Featuring: finn wolfhard and dylan jack grazer

It was another gloomy day at Gotham, in Wayne mansion, dick was still trying to cope with loneness, but how can he when everyday he goes home in a empty house with no one to talk to, he missed it was just him Bruce and Barbara. Before she was chosen and now he has to spend the rest of his days home alone.

Bruce: DICK

Or so he thought

He goes downstairs to see Bruce siting reading the newspaper, he gets up to greet dick.

Bruce: hey dick

Dick: whats up bruce

Bruce: I have noticed how lonely you been and sometimes I forget how big this place can be

Dick: really (he crosses his arms)

Bruce: so me and Oliver that it would be a great time for you to meet his son

Dick(surprised): what?


Bruce: that must be them already

They went to answer the door

Dick: I don't want to be friends with another billionaire kid, last time you got to be friends with another kid like that, he tried to kill me.

Bruce: (bends down to him) well try to get along with him ok, (he gets up) also later your going to meet green arrow's sidekick

Dick: oh great, another kid you want robin to be friends with

Bruce: in sure you and him, will get along fine

He opens the door to see Oliver

Bruce: hey Oliver

Oliver: evening Bruce

He looks down to see dick

Oliver: kid

He waves at him

Oliver: this is my son Roy

He moves to reveal, a orange hair kid, that looks like dick's age, he had a orange t-shirt, orange sneakers, a orange baseball cap, and glasses.

He was playing on a video game console, when he looked up at dick.

Oliver: Roy (he pushes him gently inside) this is dick

All he did was stare at dick no saying anything, both boys just stared at each other. Bruce bend down to dick.

Bruce: don't be shy say hi

Dick: hey

Roy: hi

Bruce: ok so why do you and Roy come inside

Oliver: ok as they walked inside

Bruce grabbed dick's should

Bruce: I want you to talk to him

Oliver did the same thing with his kid

Dick: what? But

Roy: I barely know him

Oliver: just

Bruce: try to be friendly with him

Both sat on the couch separated from each other, Bruce and Oliver went down in the bat cave to discuss some business.

Oliver: so while the boys try to get to know each other, why don't you tell me what's the big emergency.

Bruce: (going through the bat computer) last night there was robbery, He pulls out a video of the robbery, it showed a the thief was Donning a costume resembling of a Musketeer, he has a sword and stole a bag of jewels, but Oliver got a closer look and recognized him.

Oliver: cavalier

Bruce: who

Oliver: Mortimer Drake a.k.a the cavalier he's a Theft, Swordsmanship, and Marksmanship in star city.

Bruce: if he's from star city what's he doing in Gotham

Oliver: I don't know, but I do know that he's going back to Iron Heights prison

Bruce: well I tracked his next move and I think I know where he's heading next

Oliver: how'd you did you

Bruce: I'm the Batman, anyway his next target is the bank, we can go right now and catch him

Oliver: alright, but what about the boys

Bruce: let them, try to bond with each other

They walk upstairs

Oliver: why are you doing this again

Bruce: case i don't want dick to grow up having no friends

Oliver: well I guess Roy could use a buddy of his own

When they came up, they still saw the boys still away from each other, they had an idea, they walked up behind the boys, placing their hand on their shoulder and push them closer to each other.

Oliver: so hows things with your company

Bruce: great

Still pushing them together, the boys hesitate until they were final, next to each other, as their shoulders touch, they looked at each other and quickly looked away.

Bruce/Oliver: chuckles

Bruce: well, I guess we should be going now

Roy/dick: huh?

Oliver: yeah

Bruce: Alfred, keep an eye on the boys we'll be right back

Alfred: yes sir (he nods)

Dick begins to panic and rushes to him, Oliver's kid grabs his arm

Roy/dick: you can't leave me here with him

Oliver: you will be fine

Bruce: just try to get him to... show your video game

Dick/Roy: (sighs) ok fine

Bruce(whispers): and remember later you going to meet green arrow's sidekick

Dick: we're still not gonna like each other

Bruce: at least try to get along with him

As they left, dick was stuck with Oliver's son

As the dark knight and archer were on patrol looking for cavalier, in arrow's ship, they final arrived at the bank, they got inside only to get ambush.

Meanwhile back at Wayne manor, dick was trying to avoid making eye contact with Oliver's son, then Alfred came in

Alfred: you know master Richard, master Bruce had a hard time making friends too,

He looked at him then back at Roy

Alfred: why don't talk to him about something

Just then the alarm ranged in his phone, he took it out and it was the bat signal

Batman is in trouble

Dick: sorry Alfred but the Batman needs me, I'm just going to have to make friends another day

He runs a different direction

Dick: keep our guest busy

Alfred: (sigh) very well master dick

But at the same time, their guest disappeared

Back with Batman and green arrow, they woke up tied to each other, then they heard someone laughing.

Cavalier: (evil chuckles) well,well if isn't my old chum green arrow and his accomplice Batman

At of the shadow, cavalier walk in on them.

Green arrow: cavalier, what do you want

Cavalier: to rob every store in this city

Green arrow: you won't get away with this

Cavalier: oh contrary I already have archer

Batman: our sidekicks will stop you

Cavalier: (chuckles) oh we'll see about that

Robin was swinging from rooftop to building, he pulls out his phone

Robin: Batman, hang on I'm on my wa-


Just then like a quick flash, he bumps into someone

Robin: Ah ow, watch were your going

As robin and the mysterious stranger fall down on the ground as he gets up he sees a kid his age in a Robin Hood costume but it was red suit, yellow gloves and boots, and has a yellow hat instead of a hood, with a red bow.

Speedy: sorry I-

Both boys looked at each other

Robin: how are you

Speedy: I'm speedy

He looks at robin

Speedy: who are you, a circus performer

Robin: I'm robin

Speedy: robin? The boy wonder

Robin: yeah!

Speedy: my mentor, told me I was going to meet you

Robin: mines too

Just then they heard an alarm go on.


it was cavalier, he just robbed another jewelry store, both heroes, looked at each other then at him, then they raced after him, when speedy pulled out his arrow, tripped over on his feet and fell on robin as he pulled out his robinrangs. They both fell into a lake. They got up and saw cavalier got away.

Robin: ugh, thanks a lot he got away

Speedy: sorry

They both ran after him, robin threw his robinrangs on his arm, as he gets ready to cuff him, speedy throws his arrow at him, it cuts him loosefrom the robinrangs.

As he escapes, robin stares upset at speedy as he smiles shyly

And they both ran again only to get knocked out by one of count vertigo's men. They were sent flying into a dumpster

Back with Batman and green arrow, caviar had them tied up in a warehouse, he puts a bomb in front of them.

Cavalier: sorry I cannot stay and enjoy the fireworks,

He turns the bomb on

Cavalier: but I have a boat to catch

He carries a bag of jewels and money over his back and heads to the boat, at the port where count vertigo awaits for him. He throws the bags on the boat.

Vertigo: did you did the job

Cavalier: (he does a curtsy And takes his hat off) yes my good sir, it wasn't easy but I did have a few obstacles

Vertigo: obstacles?

Cavalier: speedy and his new friend

Vertigo: new friend? Describe him

Cavalier: black hair, looked like he was in a circus, wore red and green and he threw some kind of range at me.

Vertigo: you fool! That was Batman's sidekick robin

Cavalier: oh relax, he's just a sidekick, he's no worse then his partner

Vertigo: that's the same thing you said about speedy

Cavalier: (he pulls out his sword) just get the boat ready ok, the bomb is about ready to go off

Robin and speedy looked down at them, he looks through the binoculars and puts them down.

Robin: cavalier and count vertigo have our mentors in that warehouse, and their about to be blown to pieces.

Speedy: huh

Robin: (sigh) look I know you don't like me and I probably won't like you

Speedy: I never said that

Robin: but if we're going to say our partners, we're going to have work together

He puts his hand out to him

Robin: truce

Speedy: (he shakes it) truce

He shoots a line out for them with his robinrang, they slide on it, but then count vertigo's henchmen cut the wire and they both fell down, speedy shot his arrow and grabbed robin's arm, he swung themselves to safety.

Robin: thanks

Speedy: no problem (he tips his hat)

They looked around to see, they were surrounded by count vertigo's men, robin pulls out his staff and attacks the men on the right as speedy hits the one on the left with his bow.

Back at the warehouse, Batman pulls out a knife from his utility belt and cuts the rope, they escape and throw the bomb in the ocean, and head to the boat.

Batman: I'll get count vertigo, you take cavalier

Green arrow: aw, but I wanted to take down count vertigo

Batman jumps on count vertigo, as green arrow hits cavalier with his arrows

Back with robin and speedy, both of their weapons with taken away, their was too many of them, as they were being surrounded they were back against each other, as their backs touch each other, they looked at each other they soon got the same idea, they locked each other's arms and robin gets speedy a lift, and he starts kicking the henchmen down as he spins them around, then they switch, then speedy throws robin in air and punches more henchmen as robin lands on henchmen, he twist and kicks two more that we're charging his way, one by one as a team, they took down each henchmen. Then when lands on the ground he didn't see the henchmen man that was coming towards him, speedy hits him down with his punching arrow. Robin saw

Robin: thanks

Speedy smiled at him, but ducked when he saw robin punching him, but only to see that another henchmen was going to attack him behind his back.

They looked gladly at each other as speedy hands him his staff

Robin: thanks now let's go

Back with Batman, he punches count vertigo down as green arrow shoots his netting arrow at cavalier, but neither one of their strategies work, so they tried for a new tactic, when speedy and robin came in work together, speedy bend down for robin, as he ran and step on his back and jumped and kicked count vertigo, speedy shoots arrow at cavalier's sword causing it to fall In the ocean, he rans off, green arrow tries to go after him. Speedy stops him, robin goes after him.

Speedy: we take care of cavalier, you and Batman deal with count vertigo

Green arrow gives him a nod as he runs to count vertigo, speedy goes help robin.

Green arrow and Batman, punch him but he ducks, and they each punch each other, arrow tres kicking him, but he jumps then Batman steps on his cape, as the struggles to pull it away from him, he lets it go and he stumbles backwards almost falling off, he runs to receive a punch from Batman and green arrow at the same time, he falls in the water.

With robin and speedy as they see cavalier getting away, they stop and looked at each other, getting another idea, speedy pulls out his bow and robin grabs on it, he swings him around and around and throws him in the air. And robin kicks him down.

Cavalier: aww oh

Speedy walks over to robin, and they both smiled at each other

After they arrested cavalier and count vertigo and sent them back to star city, they headed back to the bat cave where robin and speedy were already bonding.

Speedy/robin: (chuckles)

Speedy: ok now I know why you're called robin, did you see how you flew in the air and knocked out cavalier

Robin: that was nothing, I mean you and that bow, (chuckles) now that was something

He pulls the bow out

Speedy: oh this old thing yeah it was nothing

Robin: it was more then nothing, you saved me with that thing

Speedy: well you kinda saved me too

Robin: I see why they called you speedy

Robin/speedy: (laughing)

Green arrow: well it looks like they got along fine

Robin/speedy: yeah

Batman: you too, would make great friends

They stared at each other

Batman: maybe you two, could see your identities, since you will be working together

They smiled in agreement

Robin/speedy: yeah (excitement)

They both removed their masked at the same time and speedy took off his hat, and were shocked to see who they were.

Dick/Roy: (gasp)

Dick: Oliver's kid is speedy

Roy: Robin is mr. Wayne's son

They look at their mentors then back at each other

They begin to laugh

Roy/dick: (chuckles)

Dick: well at least we got to know each other

Roy: yeah

Dick: we make a pretty great team

Roy: yep

They high-five each other

Roy: you know dick you make a great hero

Dick: I could say the same to you

Roy: I guess this mean we'll be seeing each other a lot

Dick: you know Roy (he grabs him by the shoulder) I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship

He smiles at him

Green arrow: I think we just created a terrible friendship

Batman: at least they got along

The very next day, Oliver and speedy were getting ready to leave, the boys were disappointed

Dick: do you guys really have to go

Roy: I don't wanna leave either dick but Oliver wants us to go home

Dick: well maybe you don't have to go you could spend the night

Roy: (gasp) please can I

Oliver: sorry Roy maybe another time

Roy: aw, Sorry

Dick: it's ok here

He gives roy his phone number

Dick: if you ever wanna hangout just call me anytime

Roy: sure here

He gives dick his

Roy: call me if you ever get lonely and I'll be there if promise or if you're in any trouble I'll promise I will be there

As the car drives off, they still talked

Dick: and your welcome to Wayne manor anytime

Roy: your welcome to too, at our mansion, I PROMISE I'll VISIT



He watches as the car leaves Wayne manor gates, For the first time ever, dick made a new friend and he won't have to cope with loneliness.

One day he'll meet the others