*Ryoken's POV*

Hours have passed since my capture, but things could be worse. They could have just killed me on the spot, but they didn't, I slightly wonder why. My thoughts are interrupted when the cell door opens. There at the door are men in white lab coats. At this, my stomach goes into my throat.

"You have nothing to fear my dear boy." One of the men say.

"I'm a ruler you know, if I get hurt there will be dire consequences." I say back, trying to use my high status to get myself out of this.

"What you were outside these walls no longer matter, your name also no longer matters. From now on you'll be known as Subject 7-6-4." One of the man in white tells me.

"I have a name you know." I shoot back at him with attitude.

"Not anymore you don't, your name is Subject 7-6-4 now." A woman with brown hair and glasses steps out from behind the men. She is also dressed in a white lab coat, reminding me of Android 21 in her human form from the Dragon Ball Fighter Z video game Shing had showed me some time ago.

I hiss at the woman, my eyes turning slit and bright gold. My ears also become pointed at the top and my hands become claw like; I'm ready to kill if it means getting out. The woman and her colleagues step back a little; they seem to be afraid of me. But that's exactly what I want, I don't care what they think of me. I just want out.

"Well, looks like we have some kind of mutant child on our hands." The woman says as she looks me over.

I'm sitting on the floor in front of the door looking up at the people in front of me. To hopefully scare them even more, I crouch down low to the ground like a cat would stalking its prey, a long black tail pokes out from my backside swaying from side to side. I'm getting ready to pounce, and my target is the lady with brown hair and glasses. I start to crawl closer to the woman, on all fours but my knees never touch the floor. I watch the woman and her colleagues closely and carefully, then I pounce with claws and teeth ready, but my attack is shot down when the door is slammed in my face. My head hits the door hard, but I'm not knocked out. I just shake my head from side to side to clear it.

I waited to see what they would do next. Since I'm in one of my many animals forms now I feel uncomfortable being on the ground, I go to climb the closet wall to me. I feel like the people holding me captive are stupid, since they put me in a cell with the walls made out of stone. I'm easily able to climb the wall and hide in the shadows. Below me is a small patch of light on the floor. I keep my eyes on it to see if anyone passes by. I don't know how but I can feel my pupils expanding, growing larger to let more light in so I can see in my dark cell.

The minutes seemed like hours to me, but I stay up in my hiding place. As a cat I like being up in high places like any cat would to see its surroundings. I play with a wooden round shaped necklace that I keep hidden under my shirt until I suddenly see the patch of light on the floor get covered, my guess is that a person is outside of the door. I smirk and get ready to pounce on them to make a run for it but before I pounce I hide the wooden necklace under my shirt then make my body absorb it so it can't be taken away from me.

"Sound the alarm Subject 7-6-4 has escaped!" A man shouted.

I try hard to stop myself from laughing as an alarm goes off and I get into position to pounce.

"They actually think I've escaped? Wow, these people must be dumber then they look.'" I think to myself and let out a small giggle.

The little patch of light goes out and then comes back several times, telling me that people outside are running back and forth looking for me. I just wait until someone is stupid enough to open the cell door, and it doesn't take long for someone to do that. I let out a sharp hiss and pounce on them, they let out a yelp and I take off running out of the cell door.

"He's over there!" I hear someone shout but I kept running, trying to find a way out of this place or at least a better place to hide.

I don't know what happened next, but I'm suddenly in a lot of pain. I fall to knees clutching my head, I try my best to deal with the pain and not get caught but I feel strong hands grab me and force me to my feet.

"Well, you really are something you know that boy?" It's the man that caught me out in the woods earlier.

I say nothing and glare up at him, I even try to bite him but moving makes the pain in my head worse.

"Did you catch him Beauregard?" Says a female.

I'm not able to see who is talking, all I know is that it's a woman by voice.

"He's right here Miss. Zolga." Beauregard says somewhat proudly.

Said woman makes her way to the front of all the people and I see it's the woman with brown hair and glasses. I glare at her and try to move to attack when I feel the most excruciating pain in my head, I fall to my knees holding my head. I'm able to still look up and glare at Zolga.

"My my, you're quite the interesting boy, 7-6-4. You're affected by Aqua Waves which is quite rare. Especially for someone as young as yourself." Zolga says with a small pleased smile on her face as she holds an orb that is bright aqua blue in color.

"Let me go!" I yell at Zolga, my eyes glowing with anger.

"Since he's out might as well take him to the lab." Zolga sighs and turns, walking away.