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~Love in Crimson~


Chapter Two

The new Kid in Devil Town pt. 2

-During Lunch Break-

Naruto sighed pleasantly as he rested his back against a large oak tree that stood at the edge of the courtyard behind Kuoh High's main academic building.

After finishing his lunch-some fast food he bought on his way to school-he just wanted to relax for a few moments before classes would resume.

So far Naruto didn't know what he should think of his first day at school. He had enjoyed it more than he thought that he would, but beyond that, he could not help to question his choice of enrolling in the Academy.

Maybe it was his guilt acting up, or maybe it was something else entirely, but he felt that he wasn't ready to move on.

He exhaled a long-suffering breath.

Was it right for him to move on after everything that happened?

For months now he hid from the world, all the while hoping and praying that someone would come to get him. He hoped that his friends would find some way to get him back home, but nothing happened.

No one came for him.

For the first time in a long while, Naruto was in a position where his might and chakra were not enough. Or if it was enough then he knew not where to start. He knew far too little about the make-up of the universe, and he had no idea if or how interdimensional travel was possible.

Oh, he was aware that there were beings out there that had such power at their command, but he was not one of them. He possessed no Sharingan, no Rinnegan, and most certainly no Rinne-Sharingan, and his knowledge about Fuuinjutsu was lacking…he could make a storage scroll but that was about it.

He was far away from knowing how to create seals that could function on an interdimensional level.

And if he didn't just so happen to stumble upon a Seal-Master that was willing to teach him, Naruto feared that that would never change.

"Dear Me, could you pleas not?" Naruto had no outward reaction to the booming and ungodly voice that suddenly resonated through his mind with the force of a thunderclap.

He just smiled, 'Good morning sleeping princess.'

"Nothing good about it." Kurama, the nine-tailed demon fox, the bane of Konoha, and one of the closest friends Naruto ever had, grumbled in pure annoyance. "First thing I hear after waking up from a month-long nap and it just had to be your annoying and despondent thoughts."

'Oh, screw you too.' Naruto huffed, 'besides, I've been getting better with that, and you know it!'

"True enough I suppose." Kurama yawned loudly before looking at the world through Naruto's eyes. "Naruto…?"


"Why are we in a human school? And why are you wearing a school uniform...?"

'Well…didn't you say that you wanted me to get my ass into gear and do 'something' with my life? I think you said something along the lines of…' Naruto mentally cleared his throat, ''NARUTO STOP SULKING AND GET YOUR ASS INTO GEAR OR I SWEAR THAT I WILL MAKE YOUR EVERY DAY A LIVING HELL ON EARTH!' After that I remember you going into a fit of evil cackling while simultaneously throwing insult after insult at me…then you were so tuckered out that you went on a month-long nap.'

If a giant monster fox could blush in embarrassment, then Kurama would be doing that right now. "…well, that might be true…but I was thinking about something like using your skills to become a mercenary or a thief or hell even an assassin…yea, yea save it. I know killing people for money isn't exactly 'you, but we could've switched places then I could've done the killing while you could've spent the money…but not school! I remember that you hated school! So why are we in school!? The one fucking place that's sure to be even more boring than your smelly and cramped apartment!"

'Well I thought that it would be smart to join a school…ya know? This way I could meet some new people, maybe make some friends while also learning-

"BULLSHIT!" Naruto jumped at Kurama's loud bellow, so startled was he that even his physical body jumped nearly a foot into the air.


"Bullshit." Again, Naruto was cut off by Kurama, quieter this time as Kurama adapted a matter-of-fact tone. "There is no way, no way at all that you would ever join a school to learn something! No way! I don't believe it!"

'What's that supposed to mean you giant furry asshole!? Huh!? I can study-

"Bullshit! The day you sit down with a book in hand to study something that isn't related to ninjutsu is the day I'm going to transform into a hot and bothered Anime Fox-Girl with a deep craving for your dick."

Naruto crossed his arms and pouted, 'you're an asshole 'ttebayo.'

"There's no denying the obvious but I'm also right." Kurama snorted within his mind, "Now, truth. Give it to me. Pronto."

'You know…you actually would make for a good Anime Waifu…you have that bossy Tsun-Tsun personality down to a tee!'

"Oh, go and fuck a fucking duck you fucking shmuck."

Naruto chuckled warmly, quickly being joined by his partner, it was good to be able to talk with that grouchy old Kitsune again…even if he sometimes wanted to strangle Kurama.

"But Naruto, why are we here?" Kurama asked and Naruto knew that his tenant was serious right now.

'Just look yourself.' The blonde stated before synchronizing his mind with that of Kurama's, showing the Biju all that transpired over the last month.

Processing a month's worth of memories took even Kurama a few moments to do and once it was done Naruto waited and allowed the ancient Biju to mull over what he had learned.


'Yup…very curious indeed.' Naruto nodded in agreement.

"You think this 'boss' will be able to help you get back home?"

Naruto raked a hand through his golden-blonde hair, 'Honestly? No, I don't think so...I believe that I'm being played here right and proper. And I know that those people-whoever they are-know far more about us than we know about them…which is never a good thing. And finally, I was contracted by a shady group of people to play pretend at a high school…if that doesn't cause both your morally and ethnically wrong bells to ring then I don't know what will.'

"Quite the situation you've gotten yourself into here…" He heard Kurama hum from within him, "but the question remains…if you think that they're fooling you then why are you here?"

Naruto leaned his head back against the rough bark of the oak tree and allowed his gaze to wander heavenward. 'Because those guys might be telling the truth…their leader might truly be able to get us back to the Elemental Nations…and if not then…'

Kurama chuckled evilly within Naruto's mind, "If not then we'll be able to give those idiots a one-way ticket straight to hell."

'Exactly.' Naruto's azure blue eyes flashed red for a moment before they shifted back to their original color. 'But until those guys tell me what the heck I'm supposed to do, I'm going to have to play the part of being a normal student.'

"Oh, the horror."

'I know right? It's terrible!'

"Naruto that was sarcasm."

'Oh really? What's that taste like?'

"I see what you did there."

Once more man and beast shared some laughs, but it was interrupted all too soon by the ringing of schools' bells, announcing the end of Naruto's freedom.

"Well that's my cue, I'm going to take another nap, wake me up once something interesting happens."

'Wait Kurama! Are you sure that you don't want to switch places with me? C'mon, I'm sure you want to stretch your legs for a bit, right?' Naruto gave Kurama the best iteration of mental puppy-dog eyes that he could. 'Pretty please?'



"Yeah, why not?" Kurama agreed readily, "I'm sure that no one will notice that the new kid suddenly has deep red eyes, three-inch-long canines, and claws for fingernails, I'll fit right in with this bunch of meat-bags!"

Naruto pouted at nothing, 'no need to rub it in…'

"If you don't want me to rub it in then stop asking stupid questions, now get your ass back to the class young man!"

A large tick-mark pulsed away on Naruto's temple, 'you're enjoying this, aren't you?'

"Pff, no not at all, who do you take me for? Now git, time's a-wasting!"

Now Naruto might have believed Kurama…were it not for the fact that the bastard of a Fox was roaring in laughter.

Such an insensitive bastard…mocking Naruto and the horrors he would soon experience.

'Fuck you Kurama! Fuck you!" Naruto smiled brightly, 'And it's good to have you back buddy.'

"Heh…it's good to be back…kit."


Naruto rested his chin against his palm as he sat at his table. The teacher wasn't here yet, so the class was rowdy as students mingled with each other and chatted about this, that, and everything else.

Even so, Naruto had no desire to join them, after all, all the students were talking about things that Naruto knew far too little about.

Though as he allowed his eyes to wander through the crowded class, he noted that the pretty crimson-haired girl wasn't here either, neither was her friend Akeno.

'They probably have a different schedule than I…' That was as good a guess as any other.

"Hey, Chiho…did you hear?"

Naruto picked up on a conversation happening between two boys that sat a few rows in front of him. And with nothing better to do Naruto decided to listen in…

"Hear about what Shin?" The first boy, Chiho asked.

"The perverted trio got caught peeping again," Shin said with a chuckle following his statement.

'Perverted Trio? Really…?' Naruto wondered about that before shuddering as an image of three Jiraiya's appeared before his mind's eye. 'No just no.'

"Honestly…those three are hopeless." Chiho facepalmed, whether it was from embarrassment or something else Naruto didn't know.

"I know what you mean man, but can you blame them?"

"Guess not, still they better stop with their peeping…" Chiho muttered lowly enough that Naruto just barely managed to catch his words.

"You're only saying that because Kaori's going to enter Kuoh Academy next year."

Chiho crossed his arms and huffed, "not if I have anything to say about it. I'll make sure that my sister isn't coming anywhere close to this place as long as Hyoudou and his fap buddies are around."

"Aren't you a bit overly dramatic here?"

"Am I?" Chiho shot back, "then tell me, genius, what would you do if you were in my position?"


"Huh? Tell me?"

"…well, there's always Hakoniwa Academy across town."

"That's what I thought."

Naruto shook his head at the interaction between the two boys with a small smile playing on his lips. Must be nice to only have such mundane concerns…he could hardly recall the feeling. Even now his life seemed to be unnecessarily convoluted, but he supposed that he signed up for it the moment he chose to become a Shinobi.

Naruto perked up when he saw the doors to the classroom open before a tall and beautiful woman came walking into the room.

The students all scurried onto their seats as the woman's heels clicked against the floor and she came to a stop in front of the blackboard.

'What's with all these women? Is this school some magnet for supermodels?'

Instead of flushing or gawking at the woman's gorgeous appearance, Naruto just shook his head in disbelieve…truly, this school was every pervert's paradise.

And the woman that calmly stood before the entire class just served to reinforce that fact even further.

Good Lord, she could give both Momo and Akeno a run for their money!

She oozed confidence as she stood there, staring at all the students with an icy and strict expression on her beautiful face. Her light gray hair was pulled into a slightly slanted ponytail and several loose strands of her hair covered much of her left eye in a peek-a-boo. She had silvery-grey eyes-which were currently set into a hard stare-and a cute mole on her left cheek, right underneath her lower lashes.

The woman-for she appeared to be in her mid-thirties-had a nice and curvaceous figure. She had long legs, very wide and thick hips a thin waist, and modest breasts, all of which were covered by a fitting business suit with a skirt that was dreadfully short, leaving nothing of her long legs to the imagination.

After holding her stare for another moment longer the woman turned on the spot and wrote her name-in chalk-onto the blackboard before once more turning to face the class, no not the class.

Naruto couldn't help but gulp as the woman's eyes found his own, her stare unflinching and hard as steel.

"Starting today I'll be your instructor for Japanese History." The woman's tone was soft and feminine but left an icy feeling in its wake. "My name is Cheon Sohee."

'Damn…she sure is gorgeous.' Naruto thought absentmindedly as he observed some of his classmates whisper about the woman.

Which did not last long.


The beautiful teacher slammed her fist onto the blackboard behind her which caused many of the students in the class to nearly jump out of their seats in shock and left even the blonde Shinobi quite startled. "Those of you who've studied under me should know this already, but I don't believe that any students deserve to enjoy their basic human rights!"

Naruto blanched at that, "…say what now…?"

"So, for the sake of our new student here I will say this; I will use every means necessary to make you succeed as students!" The woman stalked back and forth in front of the class-looking like a predator on the prowl-one hand on her hip while the other was wrapped tightly around a pointer. "Concentrate on every single word I say and don't even let me hear you breathe, understood?"

Every single student, Naruto included nodded their heads rapidly.

"Anyone who doesn't do as I say…" She glared-quite darkly might he add-and let her eyes wander over every single student in attendance, "…will not be able to survive my class…so brace yourselves."

"…what the fuck…" Naruto breathed out before leaning over to another student sitting in his row. "Is this normal?" Naruto whispered to the girl who he sadly had not had the chance to meet before.

"Huh?" The girl, cute lithe thing, looked at Naruto in confusion before her light-blue eyes lit up in recognition. "Oh, right you're the new guy so I shouldn't be surprised that you don't know about her, but to answer your question, yes that's quite normal."

The girl glanced at the teacher standing at the front before leaning closer towards him, "Cheon-sensei is extremely strict and known throughout the Academy for her harsh treatment of students. She grills students for the smallest of mistakes and is known for dishing out corporal punishment...! That right there-Uzumaki-san-is Ms. Cheon Sohee, Kuoh Academies 'Tyrant Teacher'!"

'What the…Tyrant Teacher!? What did I get myself into now!?'

"Honestly kit, I have no idea, but I'm enjoying this greatly right now! Bahahaha!"

Naruto's head met his desk with a dull thud and he let out a low groan of annoyance. But of course, he should've suspected this already, shouldn't he? It was just his luck that the school he attended just so happened to have a Drill Seargent disguised as a hot teacher.

'Ah really…fuck my life…'

"Now then class, you better pay attention, and don't you even think about slouching or sleeping during MY class!"

Naruto felt like crying right about now, 'I can't even sleep through this!'

"Open your History Textbook, page 15, now!"

"You know Naruto I take it back; I don't think that this school's going to bore me anytime soon! This shit is better than wrestling! Now do something to make the woman angry, I wanna see what she does!"


"Uzumaki pay attention!"

"Yes ma'am!"



The beautiful crimson-haired heiress of the Gremory family was sitting at her large mahogany office table, enjoying her free period.

And by enjoying she meant going over the paperwork that had gathered over the school day. It was boring and thankless work, but it was a part of being both a High-Class Devil and the President of a Club.

Sometimes her workload seemed…unending.

Therefore she was glad that she had this free period! That and it allowed her to escape the clutches of the History teacher…that woman, Cheon Sohee, she was…scary.

Akeno was a sadist with some masochistic tendencies and even she went out of her way to avoid that woman!

'I hope Naruto-kun is doing well.' Rias blinked, her hand which held a ballpoint pen stopped mid brush, 'and there it is again…why won't you leave my mind?'

She lightly shook her head and placed her focus back on the paper she was in the process of filling out. But it was no use, even as her hand brushed the pen over paper, filling out line after line as if on autopilot her thoughts revolved around the new student.

It was worst now that she was alone, with nothing here to distract her.

'What's wrong with me?' She wondered, 'could it be a crush? But I don't even know him!'

But did it matter if she knew the boy or not? There were always those stories about 'Love on First Sight'. The kind of kitschy stories every girl dreamt about but never expected to happen to them.

And Rias was no different in that.

Oh, she enjoyed those stories and she read more than just one book with that very premise at its center, and yet she never-not even for a moment-thought that she would ever experience anything the like.

After all, she couldn't.

She never had a choice in matters of love. Her lover had been decided long before she was born and growing up her family made sure that she was kept far away from any male Devils. Only direct relatives and her fiancé were allowed to approach her without a chaperone present to ensure her purity.

Which in hindsight was quite funny to her.

Her cousin Sairaorg was not allowed to approach her without her chaperone being there, even though everyone knew that Sairaorg would never touch her in any sexual way.

Yet Riser Phenex, the one Devil that wanted nothing more than to fuck her was allowed to casually approach her.

Was it just her or was there truly something wrong with that way of handling things? But no, she shouldn't blame her family for that, not when she knew that her chaperone-that nasty woman-accepted bribes for a variety of things.

Rias had witnessed Riser bribe her chaperon with her very own eyes, and ever since that day Riser was never bothered by that nasty bitch again.

Rias briefly entertained the thought of telling her father about the bribes but decided against it for her chaperone was also her father's mistress, one of his favorites at that.

Rias was quite sure that if she confronted her father and mother and told them all about it, they would believe her.


But that meant that she had to confront her parents again…and Rias didn't know if she could do that. She didn't know if she could manage to sit through another evening of false smiles, pitying looks, and empty presents.

And all she ever wanted was to be able to choose.

Rias finished the paper she worked on so far and quickly replaced it with a new one, looking to the side she had to withhold a groan as she saw a small steeple of papers that she had yet to do.

'One paper at a time Rias, one paper at a time.'

And so, she went back to work, writing away until her wrist started to cramp up, and then she wrote some more.

And as she was working her mind once more wandered back to a certain blonde and blue-eyed new student.

'I wonder how Naruto-kun is doing right now…I hope that he didn't do anything to make Sohee-sensei angry…' Rias thought while continuing to do her daily work routine.

That was until the door to the ORC began to open and she rose her head to look at the person that entered the room.

Rias smiled fondly and put her pen down to greet the person. "Koneko-chan, don't you have PE now?"

"I got excused from class." The petite girl said in a monotonous drawl.

Rias frowned at the girl and stood up before walking up to the smaller first-year student. She gently placed her hands onto the girls' shoulders and gave her a kind smile.

"What's wrong Koneko-chan?" Rias asked while softly rubbing her [Rook's] shoulders, "it's not like you to shy away from gym class."

The lithe [Rook] looked away with a frown marring her pretty features, "the girls of my class went swimming today…and I can't."

The little girls despondent tone pulled at Rias' heartstrings, and she was quick the pull Koneko into a warm hug. "I'm sorry Koneko-chan." Rias cooed while caressing the smaller girl's bright, snow-white hair.

"…it's not your fault Buchou." The girls mumbled into Rias' boobs.

"But it is, I should've taught you how to swim long ago." Rias' eyes widened when the little girl wrapped her arms around her waist.

"…and you tried to teach me." Koneko began to purr quietly when Rias found and scratched that special spot hidden beneath her hair. "It isn't your fault that I'm scared of water."

"So stubborn…" Rias had a small grin on her face as he held the smaller girl in her arms. She was always rather weak against adorable things and her little Koneko had to be the epitome of cuteness right now. "Are you hungry right now?"

Koneko looked up from in between the valley of Rias' breasts and gave the taller girl a quick nod, "…a little."

The crimson-haired princess nodded and ushered her little [Rook] towards one of the couches. "Then take a seat and I'll get you a little snack."

Koneko Toujou blinked, "…you?"

"Yeah, why not? Akeno is out doing something with Tsubaki-chan, so just sit tight while I have a look, maybe I can find something that you'd enjoy."

The first year gave a noncommittal half shrug before she planted down on the couch. Her golden hazel eyes followed her [Kings] form as the older girl walked out of the clubroom and headed for the kitchen of the Old School Building.

'…Buchou seems different…' The lithe girl thought to herself.

Koneko didn't have to wait long before Buchou came back in with a silver held in both hands. The Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin placed the tray down in front of the white-haired girl with a smile on her pretty face.

Koneko looked blankly at the dish before her. Those cookies smelt good, as did the tea, and here she always believed that Akeno and Kiba were the only members of the peerage that could cook…

"Here, I hope that it won't be too bad…"

"…did you make this Buchou?"

"Well not the cookies, there were still some leftovers from the last time Akeno baked a tray, I just put them in the oven for a few minutes and made a pot of tea." Rias explained with a tilt of her head, "now dig in while I'll finish the rest of my paperwork."

Koneko had to withhold a small smile as she saw Buchou walk back towards her desk with her head lowered and a comedic rain cloud above her head.

'…kay maybe Buchou's not that different after all…' The girl shook her head and grabbed a steaming cookie from the tray and bit into it, she hummed pleasantly and took a sip of the tea.

The rest of the hour passed quickly for both Rias and Koneko with the former being consumed by her work and the latter consuming sweets and tea like the little cookie monster she was.


-After School with Naruto-

Naruto yawned tiredly and stretched his hands high above his head as he made his way through the hallways of Kuoh High.

At the end of the hallway, he went down the spiralling staircase until he reached the bottom floor. With his brain on autopilot the blonde shinobi moved through the crowd of students without touching one of them.

He just wanted to get out of here.

The last class was tiring to say the least.

The History teacher seemed to know what she was talking about, but did she really have to be that strict? Luckily, he heeded the warning of the cute green haired girl and avoided getting into any trouble with the woman, still how did someone that used corporal punishment in this day and age get a licence to work with children?


The blonde stopped and turned around to see the girl he talked too during class come running towards him.

"Oh, it's you," Naruto mumbled after the girl came to stop in front of him panting and out of breath. "How can I help ya?"

The girl looked up at Naruto and gave him a timid smile, "I just wanted to properly introduce myself, my name is Rina Hase!"

The blonde laughed kindly down at the vastly smaller girl. She was cute, he admitted that much.

"It's nice to meet 'cha Rina-chan!"

Rina's entire face went red and seemingly the entire girl went fidgety, and Naruto could feel it well up within him. That deep urge that only the cutest of girls could evoke within a manly man like him.

That primordial urge to reach out and grab the girl in a massive bear hug.

But he held strong and withstood, he stayed steadfast and unflinching in the face of cuteness.

"And thanks again for the warning about the sensei, 'ttebayo!"

"No problem N-Naruto-kun." The girl gave him a blushing smile.

Rina was a cute girl, pretty too, but not in the 'this girl needs to be worshipped at an alter' kind of way. No, she had that girl-next-door kind of beauty. With dull mint-green hair, light green eyes, a petite stature with surprisingly big breasts, and rather wide hips for her small frame.

And seriously the girl was tiny, with the top of her head barely reaching the bottom of Naruto's chest.

"Anyways I want to get out of here, so do you maybe want to walk with me?" Naruto asked and pointed at the emptying hallway before them.


"Great! C'mon, let's go!"

Rina gave Naruto a timid smile and the two of them began their walk down the hallway.

Naruto pretended not to notice the glances the green-haired young woman gave him occasionally, as they walked. It was nice he supposed, to walk side by side with a girl like this, but he didn't know if he was ready to make new friends just yet.

He sighed and shoved his hands into the front pockets of his trousers.

"Is something wrong?"

"Huh?" He looked down and to the right to see Rina look at him with a worried and inquisitive look on her pretty face. "Oh no, nothing's wrong, just lost in thought I guess."

"Alright." The girl nodded and a few moments of awkward silence passed before she once more looked at the far taller man walking next to him. "Wanna talk about it?"

"'Bout what?"

"About your thoughts I mean, sometimes talking about things like that helps me clear my head, you know." The girl glanced to the side with a light blush on her cheeks, "…or was it too personal for to ask? I don't want to intrude."

"Nah it's alright." Naruto tilted his head and squinted in thought, "I guess I just don't know how I'm supposed to act, ya know?"

"Do you mean around me or in general?" The girl asked with a cute tilt of her head.

"In general, but I wouldn't mind some advice on the former either." Naruto leered playfully down at the girl.

Rina giggled and shook her head, "I don't think you need any advice about that, you're doing fine. It's nice to just be able to walk with a boy without having to worry about you trying to do something…perverted."

He looked down at the girl with an eyebrow cocked, "how do you know that I wouldn't give it a try?"

"Oh, I don't." The girl smiled up at the confused blonde, "you just don't strike me as the type who would try something untoward, and moms always told me that I have good instincts!"

"Just make sure that your trusting nature won't come back to haunt you in the future…"

Rina gulped lightly…was it just her imagination or did she hear something dark, bitter, and angry in Naruto's tone just now. And as she allowed herself a glance at his handsome face, she could've sword that his eyes were shadowed and…

She blinked and shook her head; she was just imagining things.

"You don't have to worry Naruto-kun, I'm always careful around new people." She gave him a little grin, "but back to what you said earlier, why are you worried about how you should act? I mean it's simple, isn't it? Just act like yourself!"

Naruto tilted his head and gave the girl a smile that did not quite reach his eyes, "yea I guess you're right."

'If it only would be that simple.' He thought bitterly but wisely kept those thoughts from showing on his face.

"See? Sometimes you just need to talk to someone, and everything works out!" Rina walked ahead and spun around to face Naruto.

Said blonde smiled at the cute girl that was now walking backward while keeping her eyes on him. She was a nice girl, and far bubblier than she let on at first glance…


The beautiful and busty Akeno Himejima walked down the hallways of Kuoh Academy. As she walked, she waved and smiled at all her fans-both boys and girls alike-putting on the charade of being their perfect and un-failable "Onee-sama" when in truth she was neither of those things.

'Ah well, appearances must be kept.' And so, she played along, doing everything that the masses expected her to do and then some.

Akeno just finished her meeting with her fellow [Queen], Tsubaki Shinra, and was on her way back to the Old School building.

As the senior rounded a corner she came upon an interesting sight. 'My oh my, someone's working quickly…Ufufufu.'


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