Once upon a time, she'd count the tick-like pulse of the ship's engines to mark the time. She'd even taken to nicknaming the engine 'Tick Tock' like the crocodile that swallowed both James Hook's hand and the alarm clock from the Peter Pan story she'd once played the lead in for her school play, but as the ticking grew longer and her will grew weaker with each new way her captors invented to torment her, she'd given up on even that little game. The ticking of the clock meant nothing to her now.

A day, an hour, a week, a month. None of it mattered anymore.

She's broken. They won't want her broken so that's why they haven't come for her.

"Captain Lance?"

Sara starts in surprise at the whispered voice coming from inside the wall closest to her bowed head. Once upon a time, she knew that voice. Back before her captors had broken her.

"Captain Lance, it's Gideon can't you read me?" the voice says her tone even more tender than before.

"Tinkerbell?" Sara questions her voice strained both from her own tortured screams as well as crying herself to sleep after her tormentor's finish dragging her back into her cell.

A long pause follows so long in fact that Sara begins to believe she'd just imagined the disembodied voice until it speaks up once more.

"Yes, Captain Lance. But you have to hurry the others will be arriving soon and-"

"Tink, they took my happy thought away." Sara sobbed crying into her knees as she rocked backward against the wall of her cell. "I can't fly anymore."

Another much shorter pause follows this one before a new voice comes from the wall beside the crying captive's ear.

"Hey, Peter."

Sara's head snaps up at once her watery gaze casting around the dimly light cell as if somehow, she'd be able to find her. "Wendy."

"Sshh baby. You have to be quiet or they'll pick up our com signal, can you do that for me?"

"Wendy no—no you can't come here. You can't. The pirates-Hook he's too strong." Sara sobbed curling even closer into her small corner of her even smaller cell. "He'll break you. He'll break you just like he broke me." she confesses "I can't Wendy. I can't let him break you."

"Let them try." Ava scoffed "The lost boys and I are coming to get you no matter what you or anyone else says you hear me, Peter Pan."

For the first time in a long time, Sara's tears were ones of joy instead of pain. That joy only lasting a few seconds longer before the alarms outside her cell started going off.

"Damnit, they picked up our signal. Gideon try to hold just a little longer but start getting out of gaming range." Ava's voice was different now. Nervous as Sara pressed her ear as hard as she could over the space of the wall the other woman's voice was coming from just to be able to hear her over the scream of the alarms. "I swear to you, Lance. We're coming to get you. Just hold on a little longer baby alright." The message was already starting to cut in and out, so Sara only catches every other word of it.

"I love you, Wendy." Sara murmurs into the wall preying it wasn't about to be the last time she'd be able to say the words as heavy footfalls come closer and closer to her cell.

"I love you too, Peter." Ava promised before even the hum through the wall cut too static.

"Co-Captains for life." Sara promised brushing her bloodied fingers along the wall as if stroking them down the side of her girlfriend's strong jawline. The next second the door of her cell hissed open. "Hello, Mr. Smee." Sara smiles as the alien thug assigned to guard her ambles into the small space. "Hook wanting to play more games with me then?" she laughed it was weak and dry considering they hadn't thought of feeding her since possibly two days before and her water supply had been cut off since the day before after her last half-hearted attempt to free herself.

"Well come on then. Can't keep old Hook waiting." She says unfolding herself from her corner acting far more animated than they'd seen her in a long while the alarms continued to sound around them.