Feeling Hot

Just another silly little, very short drabble written just for fun. Stay safe!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Perry Mason & Della Street. The rights are the property of the estate of ESG. I'm just borrowing them again for a little fun.


'You're hot baby,' Perry Mason whispered into his wifes ear. Slipping her arms up about her husbands neck and pulling him closer, Della mumbled something unintelligible in reply.

Perry shuffled closer in bed and pulled her in tighter to him so her head nestled perfectly in the crook between his neck and shoulder. Running a large hand through her hair and gently down her face he turned his head in and kissed her lightly on the forehead before moving down to her cheek. His other hand made feather light trails up and down her spine. Della sighed in contentment.

'Go back to sleep,' he encouraged 'It's only 5 am, but first…..'

The bedroom door swung open.

'Daddy I don't feel very well.' George Mason stood in the doorway face flushed bright red, his face streaked with fresh tears and gripping onto his favourite soft toy Mr Bear like a life raft.

'Ok come up here young man.' Perry waggled a finger and patted the bed. 'Just this once.' George flew across the room and clambered up into the king sized bed sprawling himself like a blanket across his fathers frame.

'Hmmmn,' Perry held the back of his hand to his youngest boys forehead. 'You're pretty hot too, just a minute and we'll see. Come on baby give it up.' He slipped the thermometer from Della's mouth. 'Yup young lady, you're definitely hot and running a temperature.' He hauled himself from the bed allowing George to slide into his warm vacated spot, and walked into the bathroom. After washing the thermometer thoroughly under the water, he wandered back into the bedroom but stopped in his tracks. George had wriggled under his mothers arm and was cocooned against her body, blankets pulled up to both their chins. Within seconds he had clearly drifted off back to sleep.

Perry watched a few minutes and smiled to himself. Clicking the bedside lamp off and arranging the covers over his sleeping wife and son, he went off to make coffee. Snot bubbles and sweaty fevers aside, all was most certainly right with his world these days and he wouldn't have it any other way.