Title: Why the Sixth Law of Magic Exists

Rating: T

Summary: Emily Mulder, wizard for the White Council, is the victim of someone's violation of the Sixth law of magic. Of course the White Council decides to help her. Naturally the X-Files brings them all together. Crossover of the Dresden Files.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Jim Butcher's or Chris Carter's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

Twenty-five-year-old Emily Mulder could defend herself inside of her warded apartment and even out in the field. As a member of the White Council she went out and fought all sorts of demons, monsters, teens that dabbled in magic, sold their souls to demons, and tried to make as much of her life a living nightmare as they could. She was currently tracking down a soul demon.

"So what does your parents think about what you do?" her friend, and Warden, Sam Hart asked her.

"I don't talk to them much," she said. "I see them when they need their potion. I don't talk much about work, anyway."

Both of her parents had been infected by another F.B.I agent looking to cure her bite that she had gotten when she was over in Europe trying to get proof of war crimes. Luckily they had survived but they had become infected and changed into werewolves once a month. Of course they could infect anyone if they partly changed when night fell.

"At least they're not Red Court."

The Red Court had been destroyed when Harry's ex-girlfriend, Susan, had sacrificed herself. The only courts they had to worry about was the Black. The other two pretty much kept to themselves.

"Okay, this is the last location that we detected this thing," Warden Hart told her.

"Let's hope we can get this done and go home."

"You get to go home, I get to write a report," he told her.

"Sorry, about that."

He rolled his eyes at that.

They entered the large warehouse, which had been built ten years ago. It was for all those annoying packages that you bought when you had nothing better to do. Unlike some wizards Emily only brought her staff when she was either hurt or wanted every dark entity to know that she happened to be a wizard. She really didn't need it; she could focus without the need for extra 'equipment.'

"Something doesn't feel right," she told Hart.

"I'm going to agree with that."

They heard noise behind them and suddenly Hart was lifted off his feet and slammed against the floor.

"Sam," she said, running over. "Sam, are you alright?"

He opened his eyes and yelled, "EMILY, LOOK OUT!" And then there was a flash of white light and nothing. When Emily came to she was on a bed and the sound of a roster crowing told her that she had to be on a farm.

"I see that your awake," he told her.

"McCoy," she said.

"That would be me, lass," he said.

"Where am I at?" she asked him.

"On my farm," he told her. "I've looked into your mind and I saw what you saw. A soul demon, who the fuck would want to summon that thing?"

"I think it was a decoy," she told him. "How did I end up here?"

"You arrived," he told her. "The Sixth law of magic. Who would think of breaking that?"

"Great, I've gone back in time. What year is it?"

"Nineteen ninety-five," he answered. "I've informed the White Council of this and what I've discovered. They have agreed to help you."

"Thanks," she said.

"So your parents work for the F.B.I," he said. "Never thought I would meet the daughter of a Fed."

"Two, and they solve unusual things."

"And they don't have any magic," he told her. "Look, I'm sorry about what will happen to them. Being werewolves has got to suck the most."

"At least they're not vamps."

"I'll agree with that," he said. "So you're like Dresden, going around and saving people from themselves."

"Yeah, I took after my parents in that respect," she said. "Except that I don't have access to high tech whatever they use now. It's a lab and Bob."

"You got Bob."

"From Harry," she told him.

"Glad to know that he went to someone responsible."

"I can't stay here forever," she told him.

"The council has decided that you'll stay in the same building as your mother," he told her. "The owner has a basement apartment that's for rent."

"Thanks," she said.

"And if you need any help, I'm there."

I nodded, grateful for the help.

Three weeks later I opened the door to my first apartment. During the time I had spent on McCoy's ranch I had done some work for him around the farm and even visited a teenager that was starting to show signs of having the gift. The moment that I set foot inside I knew that I had found my home. I just hoped that whatever was out there didn't end up killing my parents.

The next morning the bus dropped me off at my stop and I noticed that there was a lot of police around a bank that looked like it had been robbed. Of course that should be impossible, it wasn't even nine.

"What happened?"

"The freakiest thing, ever," the man said. "Half of this boy's body was outside the bank. It was a bloody mess."

"So where's the other half."

"I don't think I want to know."

I saw my parents talking with the police and I knew they were involved because it was a bank robbery. Add to the fact that half his body was found outside the bank led it to be considered strange. I looked around and saw a woman standing there, looking nervous. She looked right at me and our eyes locked. Before I could even attempt a soul glaze, she bolted.

"Great," I said and I ran after her.

She ran faster than I could even dream a girl that age could run. Suddenly I turned the corner and found an empty alley.

"What the hell is going on here?" I asked myself.

I looked around and then I saw it, blood. Walking over to it I approached it just as my parents and three officers came around the corner.

"Gods, I hope this isn't what I think it is."

"Hold it right there."

I turned around to face them and said, "She went through the wall."

"She went through the what?"

"The wall, she went through the wall," I repeated.

"Wait a minute, I've seen you," my mother said. "She just moved in."

"So what the hell are you doing here?"

"Making a deposit," I answered.

"Really, at this bank."

"Have you ever heard of someone having an account and choosing their local branch to deposit a check? I wanted to be first in line so that I don't have to wait for Suzy to finish picking her nose. Now listen here, all of you, I heard that half a boy's body was found outside the bank. Let me bet that the other half is inside a vault. And I bet you that he is either the first robbery that you've found or the next one. And if I'm right when you open his body up all the internal organs will be rotten."

"How do you know this?"

"Because my mentor told me about the same kind of case," I said. "Now, unless I've done something that illegal in some universe I would like to find the next nearest branch and cash my check. But, first."

I took a sample of the blood and said, "I'll see you all around."

"Hay, if that's evidence you can't-."

However, I had already done my famous vanishing trick and was gone.


A/N: I thought doing a crossover of the Dresden files was perfect. As both universes deal with the strange and unexplainable. Another thing is that Emily Mulder is the biological, though no other means, of Mulder and Scully. She's not even close to what William was.