chapter 1: We meet Rainbow's friends

Percy POV

We followed Rainbow Dash into the band room. "Hey, guys!" shouted Rainbow Dash "Meet my cousins Percy, Tyson and Annabeth. And this is Rachel. Guys, meet Applejack, the farmer, Fluttershy, the vet, Pinkie Pie, the party planner, Rarity, the fashionista, Twilight Sparkle, the sweat and where's Sunset?"

"She's picking up her brother from the train station," said the girl I assumed was Pinkie Pie. She had curly pink hair and had mounds of energy.

Sunset ran in, panting, 7 kids behind her.

A purple haired girl stepped forward. "Fancy seeing you here, cousin Percy. I'm Hades's daughter. Mal. Father has told me a lot about you. This is Carlos," she gestured to a boy with white hair with black roots. "Sunset Shimmer's half brother. This is Sunset Shimmer." she continued, gesturing to Sunset. "And this is Evie," she smiled, pointing at a blue haired girl. "Jay," smiling at a boy with long dark brown hair. "Uma," A girl with long brown locks came forward. "Harry Hook," Harry stepped forward, "Gil," said Mal. A boy with brown-blonde hair came in. "And my husband, Ben. Hey, Ben. Is Jane, Doug and Lonnie coming?"

"You mean me?" asked a voice behind them.

"JANE!" cried Carlos. "You're here,and Lonnie! And Doug. Sorry. Uh, so this is Canterlot High, right?"

"Yep," said Sunset. "Welcome home, Carlos."