it became a mad dash to find the rest. Ruby found a blue two, Jaune a Grey 5 and Nora a Black 1. Upon that they raced back to the dining room and begin to unlock the box. Inside the group finds a key to the third-floor observatory. Heading upstairs they came to the last room in the entire house that they had yet to enter. Hesitant, Ruby entered in first. Smashed telescopes, crude and frightening papers hanged on the wall, and a man locked away in straight jacket staring blankly at the mirror.

"Oh, gods no." Jaune muttered having a bad felling about this.

"This… this, is some horror movie bullshit." Nora added with goosebumps running down her spine.

"Yeah… so how do we get his attention?" Blake asked. Everybody remained quiet. There is a way to gain his attention but nobody wanted to do it. After a few moments of hesitation, Ruby spoke up.

"Um… Vincent? Are you… Vincent?" Ruby said to the man in the straight jacket. In response the man turned around slowly, not giving up that dull look.

"Um… is that normal?" Nora asked Blake.

"How should I know? I've never been in a straight jacket before." Blake replies.

"But you always have a stoic look." Nora counters. Blake squinted her eyes in annoyance. Just before she could say anything the man suddenly let's out a horrified scream that caused all of them to jump in shock.

"AAAAAHHHHHH… w-who… are you?" The Patient asked as he backed away from the group. "H-How long have you been there?"

"Just a moment ago…" Ruby tried to explain before the man tossed himself to her feet.

"Did the doctor's sent for me? Please don't bring me back. I told them everything I know, every last vision. Please I beg of you to leave me alone." The Patient begs at Ruby's feet.

"No, no. We're not here to take you to the doctors." Ruby explained as she helped the man to his feet.

"Um yeah. We heard you wanted to leave this place… and we kind of need you to leave." Nora said unsettled by this man as he shakes his head crookedly as if he was trying to hear something.

"You want me to leave… no… wait. T-This isn't a padded cell… oh by the gods nobody should have come here." The Patient said as horrible whispers of the truth can be heard around him. "When I first came here… I thought it was going to be like the home that I never had. That I would show the world that I see is real. But now I know the truth. This house. Is a dark and unfriendly place that has locked me in this straight jacket so it can feast upon my madness."

He then crouches over and begin talking to himself. "Tell them about the Key's Vincent" "I know if you give me a moment to talk about the keys I will!"

As he muttered this Blake interrupted him asking, "Where are the keys?"

The Patient turned to her and remarks clearly and with terror in his voice. "There are three keys, that are needed to unlock this jacket. But to retrieve them, you must dive into my worst hallucinations to find them. The evil in this house hid them there knowing that I would never be able to reach them, and killing those who attempt such a thing."

"Dive into your hallucinations? How?" Jaune asked questioning if it's possible.

"On the landing… by the stares. There is a box. With an Ink blot card. It should show you how to access my most vivid hallucinations… oh gods." The Patient then starts squirming and panicking as his widen in horror by what he is seeing. "I'm… I'm getting another vision; an you don't want to see me in that state. Go, now RUN!"

He then falls to the ground and begins to scream out in horror at the horrific things he is witnessing. The four quickly left the room and closed the door shut behind them. Inside they can hear the smashing of glass and walls as Vincent screams the dark truths of the cosmos. The four checked the landing but found nothing, it wasn't till the checked the downstairs landing did they find the box. Inside were a dozen or so vials containing a strange murky brown liquid inside. Along with a note. Blake reading the following.

"The Mistrial's demon mushroom, contains high amount of psilocybin. When ingested it becomes a psilocin. It is possible that by swallowing a potent version of this fungus, it shall cause the host to experience hallucinations for a brief duration. Perhaps this shall open another avenue to cure those of their sycosis. But be warned, while the hallucinations may be fake, the consciences are not. Especially when exploring the patient's darker hallucinations." Blake read aloud before turning to the group.

"So… were suppose to take drugs and what? Hope we end up in the right hallucination?" Jaune asked as he looked into the vial. Before anyone could comment Nora spoke up.

"Hey guy's take a look at this. There's a map on the back of this." Nora said showing the map. On it were different locations all around the estate. Each one marked with a number. The first is at the greenhouse.

"Well, there's your answer Jaune." Blake replies as she grabs a vial. With some hesitation she uncorked it and down the batch of mushroom paste.

Following her example the rest down there batches. The taste was uncomfortable bitter but at least no bad after taste. For now it seems nothing was happening. They then head down the stairs towards the greenhouse. It wasn't till they stepped outside that the shroom had taken effect. The world outside the estate had broken away, like they were on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity. The water spouted blood red liquid, and there were new stars never before seen. Along with those strange creatures moved about the sky, flying without wings almost as if they were swimming in deps of blacken sky. It was difficult to perceive these creatures but what they could see, was haunting. Eventually they made it to the greenhouse. Unaware that something was following them.

Inside the greenhouse, were these exquisite and rare plants that could be found from the farthest regions of the world. They quickly got to work looking for there clue in the greenhouse. Ruby chanced upon a booklet containing information on plants, while Nora unfortunately found a skull buried in a potted plant. After a quick freak out, did Blake found something of interest. A book written in a strange langue. Yet for some Reason they could understand the words. She was just about to read when a hand shot through the glass window. On the other side was a horrific looking zombie, made up of a fusion of flesh and plants. The creature tried to break in, screaming a banshee like cry as it bashes against the wall. It then stopped before disappearing, forever long they got.

"Oh gods, is it gone?" Jaune asked nearly pissing himself in horror.

"I… I don't know. But we better work fast." Ruby said with equal amount of shock. She then turn to Blake and asked her. "Blake what does the book say."

"Um… right." Blake stuttered as she looked down at the words. Written in a strange language she begin to read these words. "Y' ah'hri ahagl ah way l' merge lw'shuggornahh ng bthnkor l' uaaah entirely mgepnah species, gn'thshgorr shuggoth. Y' mgepuaaah mistake llll ya ehyeog subject ph'nglui uaaah abomination. Hh' Y' ahnythor soon mgep ah'mgehye h' ah'mgehye ya. Y' devised mgepnah method llll burying bthnkor l' h' merges llll eplw'shuggor system ot lw'shuggornahh. Llll hai f' ahnythor ah ready, Y' ahnythor ahmgshugnah yogor yeeogngn nilgh'rinahh ot bthnkor cahf Y' mgep buried ng burry f' ehye ph'nglui compose bin. Llll ng uh'enyth ahor ye'bthnk ng yog ahmgr'luh abomination cahf ah ahl'n'gha ya." (I believe there is a way to merge plants and flesh to create an entirely new species, a swamp man. I made a mistake with my first subject in creating an abomination. Which I must soon destroy before it destroys me. I devised a new method for burying the flesh so it merges with the root system of the plants. By now they should be ready, I must dig up the six pieces of flesh that I have buried and burry them together in the compose bin. By then the creature shall form and seek out the abomination that is hunting me.)

While questioning how they managed to understand such a bizarre language, the creature came back with a stick and started smashing its way in. So they had to act quick. Using the book as a reference they got to work searching the greenhouse while the abomination tried to break in. They found a few clumps of bone with the flesh still in it, but the creature was nearly inside. In a mass panic they turn from looking for it to smashing the pots. Within moments they had the skull, two hands and legs, and a pelvis bone. Blake quickly buried the six pieces into the compose pile. Upon completing it the compose begins to shift and turn as a green glow appeared at the center. That's when this yeti like monster made up of moss and swamp leaves pulled itself from the pipe. Panicking the four ran out of the greenhouse and back into the yard, with the bayou bigfoot following after. However, it seems that this unholy union of flesh and plants was a blessing. The abomination once interested in the four was now interested in swamp-squatch. The zombie jumped the swamp creature, only to be tossed to the ground. Giving it no chance to get up, the creature proceeded to pommel the zombie with hard strikes to the face. The fight ended when it threw the zombie into a tree snapping its neck. But for good measure the swamp creature ripped the zombies head off. The group watched in amazement from afar as the moss man dragged the head and body away, leaving behind something on the ground.

"Well… that was somewhat unexpected." Blake remarks.

"That was awesome! Whoo way to go swamp yeti!" Nora said with a cheeky smile.

"Yeah, let's not try and bring him back for round two. Just for our safety." Jaune said to Nora as he covered her mouth out of fear for what would happen if they came back.

"Um hey guys. Aren't we suppose to find a key?" Ruby reminded everyone.

Realizing that the four quickly went back on over to the greenhouse. On the ground near where the two were fighting was a strange box. It wasn't there before but upon opening it, they found the first key. Everyone was quick to celebrate, and were about to head off when they realized that Blake had dropped the map inside. She quickly retrieved it before they head off to the second location. It was on the outskirts of the estate, On the far back was some kind of forest temple. Five great dead tree's stands in a pentagon shape. A random assortment of mask's hanged from these tree's however the one that caught everyone's attention was the one in the center. A blank mask, over a naked woman. Brandishing a blood coated Katana. Despite their hesitation it seems that she had no interested in them. They safely approached the inner circle to find a plaque next to four burlap masks. It was in the same writing, but this time Ruby read the inscription aloud.

"The ahororr'e ah really n'ghft'drn ng n'ghft'drn ah really person. Unravel yeeognor identities r'luh mgep n'ghft'drnn. Ehye ephailead l' ep ng ulnah ahnythor ah perfect ngnah ymg' ephaidisturb butcher ot bthnkor. If legethog n'ghft'drn ah hup mgepmggoka nnn'drnog, h' llll ephainog gn'th'bthnk. L' ymg' nnn hup h' deadly blade ymg' ahnythor ah wearing burlap sack, h' ephaing mggoka ehye ng nogephaii l' h' station. The ep mistake ahagl ephaiah ehye ahnah sack llll nnn'drn ng guest naIIII ehye butcher ephaiviolently hup mggoka hallucination. Llll uaaah demon ahf' ah fhtagn." (The face is really the mask and the mask is really the person. Unravel the five identities hidden behind the masks. One will lead to the next and the order must be perfect or you will disturb the butcher of flesh. If an incorrect mask is taken from the wall, she will come for blood. To protect yourself from her deadly blade you must be wearing a burlap sack, she will then take one and return to her station. The next mistake there will be one less sack for protection and the guest without one the butcher will violently remove from the hallucination. Begin with the demon who is dreaming.) Ruby read aloud much to everyone's dismay.

"Great, just great." Jaune complains as he grabs a burlap sack. "Who would have thought the thing people use to carry heads is the thing that saves us."

"Yeah, before the great war, people use to carry faunas ears and tails in these things as well." Blake replied with much distrust in waring the burlap sack.

"Regardless we need to figure out this puzzle so lets… let's just get this over with." Ruby said as she put's the burlap on her head.

The group then went to work looking for a mask that looked like a demon that was dreaming. Problem is, there were countless versions of these things. It was nearly impossible to know which is which. After a few moments Jaune found this one night sky blue mask that had its nose slit at the bridge, giving an impression of a crescent moon. It looked exhausted but nobody thought it was. Rather they Ruby picked up one the rest thought was the sleeping demon. A half face rabbit mask. When she looked it over however it became apparent that it wasn't the mask. The woman made her move towards the four and they quickly shielded themselves with there burlap. She approached the four before turning to Nora. She roughly grabbed Nora's burlap and tore it from her head. She then returns to her original position, waiting for another to make the next mistake.

The group a bit nervous decided to try Jaune's idea. Sure enough it actually worked. On the back wan another plaque written in the same strange langue. Though it seems they may have to hurry, a few more words are slowly becoming common. Jaune read the following aloud. "Music plays, dancers pose ng liar's nose ahthrodog" (Music plays, the Dancers pose and the liar's Nose grows.)

This next one was much easier. The found this colorful mask adorn in green, purple, and gold. Little musical emblems paint the sides. And it had a long bird like nose. Picking it they found another plaque, something that Blake read aloud. "Ph'nglui mgepuafm'latgh hate. Y' ah vessel ot ymg' fhtagnshoggg. The protector ot ymg' ah'lloigshogg." (Forged in hate. I am the vessel of your nightmares. The protector of your fears.)

Looking around for a mask that feels like it was designed to protect, Jaune chanced upon one sturdy looking mask, however upon inspecting it, he found that it wasn't right. The woman with the sword came to life and went for Nora. She would be safely expelled from the hallucination… but safely is a bit too much. The group adorn there burlap masks and watch in horror as Nora was split up the center in half. Her bloody entrails hit the ground before suddenly vanishing. It was as horrifying for Nora as it was for everyone else. The group removed there bags and went to work looking for the masked forged in hate. After a minute, Ruby chanced upon one that looked like a dark knights mask. Nose piece was gone and a split down it like a visor. So holding there breath the two watch as Ruby pulled the mask off the tree. Thankfully it was it. She read the inscription on the back. "Iiahe ymg' ph'nglui fm'latgh mgepogg ot epshuggog, demons ephaispread ymg' epfm'latghh." (As you burn in the depths of hell, demons will spread your ashes.)

Now looking for a burnt mask the group scoured the tree's once more. They then came to a dilemma between two mask. Jaune found this bird mask that looked burnt to him. However to the two girls it looked like a mixture between an octopus and a bird. The one they thought was the mask was deep decay purple with a rough feel to it. They chose to go with this one only to find that it was the wrong one. The woman approached them yet again and this time stripped Blake of her bag. They still didn't believe it's Jaunes. But hesitantly went with it. Sure enough it was the correct one. Jaune read the following, "Y''ll ymg' ah second ftaghu mgng ot n'ghft ng or'azath nature." (I'll be your second skin but of dark and wild nature)

They looked around and spotted a black wolf mask. Going for it, they were relived that it was the right one. The message on the back read aloud by Blake said. "Y' llll mggoka'ai mg ears, Y' llll mgr'luh mg nwngluii, Y' taste llll mg tongue, Y' kiss llll mg lips." (I hear with no ears, I see with no eyes, I taste with no tongue, I kiss with no lips.)

This one was confusing to say the least. Every mask no matter how different it was, had a facial piece. None of them were truly faceless till Jaune spotted it. The samurai woman. She was wearing a faceless mask. As much as they wished it wasn't hers a closer look around the covenant of masks reveled that indeed the only one. Not wearing a mask, Blake took the lead. Slowly removing the mask only to catch a glimpse behind it. A woman who looked like her own mother, yet she had no mouth, no eye's, nose, or ears. It was as if her mothers entire face was stolen. In a panic of shock, she forgot herself and the samurai woman decapitated her where she stood. Blakes body disappeared but the woman's new behavior emerged. She turned to Jaune and Ruby and came for them, even with the masks on. Jaune quickly snatches the mask and raced away. Ruby acted as a distraction but unfortunately was stabbed through the throat. Jaune made it inside with the mask. Huffing in exhaustion he looked around to see where his friends were but none of them showed up. In a panic he was about to call out for them when suddenly he felt a weight on his back. Nora somehow landed on top of him, Blake on top of her, and Ruby on top of her.

"Ugh… guys… thank Monty… I am so glad… that your all… alive, and well… but could you… get off me… Please?" Jaune pleaded in pain as he struggled to breath.

"Oh gods sorry Jaune." Ruby said as she got off Blake. "Sorry everyone, never realized what happen. One moment she was on top of me the next I was falling for a few moments."

"Few? It was for thirty minutes." Blake rebottled as she stood up.

"Minutes. I was falling days. I think I now how Jaune feels." Nora remarks as she gets off Jaune.

"Like a flat pancake?" Jaune wheezed as Ruby helped him up.

"Was talking about whenever we get on a Bullhead but yeah. Fair point." Nora remarks with a nervous scratch of the back of her head.

"Jaune, did you at least grab the mask?" Blake asked interrupting them.

"Yeah right here." Jaune replies as he reaches down and picks up the mask. Inside he retrieved the second key but also a not wrapped around it. He unscrambles it and begins to read what it said. "The final hallucination ah buried ph'nglui darkest nilgh'rinah ot vincent's lloig. Unlike others, consequence llll failure hai ah li ng n'gha. Ehyee partners ahnythor ah selected l' sit ph'nglui chairs ot mg'lloig shuggoth. Ng fahff ehyee ahnythor select partner l' f' hafh. The final hallucination ph'nglui ah basement." (The final hallucination is buried in the darkest part of Vincent's psyche. Unlike the others, the consequence for failure now is pain and death. Two partners must be selected to sit in the chairs of a mad man. Then those two must select a partner to aid them. The final hallucination is in the basement.)

"… (Sigh) Guess that means we need to vote… again." Nora remarks in a despair tone.

"So it seems." Blake said with her head held down. "(Sigh) To be honest, I don't know if I can vote for anyone. Specially seeing what that has caused during the night."

"Yeah…" Nora said as she looked down at her hands. They still feel bloody from voting in Weiss.

After a few moments Ruby suggested a compromise. "How about we vote our own names in, and let that determine who does the challenge."

"No offense Ruby but the last time we did that, Pyrrha's name went in twice." Jaune explains with a sadden tone.

"… Well, it's better than voting for our friends." Ruby said as she rubbed her arm recalling how someone voted twice.

Blake noticing Ruby's sorrow decided to step in. "Your right. Though this time when we do it, let's be sure to show who you're voting for."

Nora and Jaune turned to each other with a confused look on their face. Showing off their cards that's… actually not a bad idea. There was no rule against it. Nora remarks on the simplicity the solution with the quick phrase, "Huh… that might actually work."

"Yeah… shame it took so long to think of it." Jaune remarks feeling guilty that so many people had died due to mistrust.

That feeling was mutual among the group. After a minute or two of silence for their dead friends, the butler came by with a top hat. The group proceeded to vote their own names making sure to show it to the rest before discarding it into the hat. Once Ruby had discarder hers last the Butler shook the hat. After a good shake he reached down and retrieved the first name… Jaune. Jaune gave a small sigh as Nora goes to comfort him. Following after was Blake. Seems that once again, Jaune and Blake will be in a battle against each other. And unlike last time there will be no mercy from an extravagant Ring Master. For their partner's they fell on the role of their teammates. Ruby working with Blake, and Nora with Jaune. The four soon headed down into the basement, followed by the Butler. They traverse through the maze-like corridors till they found the one room that they have yet to find. Inside was a number tools found within an insane asylum. Jars filled with human and animal organs line the side of a padded cell. Tools for medical Lobotomy line the table with the instructions on their insidious use, and most horrifically were two electric chairs, waiting for the day there victims will be strapped to it. That day has come. The group approached the table filled with rusting orbitoclast to find the next instructions on the table. The instructions were a bit hard to read so they all read now that the mushrooms were starting to lose their effect. So they did it all at once.

"Ya yaah ah dr. Price ng Y' mgep developed unique treatment llll overcoming hallucinations. Ehyee ahnythor sit ph'nglui ahagl respected gokahe chairs ng ah strapped l' h' llll partner ot familiarity. Located ph' hup gokahe chair ah crates ah'f'nah uaaahoth rings. The ehyee partners ahnythor stand mgep chalk white line ng toss rings llll electrical rods. Missed rings ephairesult ph'nglui little shock ph' 240 volts. The ehyeog guest l' get yeeogng rings llll llll any ot electrical rods ephaicomplete circuit ng cure f' partners hallucinations. However, guest ahf' failed l' gokahe ephaisuffer severe shock hh' ephaiadminister ph' 50,000 volts, f' ah'n'gha instantly. Ehye both patients ah strapped ph'nglui f' mgep thirty minutes l' overcome ahagl hallucinations mgep chairs short circuit llll f' yaor, ng ah'n'gha both guest." (My name is Dr. Price and I have developed a unique treatment for overcoming hallucinations. Two must sit in there respected learning chairs and be strapped to it by a partner of familiarity. Located across from the learning chair are crates containing metal rings. The two partners must stand behind the chalk white line and toss the rings onto the electrical rods. Missed Rings will result in a little shock over 240 volts. The first guest to get three rings on around any of the electrical rods will complete the circuit and cure their partners hallucinations. However, the guest who failed to learn will suffer a severe shock which will administer over 50,000 volts, killing them instantly. Once both patients are strapped in, they have thirty minutes to overcome their hallucinations before the chairs short circuit on their own, and killing both guests.)

Upon reading the instructions the group went silent. They knew what they must do but it still was cruel. The two said their goodbyes before heading to the chairs. Ruby and Nora strapped them in and raced back to the table. The line of chalk on the ground was easy to spot and right next to it was the metallic rings. They began to toss them, however despite what carnival advertising had said, ring tossing games are extremely difficult. The two both missed the first ten rings which resulted in extremely painful volts being sent through their bodies. As Jaune screams in agony unable to bare the pain, meanwhile Bake seems to have more of a tolerance then him. Blake had been tortured like this before, by SDC guards trying to break her of information. They never used this much electricity before but still she managed to cope… for a short while. Ruby had managed to get her first ring on. At first to her excitement, then to her horror that was one ring away from killing her friend.

Nora had failed multiple times, and an additional four more before finally getting her first. Neck and neck the two continue tossing this never-ending box of rings from out of the box. The pain was unbearable for Jaune. He had been shocked so many times that his hair was sticking up straight. Blake had held her tongue but now, now it was beginning to become agonizing. Eventually after her twenty ninth attempt, Nora finally got the second Ring on. Ruby, struggled to get the other on. Jaune was begging for Nora to put an end to it. He couldn't stand the pain for much longer, Blake couldn't either. Both of their tears and cries echoed through the miserable halls of the manner's basement. That's when Nora finally finished with one lucky shot. For nearly twenty five minutes the two were in agony. But at the expense of Blake it had come to final and abrupt end. The machine went into overdrive, and a voltage over 50,000 coursed through her body. She let's out one last scream before collapsing back into the chair. The lights flickered throughout the house, and Ruby fell to her knees with tears falling from her eyes. All while black smoke emerges from Blakes mouth, nose, and eyes.

"Blake… I'm… AHHHHHHHHHAHHAAAA!" Ruby couldn't hold it back. The leader of Team RWBY… was now alone. She had gotten her friends into trouble. And now… her entire team, the one's she was made a leader of… was dead. The horror of it all was too much for her and she finally broke down entirely.

Nora had quickly removed Jaune from his restraints before racing over to Ruby. Jaune could barely leave the chair without stumbling in agony. The Butler who observed this madness quickly raced on over to help him to his feet. As Nora comforted Ruby, Jaune eyes looked around before noticing a brain in a jar. When they first entered none of the jars were visible, now that the challenge was over that one jar was light up. He stumbled on over, without the Butlers help. Reaching inside he retrieved the key hidden behind the brain before moving over to the three.

"Ruby I'm… I'm sorry for Blake." Jaune apologies as he stumbles to her.

"She… (Weep, Sob) She was (Weep, Sob) the last (Weep, Sob) of our team (Weep, Sob) Jaune… I failed them. (Weep, Sob) I failed them all." Ruby cried out from under Nora.

She continued to cry into Nora's arms. There was nothing they could do, so Jaune joined her as Ruby cried, and smoke rises from Blake's corpse. Eventually. Ruby had cried enough. The two helped her out the door and up the stairs, but not before Ruby said her goodbye to Blake's corpse. Just as they left, the house sent one last shock of electricity though the corpse, essentially salting the wound. The group left the basement with haste no longer desiring to take one step into that infernal basement ever again. They headed into the house and into the Observatory Room. Now staring at a shattered mirror, he turns to greet them.

"We got your keys." Jaune said as he approaches.

"Wha? Please, don't tease me." The Patient begged believing this to be a figment of his imagination.

"No, it's real. Hold still while we get this straight jacket off you." Nora said as she took her key and quickly undid the top lock.

Ruby did the bottom and Jaune the last one before removing the straight jacket off him. The patient couldn't believe it. He was finally free. The look in his eyes no longer told the story of madness, but of joy and disbelief. He could only mutter in joyous shock, "I'm… I'm free."

"Yeah… you are." Ruby said still hopeless from the death of her friends. Yet the patient didn't care. His madness had ended.

"M-My hallucinations… they've been cured heh." The Patients said with much delight. He was just about to go and hugged the group that had saved them when he noticed something. His face turns sour in disgust and anger as he mutters the words. "You."

"Hmm, who… Ruby?" Nora asked realizing he was looking her.

The Patient then point's out to Ruby. Or at first glance it was but rather the person behind her. "I don't envy the road that lies ahead of you, the owner of this house is a monster!"

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Ruby is many things but don't you dare call her a monster!" Jaune shouted out in defense of his friend. He was ready to knock the patient's teeth out when he reclarified.

"Not her. Him." The patient said as he points to the man behind Ruby. The Butler. "You can have it all. The house! The Hallucinations! The madness!"

"THAT WILL BE ALL, VINVENT!" The Butler shouted as he stomps on over and grabs the patient by his shirt collar. However the patient got himself out of the Butlers grasp and eyed him down.

"You don't control me anymore, Robert." The Patient hissed before turning to the group, who were completely confused by what is happening. "I tried to warn you, left a message but you didn't head it."

It then clicked in all three of their minds. A flashback to earlier in the night occurred, where Ruby had found the note, followed by flashbacks of different events unforeseen.

"You've been warned. One among you in league with the evil of the house." Flashback Ruby reads aloud.

Along with the flashback to that warning, it also revealed how he swamped the names of contestants to sow the seed of doubt. Adding Pyrrha's Name, swapping Sun's for Ren's, and Nora's for Penny. Along with ripping the instructions out of the murder diary, poisoning Neptune's drink, rigging the car, and originally writing the Telegram that was sent to Ruby. The Flashback ends with him dawning the bird mask to recruit the worst the world had to offer.

Everyone was absolutely shocked by this revelation. The entire time it was the Butler who really was in league with the evil of the house. As they just stood there, troubled to cope with this. The patient moved to the door. About to leave the house for good, he gave one last solid piece of advice before leaving. "If I were you, I'd run."

He'd left the room leaving the three staring at the Butler. They didn't know what to do. Many emotions bubbled to the surface. Disbelief, rage, shock being the most common one. Eventually Ruby broke from her trance and asked in a shaky voice. "… Arthur?"

"… (Sigh) And here I'd had hoped to end the game in a much more…" The Butler pauses as he pulls out a revolver. "Civilized way."

Upon seeing that gun the three realized they were in trouble. Mentally, physically and emotionally fatigued even with their aura and weapons there was no way they'd survive being shot. Knowing this Nora quickly charged into the Butler. She grappled with him before shouting to her friends. "RUN GET OUT OF HERE! JAUNE GRAB RUBY AND RUN!"

Jaune quickly grabbed Ruby and the two bolted out of the room. Nora struggled with the Butler but she was eventually overpowered. She was tossed to the ground where the butler pointed his revolver at her, and shot her. The flash being the last thing before the scene going black.

Hello Everybody. Wombag1786 here. Oh my god. It was the butler *Gasp, who would have seen that!? (Excluding those who saw the serries) Well, as cliché as that was… nobody thought about how the Butler could have done it. But then again no one replies or comments so I can only speculate what y'all are thinking. In any case Four little soldier Boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three. Will that be the end or will at least one of these three unfortunate souls escape the estate? Will they escape the night? Find out in our anticipated conclusion, next week.

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