Oh yes she knew…

When Red sent for the DNA Red had found a number left at the little whole in the wall he owns and has been at for a while now. He walked in someone said a women had came in saying she was FBI and left a number for him to call they handed the note to Reddington "Thank you Megan "he smiled to the young women and walked away into the back it was small and nice the table close to the door of ever needing to leave fast. As he sat down he looked at the note

Red- Here I am doing everything I need to do to take you down when I get a call saying Ressler went to the storage and two older men as well he said he didn't know why Ressler came because he didn't take anything with that he could tell but the hidden camera in their helped to see all you went for was her hair brush and then I see Ressler he looked like he was getting upset with you then I see Dembe swab him and I knew what you were doing that all I will say in this note. Here is a number to call you won't be able to trace it.L

Their left was a number a hidden camera well that he didn't think Liz would do but right about now she was full of surprises that for sure "Dembe the phone please "Said a very much so annoyed Reddington it being way to late at night for this but wanting to get this over with now rather than later. Dembe stepping forward handing the phone from his coat pocket to Red and dialing the number looking up very annoyed to Dembe

After one ring Liz answer the phone getting right to the point "Why what makes you think you have the right to go and do this Reddinton?!" No answer from him for a moment "Because Lizz dear Donald has ever right to know Agens is his child you let him and Tom leave a lie for way to long not far to poor Donald and Agens" He now upset Liz telling her the very thing she knew was both wrong but at the time falt right "You don't think I know that Reddington,it was for his protection. This was something for me to handle and tell him not you, you have no right going and doing that hell you have no right to do anything in mine or Ressler life Reddington" She was pissed voice raising louder every time she would stop talking for a minute "Oh Lizzie that is where you are so very I think it was time Donald knew"With that she hang up the phone more then pissed with the older man

What makes him think he has a right with anything in mine or Ressler life, god now I need to talk to him this, this I am prepared for I wouldn't blame him if he tries to take Agens only thing Red was right about is they both deserve to know the truth. With that she goes to call the next person

Ressler in the post office they had just got back from a led getting closer to finding her trying much harder to find was a week now since they all found out the truth she is one had talked about it and they didn't find the need to tell Park when she came back but to be fair on trust her, she had went home leaving just Ressler,Aram,Copper

"Hey Ressler I got a question."A nervous Aram asked Copper was up in his office finishing paperwork for the day before going home. "Ask away Aram"Ressler said Looking up from a paper he was reading about a car accident that happened that day "When we find Liz, are you going to try and take Agens you know from Liz?"Ressler surprise Aram asked that he thought about it over and over again he whose dad died young age and Liz well that it self was a mess "I don-" But before he could finish what he was going to say his phone went off reading the screen "UNKNOWN NUMBER" he got up and walked into his office leaving Aram to think who is calling and whats is his plan?

"Ressler" He said loud and frame but that quickly changed hearing who is on the other line "Hey it's me, we need to talk" She say soft also like as if she had been crying "Yeah I say so"He said leaning back in his chair, closing his eyes he can do this.

"Ressler before I start I never...never completely knew not until she was born, red hair...I just thought it was from my family, maybe someone on Tom's… Till Kaplan she did a test, we… I was already gone when the test came back and never told Tom, Red he found out I think Kate told him or she didn't and he felt he and you needed to know that I don't know, but he was right you needed to know" Finally done sounding like she was choking back a sob. No I'm not going to cry dammit I can do this

No one said anything felt like hours for him till he talked "I get it but I don't you being in love with Tom letting him think she's his but what I don't get is why you didn't tell but I probably wouldn't have understanded then but why wait and not say after so long" He really thinks I know why I waited so long god even I don't know "I'm not sure Ress…"After that he banged her to come to him let him see them but she tried and tried more telling him it wasn't safe and that will all be over soon that she and Agens would be home soon that he could only hope to be true because boy this was getting harder and harder everyday he needed her after everything and now this he need them. They said their goodbye both saying how much they loved each other she now having more a reason to come home and him to get her home

Their was hope for both…

AN:So I'm sure if this is the end of the story or not. I have a couple other ideas but I have a hard time with writing so we will see if I do more lol. Let me know what you think :)