So this story is kind of like a redo of the story Save Me Revolver except characters have been switched around and some events have been changed.

A young man walks around in a wooded park without a care in the world. Still dressed in his work clothes which consist of a white long sleeved shirt and pants, a black belt around his waist, long black boots and a red cape. His mind wonders as we walks along the dirt path in front of him.

"Man, how did I get this lucky? I have everything I could ever want. Caring and loving friends as well as three perfect loves." Ryoken Kogami, the third King of the Valkyrain Empire thinks to himself.

The king's wavering thoughts are starting to affect his attention on his surrounding. One wavering thought ends up having him trip over a tree root, he puts his arms out to catch himself but instead of falling onto the ground like he thought he would. He falls right onto a slowly opening sink hole which houses a hidden portal, sending him to the neighboring planet Earth. Ryoken suddenly finds himself in a thick dense wooded area, with a large building off to his right.

"This can't be right, I was just walking in the park." Ryoken says to himself while looking around.

Ryoken sees a building off to his right, but something about that building just doesn't seem to sit right with him at all. So he opts not to go anywhere near the building if he could help it. He walks off in a different direction when he's spotted by two people with guns, he panics and brakes out into a run to get away from the people; the people with guns give chase. Ryoken tries everything to get away from his pursuers when he bangs into someone. Unfortunately, this person is working with the his pursuers.

"Get up." A man says pointing a gun at the boy who banged into him.

Ryoken has no choice but to comply if he doesn't want to get shot. He has no weapons on him to protect him so he gets up like he's told to but slowly, the two people that were chasing him run up to the man with the gun. Ryoken's hands are zip tied behind his back and he's pushed to walk to the large building he saw earlier.

"Where are you taking me?" Ryoken asks his captors.

A woman with long blond hair answers her, "To the Facility."

"Is that what that large building is called?"

"That doesn't concern you, you'll have bigger things to worry about soon." A man says, he looks thin and kinda scrawny, unlike that man Ryoken had banged into.

It doesn't take long to get to the building known as the Facility, there's silence among the captors and the captive as the group enters the building. Ryoken is forced into an elevator that went down into the unknown depths of the building; it makes him want to vomit from fear, but he keeps his cool. After the evaluator doors open, he's pushed out into a long hallway of cells. The sounds of crying, screaming, yelling and begging can be heard from all around.

"Just what have I gotten myself into?" Is the thought he has right before the zip tie is taken off his wrists and he's pushed into a cell.

His captors walk away after the cell door is locked behind them.

I hope you liked the beginning of this story, please give me some constructive feed back so I can make the story more enjoyable for you readers.