AN: So I went into the keenler baby theory and maybe because it's 3:28AM or something but this seems like a really good idea. Okay yes I know they say toms the father to Agens but I mean from what we have seen that doesn't look like Ressler and Liz's first time, when Agens was born it looks like red hair, who to say as she got older it didn't go brown and sometimes look like their is red in her hair.

He didn't know why Red made him take him where Liz put her stuff but here they are 20 minutes from where she used to live. Red still is not willing to tell Ressler why they were here now walking in. Liz had Skip tell him he was the only other person who they would give the key to.

"How can I help you?'' Said a men he looked to be in his late 20s

"Donald Ressler I'm here to get a key to D4" The men now on his laptop looking to see if he his allowed to do so "Ahh yes it will take one minute" Red looked annoyed at how long this was taking. "Here you go have a nice day" He said as he handed the key over to Ressler

As they walked to storage area D4 Red started to talk "Now Donald we need to find a hair brush" Ressler now opening the door and walked in "Why the hell do we need a goddamn hair brush not like you have any hair Reddington" Red only chucking but annoyed at the young agent "As much as I love your joking Donald it's not for me it's for DNA" Ressler turning around rather fast as doing so he get a smell that seemed to calm him it being Liz jacket that is hanging on the wall it's dark green much like the one she has been using

"Like on god's earth do you need Agens DNA Reddington what are you up" Looking the older man in eyes now looking very much upset "You'll see now lets find a hair brush Donald we do have a job to get back to" With that they set off to find a hair brush.

After about 10 minutes Ressler finds one in a box along with other toiletries. It was purple with unicorns all over it a small came on to Ressler face remembering what Liz had said to him about good luck right they could use that having no luck at finding Liz or Agens. "Found it" Ressler said walking over to Reddington "Ahh perfects Donlad" Red said as motioning to Dembe to take it that Dembe did putting it into a bag "Now Donald we need to swab your mouth for DNA now" Reddington said as Dembe put his hand into this coat and got a swab out

"Wow why the fuck do you need DNA from me?!" A very confused agent said looking at the two older men "We need your DNA Donald because we have reason to believe Agens is your that you are the father" Reddington said he didn't want to no god he didn't want to tell Ressler till they know if it was true or not "They is no way she is mine Reddington what makes you even think that she is Tom even Liz said it herself we never did anything till before she left this time" Ressler said now half yelling thanking god no one can hear this "Donald, you,I and Elizabeth know right before she went on the run with me you two had a thing" Yes yes they did Ressler thinking back on it they both agreed right now it was to hard for anything with Tom back in her life and everything else but then she went on the run and when she came off the run she said she was having Toms baby never once did be think it was his but yet again when Agens was born she did have red hair for a short time they all thought it was Liz.

Ressler now saying no more when they were on the run Liz most likely told Reddington. Saying no more he let Dembe swab his mouth "We'll take you back to the office now Donald and let you know when the test comes back" Red said as all three of the men walked back to main office to give the key back "Here you go, have a nice day"Ressler said handing them back to the young man whose works their.

Once back at the post office and in the office he and Liz once shared thinking dose she know Agens is mine after all those years, if so why wouldn't she tell me I do anything for them maybe then me and her could went away like her and Tom tried maybe we could have done it the right way we could have been much happier now. But now it's a waiting game and thought of what if and is it true he wants it to be he do anything for them now. God how would I tell mom? Robby likes her, god what is going on in this fucked up world we live in. He thoughts oh his thoughts are going to kill him so he get up and goes by Aram helps him with trying to find Liz because now they need her back, he needs her back. And what makes Reddington think this?

It's a waiting gameā€¦.

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