Chapter 3

Stuck Forever

"What on earth are you doing here?" Mirajane raised an eyebrow at Natsu who was sitting in the library surrounded by a small mountain of books.

"Reading," Natsu turned the book he was looking at right-side up, "I think."

"Reading you think?"

"Yeah it's a bit confusing though and these books are really weird," he threw the book he was looking at into the pile, he'd only been halfway through it and picked up a new one.

Happy who was looking at a book beside him copied the motion, followed by a high-pitched, "Yeah!"

"Do you need any help," Mirajane walked over to him, "What are you looking for?"

Natsu took a deep breath, "Well you know how I told you about how I proposed to Lucy but she said no because she's stubborn and annoying, well anyways Erza said I was doing the whole romance thing wrong. So I decided to go read some of those junky romance books that Lucy likes. But all they do is stupid gushy stuff and it's sooooo boooring."

He dramatically fell onto his back, "I don't get it," he sighed, "I like Lucy but all this stuff seems super lame."

"Yeah!" Happy chimed in, "I told you to just get her a fish, much easier."

"But this is the kinda stuff Lucy likes, she doesn't want your smelly fish."

"Why don't you start simple," Mirajane took the book out of his hand, placing it neatly on a table, "Why don't you just get her some flowers."

"Why? They're just lame weeds that die."

"Because, that's the kind of thing that Lucy likes," Mirajane pulled out a piece of paper and scrawled an address on it, "There's a nice flower shop in town, go buy her something there."

He took it hesitantly, "Are you sure this'll work."


"Okay, since you're a girl I guess I'll trust you," he jumped up abruptly, "Common Happy! Let's go!"

Natsu was standing in front of the flower shop in a matter of minutes, he wrinkled his nose as he and Happy approached it. "It smells."

"Yeah, flowers do that."

Hesitantly, Natsu stepped into the pink flower shop, muttering to himself the whole time.

"So, I know why you said no and all that, but would you have said yes, you know if he'd done it better," Levy sipped on some kind of drink as she spoke to Lucy across the table, she'd just got back from the short mission she'd been on.

Lucy face planted on the table, "I always wanted some crazy whirlwind romance, like all the ones that I read. But I've accepted my fate at this point. I'm stuck with Natsu, aren't I?"

"Well, I mean, not if you don't want to be. Natsu would never want you to be unhappy," Levy said, "But I mean, you do want to be with him, don't you?"

"Yes… no… I don't know!" She threw her hands into the air, "He's so unclear about what he wants and honestly I don't even know sometimes. He's so sweet… but then he's not and honestly I'm confused. But I'm pretty sure I'm stuck with him."

"Yeah," Levy took another sip of her drink, "Pretty much."

Lucy groaned, "He's just so… not romantic. To be completely honest, I don't see myself with anyone else. Natsu practically monopolizes my time and I guess I can see us together. Sorta assumed we would be. But he's just so…" she trailed off.

"Clueless?" Levy offered.

"Confused, hotheaded, dimwitted, and not romantic in the slightest," followed in quick succession from, Wendy, Gajeel, Erza, and Gray who were seated at the next table over.

"Well… yes." Lucy said before turning towards them and glaring, "Can I seriously not have a single private conversation without you all butting in?"

"No, not really."

Lucy whipped around to see a floating blue cat behind her. She abruptly stood up, "Okay, I need some air," she stepped forward, the group followed, "Away from you all, seriously, you're way too invested in my love life."

"Or lack thereof," Happy snickered.

"Someday," Lucy hissed, "I am going to strangle you stupid cat."

"No you wouldn't, you like me too much," he floated higher above her head, grinning madly.

"Don't try me." She stalked towards the door. As she was about to open it, Happy flew in front of her hand.

"Wait! I just remembered why I came here!" Happy began to shove Lucy away from the door, "You're not supposed to leave the guildhall yet?"

"And why not?"

"Cuz! Natsu said I can't let you leave yet or you'll ruin something."

"Okay… but I'm only waiting for ten more minutes," she turned to the large group still watching her, "I seriously need to get out of here."

"Whatever for," Erza said, popping up behind Lucy, "I can offer the best of advice concerning the romance department."

"I hardly think I need your advice."

"Of course you do," she grabbed the back of Lucy's shirt, dragging her away from the door, "While we wait, I have a plethora of knowledge to share with you."

Gray began to follow them as Erza dragged Lucy to one of the far tables.

"And what are you here for?" Lucy raised an eyebrow, "Do you also have advice that I don't want to hear?"

He plopped into a chair, somewhere over the past ten minutes his replacement shirt had been discarded, "Nah, I'm just here for the entertainment."

Authors Note:

Hehe. Well it's been a while. I'm back. Anyways! This story will be regularly updated at least once a week from now until it's finished. K bye.

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