Log Entry 25

Wow... Still tired, but I got it all done. every last useful piece of fiber, cable, system board, spare computers, screen, and anything else I thought might be useful, has been pulled out of the crew compartment and stored on the Vitez─â Furie.

Took an additional week and a half of essentially constant work to pull it off. So focused on getting it done, I almost missed my first interaction with the worlds of this system. A truly beautiful and striking twin worlds. I've had to recalculate the habitable zone of this system several times. The UV star is so unusual that it's output has taken this entire time to map and take into account into the models. So, while colder, these worlds are right on the inside edge of the habitable zone.

They orbit around a common center of gravity out between them, one of them, as they orbit each other, getting far enough from the star to nearly freeze over, only to swing in, in exchange with the other one. It is a slow dance between them, each full orbit around the center of gravity taking a full 5 standard years, plus. Yet, that is screaming fast compared to their orbit around the star. Their orbit is nearly a light month out from the star, on average, give or take a few light-days. It takes centuries for these worlds to complete a full orbit.

The atmospheres are breathable, well.., almost. It would likely irritate the lungs due to a non-trace amount of ammonia in the atmosphere of one, and chlorine in the other. Yet, beyond that, the atmosphere of both is a majority nitrogen with 22% oxygen. Very breathable with just a minor filter until you get used to the other gases. The system took lots of pictures, which I will go over in time, but a quick scan of them confirmed life thriving on both, even on the one currently in the freeze cycle of their dance.

Really wore myself out getting the rip up job finished. I slept for half a day. Going to do a final once over and will likely dump the crew compartment as I approach the next world. I'm not going to be aiming for it though. No, there is an asteroid belt a few light days past that world. I'm going to be flying well clear of it, but I'm doing the calculations to be able to be able to release it and ensure that it impacts one of the big ones. I don't want to leave something that big, coasting along at a rather large fraction of the speed of light to hit something, maybe an inhabited world, millennia from now. That just would not be cool. The impact will be something to behold I am sure.

My herb garden is growing well. They plants seem to like the lights in the lounge the most. Though now, I kinda want more soil to work with. I have a large collection of seeds. From what I can tell, the Tech whose cabin I found them in was, or I suppose is, an exobiologist. Probably was going to use the seeds to test soil samples with. Now they are growing and going to go into my cooking. Yet, I have more than just the herbs. There are several vegetables, and even a few flowers. Those would be nice. I think I'll look into the files and see if I can figure out how to convince the printer to generate more soil. I'll built a bunch of planter boxes. Get a real garden going. Gotta have goals, right?

Anyway. I really am exhausted still. Been in the ADoc, and I'm fine, just literally exhausted. It recommended rest. I've been, but needed to eat too. Once I release the crew compartment I can get back to programming the GUI printer pattern creator, so I can create the pattern and get it to print the replacement boards for the ET/EC comm unit. I look forward to that.