As the morning turns into the afternoon, Avalon gets up and takes a shower. He feels upset with himself for not being there for Ryoken but is at least happy that he's found him. After his shower, he dries off and gets dressed. Ryoken has since woken up and is sitting out on the balcony looking out over the city. Avalon comes out of the bathroom to check on him and panics slightly when he sees that he's not in bed and looks to see where he went.

Ryoken is listening to the soundtrack Fighting Spirit on Avalon's phone, remembering his time fighting against Lighting and Windy. He's already changed into his normal civilian clothes.

Avalon walks over to the balcony to see Ryoken sitting at the table and looking out over the city. This makes Ryoken turn his head to see him but he doesn't say a word, just listening to the soundtrack.

"I'm glad to see you again Ryoken." Avalon says.

"I've missed you and the others. I'm sorry for..." Ryoken says not finishing his sentence.

"Don't be, you know we would never let anything bad happen to you. You're not only our leader but apart of our family."

Ryoken smiles a little at this and leans against him, a sudden sharp pain rips through his head making his him stiffen up.

"Are you in pain again?"


"Let me fix that." Avalon gently rubs his temples to ease the pain making Ryoken lean into his touch.

On Link Vrains, Specter and Varis come up empty when trying to find Avalon and Revolver.

"There's no way they could of just disappeared once they logged off of Link Vrains," Varis says frustrated.

"Maybe this other me is staying in a secret location. Or perhaps Playmaker is helping him some how." Specter suggests

"No, I'm sure Playmaker doesn't seem to see him as an ally. And they've never interacted with each other to my knowledge, there's definitely something different about him but I can't tell what." Varis says as he goes back to looking at his screens.

Ryoken and Avalon are enjoying each other's company. Any pain that sparks up is quickly taken care of by Avalon's gentle touch. Around 2pm they go out to eat at a restaurant close to the hotel they're staying at, it doesn't take them long to get seated. After they've finished eating they go out site seeing around the city this is when Varis picks up on them, he's hacked into most of the security cameras around Den City. Hoping that eventually one of the many cameras would spot his target.

"There you are," Varis says as he sees Avalon and Ryoken together.

"Did you find them sir?" Specter asks when he hears his leader's pleased voice.

"Yes I did."

Specter turns his head to look at the screen Varis is looking at. There he sees Ryoken and Avalon walking side by side around a park.

"They've got to be from a parallel world." Specter says.

"Regardless of where they're from, there's got to be a way to get Revolver back but how is the question." Varis says and takes a moment to think before an idea comes to mind. "Specter, gather the other knights. We're getting Revolver back along with his little friend." He smirks.

Specter does as he is told and goes to get the other three knights, filling them in how what's going on. While Varis waits patiently and keeps watch over Ryoken and Avalon.

As the sun starts to set Ryoken and Avalon make their way back to the hotel, Ryoken stays close to Avalon's side. He feels something off but isn't sure what it is, the chip that's in neck is pinging his location back to the facility he'd escaped from. Zolga is getting her task forces ready to go retrieve her escapee.

"Something wrong Ryoken, you seem uneasy?" Avalon asks as they enter their hotel room.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." Ryoken replies.

Specter returns to the Hanoi base with his fellow knights Baira, Faust and Dr. Genome.

"So is Playmaker getting in the way again? Genome asks.

"No, actually it's someone else." Vrains says then he brings up a screen that's showing Ryoken and Avalon at the park.

"How can this be? People can't be in two places at one." Baira says shocked and confused.

"Unless they're clones but I don't see how. We don't have the technology capable of cloning or even replicating a person's DNA perfectly like that." Genome says studying Ryoken and Avalon's appearances as well as there voices.

"Unless they're not clones at all." Faust interjects.

"Well there's one way to find out." Genome says.

"That still leaves the problem of how to get Revolver back. He has some kind of ability that draws the Ignis to him all be unwillingly for the Ignis. He also doesn't seem to have any control over it." Varis chimes in.

"I'm sure this other version of Specter has a duel disk, if I can manage to hack it I can hopefully do a forced long in." Baira says.

"Until they're here in Link Vrains we better keep an eye out for Playmaker and the Ignis." Varis say.

The others nods and Baira gets to work on finding then hacking Avalon's duel disk. By using Specter's duel disk she's able to find the code for Avalon's duel disk and hacks it.

"What the-!" Avalon cries out as his duel disk starts to glow.

"Something wrong Avalon?" Ryoken asks.

"Something's wrong with my duel disk, I think it's being hacked!" Avalon cries out as a sphere forms around him. His appearance starts to change to that of his Link Vrains avatar.

Ryoken goes to grab Avalon's duel disk off his wrist but he touches the sphere that's surrounding him which pulls him in next to Avalon. Once Avalon's appearance has fully changed to his Link Vrains avatar, Ryoken changes to his second Link Vrains avatar but this time he has his face visor on then they're transported into Link Vrains.

"Where are we?" Revolver asks a bit dizzy.

Avalon looks around to try and get his bearings. "It looks like we're in Link Vrains, give me a minute to check my duel disk." He checks his duel disk and it says they're not logged in but from what he can see around him they are. He runs a quick diagnostic test on his duel disk to see that it's been hacked. "It's a forced long in, my duel disk was hacked and I have a pretty good idea on who did it."

"It's so nice to see that you two decided to drop in." A delighted voice rings out from the shadows of an alleyway.

Avalon gets in front of Revolver recognizing the voice that's coming out of the shadows.

"Come now, I know you want to stop the Ignis." Varis says, as he walks out of the shadows of the alleyway

"True I don't trust the Ignis one bit, but Revolver's safety is more important to me than stopping them."

"Is that so?"

"As much as you don't want to hear this, humans and Ignis can coexist in pace. And I'm not willing to risk his safety to fight in a war that will only hurt both sides by the time it's over."

"Do you hear yourself, you say that you don't trust the Ignis yet you're willing to say that they can coexist with us humans?"

"I personally don't trust them but a good friend has shown me that we can coexist together and even work together in peace." Avalon says this as he thinks back to all the interactions Playmaker and Revolver have had back home.

Kolter and Yusaku have picked up on Varis's presence on Link Vrains and look to see what trouble he's trying to cause now.

"It is just me or am I seeing double?" Kolter asks.

"You're right there are Specters' but who's the man hiding behind this one?" Yusaku points to the man hiding behind Avalon.

"Don't know, I'll see if my face recognition software comes up with anything." Kolter says and runs the program.

"Shouldn't we be worried that there are two Specters'?!" Ai cries out.

"I wouldn't start worrying just yet Ai." Yusaku replies.

"The program has turned up empty, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to who that man is." Kolter says

"Sounds likes the delusions of a fool." Varis replies.

"Think of me what you will, I'm not going to risk his safety." Avalon says standing his ground.

In the shadows the other knights wait for their Q to come out. Genome runs Varis's DNA code against Revolver's and Specter's against Avalon's and they both come back as a complete match to the other.

"This can't be right." Genome whispers to himself and runs the tests again.

The tests comes back with the same results each time he reruns them, Varis and Revolver as well as Specter and Avalon are the same people. Unfortunately Genome doesn't have time to dwell on this as a duel between the two is about to start.

"Then there's only one way to solve this problem." Varis says activating his duel disk.

"Indeed, we'll settle this with a Master Duel." Avalon says and actives his duel disk as well.

"I hope you don't mind but I brought a bit of help with me." Varis snaps his fingers and the other knights come out of the shadows.

Up until this point Revolver has been quite and watched as everything unfolded but now he's growing concerned.

"Avalon what do we do? There's no way you can win in a five against one duel." Revolver says.

"He's right, but it looks like I don't have any other choice." Avalon thinks to himself.

"I'm going in, it appears whoever this other Specter is could use our help."

"I'll be right here if you need anything." Kolter says

Yusaku quickly get up from his seat and goes into the secret room in the truck to go into Link Vrains. He gets his deck out and puts it into his duel disk. He calls out, "Link into the Vrains."

Yusaku's outfit changes as well as his hair and a sphere forms around him as he's taken to Link Vrains.

"Don't make the same mistake as Playmaker by standing against us," Varis says as the Master Duel field appears on the ground.

"I will never side with you if it means putting Revolver in danger." Avalon says confidently.

Revolver backs away from Avalon, giving him the space he needs to duel but still staying in his line of site.

"Then I guess we're doing this the hard way," Varis says with a smirk, he lifts his hand up to make what looks like a large gray and purple skeleton hand appear to catch Revolver.

"No Revolver!" Avalon exclaims panicked.

"Avalon!" Revolver cries out worriedly as the large gray hand wraps around him.

"There's nothing you can do to help him, unless you beat me in this duel. And I'm sure you're familiar with the Deleted Virus." Varis smirks.

"Of course I am." Avalon keeps the panic out of his voice.

"Deleted Virus? I don't remember the anti-virus program for that. And even if I did I don't have it on me." Revolver says in a bit of a panic.

"Don't you dare." Avalon growls.

"This can all be avoided if you just hand him over." Varis says, mentally debating wether or not to actually use the Deleted Virus on Revolver.

"I'll never hand him over to you." Avalon growls trying to keep his anger under control. "You will never get away with using him Varis." He glares at him.

"All I have to do is defeat you in this duel and I will be able to use him in anyway I please to capture the Ignis."

Unknown to everyone at the moment Playmaker is making his way to them.

"Don't lose hope Aval-" Revolver's cut off as a wave a dizziness suddenly hits him making him fall forward a bit "Why do I, feel so dizzy?"

Playmaker is almost there, he hopes it's not too late to help. Revolver looks up at Avalon and tries to encourage him as the duel officially starts. Playmaker get there halfway through the duel.

"What have you done Varis?" Playmaker says as he jumps off his duel board and lands on the ground nearby.

Another wave of dizziness hits Revolver making him groan slightly, seeming to be in a daze. His eyes have a clouded look to then now. Unknown to everyone Avalon's touch has altered the drugs in his body in someway that were used in the experiments six and a half years he's been in captivity, making him react differently now when Ai is nearby.

"Ah it's you Playmaker, so nice of you to join us," Varis says with a smirk and looks over at him.

"What have you done Varis?" Playmaker glares at him.

"I'm just dueling for Revolver here, he'll be quite useful once I defeat his friend here." Varis says seeming to be very amused with himself.

Playmaker comes closer to the Master Duel field without walking onto the actual field. He looks over the field to see who has what. This causes the dizziness to become worse and brings back the pain that Avalon kept at bay. But Revolver seems to be in even more of a daze and the pain he's in is easy to see, he also seems to be unable to voice that he's in pain.

"Hand over your Ignis and I'll let him go," Varis says, knowing what Playmaker will say next though.

"I'll never hand Ai over to you, you're fight is with me not them." Playmaker says.

"That's where you're wrong Playmaker, Revolver has the ability to draw out the Ignis. How do you think your Ignis was extracted from your duel disk that one time while you were dueling?"

Playmaker and Ai look to the man in question who's in a pained daze, Avalon looks over at him as well and is concerned.

"I know he wasn't like that at the start of the duel, could it have something to do with Playmaker's arrival?" Avalon thinks to himself.

"You're Ignis must be affecting him Playmaker. He was much more talkative before you showed up."

Ai pops up from Playmaker's duel disk to screen the man in front of him. "He's right Playmaker, he's somehow affected by my presence. He's also the one who tried to take me out of your duel disk."

"Playmaker." Avalon says to get Playmaker's attention.

Playmaker turns his head to look at him, "What is it?"

"If I lose this duel I need you to look after him for me, can you see to that?"

"I'll do everything that I can to keep him out of the Hanoi's clutches."

Avalon nods and he gets back to the duel with Varis. Kolter tries looking for a way to log Revolver out and just manges to write a program that works by the skin of his teeth. Revolver suddenly turns into pixels then disappears. Reappearing next to Kolter in the hotdog truck, being in a separate location from Ai he's no long affected by him and he naps back to reality. He hisses like a cat because of the pain he's in. Kolter sends a message to Yusaku that he has Revolver.

"Don't worry about your friend, he's back in the real world."

"I'll join you in the real world as soon as I can Playmaker. Oh and by the way, the name's Avalon."

Playmaker nods in understanding then logs out.