Chapter 4

An Abundance of Flowers

Lucy had never seen so many flowers in one place before. They surrounded her in piles of lily's, roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, and several flowers she didn't recognize. Some of the stems were slightly charred, probably at the fault of a certain Dragon Slayer.

She looked up from the massive stack of flowers to Natsu who was standing in front of them. He shrugged nonchalantly, "Mira said I should give you flowers, but I didn't know which ones to get you," he grinned, "So I just got all of them!"

"That's uh… you got all of them?!," she sputtered out, honestly not sure as of how to respond.

"Do you like them? The lady at the store said you would."

She picked up a singular rose and sniffed it, it had an odd smell, like a flower that had been charred. It was probably safe to assume that at some point that flowers had been lit on fire.

"They're very nice," she smiled faintly, "Thank you Natsu… but what the heck am I supposed to do with all these flowers."

"I dunno," he picked one up twiring it in his fingers, before lighting it on fire, throwing it on the ground, and aggressively stomping it out, "I don't know why you wanted them in the first place. They just die."

"Because," lucy clutched the rose close to her chest, "Flowers are pretty and romantic, and gosh you're terrible at this."

"Well," Natsu said, he'd turned away from Lucy and was not talking too happy, not having heard her last statement at all, "I was nice, and I did something romantic, right?"

"Yup!" Happy made a little mark on a piece of paper, "I think we did everything we were supposed to!"

"Okay then!" he abruptly turned back to Lucy, "So Lucy, wanna get married now?"

She put the flower down, "Absolutely not. You're going to have to do a lot better than that."

Natsu groaned, "But I even bought you flowers!" he threw his hands into the air.

"Still not good enough."

"Oh common Lucy! Just accept your fate!"

She started picking up some of the flowers, creating a small bouquet, "Not like this I won't, Why are you so insistent on marrying me now, you've never seemed to care before."

"It just seems nice I guess, I dunno."

"Well you're going about it all wrong," I'm going inside, you go figure yourself out."

Lucy walked back inside the guild, taking a small portion of the flowers with her.

Natsu stood outside of the guildhall and scratched the back of his head, "Hey Happy?"


"Why didn't that work?"

"Well, we didn't do any of that stuff that the others said," so you probably need to do that stuff before Lucy will marry you."

"I don't get it."

"I know, you have a very small brain."


"It's true."

A large chunk of the guild had been watching them through the window, but at this point, Lucy hadn't expected any less.

Gray snicked, "What's with the flowers?"

"Natsu." She didn't feel a further explanation was necessary.

"That's really…" Wendy, who at some point had joined the crowd at some point, squinted as she looked out the window, "Uh… nice."

Carla, who was floating a short distance above them scoffed, "The poor boy is clueless."

"You can say that again," Lucy twirled a rose in her fingers as she watched Natsu dramatically run away followed by a cloud of flames, "At least he's trying."

Erza sighed wistfully, staring at the massive pile of flowers, Lucy couldn't be sure what she was thinking, but she was pretty sure she didn't want to know.

"What on earth am I going to do with all these flowers?"

Three hours and a lot of flower arranging later, Lucy's apartment, the girls' dorms, and the entire guildhall were completely decked out with flowers.

"It seemed like a lot all in that pile," Lucy glanced around the room, "But now it seems like there were even more. Like, how the heck was Natsu even able to get his hands on this many flowers."

Mira shrugged as she arranged one last flower vase, "I don't think that flower shop I sent him to even has this many flowers in their inventory, he must have bought out at least two stores."

"You sent him to the flower shop?"

"I thought he might need a little… direction," Mira stepped away from her handy work to admire one of the many many flower arrangements now adorning the guildhall, "It was a bit, well, dramatic, but it's the thought that counts I suppose."

"The guildhall smells really nice now, so that's a bonus," Lucy gave a faint smile. It was true, the entire guildhall had a nice floral scent, which was a drastic contrast for its normal scent which Lucy could never place. It was something between sweat, charred wood, alcohol, and whatever food was being eaten at the time. It'd never been very consistent.

"Anyways," Lucy stepped away from the table and looked towards the back of the hall where Gray and Wendy were messing with one of the flower arrangements. Gray had frozen several of the flowers, Wendy was frantically trying to fix them. She shook her head, "I'm going to take a request off the board, if anyone wants to tag along, I need to stop thinking about, basically everything.

Gray jumped away from the clearly broken beyond repair flowers, "I'm down with that."

"I'll come!" Wendy chimed in, "It's been a while since we've gone out as a group, not since everything's calmed down at least."

"Why not," Erza said as she popped up from literally nowhere, "We could use some time away from home, do you have a request in mind?"

"I've been eyeing this one for a while," Lucy pulled one of the papers off the board, "It's just a delivery request and it doesn't pay well…"

"Then why would we take it?" Gray folded his arms.

"Because we're delivering the item to a tropical island," she waved it in front of Erza's face, "With free lodging as payment at a hotel with an all-you-can-eat pastry bar. We'll get to stay as long as we'd like since the requester owns to hotel."

"You do realize," Gray said as Erza aggressively grabbed the paper and read over the mission, "Literally every time we've tried to go on vacation especially to tropical Islands, we normally end up almost dead. Like tropical islands want us dead I swear."

Wendy shrugged, "He's technically right."

"It's a super basic request, all we have to do is collect some family heirloom from their brother and bring it to the requester, then we can just hang out at the beach."

"It does sound nice," Erza was still eyeing that paper, "And if something goes wrong I'm sure we can handle it."

"Ah, why the heck not," Gray said.

"Guess I'm commin too," Wendy still seemed skeptical, "Is Natsu coming?"

"I'm sure he'd find us even if we didn't invite him," Lucy sighed and headed towards the door, "We'll pick him up on the way."

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