I AM HERE… With a new story! Sorry for my absence for so long. I was finding it hard to do much with the depression I was in. However, I found my missing motivation in the form of a rather silly and fun idea I had while in the shower thinking about all of my cosplays. This story will be a lot lighter than my other MHA fic and will focus more on Izuku's happy moments (as opposed to his miserable ones in Rejecting Reality (which I am working on)). I hope you enjoy this first chapter. I really couldn't help myself with the intro.

The descriptions of the characters might be a bit tricky for those who do not know them, so if at any point they are unclear, please look them up! They are all really cute/cool!

I do not own MHA/BNHA or Cookie Run (any of them) in any capacity nor do I make any money from this work of fiction.


All men are not created equal. Some are born with power to rule the gods. Others are deemed less; born with nothing. Those poor souls are given no choice but to serve the upper crusts of this half-baked society.

However, all possess the same need for the great equalizer. We bow beneath the pressure of this all-powerful bond with a desperate hunger to bake in its glorious warmth. Yes, this is the power of Companionship. A camaraderie molded through beating after beating, cut out of desperate times, ready to rise together and stand out a bite above the rest.

Take heed, my little sweets, because I do not usually tell you the moral before the story. But this one… this one is special. So special, that I must start at the very beginning, before even I, the great Timekeeper, was birthed from the flames of the Great Oven.


Timekeeper's POV:

"Hey Kacchan!" A young boy yelled across the playground with his arms waving wildly. This is Izuku Midoriya; a sweet 6 year old boy with a mop of messy green curls on his head. Four freckles sat on each cheek in a diamond shaped pattern beneath wide green eyes.

"EEEHHH?" This explosive response came from a blonde boy of the same age with narrow, red eyes. His forehead was soaked with sweat, and by the looks of his shiny red palms, they were sweaty as well. His name is Katsuki Bakugo. By his side groveled a boy with red wings and another with long fingers, but they are simply extras, so we will ignore them for now.

As Izuku ran towards the small group, his feet suddenly dragged along the ground. Physics now unable to keep up with the momentum of the child the tootsies belonged to, he stumbled with a cry. Once he skidded to a stop, the freckled cinnamon roll sat up and began to sniffle. His knees had been scraped in the tumble, and were beginning to sting quite painfully.

"Ooowwww! It hurts!" Izuku cried. His little fists were balled tightly as he rubbed his knuckles against his eyes to wipe away the building tears.

"Suck it up you big baby! Or I really will start calling you Deku!" came the unsympathetic response from Katsuki. To accompany his rude threat, the sweat that had gathered in his palms began to shimmy around, before a series of pops followed by mini explosions scattered from his hands.

"But Kacchan! That's mean!" Izuku responded, rather affronted by the lack of remorse and the deliberately demeaning alias his friend had concocted.

With a cocky smirk and another round of sparks, the blonde responds "Well until you get a quirk that's all you are! A quirkless, useless little DEKU!"

"DEKU, DEKU, USELESS LITTLE DEKU!" the extras chanted in a tandem song.

"I'm not quirkless!" Izuku shouted. Standing up, he brushed off his shorts and his All Might t-shirt. "The doctor said my quirk just hasn't had the right cond… con-dish-shins to turn on yet!" He said, puffing out his chest with pride at remembering one of the big words the doctor had used (even if it had sounded a little rehearsed and broken up).

"Huuuuuh? Just turn it on you big dummy. If you can't, then you must be a Deku!" Katsuki said, looking smug at his solution to the 'problem.'

"I can't! I've tried… I can't move things like Mommy or burp flames like Daddy… and I can't move any flames or make things either! I've tried Kacchan… but I'll get one! Just wait! And it'll be powerful like All Might!"

"No way a Deku like you could ever have a better quirk than Katsuki! He's gonna be better than All Might! Not you!" The overweight rotisserie chicken said while jostling his feathers.

"Yah!" Fingers added helpfully.

Izuku puffed out his cheeks as his lip began to tremble. Droplets of tears began to gently caress his freckles as they cascaded by on their route to the earth beneath. Balling his fists, Izuku vigorously wiped all signs of his sorrow away and threw one last remark back at the gaggle of children. "Mom said we are making cookies tonight and that I can help! And now I'm not bringing you any tomorrow!"

"That's not fair!", "Hey!" and "ME LOVE COOKIES" were the responses that Izuku received as he turned around and headed to the car pool where he saw his mom waiting for him in the car.


Walking through the front door, Izuku spotted a multitude of colorful tubes on the counter and lots of rainbow sprinkles by the stove. It was all so exciting! He was gonna get to help his mom make cookies! The freckled child barely registered his mom telling him to go wash up and change, but did just so and went down the hall to his washroom to do as she asked.

Once all clean and germ free, Izuku made his way back to the kitchen and watched as his mom pulled out a bowl full of a fragrant brown dough. Noticing him, Inko Midoriya (the green bean's mom) came over to sweep him off of his feet and plant him in a chair by the counter with a kiss on the head. He bounced in place excitedly as he waited for his mommy to give him her attention again.

"What do we do first Mommy?" Izuku asked.

"First, we have to roll out the dough." She instructed. As she did so, Inko placed he dough on the floured counter and began to flour up a rolling pin, showing Izuku how to do it and guiding him as he slowly mimicked her movements.

"Next, we spread out the dough and roll it out!" She exclaimed as she showed Izuku the steps before letting him try. He was, unfortunately, too much of a shortcake to be of much help there, but Inko didn't mind.

"Finally we cut them out and place the on the cookie sheet to bake in the oven!" She said cheerfully as she held a bag of vaguely man shaped cookie cutters.

"But mommy, does the cutting and baking hurt the cookies?" Izuku asked extremely concerned.

"Umm, well no sweetheart. Cookies aren't people. They can't feel anything." Seeing Izuku's expressions worsening, Inko decided to do what all great parents do; make something up on the fly! "BUT! I'm sure if they could, it would feel like… like… like getting a tan! and… and… oh! and getting your hair cut!" She rambled on for a few moments; reassuring her son that the cookies felt no pain during their creation.

"Oh good, I didn't want to hurt them. They are so sweet, and I think that they deserve to be treated nice…" he trailed off. The mother was confused, but the younger was conflicted.

Am I the cookie in this situation? Was Kacchan the cookie cutter? Am I good enough to make it to the platter? He wondered to himself as he looked to the baking sheet filled with lines of identical gingerbread men. Or will I be tossed with the other scraps into the trash…? He thought looking to the bin.

While Izuku sat there, gently swaying his legs with his eyes half closed and mouth pursed in concentration, Inko put the cookies in the oven. After setting the timer, she walked away. A few minutes later, she came back to check on the cookies and noticed that the light was on in the oven. Attempting to turn it off proved futile and it seemed to be getting even brighter. How strange... After pressing the button once more, Inko gave up and walked away, missing the center most cookie's left leg twitch.


BEEP BEEP BEEP* The oven signals that the baked goods within are ready to be taken out for enjoyment. The Midoriyas hopped over to the oven and, after searching for oven mitts, took out the tray of gingerbread men.

After laying them out to cool, Izuku began to go through the sprinkles and icings, trying to pick out what would best go on his cookies. His mother smiled fondly over her shoulder as she did the dishes. Her little boy was growing up so fast.

Her smile faltered as the doctor's latest words flashed through her mind. Her baby still hadn't presented his quirk yet, and due to quirk laws, if he doesn't present before he turns 7 he would be labeled quirkless. Izuku's life would be burnt to a crisp and he would be written off as a crumb on the rest of society's floor; declared useless and discarded like a moldy bread loaf. Her precious cinnamon roll would fade into the abyss and his bright smile would disappear forever. She couldn't take it. He will present. He just had to.

She just had to have faith that the world would roll the right number in the generator of life to give him a quirk. Anything would do.


"Yes sweetie?" Inko asked once that train of thought was derailed.

"I have my sprinkles picked out!" He said, holding up a baggy of pirate themed sprinkles with skulls, a mini candy cane and a tiny lollipop.

"That's great honey! Let's get your icings ready. We have white, chocolate, blue and red. I'm sorry but the store didn't have any other colors." Though she held back the fact that those were the only ones that were on clearance, and therefore all that she could afford.

"That's ok mommy! The teacher said that red and blue make purple! So we have that too!" He said with a mega watt smile.

"That's very good Izuku! I'm so proud of you!" Inko said as she scooped him up in a fierce hug.

"Mommaaa!" He cried in joy at his mother's praise as he clung tightly to her neck to stay secure while she spun around in happiness.

As the giggles subsided and the mother son duo stopped spinning, they resumed their positions at the counter, still slightly giddy and smiley. Each of the green beans had selected their cookies to decorate, though Inko wanted to help Izuku with his. (He said he didn't need help, and that he was a big boy like All Might. (With the pose and all))

Now settled, in front of Izuku sat two cookies. One was a simple gingerbread man and the other was a gingerbread girl with a skirt and short ponytail. Taking the white icing in the little ziplock baggie that his mom had cut the tip off of, he began to squeeze the icing out onto the gingerbread man.

First came the hair. A squiggly line shaped vaguely like an upside down capital N (Inko thought it looked like a toupee but she would never say it). Then the eyes; two sideways Ds with blue frosting in the middle and a white outline. For some reason, he gave the poor cookie frown marks between the brows almost making him look slightly constipated rather than the intended focused emotion. For the mouth, a red sideways D with the middle devoid of icing, as if screaming to the heavens with a determined grin. On his chest, Izuku took two of the pirate skull sprinkles and placed them like buttons on a coat.

"Done!" Izuku called out excitedly.

"Very good Izuku!" Inko beamed back from across the counter. "Now how about the other one?" She asked.

"I'll make her look real pretty like you Momma!" He said enthusiastically, which proceeded to melt her heart. She grabbed her camera and began to film him. Something she would be glad she did for the rest of her life.

Taking the chocolate icing, he began to trace and fill in her ponytail. Since the icing was thicker, he struggled to get a straight line and she ended up withu some jagged bangs. The eyes were big Os filled with the purple mixture and outlined in white with a single eyelash on the top right of each eye. He piped a red smile for her mouth and gently smeared some red icing on her cheeks for blush. Taking the white again, Izuku gave her a simple necklace with a dot for a pendant. He added ruffles along he rim of the skirt to finish off her look.

"All done Momma!" He exclaimed hopping up and down his chair. He noticed his mom was filming, and waved to the camera.

"Wow honey bear! They look amazing!" Inko exclaimed with the kind of enthusiasm only children can give you. However, she noticed two things that had been covered up in the disaster that was her kitchen counter. "It looks like you forgot your weapons!"

"Weapons?" He asked with wide eyes.

Inko pointed to the two missing pieces of candy laying underneath the blue icing bag. Gently picking up the bag with care as to not leak it, Izuku grabbed his candy and returned to his cookies. In the hand of the boy, he placed the mini candy cane. To the sweet girl, he gave the teensy tiny lollipop.

And with that, he sat back to admire his work.

Only to be shocked when the cookies sat up and began to admire him.


I know it's an odd crossover, but I wanted a unique story and a challenge. There will probably be a lot of jump cuts between ages when nothing really happens and while he's too young to do much, so if that's not your thing then now you know. I know I want to get to the point when canon starts as fast as possible but the build up and background is necessary.

I came up with a name for Katsuki's band of misfits… It's KFC. Katsuki, Fingers and Chicken XD I cracked myself up. Took all of my restraint to not say something about Fingers and Finger Lickin' Good. (Can you tell I'm from Kentucky?) (Fun Fact, I'm not really a fan of KFC's chicken. I feel like a traitor.)

Let me know what you think in the comments. No Destructive Criticism please, only Constructive. I post my ideas for others to enjoy as much as I do, and if you don't enjoy it then please move along.

Love You All!