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~Love in Crimson~



Rias Gremory was irritated, lost and exhausted.

'There has to be a way to get me out of this!'

For the past three years, the heiress of the Gremory House had resided within the quaint and idyllic small town of Kuoh, Japan. Here she pretended to be just an ordinary, albeit incredibly beautiful teenage girl.

She went to school, did her homework and assignments, and completed her tests and exams without using any of her vast magical powers to aid her.

It was fun.

She enjoyed and treasured the life she currently lived, and yet she knew that it would not-could not-last.

Rias Gremory was the heiress of an ancient House of Devils, one of the 72 primordial Pillars of the Underworld. She had duties to her kind, and Rias knew that she could only run and stall so long before she would be forced back into the life of a pampered princess trapped within her gilded cage.

It would not be long before her parents would call on her to fulfill her obligations, upon which she would marry him and with that her cherished freedom would be gone.

And that frightened her greatly.

She was afraid of becoming a trophy wife.

She was afraid of her fiancé, or rather she was afraid of what he would do to her and the members of her peerage if she did not find a way to break this accursed engagement.

Rias sighed and ran a hand through her long, crimson red hair. Enjoying the silky texture of the strands as they tickled the tips of her smooth fingers.

'That cursed engagement…just how could Mother and Father do this to me?' She bit down hard on her lower lip and squeezed her eyes shut to stave of the moisture that built on the corners of her otherwise magnificent and vibrant eyes.

The contract that was set up was difficult enough to swallow, but the fact that her parents were the ones to set it up hurt more than words could convey.

Her parents, the illustrious Lord Zeoticus and Lady Venelana Gremory were the two Devils that Rias looked up too throughout her childhood. The two Devils that she loved above all others, even above her Onii-sama, and yet they still did this to her.

They knew all about her fiancé. They knew how he acted and how he treated her. They knew about his philandering around with every woman he met, and they knew that Rias was nothing but a trophy-a pair of tits, a supple ass and a nice pink pussy-to him, and yet her parents never once spoke up about it.

They never once reprimanded her fiancé for his actions, not even when that bastard groped or belittled her in front of other Devils.

She could not help the scoff that escaped her luscious lips, even as the first few salty pearls trickled down her ivory cheeks.

'Mother and Father most likely wouldn't give a fuck even if Riser ripped my clothes of and raped me bloody.' (1)

Rias would have continued her dark and downtrodden train of thought, wallowing in the misery of being thrown to the wolves by her own family, but before she could she felt herself being enveloped from behind in a warm and tender embrace.

She felt herself being pulled back into a pair of large and soft breasts that now rested against her cheeks on both sides, and she felt the comforting weight of a chin resting softly against the crown of her head.

The sweet and alluring scents of orange, jasmine, rose and vanilla invading her nose only confirmed what she already knew.

"A-Akeno-chan…" Rias stuttered, in her grief and self-torment she had completely forgotten that she was not alone within her grand room.

"Shh it's alright baby." (2) The soft and melodious voice of her [Queen] tickled her ears before Rias felt a soft hand brush against her cheeks, first it brushed along her right cheek then the left, cleaning away the wetness of her tears. "It's alright, we're going to find a way to free you from that contract and then we're going to stick it to that bastard, so don't worry that pretty little head of yours."

"B-but I didn't-" Rias was cut of from her attempts to save face by a soft chuckle coming from behind.

"You don't need to pretend Rias-chan." She felt Akeno lightly brush her lips against the crown of her head. "I know what you were thinking about, after all there aren't many things that can make the great Rias Gremory-sama cry, and I didn't see any Camel's around."

Rias's lips quirked up at Akeno's small bit of ribbing before she allowed herself to melt into her best friends embrace. "Thank you, Akeno-chan."

"There's nothing you have to thank me for, I'll always be here for you." Rias smiled warmly, her earlier thoughts while not forgotten, were soothed and pushed away for the time being. "Now, want to talk about it?"

Rias sighed and shook her head, "not really, it's always the same anyways. I first thought about my engagement, then about my parents…"

"And how they could hurt you so much." Akeno finished for her, making Rias nod her head before the beautiful redhead felt another kiss being placed against the top of her head. "Oh baby…I'm so sorry and I promise that we'll find a way to free you."

"I hope you are right." Rias said before whispering, "…for all of us."

It wasn't a secret amongst the girls of her peerage that if Rias's marriage to Riser Phenex came to pass, all of the girls sworn to her would most likely suffer greatly. Rias was quite sure that the best the girls of her peerage could look forward too would be to become members of Riser's harem, the worst on the other hand…well that was something Rias didn't even wish to think about.

Rias suddenly squawked in surprise as she felt her left nipple being twisted between two fingers. "Akeno~!"

"That's what you get for ignoring me and thinking about that again." Rias's cheeks puffed out in a pout at the sweet yet sadistic laugh of her [Queen].

"You're a meanie." She huffed, though there was a slight smile on her ruby red lips.

"Hush, I know that you love it when I'm mean with you~." Akeno purred into her ear which caused Rias to break out into melodious laughter.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't, guess you'll never know my dear Akeno-chan." Rias purred right back, looking over her shoulder to meet Akeno's gorgeous violet eyes with a smoldering look in her own.

The two girls held each other's lustful gazes as their faces inched ever closer towards each other until their glossy lips were just about to meet, when Rias suddenly smirked which became a smile and finally, she let out another sweet laugh.

"Alright, alright you win Akeno-chan." Rias giggled while snuggling deeper into Akeno's soft hold.

"Doesn't feel like a win to me." Akeno pouted, "and here I was looking forward to getting a kiss from my cute little Buchou."

Rias rolled her eyes in exasperation and lightly swatted Akeno's forearm which was securely wrapped around her slim waste. "Oh, stop it you."

Rias and Akeno's friendship ran deep, they've been inseparable since their childhood days. Growing up, the two childhood friends would often share the same bed, and sometimes even the same shower and bath. Neither of them did mind their close skin-ship, and to this day they would occasionally have their own personal slumber party. They would spend the night chatting about anything that came to mind. It was an escape from the troubles of the real world for both of them. Rias did not need to keep up her noble and dignified personality, and Akeno didn't need to act like the fabled "Onee-sama" of Kuoh Academy.

When it was just them, they could drop all the pretense and be themselves.

"Feeling better now?" Akeno asked lightly while still holding her best friend within a tight embrace.

Rias nodded, "I do."

"Good, then let's grab a quick shower, we're already late to school as is, and I've heard that we'll be getting a new student today." Akeno said before releasing Rias from her hold.

"Oh really?" The beautiful redhead asked.

Akeno nodded her head, "at least that's what Tsubaki-chan told me the other day."

"Well then let's go, I'm curious to find out who this new student might be!" The redhead jumped up from the couch and quickly darted into the bathroom that was located right within her massive bedroom, which in itself could've housed a small family, leaving behind a giggling Akeno Himejima.

"You are such a child Rias."

"Bite me!"

"Fu, fu, fu…Gladly~."

The black-haired bombshell smirked and followed her best friend into the bathroom.

"No-wait-Akeno-chan! It was a joke!"


'Oh my Gawd…this is going to be so freaking boring!'

A young man stood at the gates of Kuoh Academy with his head hung low and an aura of depression and annoyance about himself, with comedic raincloud and all.

He was handsome which drew him many glances from the female student body, not that the young man noticed, he was still too busy cursing the fates for having to attend an academy…again.

And yet even as he sulked away at his own misfortune, many members of the fairer sex could not keep the heat from rising to their cheeks as they beheld his form. He was rather tall for starters, standing a fair bit above the Japanese average, and the way the early morning sun reflected off his bright yellow-blonde hair made it appear as if he had a glowing aura of gold surrounding his form.

That and many of the female students simply found his despondent and sulky attitude to be quite cute, even more so after some of them heard his lowly muttered words of how school was evil and how the world hated him for forcing him to be here.

"Uhm, Uzumaki-san, were you listening to me?" The light and soft voice of a girl ripped the sulking teen from his depression and his bright blue eyes focused on the girl that stood before him.

A girl whom he may or may not have ignored for the past ten minutes or so.

Which she truly didn't need to know now, did she?

"Ah-uhm, of course I was listening!" He grinned at the girl while sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "Uhm, what was your name again?"

The cute white-haired girl gave him a deadpan look before her shoulders slumped and she let out a deep sigh, which kinda made him feel bad about ignoring her.

"My name is Momo Hanakai, I'm a second-year student and a member of the Kuoh Academy Student Council. I've been sent to receive you and to formally welcome…"

'Well, if anything the students at this school seem to be nice enough.' The blonde thought absentmindedly, again completely ignoring the girl in front of him. 'And I would be lying if I'd claimed that the girls that I've seen so far weren't utterly drop dead gorgeous.'

As the last thought crossed his mind his deep blue eyes took in the form of the girl standing in front of him.

She was beautiful.

Rich white hair that cascaded down her back and framed the sides of her pretty face, she had creamy white skin that looked to be utterly smooth and without a single visible blemish, and the school uniform that she wore hugged her womanly curves in all the right places, leaving little to nothing to the imagination.


The young man was startled when the cute girl-Momo he recalled-shouted his name while snapping her fingers in front of his face. "Y-yes!?"

"Stop ignoring me!" The girl cried with puffed out cheeks and an annoyed look on her beautiful face.

"But I didn't!"

"Then what'd I say? Huh?"

"That your name is Momo Hanakai, that you are a member of the Kuoh Academy Student Council and that you were sent here to officially welcome me to the Academy and to give me a tour of the Academy grounds. Furthermore, you said that you would be open to any questions I may have about the Academy, it's rules and regulations and that you'd lead me to the Headmasters Secretary where I will be given my schedule."

His lips quirked up in a small smirk as he took in the look of surprise on Momo's face, ah nothing like some good-natured fun to brighten up an otherwise bad day.

"Oh-um, I apologize for accusing you of ignoring me Uzumaki-san." Momo stumbled over her words with a flustered expression on her pretty face.

"None of that Momo-san, I should apologize for making you feel as if I'd ignored you." He smiled brightly at her, inwardly cheering a bit when he noticed the small dusting of pink on Momo's cheeks. "Oh, and please call me Naruto, I'm truly not fond of formalities."

"O-okay then Naruto-san." The cute girl stuttered out timidly before she cleared her throat and once more adopted a more serious persona. "Now then, if you would follow me, we should begin with your tour around the campus."

Momo was just about to turn around and begin her stride when Naruto spoke up. "Yeah, about that, I don't think that I will be needing that tour."

"What? But the campus is large and its easy for new students to get lost here." Momo claimed while stopping mid step to turn and face her 'charge' for the day.

"But the fun of getting to see new places is exploring, isn't it?" Naruto gave Momo another grin, showing his pearly whites to the world before he vaguely gestured at the large academy building. "Just give me the directions to the Headmasters office and I'll find my own way around."

"But what if you get lost and don't make it to class on time?" Momo was partly worried that the new student would get into trouble on his first day, but more than that she was worried that she would get in trouble with Kaichō for allowing Naruto to get into trouble on her watch.

She would rather not have her behind spanked until it was the color of a ripe cherry…again.

"Don't worry about it Momo-san, if I get into trouble then I'm going to own up to it. And if you're worried about getting into trouble yourself, then just tell whoever it is you answer too that I insisted on exploring the campus on my own."

Momo frowned at the admittedly handsome young man before she let out another sigh, "if you are sure."

"I am." He nodded.

"Okay then, just try to get to your class on time, if I recall correctly then you are in class 3a, it's on the third floor."

Naruto nodded, "I'll remember it, thanks for the warm reception Momo-chan!"

With that Naruto turned towards the academy and walked away from the blushing girl, waving over his shoulder as he did.

Though as he was a few paces away from the second-year girl he heard her call out to him.

"Welcome to Kuoh Academy, Naruto-kun!"

He smirked and continued his slow walk towards the main academy building.

'Yeah…maybe going to school won't be all that bad after all.'


1: Lord and Lady Gremory strike me as being quite nice and lovely in cannon, but at the same time I wouldn't exactly call them good parents either. From what I know of the DxD cannon, Venelana Gremory is a strict woman that seems to expect Rias to do her duty without complaint. And Zeoticus Gremory seems to be a laid back and quite careless man overall. He also has a harem, so I doubt that he holds women and their feelings and desires in high regard.

And both of them did know exactly what kind of man Riser Phenex was, and yet neither of them seemed to say or do anything about Riser's behavior, to a point where one truly has to speculate what it would've taken for them to take action and put their foot down for good.

And taking all that into account, I think that it is plausible for Rias to feel abandoned by her own parents.

2: This paragraph and the ones following are not meant to be taken as romantic or sexual. It's meant to show a friend consoling and coddling the other, nothing more.


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