Harry has a different reaction to his near death experience at age nearly seven and become a right little Machiavellian Prince and, as his relatives tell everyone he's a hooligan, he starts bringing their falsehoods to life.

I don't own or derive any material benefit out of Harry Potter or Stargate. This story is not a crossover, though it will feature a certain general from Texas.

Not being American, I know nothing about San Antonio or LA and may get things wrong, a lot. The school is real; the events portrayed are not. Harry has his own views about religion. Harry has reached 11 and is now attending Hogwarts, so may not be correct. That doesn't mean he'll change his views. He is rather stubborn.

Harry Potter was staring down the wands of 10 aurors. This did not go down well with young Harry. Harry was aware that Remus had stepped off to the side. Some brave Gryffindor he was turning out to be. Harry thought of himself as James Hammond, who he'd been for most of the past four years, hiding away in America. When he was 9 years old, some Vampires had decided to attack him and his mother, Claudette Hammond, who along with her husband Fred Hammond had adopted him. Fred was the son of Major-General George S Hammond who had been married to Lily Evans' aunt. James Hammond had pressed for war as the vampires had violated a treaty they had with MACUSA, the authority for wizards and witches in America. He had personally killed 100000 vampires. The spell he'd used was fiendfyre. That was what he was going to use now. A redwood wand was forced into James' left hand from its holster.

"Fiendfyre," James said, in an american accent. The 10 aurors were too stunned to fire their own spells. They died as the flames adopted shapes over their bodies. James stepped over them, the fire retreating away from him.

Senior Undersecretary Dolores Jane Umbridge said, "Hem, Hem. Harry Potter you are under arrest."

"Reducto," James said. Umbridge tried to stop the spell hitting her. Stepping to the side did not occur to her. Her hurried protego failed to stop the spell, which took her neck off. Her head went to the left, her body fell to the right. Remus had caught up with James.

"Whose bright idea was this?" James demanded.

Dumbledore had caught the last part of the confrontation. He was shocked that Harry Potter had not been arrested and taken away. He'd been in his office writing up the statement to the Daily Prophet about Harry Potter's arrest. He arrived to see the scenes of death.

"Harry, what have you done?" Dumbledore demanded.

"You do not have my permission to address by my first name. Not now, not ever. What were they doing here?"

"Mr Potter, do not address the Headmaster like that. 50 points from Hufflepuff." McGonagall was turning deep purple. Just like Vernon had done before he had beaten Harry, and he had just been Harry back then, close to death.

"Ah, Deputy Headmistress McGonagall. You don't get to talk to me like that. I'm a Legacy Student and as such cannot have points deducted or serve detentions I deem unfair. Like Susan Bones, here. Oh, I can't be expelled either.

Whilst Minerva McGonagall was spluttering, Albus Dumbledore smoothly stepped in.

"Now Harry, you did attack Professor Snape and those boys," he said.

"The matter was dealt with yesterday by Madam Amelia Bones and closed. She is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Disrespect me again, Headmaster, by using my first name again and I will kill you." Harry said it in such a deadpan way that Dumbledore was shocked. Quirrell looked on with interest. Susan Bones who had gone to the same muggle primary school as Harry was both pleased and relieved that Harry remembered her. She would be sending her aunt an owl. She had a letter to write.

Harry made his way to his dorm and got greeted by a furious kneazle. Harry did his best to avoid getting scratched. He eventually persuaded Algernon to settle down. As he hadn't brought treats, the kneazle proceeded to ignore him.

Remus Lupin was left to deal with McGonagall and Dumbledore, both of whom were past irate with Lord Potter.

"Now, Remus, Harry must stand trial for his attacks on boys at this school and one of our professors."

"Lord Potter has already told you, Dumbledore, that you do not have his permission to call him by his first name. I shall be making a complaint to Madam Bones and the Board of Governors of Hogwarts. You have instigated two attacks on Lord Potter. One after the matter was dropped by the DMLE."

"Remus, my boy, I would have expected more gratitude from you."

"Gratitude from me? You made me look like a traitor to my friends. You kept me away from Lord Potter, by sending me off to a job abroad. A job that not only did not exist, but those to whom I was sent had no idea I was going to show up. I had to earn my passage back, no thanks to you. I owe you no gratitude, Dumbledore. I am here to serve you, Dumbledore, with this suit for line theft by Lord Sirius Black and another suit for line theft by Lord Potter." Remus slapped two papers against Dumbledore's right cheek. "Consider the papers served." Remus dropped the two sets of papers into Dumbledore's hands, whirled around and departed Hogwarts, through open doors.

Harry reviewed his timetable:

Monday: Charms, Transfiguration, History of Magic with double DADA in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Double Herbology

Wednesday: Transfiguration, Charms with Astronomy evening and night time

Thursday: afternoon Double Potions

Friday: History of Magic afternoon Flying

Harry liked the Herbology lesson with his head of house, Professor Sprout. He was able to finish the homework he had on Monday, as well as for the lesson he'd just had. He sent an owl to Remus to ask the Albanians for the name of the Maharajah who had saved Professor Quirrell so that the Boy-Who-Lived could thank him. He completed his workbooks for his American school and his homework for his school in the UK. The portkey took his American work back to his parents so Claudette could take them into school. Claudette would wait until the military post flight arrived back from the UK, so that questions as to the speed of return would not be asked.

Remus sent his reply back right away. He had already checked with the Albanian Ministry. They'd had no Maharajahs or any other Indian magical visiting Albania at the same time as Professor Quirrell had. Dumbledore had refused to expel Crabbe and Goyle. He had refused to accept that being pardoned meant Draco were to be expelled or Lucius be removed as Governor from Hogwarts. Dumbledore had also refused to accept the resignation of 4 of the Light Governors. Dumbledore was also trying to get Snape re-instated. Remus told Harry that Dumbledore had called him Harry.

Harry was most concerned. That meant the Slytherin three would try to attack him again. He thought McGonagall must have been most distracted to have tried to take points off him. Again. She knew he was a Legacy student.

The Daily Prophet that arrived Wednesday morning had some answers. Fudge said he had been misquoted. He said that he would have been inclined to pardon the individuals concerned were the Wizengamot to narrowly convict. He hadn't actually pardoned anyone, because no-one had confessed. The trials would be at the October Wizengamot meeting.

There had been no Hogwarts Governors meeting. Therefore, as Lord Greengrass explained, the 4 Governors were well within their rights to resign. The Light then put forward Bones, MacMillan, Abbott and Fawley to be their replacements. An election was scheduled for 29th September 1991. The Dark would announce their candidates privately.

There was an Article about Harry's threat to kill Albus Dumbledore. This treated the over hundred-year-old second coming of Merlin with so many superlatives as compared with a know-nothing 11-year-old. Harry was ridiculed. This did not sit well with Harry.

The secret part of Remus' letter confirmed the death of Voldemort's familiar Nagini by fiendfyre. The Albanian magicals had found the burnt-out carcass in the middle of the large devastated area of forest. The destruction was blamed on western tourists not knowing how to properly set a fire. He had told Harry how to read the Marauders Map when he came across it.

Harry's day had further been complicated by Madam Bones coming by. Amelia conceded that Harry had done nothing wrong, by defending himself against an illegal arrest order by Aurors with wands drawn. She had not liked Harry's threat to kill Dumbledore, if the wizard used his forename again. Harry recalled later that evening that she used some nasty long words. Harry had intercepted Hermione after evening meal to give her the Potter heir ring. He understood it would protect her, somewhat. Exactly what his rings did, Harry did not know. The Goblins wouldn't tell him. There were plenty of things the Goblins wouldn't or couldn't tell him. Maybe they'd only talk to him personally. They weren't telling his steward anything. If they had, Remus hadn't told him. Harry didn't think Remus would do that. Hermione would do some research; Harry did not doubt that.

Transfiguration with McGonagall was a pain. Harry didn't earn any points and counted himself lucky that he didn't lose any (not that he cared for himself, but he didn't see why his housemates should suffer because a grudge the scot had against him). Charms with Flitwick, by contrast was most enjoyable. Harry earned 30 points; almost outscored Hermione, who gained 32 points for Ravenclaw.

Harry enjoyed his astronomy. He knew that most of what Professor Sinistra told them had long since been disproved by muggles. It was quite easy to give the Professor the answers that she wanted. The Professor stated the course was by class assignments with a practical exam at the end of the year.

Harry was late up on Thursday. He missed the news. He expected to see Slugthorn as Potions Professor. It was a complete shock to him to see Snape.

"If you are not the usual complete dunderheads, you may appreciate the noble art of potion making." Snape may have said something else, but Harry had missed it.

"Potter, what would I get if I used powder of asphodel to gaseous wormwood?" Harry stayed silent. He gave no indication that he heard Snape. "Where would I find a bezoar, Potter?" Harry still stayed still. "Perhaps this is easier, Potter, what's the difference between wolfsbane and aconite? No answer. Just like your arrogant father. No matter. I suppose I shall have to allow Hermione Granger, who is the only one of you to have read ahead."

Yeah, Harry thought. Several textbooks in the future. Draught of the Living Death was a NEWT spell that was no longer taught. He'd learnt that after making it, perfectly, at Ilvermorny during his second year of summer school. The bezoar could be found in the stomachs of many animals, though using one from a goat was best. It was also to be hoped that a Potions Master would have many in their supplies for when pupils poisoned themselves from ingesting flawed potions. He'd given that answer in summer school that had just happened at Ilvermorny. It was a fourth-year subject matter. Actually, learning how to harvest one and cleaning it for use was a field trip exercise at Ilvermorny. Plants were taught in the second year at Hogwarts, but in the first year everywhere else.

"Fame and celebrity are not everything." James Hammond had earned all his fame and celebrity. Harry Potter had never wanted either. He would much rather have both his parents alive, thank you very much. He had wanted to call the life debt due, as soon as Sirius and Remus had told him that Harry's father had one for saving Snape's life, but had told Voldemort a couple of lines of prophecy that had fingered both the Longbottoms and Potters. He had been dissuaded on learning that the life debt would also apply to Lily, Harry's mother, whom Snape had most definitely not wanted dead. Harry had marked Snape for death. It was only a matter of when.

Hermione looked pointedly at Harry and then began her answer. The Draught of the Living Death is a NEWT level spell discontinued to be taught after the deaths of several pupils from poison. The had no bezoars extracted from goats handy. The ones they did have were from other animals, but not potent enough. Wolfsbane and Aconite are different parts of the same plant. Monskhood is another part of the same plant.

"Well, why aren't you writing that down?" Snape demanded. "The potion you are to make is on the board."

Hermione made no move. "Neville, we have to prepare our cauldron for use and clean and sharpen our knives. Let me demonstrate." She showed Neville how to clean a cauldron and prepare the knives for use. Everyone else copied her and Neville. Harry had to suppress a smirk. He grinned at Susan Bones who was his partner in potions. She grinned back. From her actions it was clear her Aunt had drilled potions into her. Snape just stood there watching, mouth agape.

"Don't forget to dry the rim, inside and outside," Hermione said. "Right, next I'm going to read out the list of ingredients. When it is time for ingredient collections, plants are positioned on the left, fluids/bones go on the right. Neville, if you'll confirm the amount and ingredients, I read out, are correct."

Neville wrote down each ingredient as Hermione said and the amount. Then he repeated what he had just written down.

"Now we know the ingredients we need and their quantities," Hermione stated. "Before, we continue, I see several of you looking at the textbook or Most Potente Potions, Heir MacMillan would please tell the class if the instructions on the board and in your book are identical?"

"They are not identical, Miss Granger," Ernie said, eager to contribute.

"Mr Potter what does this mean?" Hermione asked. Harry grinned.

"This means you can put your books away. The potion will be graded according to the instructions on the board. Not following the instructions on the board exactly will mean a failure and a Troll or a Dreadful for your troubles. Potion Masters often vary the potions that they make. Making the potion according to the book's instructions provides some leeway. You can use slightly different qualities of ingredients and vary the potion steps or use different ingredients. When a Potions Master purposely sets a potion, their instructions must be followed exactly, there is no leeway.

Sometimes we will have harvest fresh ingredients. Check the noticeboards for notice for that. We will be expected to know the tools we need to harvest and how to harvest. If our Potions Master has to tell us, we will lose a grade, possibly two depending on how our Potions Master Professor is feeling. The area will be indicated on a map that will also be posted on the noticeboard. There will be two Professors there. They are not there to help. They will stop us from trampling the very plants we're there to harvest. If that should happen that's another grade lost."

"Thank you, Mr Potter. That is correct. Books back in your bags. On the subject of books, picking up a copy of Most Potent Potions is advised. You'll find explained what happens when you mix plants and other substances together, what happens when you use a particular cutting technique and what different methods of stirring do."

Harry interjected, "The Most Potente Potions is in the Restricted Section of Hogwarts' library. Don't make any of the potions included in it. There's a better Potions textbook than the one we've been assigned and that's The Art of Potions Making. It's not available in Magical Britain. It's written by our very own Potions Professor, Severus Snape. If you want a copy, please let me know and I will acquire it, at no cost to you. There's another of his books, The Craft of Defending Against Darkness, that's even better, in my opinion, than his Potions book that everyone raves about. There's a book for each year."

Snape just stood there, not believing what he was hearing. Potter was actually promoting his works.

Ernie Macmillan spoke, "There are a whole host of things we need for Potions. If you don't have them, speak to one of the Noble and Most Ancient Houses represented here – that's Potter, Longbottom or myself and we'll pick up the stuff you lack. It's our responsibility to see that everyone has what is needed. It will be at no expense to anyone who needs the items."

"I'll make a list of everything needed for Potions that people don't have," Hermione said. She made a list with everyone's name down. She went through everything - Gloves, apron, hairnet, goggles, Most Potent Potions, Tools, Tool cleaning kit, Cauldron cleaning kit and the two books Harry had mentioned. She noted down what people were missing. "Everyone should write down on separate parchment what you lack. We'll all need to write down the Potion we're making and all the information from the board. The notes we take are our revision notes. Make it neat."

Susan Bones said, "There's a spell you need to check that your cauldron matches British Ministry standards. I'll demonstrate it, when we're ready to check our cauldrons. We'll need to do the spell once at the beginning of each lesson and once at the end."

Everyone copied the instructions on the board onto parchment.

"Now, Mr Potter, if you will, please check the blood packs are at the correct temperature."

Harry cast the spell to set all the blood packs to the correct temperature. He knew he was wrong, deliberately.

"Thank you, Mr Potter. The idea was to check the temperature of each blood pack and reject any that fall out of the acceptable temperature range that's stated in the instructions. Please explain the consequences of you action."

"Those that were outside the range cannot be used, Miss Granger. Imperfections may be present in the blood and when used to replenish someone's blood may result in death. The Wizengamot will impose stiff penalties on the potion maker responsible."

"Professor Snape, please remove the blood packs you knew to be outside the specified temperature." Snape did so. The others tested that the blood packs to be used as a base for the blood replenishment potion were the correct temperature. Susan Bones then demonstrated the spell to check for acceptable cauldrons. 4 of the 20 were found to be substandard. Hermione noted whose they were on her list.

"Mr Longbottom, if you would sort through the plants we shall be using. Throw out any that do not match the description for the quality of each plant."

Neville did that. Su Li checked the remaining ingredients.

"Because of the number of us who lack the suitable protective clothing, we can only use 6 cauldrons. Please sort the plants and other ingredients into 6 piles of the required quantity. Neville and Li were both wearing protective gear."

This was done. Hermione instructed the six to bring the first plan to be weighed using scales. There were some who indicated they didn't have scales. Hermione added those to her list of people with missing items.

Then each of the plants were cut according to the instructions, with the tools cleaned after each cut. Hermione demonstrated each instruction, including all the stirs and changes in heat settings. After 2 hours, they were still finishing off the potions. Some of the class made to leave.

"As you were," Harry said, loudly. "Always finish off your potion, label it clearly and then clean up."

The class did as it was told. The potions were finished; bottled, labelled and handed in. Those who didn't have the right equipment were added to the 6 teams that did. Tools were cleaned and put away. The cauldrons were cleaned. Snape removed the waste from the ingredients, but put the remaining blood packs that were used as the base for the potion back into cold storage. The class was then ready for Snape to dismiss them. Before he did that, Slugthorn and Madam Bones walked in.

"Well, Severus, that was a most impressive display from Miss Granger. I shall certainly tell Hector about her, next time I see him," Slugthorn said. "Twenty perfect potions. Splendid."

"The number of sub-standard cauldrons is certainly an issue," Madam Bones said.

As Harry was leaving, Slugthorn followed him. He caught up with him in the corridor.

"Lord Potter, Hogwarts' Charter permits students to hire their own professors. I've submitted a proposal to be your tutor."

"Excellent, Professor Slugthorn," Harry said. "I'll contact my Steward, Remus Lupin and check with him. If it's okay, I see no reason not to accept."

"Splendid, dear fellow, splendid!" Slugthorn went away beaming.

Hermione caught up with Harry as he was entering Hufflepuff's common room. She entered after him. They sat down. Hermione received some dirty looks.

"I've got the tallies of what is needed," Hermione said.

"I'll let Remus Lupin, my Steward know and get him to purchase the items."

"Everyone wants those books by Professor Snape."

"I'll order those, specially. I don't think they'll arrive in time for next week's potions lesson."

"That's okay, Harry. Can you meet me later, in the Library?"

"Sure Hermione. That was a great lesson you delivered." Hermione left, beaming.

In his room there was a letter from his mum. As Claudette had promised, it was in French. Harry struggled with the translation. He thought he had the gist of it. His work was fine. They were fine. The twins were fine. George was going to be spending Christmas and the New Year with them. That caused Harry to brighten up. He sent a letter back asking for them to buy 21 copies of The Art of Potion Making by Severus Snape and 21 copies of The Craft of Defending Against Darkness by Severus Snape. Harry wanted to have a copy in his house in Hogsmeade. That letter went back with the portkey.

Harry's letter to Remus asked him to confirm that Slugthorn's terms were acceptable. He asked him to buy the equipment. Using Sirius' Vault to do so and get him a complete potions outfit for his house in Hogsmeade and get it fully stocked. Harry planned to spend his weekends there. He also requested ingredients for wolfsbane. He used Hedwig to send that letter.

After the fest that evening, Harry accompanied Hermione to the Library. They found a quiet corner and spoke in whispers.

"So what is it, Hermione?"

"Why?" Hermione asked.

"Why what?" Harry asked.

"Why make me your heir?"

"You're my best friend. It will also provide some protection against spells. The Goblins would not tell me what those were. Apparently, it's all in the family grimoire, which I don't have."

"You should have it, Harry," Hermione affirmed.

"Yes, I know," Harry replied.

"Harry," Hermione began, tentatively. "Perhaps you could be friends with Professor Dumbledore."

"He isn't making it easy, Hermione," Harry said, defensively. Hell would freeze over before Harry would accept Dumbledore as a friend.

"If you would try," Hermione persisted.

"I'll try," Harry said. Try? There is no try. There is do or do not; as a film put it. Harry would 'do not'.

Friday's History of Magic lesson was another goblin rebellion. Harry slept through most of it. On his way to lunch, he reminded himself to arrange for an exorcism. Lunch was good and Harry felt full and relaxed. He was ready for his Flying lesson and then his visit with Hagrid.

The flying lesson passed off without incident. Harry's trip to see Hagrid revealed some interesting information. Harry already knew some of it. Hagrid had taken Harry from his home to Hogwarts, refusing to hand him over to Sirius. Harry knew that he'd spent a day at Hogwarts and been flown to his Aunt and Uncle Dursley on the first of November. ALBUS DUMBLEDORE WAS A GREAT MAN Hagrid had bellowed. Harry swallowed his pride. He had asked who would hunt Unicorns. He was told that drinking Unicorn's blood was a way to extend one's life, albeit a cursed half-life. Just the kind of thing a possessed Quirrell would need to do. Harry would need to serve a detention. Question was how to achieve that and ensure it was one where he'd be sent into the Forbidden Forest.

Harry received the news that Draco Malfoy had challenged Harry to a duel. He'd actually phrased it correctly. Drone Weasley had accepted as Harry's second. He'd phrased that correctly. Consequently, Harry had a duel at midnight on Friday, actually Saturday in the trophy room. Neville Longbottom had told Harry this, on the way to dinner. Harry seethed. This was clearly Dumbledore manipulating. Weasley was part of this faction and there was no way out of this. The fact Harry wanted to do something to get a detention that he'd serve, if it was the right one, did not mitigate his ire.

At ten to midnight Harry started on his journey to the trophy room. He was surprised to find himself joined by Hermione Granger. She was better company than the weasel. Harry did come across Mrs Norris and landed a good kick on the cat. The cat miaowed loudly and ran off. Harry hoped that would bring Filch into play before the duel got started. Hermione gave him a dirty look. He explained why he'd done it as they carried on towards the trophy room. They took the long way around, arriving with ten seconds to spare. Draco was already there. He had Pansy Parkinson with him. They had just taken up position, when Filch arrived with McGonagall.

"Detention Potter, Granger, Malfoy and Parkinson. You'll serve that this evening with Hagrid. You'll be going into the Forbidden Forest."

Hermione caught Harry's shake of his head and did not interrupt with 'the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to students'. Harry woke up in time for breakfast and a letter from Remus. Slugthorn's offer was acceptable. Remus would stock up the house on Sunday before coming over Sunday afternoon to deliver the goods. Amelia Bones and some aurors would be coming with him. They wanted to take the cauldrons that failed, in for examination.

Harry's detention went very well. Hagrid met them all at 8pm outside his shack. Fang came along as well. They soon come across a Unicorn whose blood was seeping into the ground. It had been fed upon. They split up. Hagrid with his crossbow went off with Hermione and Pansy. Fang led Harry and Draco off.

"Wait til my father hears about this," Draco said. He was almost whimpering.

Harry smirked.

"What are you smirking about, Potter," Draco demanded.

"You should tell your father. Hagrid can't do magic and he told me Fang's a coward. Whilst you're at it, tell him about the state of those brooms we learnt to fly on. I don't know about you, but the broom I had looked like it would lose its brushes in a slight breeze."

"I'm going to go back to the castle." Malfoy heard something. There was a cloaked figure close by.

"Run as fast as you can back to the castle and get help," Harry told Draco. The boy needed no further encouragement and hared off to the castle, closely followed by Fang.

The cloaked figure hissed, "Avada Kedavra". Harry threw himself to the floor, redwood wand in hand. He had to time this right. The figure would be closing in on him. He saw Algernon watching. Then his kneazle nodded. Harry half rose and said, "Avada Kedavra." He hit the cloaked figure, which dropped to the ground. Black smoke began to billow out. "Depulso". That dispersed the smoke. "Evanesco". That disposed of the evidence. Harry transfigured his wand into a button and attached it to his jacket. He put his holly wand in his hand and fell back into his prone position.

Harry pretended to be coming round, when Hagrid and a Centaur arrived. Harry was explaining that he was knocked out by a spell that a strange man in a black cloak cast. Soon after, Malfoy arrived with McGonagall and Snape. They took in the scene. Harry gave his explanation again.

Harry looked at Malfoy. "Well done, you brought help. Honour settled?"

"Honour settled," Draco said. He and Harry shook hands.

"I'll let everyone know, at dinner tomorrow night, that no-one can issue or accept challenges on my behalf," Harry said. Draco smiled.

It was well past curfew, when Harry entered the Hufflepuff common room. The whole house was there. Harry had to explain what happened again. Neville wanted to know who accompanied him. Harry stated that it was Hermione Granger. This seemed to anger Neville. Harry was not sure why.

Harry found out the following morning at breakfast. Neville was berating Ron for failing in his seconds responsibility.

"First you accept a challenge Malfoy made that you had no business accepting on Lord Potter's behalf. Then you fail to turn up at the duel. You do realise that had Harry turned up without anyone that he would have forfeited the duel? No, I didn't think you did. I'm just glad I don't have to watch you eat. I'd throw up, I think. I'm going to make sure that's something my Head of House takes up with yours."

Ron looked terrified. His brothers were trying to find somewhere else to be. Harry cast Sonorous on himself.

"I'd planned on saying this tonight at dinner with more people in attendance. No-one has the authority to issue or accept challenges for me." Harry ended the spell and sat down. Any rumours to the effect that Ron was Harry's best mate had been thoroughly put to rest.

A/N A guide to the 40 in Harry's year. I'm aware it is slightly AU.

Abbott, Hannah - HUFFLEPUFF

Bones, Susan - HUFFLEPUFF

Boot, Terry - RAVENCLAW

Brocklehurst, Mandy - RAVENCLAW

Brown, Lavender - GRYFFINDOR

Bulstrode, Millicent - SLYTHERIN

Corner, Michael - RAVENCLAW

Cornfoot, Stephen - RAVENCLAW

Crabbe, Vincent - SLYTHERIN

Davis, Tracey - SLYTHERIN

Entwhistle, Kevin - RAVENCLAW

Finch-Fletchley, Justin - HUFFLEPUFF

Finnigan, Seamus - GRYFFINDOR

Goldstein, Anthony - RAVENCLAW

Goyle, Gregory - SLYTHERIN

Granger, Hermione – RAVENCLAW

Greengrass, Daphne 'the Ice Queen' - SLYTHERIN

Hopkins, Wayne - HUFFLEPUFF

Jones, Megan - HUFFLEPUFF


Longbottom, Neville - HUFFLEPUFF

MacDougal, Morag - RAVENCLAW

Macmillan, Ernest - HUFFLEPUFF

Malfoy, Draco - SLYTHERIN

Malone, Roger - GRYFFINDOR


Nott, Theodore - SLYTHERIN

Parkinson, Pansy - SLYTHERIN

Patel, Padma – GRYFFINDOR

Patel, Pavrati - GRYFFINDOR

Perks, Sally-Anne - HUFFLEPUFF

Potter, Harry - HUFFLEPUFF

Rivers, Olivia - GRYFFINDOR

Roper, Sophie - GRYFFINDOR

Runcorn, Alice - SLYTHERIN

Smith, Zacharias - GRYFFINDOR

Thomas, Dean - GRYFFINDOR

Turpin, Lisa - RAVENCLAW

Weasley, Ronald - GRYFFINDOR

Zabini, Blaise - SLYTHERIN