Paul Drake was not looking well. At all. Gertie Drake, his wife, had to put on a brave face for their three kids, Matthew, Sarah (twins, 11) and Peyton (3).

The day was March 6, 1970 in the hospital room where Paul and his wife Gertie were sitting talking gently when Paul suddenly began showing symptoms of a heart attack.

"Paul? Doctor!" Gertie shouted as the doctors and nurses rushed in and tried to get Paul back to normal, but all Gertie could hear was Paul's heart monitor which had flatlined as she began to silently sob.

"We're sorry Mrs. Drake. There was nothing we could do." Paul's doctor told Gertie as one of the nurses sat her down as Gertie nodded crying softly after giving Paul a kiss on his forehead,

"He's no longer in pain anymore." She managed to get out before they took his body away and she made it to a payphone,

"Mason office." Della said as Gertie took a trembling breath,

"Paul's… Paul's dead, Della. Heart attack." She heard Della's strangled cry on the other end as she lost her resolve as more tears came,

"Do… do you need us to pick up Peyton from daycare and the twins from school and bring them to our house?" Della asked voice trembling as Gertie nodded,

"Please, Della." Della nodded as Gertie hung up and sat on the ground by the phone as she sobbed,

"…Perry." Della whimpered after she hung up and walked into his office,

"Was that… Oh, no." Perry started but got the picture as he saw Della's tears as he hugged her tightly as his own tears joined the mix.

"Paul's… *Della took a deep trembling breath as her tears came at a faster rate* Paul's dead, Perry. Heart attack." Perry held her tighter as they both cried when the office phone rang,

"…Della?" It was Alexandra. Hamilton had died two years prior from lung cancer. Della sighed,

"It's… Paul. He's dead, Alex. He died from a heart attack." Della heard the same strangled cry she gave when Gertie gave her the news,

"How's Gertie holding up?" Della sighed,

"As well as she should. How are you?" Alexandra sighed,

"I miss Hamilton now more than ever. I know it's been almost two years." Della sighed,

"Well, Perry and I are going to close up the office a little early and head home, you can bring Jason with you." Alexandra nodded and hung up as Della turned to Perry,

"That was Alex. She's bringing Jason over to the house. I'm suggesting we close the office for a few days. We're obviously in no state to work right now. I'm also going to pick Isaiah and Peyton up early from daycare." Perry nodded as he gathered his things to go home,

"See you at home, Della." Della nodded as she quickly gathered her things and once she picked up Isaiah and Peyton and she got home.

"It's awful." Alexandra said once all three toddlers were put down for a nap,

"Yes, it really is." Perry had gone to pick Gertie up from the hospital and drive her car to the house.

"Gertie." Both women sighed as Gertie sat between them as they held her to let her cry before Gertie got up and gathered Peyton in her arms and lied on the guest room bed, sobbing.

Once the older kids were at the house after school,

"Hey, Helen, Caroline and Brenda. How would you like to go for a walk?" Della asked as she and Alexandra headed to the door as the older girls nodded.

"…Matthew, Sarah, Peyton. Mom's got some bad news –" Gertie started,

" – Where's Daddy?" Sarah asked as Perry sighed as Gertie just told them,

"Daddy died this morning, kids. He had a heart attack." Matthew, Sarah, and Peyton clung to their Mom as the twins began to sob,

"Girls, Jason, Isaiah. Your Uncle Paul died this morning after he had a heart attack." Della said as Helen, Caroline and Brenda looked to each other as they clung to Della sobbing as Della felt her knees give out as they kneeled on the sand sobbing as Alexandra held the boys as her sobs entered the mix.

The funeral was a rough time for everyone, especially Gertie and her kids. But they were blessed beyond belief with their friends to help them.

I know this is short, but it wrote itself to an end.