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The car ride home was filled with curious questions and thrillful expletives. Inko had to chide Cherry multiple times for setting off cherry bombs in the enclosed space of the car (never mind the fact that they smelled wonderful).

When the sweet family arrived to the house, the mini greenette gave his new friends the grand tour of their tiny apartment. This led them to where he stands now; bouncing on the balls of his feet in front of an old wooden door. Decorating the door was a brightly colored name plate that read 'Izuku' in bold black marker. Blue, red and white surrounded the hand drawn lettering; a collage of obnoxiously bright American colors sandwiched by an outer rim with two yellow bunny ear-like protrusions sticking out from the top.

"And this is my room" Izuku chirped excitedly. He swung the door open and it bounced off of the wall with a resounding 'I AM HERE!' said by an animated deep voice coming from a man shaped door stopper.

The room was filled with memorabilia of a blond man with a large smile and dressed in brightly colored spandex.

"W-woah. That's a lot of… him?" GingerBrave commented, unsure of how to respond to the colorful onslaught of mighty proportions .

"That's All Might! The number one hero I told you about earlier." Izuku raved excitedly.

"His smile is kinda scary…" Strawberry commented.

"It's not scary! He saves everyone with a smile! Like this!: 'Everything will be alright! Why? Because I am here!' see?" Izuku enthused; doing his best impression of his hero for his new friends.

"Oh! That's what you said when we got here! You were all 'It's OK! Why? Because I AM HERE!' And GingerBrave was afraid (hey! I was not!) and I was all 'Hi I'm GingerBright!' And now here we are! Wow it's been a super long day…" she said with a tired lilt at the end.

"Izuku! I made dinner! It's your favorite~! Come eat before it gets cold!" Inko called from (presumably) the kitchen.

"Coming Momma!" Izuku called back with a bright smile.

After the group arrived in the kitchen, the mother and son enjoyed a big bowl of Katsudon before getting ready for bed. Once teeth were brushed, pajamas were donned, cookies were sent to the kingdom and Izuku was all tucked in, Inko flicked out the lights. With her motherly duties done for the night, she went back in towards kitchen to make a phone call.


The next day started off great. Izuku woke up around noon and, as soon as he remembered that his quirk manifested, he summoned his sugary friends back from their storage to say good morning. They spent an hour or two talking and catching up on/showing the cookies all of the hero fights from yesterday afternoon. After some time, his stomach's protests could be ignored no longer and he was forced to get dressed and trudge his way into the kitchen.

His mom, having heard him coming down the hall, fixed him his favorite breakfast; Mighty O's with Mighty Milk in his favorite limited edition Mighty O's All Might cereal bowl (with a matching spoon!). Conversation over breakfast consisted of discussion on the kingdom's minuscule progress and ways to use their abilities as heroes.

When it was time to do the dishes, Inko sent her son and company into the living room. However their journey to the television was halted by a knock on the door.

"Izuku, would you be a sweetheart and get that for me?" Inko asked.

"Ok momma!" The obedient child called back to her as he set the cookies on the coffee table before changing his course to the front door.

After unlocking the deadbolt, he opened the door to reveal their guests.

"Auntie Mitsuki, Uncle Masaru! Kacchan! What are you all doing here?" Izuku asked the Bakugo family excitedly.

"Hey there, Jellybean! We're here to celebrate your quirk finally coming in! Say congratulations brat!" Mitsuki greeted sweetly, ruffling his curls affectionately. When addressing her son, she shoved him forward by the back of his head sending him stumbling towards Izuku.

"'Bout time your shitty quirk came in Dek- OW WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU OLD HAG!?" Katsuki 'congratulated' before whirling around towards his mother at the chiding thwomp on his head.


"YOU ARE OLD! OW! AND I DID! IT IS ABOUT TIME! WE ALL THOUGHT HE WASN'T GONNA GET ONE AND STAY A QUIRKLESS LOSER FOR THE REST OF HIS- OW OW OOOWWW!" Katsuki replied loudly as his mother grabbed him by his cheek and their chastising conversation devolved into an explosive screaming match with one another (as is the usual when it comes to those two).

Standing on the sidelines was Masaru, Katsuki's father, who wiped a bead of sweat from his temple before turning his gaze towards a frowning Izuku. "Congratulations Duckie! Let's go inside, I'm sure they'll follow… eventually…" he commented while directing the cinnamon roll back into the little apartment from the hall. "We brought you a gift!" He said happily while holding up an All Might gift bag with the handles being his hair strands and bright yellow tissue paper stuffed in the top.

Izuku's expression brightened up excitedly. "What is it?"

Masaru smiled. "You'll have to open it and find out!"

Izuku made grabby hands towards the present, making his honorary uncle chuckle jovially.

"Oh Masaru! How nice to see you! Where are Mitsu and Katsuki?" Inko greeted her friend's husband with a kiss on the cheek and a big smile.

"They're outside… talking?" He answered meekly, tastefully ignoring the growing storm outside that he calls his family.

Inko just laughed and headed over to the door. When she came back, two blondes obediently followed her.

Katsuki came to a stop in front of Izuku with his shoulders hunched and his hands in his pockets. "Congratulations, I guess, Nerd." He said.

Izuku brightened even more. "Thank you Kacchan!" He exclaimed.

"What are you waiting for? Open your present!" Mitsuki ordered, excitedly ruffling Izuku's messy curls.

"Yah! Open it! I wanna know what you got!" GingerBright called out.

The high pitch voice caught the attention of the Midoriya family's guests. "Oh! How cuuute! I know that Inko told me that Izuku can make cookies last night but this is amazing!" Mitsuki enthused while getting down on her knees in front of the table that the cookies stood on.


Izuku looked crestfallen. "Th-the doctor said I would be a good hero! Like Lunch Rush or-"

Katsuki apparently did not agree. "Useless! There's no way you can be a hero! What are you gonna do? Give villains diabetes til they surrender?"

"Katsuki! Thats awful! Apologize right this second!" Mitsuki chastised her son's abhorrent behavior towards his friend.

"But it's true! How are cookies supposed to help him fight villains?!" Katsuki defended.

"HEY YOU! CATCH!" A different high pitch voice yelled. All attention was now on a red object the size of a golf ball flying towards Katsuki at a relatively high speed.

"What is this thing supposed to be?" Katsuki asked in derogative manner. In the silence, a familiar hissing could be heard.

"CHERRY NO!" Izuku yelled but it was far too late now.


"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you should see your face!" Cherry laughed while rolling on the table holding her stomach with one hand and pointing at Katsuki with the other. "Let's play together! We'll have sooo much fun Kacchan~!" She taunted with a sinister cackle.

"YOU WANNA GO MUNCHKIN?! I'LL KICK YOUR SUGARY ASS!" He yelled while small sparks popped in his palms. Though his threat lost some of its effect due to the char on his face and his hair sticking up in all directions (well, more than it normally does).

"Ok you two that's enough!" Inko demanded. "You can continue this… explosive conversation outside if you must. But no. More. Explosions. In. My. House. Understood?" She asked with her hands on her hips.

"Yes ma'am…" Katsuki said, clearly downtrodden at her vocalized displeasure.

"Okie dokie Mommadoriya!" Cherry said, not at all phased or convinced that making explosions wasn't an indoor activity (and quite clearly unrepentant).

"Now, what was this I heard about a present?" Inko asked, turning her attention towards her cinnamon roll of a child.

Izuku grinned and held up the bag depicting his idol by the hair strand-like handles. With a confirmatory glance to the Bakugo patriarch (the matriarch was currently berating her young one), Izuku ripped the paper out of the bag with unbridled excitement. "There are a bunch of things in here!" He said animatedly.

Inko eyed Mitsuki, still recording her son all the while, and rose her brow at the child's exclamation. The blonde woman shrugged unapologetically with a smirk.

Izuku pulled out a colorful box filled with tubes; each containing a different dark, inky substance. Next a large white tub with a blue label on the front. Thirdly, he pulled out a mesh bag stuffed with a bunch of differently colored plastic cookie cutters. Finally, he pulled out a thick book bound by a green spiral binding depicting a plethora of desserts on the front cover.

"Mitsu! That's too much!" Inko said with wide eyes.

"Nonsense! Nothing's too much for my Jellybean!" She said while ruffling his messy curls. "Besides! If he's gonna be learning to cook that means that he can bring us over some goodies when he's finished!" She grinned widely at the thought of being brought goodies regularly from her sweet godson.

Inko just laughed at her best friend. She couldn't help but reminisce on the simpler times when they were children. They would beg a kind old man who ran a bakery across the street from their school for free cakes everyday. They actually got away with it for a few years until Mitsuki's dad found out and banned sweets before dinner as to not spoil their appetites.

Her lips quirked up at that particular memory. It was still unendingly hilarious to her that Mitsu loves sweets even more than spicy foods. Too bad her son didn't share the same sentiment.

She smiled and shook her head to bring herself back to the present. The cookies were all over the gifts in Izuku's lap; poking at the tubes, comparing themselves to the new shapes of the cookie cutters, and flipping through the book (with help from the resident cinnamon roll).

Even Katsuki seemed interested in the present. That and he was warily eying Cherry with thinly veiled fear; leaning back when she offered to blow up the packaging on the cookie cutters when GingerBrave got stuck in the mesh wrapping.

Turning off her camera app, Inko decided to get on the floor with Izuku to see exactly what he received. "Look at all of the colors, Izuku! These frosting dyes are perfect for decorating your new friends!" She gushed while holding up the tubes of inky colors.

Izuku grinned. "More colors?!" He asked excitedly.

"More colors!" Inko confirmed with a dramatic nod. "And we can use them in this Royal Icing to make colors whenever you need them." She explained while holding up the white tub. "And I'm sure that there are even more icing recipes in that cookbook along with different kinds of cookie recipes."

"Yes!" He whooped elatedly. "Can we make some more now, momma?" He asked while jumping to his feet and grabbing his new items. The cookies hopped on top of the book before he picked it up so that they could come with him.

"If that's alright with our guests." She replied while looking to her friends and their son.

"Only if I get to eat some!" Mitsuki called out with her son agreeing vehemently.

A series of gasps were heard. The cookies crawled into Izuku's hoodie pocket (Cherry had to be dragged), but not before sending the two blondes a series of horrified looks. Izuku, realizing the implication, hugged his friends in their new pouch to provide more security while sending his aunt a very upset look.

"What?" She asked. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Dear, I think they're afraid you'll eat them…" her husband offered in explanation.

She gasped. "Oh no sweethearts! I would never eat you all! I meant… different ones… like plain circles or ones that I make that are food not friends…! ya know?" She said in attempts to appease the terrified treats.

"You won't eat us?" GingerBrave asked, poking his head out through Izuku's fingers from beyond the fabric wall.

"No, I won't eat you. Just the ones that I make that aren't alive." Mitsuki assured.

"Sweet!" Cherry whooped she she summersaulted out of the pocket.

Izuku smiled and removed his arms from their protective positioning and helped his friends out of the confining space. Making his way into the kitchen, he hopped up on a stool (with his uncle's help) and Katsuki was soon plopped next to him as well. The two children and six cookies began to flip through the recipe book, stopping every time a cookie recipe flitted across the pages. Finally, they came to a decision (well Katsuki did).

"Demon Spit Spice Cookies?" Inko asked in mild concern.

"What do those have in 'em?" Mitsuki asked in interest. Her husband slowly backed away from his family members and slinked into the living room and out of the blast zone. He knew all too well how competitive they get with spicy foods. But add sugar into the mix? He wanted no part in the fallout. He enjoyed having both eyebrows in one piece, thank you very much.

"Let see." Inko said while taking the book and spinning it towards herself. Her eyebrows rose incrementally as she read off each ingredient. "Red peppers, chili peppers, wasabi, douban paste, star anise… What are these ingredients!?" She asked "These might be too spicy for you honey…" Inko said looking to Izuku.

"But Mom!" Izuku said upsetly. "I can't eat cookies! They are my friends! It just feels so wrong! They're people too! Would you eat a person?" He asked her innocently.

Mitsuki began to cackle at the effect his innocent question had on her best friend. "That's cannibalism, Jellybean!" She snickered out.

He just blinked in confusion. "What's that?"

Inko just sighed tiredly. "When someone or something eats a member of their own species."

"So it's wrong?" Katsuki asked.

Before Mitsuki could respond with something totally inaccurate and uncensored, Inko jumped to answer him. "Yes. It's very wrong Katsuki."

Mitsuki smirked wittily. "But-"

"No Buts." Inko said firmly.

"Ko-chaaaaan~!" Mitsuki whined.

"Do you want cookies?" She asked with her hands on her hips.

"Duh!" She responded.

"Then hush!" She fussed while poking her nose.

Mitsuki huffed in annoyance but complied. Instead, she began to ruffle through the kitchen looking for the necessary ingredients to make the cookies.



The buzzer on the oven sounded, informing the occupants of the living room who were playing Candy Land that the cookies were done.

"It's a bullshit game anyway." Katsuki said pouting while glaring at his red colored piece on the board that was in dead last.

Izuku just laughed and ran into the kitchen. He wanted to watch his mom take the cookies out of the oven! She smiled at him and set the first batch down where he could see them before inputting the second sheet.

Once they were set down on the counter in front of the chairs (but not too close!), he made the 'up' motion with his arms to his uncle and was thusly plopped into the chair to await his treats.

Minutes later, the icings from the day before were pulled rom the fridge and new colors were mixed. It was time! By now Izuku knew the drill; color the icing, ice the cookie, add candy, then bam! Friendship!

However, the Bakugos had not seen this process yet, and were very intrigued by how he went about making living sweets.

Before Izuku sat four cookies. He grabbed the first one in the row. It was more red tinted than the others, and had a curved cross shaped cut right above where the right eye would be. "This one looks like it has a scar…" he said thoughtfully.

"That's a bit morbid…" Masaru commented from his place in the background.

Izuku paid him no mind. Instead, he grabbed black icing and outlined a black bodysuit with no sleeves, leaving the arms bare. Next he grabs the chocolate and gives it a belt plus two strips on its left leg and one on the right. Setting the chocolate down, he grabs a deep red and creates a triangle from its shoulders down to the belt before adding a dot with what looks like a shark tail off the side of it.

Grabbing the bag of bright red, he gives the cookie a wild looking long ponytail with a little hair piece hanging down in the middle of the forehead and curly looking side bangs. With the same color, he piped two circles as eyes before surrounding them with an off-white. Using the creamy color, he gave the cookie an intense brow line with a w in the middle to look like frown lines (or a really intense concentration). Picking up the deep red that he used for the bandana he gave the cookie a wicked open mouth smirk. Taking the black once more, he gives the cookie a hair scrunchie and set down the bag.

Reaching into the bag of pirate sprinkles, he grabbed out a skull and crossbones and placed it on the triangle, giving the impression of a bandana. He noticed there were some candy daggers that looked vaguely like peppers in the bag too. He found two with red blades and green handles and set them aside for now. Searching through the bottom of the same bag, he found some belt buckles and put one on each brown strap on the cookie's lower half.

Finally, he reached over to the cutting board that was on the counter beside his mom and grabbed some pepper seeds and asked his mom to cut them in half. By now, she had learned not to question her son's culinary genius and did as he asked. Taking the triangle shaped halves of the peppers, he placed the around her hair and like spikes on her scrunchie.

After munching on some jellies from Strawberry, he moved to complete his newest friend. Taking the two daggers that he had set to the side, he placed them in her hands. His excited grin was the new spectators' only warning.

"I'm Here! Beg for mercy!" The new cookie ordered as she hopped to her feet and twirled her daggers expertly.

"W-what?" Izuku asked in surprised confusion.

Instead of answering, she whirled around when she noticed the other cookies and dashed towards them. She held her dagger up to GingerBrave's throat and smirked. "Hand over your treasures! Not that shiny sugar stuff!" She ordered and motioned to some shiny sugar crystals when she specified what she didn't want.

"W-who even are you?!" GingerBrave cried out.

"You don't know me?! I'm the best at my craft!" She said looking offended. "Well, I guess it can't be helped by a goodie-two-shoes like you! The name's Chili Pepper Cookie!" She jabs her unused dagger towards herself before holstering it in one of the straps on her leg.

When she pulled her hand back up from below her waist, she was holding a rolled up piece of paper. She unfurls it right in the plain cookie's face. "See my bounty? I'm that good! Now hand over all your jellies!"

Ninja's eyes narrowed when he deduced that she's a dangerous criminal from the presence of a wanted poster (worth over one million coins! (the currency in the kingdom)). He swiftly jumped into action. Leaning into a lunge-like position and unsheathing his sword from its striped candy hilt, he made a long dash towards her. She pulled her blade away from the defenseless ginger bread man and expertly parried his blade before delivering a flurry of strikes of her own.

The dark clad cookie nimbly danced out of the way; ducking beneath her slices and deflecting her jabs. He found nary a chance to return with a strike of his own; too hard pressed to defend against the thief's assault to form a solid counter.

It was at this point that Izuku intervened. He bravely reached over and picked each of them up by the clothing on backs of their necks. "Come on you two, you're supposed to be friends!" Izuku chided adorably.

"And who're you supposed to be?" She asked the child once she gave up on trying to slice his fingers (which had ninja flailing about).

"I'm Izuku!" He said with a large smile. "My quirk let me to make you!" He added while beaming with pride.

"Oh…" she said while blinking slowly at the pouting ray of sunshine. "Well thank you partner!" She recovered and smirked while her hand holding the dagger twirled the sugar blade conversationally.

Izuku beamed even brighter. "You're welcome!"

"So precious…" GingerBright mumbled, gaining a series of agreeing nods from Strawberry and Herb.

"Tch, figures you can't even control your quirk." Katsuki sassed while taking cursory glances from Cherry to the newly pacified Chili Pepper.

"Wanna go blondie?! I'll dice you up so fine I won't even be able to turn in your bounty!" The hot-headed cookie threatened with renewed gusto while squirming vehemently in Izuku's hold.

In response, Katsuki nearly popped a vein as the two began the long descent into a lifelong rivalry (the second one of the day).

Inko just sighed. She was only the first of the spicy cookies to come.


Adislit: thank you for your suggestions! I'll definitely be using some of those suggestions! I know a few cookies that are in the game whose abilities really don't translate to "real life" who would benefit greatly from your suggestions! I had plans to do the equipment one for the cookies (Avocado, a blacksmith) but hadn't thought for him! And the vehicle option will go great for Croissant cookie (a mechanic). The medic is the one that I'm struggling with figuring out that will probably need an OC.

Draegoon: I'm so glad you love it! It is way too dark right now and we need some lighthearted fluff! Don't worry, I'll cook up something for an All Might Cookie! Maybe just an off-brand All Might Cookie! XD Your point on the person based cookies was really interesting though. We'll see what happens, but there definitely will be the option. (Spoiler: I'll actually be replacing Muscle Cookie with the All Might one, but shhhhhhh) Also, you made total sense! Don't doubt yourself, I love your reviews!

Ben Turner: Omg I actually almost died of laughter at the clapping comment. Still makes me smile and I think about your review whenever I plan about him summoning his cookies. I do plan on him being an op cinnamon roll, so that fits nicely with my vision. Him happily clapping while his army beats up villains. Man I love that! XD

BNHAgamer: thank you! He does! I thought that was a great possibility (Aizawa is my fav character uwu) especially if Izuku comes up with his own tasty recipes~. I certainly hope they do! I love the idea of these tiny pastries adopting grown ass adults who take down crime for a living!

AnimeFan13579: Yeeeeeeesssss! I think I kinda set that up too with the intro saying "The Great Oven" lol. Let's just take it a step further and go full on god mode cinnamon roll! XD I love the Ibara part, having her be jealous of them is hilarious and petty and I'm totally here for that!

Edinamabasi: Yay! I'm so happy that you like it!Don't worry, the cookies will have free reign over Izuku's hair at UA mwahahaha! I'm so glad you like them! I honestly love those two lol. I'll definitely be adding the updated chart at the end of ones that have a batch of new cookies. (Speaking of new cookies, we're in for some good ones in this batch!) No problem! Not that you need the promotion but you deserve it! Thank you for shouting mine out too! The two friends were honestly accidents lol. He'll have at least one more before he goes to UA and that one was the only planned one. XD