Percy Jackson and his friends move to Canterlot High after Rachel becomes The Oracle so she doesn't have to go to the finishing school. There, they meet their new family, and Percy meets his secret family member, Rainbow Dash(Hermes daughter). The Sophomore perform The Jungle Book, with the permission of Sunset's father. But is everything what it seems? Or will Sunset's brother will come to the rescue? Book 1.

Prologue: The transition to CHS


I walked into the hallway of Canterlot High, with my friends Annabeth and Rachel. Grover was rather busy as Lord of the Wild and my cousin, Luke Castellan, was dead. My brother, well, half-brother, Tyson, trailed behind me, the mist swirling around him. I was greeted by a girl with Rainbow coloured hair. "Hello, Cousin," she said. "I'm Rainbow Dash. Daughter of Hermes."

I was taken aback. "I'm Percy. This is Annabeth, Rachel and Tyson."

"I'll take you around." said Rainbow Dash. "If you want me to. You'll love Canterlot High. I know you will."

I grinned. "Hopefully I won't get expelled."

"We have all sorts of magical issues involving me and my friends," said Rainbow Dash. "Nearly expelled one time. But we stayed because my step-father, Bow Hothoof, is the football coach at CHS. AWFUL. teachers know how to help, I'm a half-blood myself. Never went to Camp HB. Should I have gone?"

Annabeth nodded.

"Well," said Rainbow Dash. "Number 1. Let's go and meet my friends."