Harry has a different reaction to his near death experience at age nearly seven and become a right little Machiavellian Prince and, as his relatives tell everyone he's a hooligan, he starts bringing their falsehoods to life.

I don't own or derive any material benefit out of Harry Potter or Stargate. This story is not a crossover, though it will feature a certain general from Texas.

Not being American, I know nothing about San Antonio or LA and may get things wrong, a lot. The school is real; the events portrayed are not. Harry has his own views about religion. Harry has reached 11 and is now attending Hogwarts, so may not be correct. That doesn't mean he'll change his views. He is rather stubborn.

Harry James Potter had survived his first week at Hogwarts. That was more than Quirrellmort had. Harry wished he could just tell everyone that he was James Hammond. His accent, American, deep south, betrayed his location to everyone, but they did not have his American name. Hero of the Vampire War.

One enemy down and one to go. Or was that two enemies to go. Harry could have sworn he had killed Snape and yet he had had a lesson with him. He and Hermione Granger had taken that lesson over. Still the old man must still have the time-turner and was using it.

There was no way Dumbledore was going to let him charge him on November 1st in front of the full Wizengamot with Line Theft. Harry could not be seen to attack Dumbledore. How to kill him without fighting him? That was the question.

At breakfast on Monday, Dumbledore announced the disappearance of Professor Quirrell. Dumbledore announced that Severus Snape would be taking over as DADA professor and Professor Slugthorn would be returning to teach Potions. Harry was dumbfounded. He had not seen that coming. He let the shock he felt become visible. As most of the others held the same look of shock, Harry did not feel out of place.

Harry handed out the books by Snape to his classmates. Charms and Transfiguration passed almost like a blink of an eye. Snape entered the DADA classroom and blinked, himself. He recognised what the textbook was that the students had. The book on DADA he'd written. He was coming to the conclusion that Harry Potter was not like James Potter, at all.

Seeing 20 young faces eager to learn was a new experience for Snape. In all the years he'd taught, he'd never really taught. He'd just put his potion up on the board and then muttered disparaging comments as the dunderheads proved incapable of following simple instructions.

"Right class; I approve of the textbook you're all using. Here's what will happen. We'll go around the class with each of you reading about a page and then we'll discuss the ideas raised in the chapter. There will be a test and an essay on each chapter. If you're wondering when we'll get around to spells, it'll be at the start of the summer term. There's nothing to stop you from reading ahead, though I know from personal experience how few of you will actually do that. Believe me when I tell you that the more involved you are, the more you will learn."

Harry and Hermione had both read the book in full and performed all the spells. They had duelled together and fought and knew the difference. At the Summer camps at Ilvermorny. They could not reveal that information. As the lesson progressed, both could tell that their classmates could not tell what the difference between duelling and fighting was. To the frustration of Snape and Harry and Hermione the class of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs could not grasp the essentials.

Harry and Hermione got up and stood about a dozen feet apart, bowed to each other and started using the Protego (Shield), Stupefy (Stun) and Expelliarmus (Disarming) spells. They spent five minutes of firing spells at each other. They didn't move and eventually Harry caught Hermione's wand. They then bowed to each other again. Next, they spent five minutes fighting. They moved, used whatever spells they knew in as creative a way as possible. Harry ended it with a silver needle transfigured from a matchstick that he banished at Hermione, who moved, falling to the ground.

They then took to their seats, once more.

"Very good, Mr Potter and Miss Granger. If you've seen a duel and most of you raised in the Wizarding world will have, those will have resembled more what you saw our two volunteers doing when fighting. They did a very good job, however, in highlighting the difference. Duels have rules. They specify how far apart you have to be, what spells you can use and how the duel will end. In a fight, the rule is 'Still be alive at the end of it'. Mr Potter and Miss Granger, ten points apiece."

Snape had Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw 5th years next. They needed quite a bit of work to bring them up to speed. He told them to acquire his book for 5th years. He then attended a staff meeting at around 6:30PM.

Out of all of the students at Hogwarts, Dumbledore chose to focus on Harry Potter.

"How is Harry doing, Severus, my boy?"

Severus had another feeling he shared with Harry Potter, annoyance at the use of his first name and being called 'my boy'.

"Mr Potter has requested you don't use his first name. He acquired my book on DADA for his entire class. He and Miss Granger demonstrated, very admirably, the difference between duels and fights, which the class was struggling to get a hold of. If you are asking how has he been behaving in class, he's respectful, diligent and hard working. Quite the opposite of his father. It has been a very pleasant surprise."

That had been the experience of the six other subject teachers, including Cuthbert Binns.

"The boy asked me a question, last week, that I've long wanted an answer to myself. Why, if the goblins are always revolting do we wizards let them keep hold of our money? I had to tell him that perhaps reports of our string of victories against them haven't been quite as victorious as they've been painted. I was able to tell him that since we separated from muggles, the goblins haven't once revolted. That's nearly 300 years. That question is why I am here tonight. I've taught here nearly 200 years and tonight is the first time I've felt fear, so much so that I've decided to actually teach the ICW approved curriculum for the History of Magic. I've even sent an owl to Cresswell asking him if there's some secret treaty we don't know about dating from when we broke with the muggles.

Since I haven't told Cresswell the goblins are about to massacre all of us in our sleep, sorry Filius for doing that for so many years, I'm hoping for a reply."

"Is that wise, Cuthbert?" Dumbledore asked, aghast that his teacher who hated goblins was about to teach the course properly, all because of a question Harry asked.

"Long overdue, my old friend," Binns answered. "I'll help anyone who wants to do the Goblin Wars 1332 -1692 as their special paper for the OWLs, but there is a lot more to magic than those 360 years. A lot more happened in those years than just Goblin risings."

Well, this was most disconcerting, Dumbledore thought. He'd kept Binns on because the man wasn't a competent teacher. One week of Harry Potter coming to Hogwarts and Binns had changed. Severus Snape who hated all things Potter had also changed. Dumbledore assumed that Quirrellmort had met his end at Harry's hand. That wasted a perfectly good Philosopher's Stone trap that had been one of his better ones. Of course, the soul anchors meant that Tom wasn't truly dead, but Harry couldn't know that. Dumbledore wasn't certain that Tom had them, but it seemed logical and Snape had mentioned items Tom had given to Lucius and Bellatrix.

Dumbledore knew the prophecy could have referred to two boys, the way he had interpreted it. Maybe it still could. He had eschewed direct killing since Arianna's death. He knew the penalty for line theft was death. He could not allow his own death. He was just too valuable. Harry Potter ought to have been a pig raised to slaughter. This Harry Potter was no pig. He knew enough to get him, Albus Dumbledore, killed. Harry Potter could not be allowed to reach the Wizengamot on November first. Albus' last chance to kill Potter would be the troll he'd originally planned for Quirrell to bring into the Castle on Halloween.

On Tuesday morning, Albus was seated on his throne, eating breakfast. Harry Potter was already well into his breakfast. He was making his way through waffles. Waffles? How American. Ah, there were Draco Malfoy and his bookend (and about as intelligent as) bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle. They were making their way to Potter. So, Severus had not had time to tell his Slytherins to leave Potter alone. This should be interesting. Malfoy had reached Potter.

"Well then Scarhead, ready to duel?" Draco Malfoy said in a false drawl that he assumed made him sound American.

"Duel, Malfoy? What makes you think I want to duel? I'm in the middle of breakfast." Harry spoke in a rich Texan drawl.

"When your betters speak, you had best obey."

"You, Draco Malfoy son of a Death Eater think you are my better, do you?"

"The Malfoys are one of the Sacred 28," Draco said.

"Nev, Ernie, is that who the Malfoys are? Tell them who my family is?" Harry didn't know, but he thought his friends would.

"The Potters are the first creations of Noble and Most Ancient Houses by His Majesty King Edward III. The first family to bring together the Wizards Council. The convenors of the first Wizengamot. The Malfoys did not even enter magical Britain until the wars in France caused by the revolutionaries," Neville Longbottom said.

"An Anonymous pamphlet tried to remove them from the ranks of the Sacred 28 and promote your stinking family, Malfoy, from being a Noble family and you probably murdered your way into that," Ernie MacMllan said. "Your family doesn't even have a seat on the Wizengamot, for all the money your daddy tosses around."

"Wait til my father hears about this, Potter. He'll demand satisfaction about this from your magical guardian."

"What's a magical guardian?" Harry asked, genuinely curious. This had not been a thing in MACUSA.

"The wizard who looks after your affairs until you turn 17. The one who teaches you our customs and traditions. The one who teaches you about magic. The one who takes you around Diagon Alley to get your books and uniforms."

"I don't have one," Harry said. "Never needed one."

"Everyone has one," Draco spluttered.

"Not me," Harry smirked.

Dumbledore had made his way over to the arguing wizards.

"You do have a magical guardian, Harry. The Wizengamot made me your magical guardian."

Without thinking Neville Longbottom said, "The Wizengamot has no power to assign a magical guardian to one of Noble and Most Ancient rank."

"Your only action Dumbledore was to abandon me on my muggle relative's doorstep with a letter. I'd call that abandonment."

"Nevertheless, Harry, I am your magical guardian."

"Swear on your life and magic that you are my magical guardian, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

"I have no need to do that," Albus declared.

"It was not a request," Harry said, the Peverell House Lord ring, brightly shining upon Harry's finger.

A black mist enshrouded Dumbledore. Those watching saw flesh turn black on the exposed fingers and hands and then it spread up Dumbledore's neck and face. Dumbledore crumbled away. Harry reached into the dust and took the true invisibility cloak, time turner and Elder Wand. "Mine." That was all Harry said. He sat back down and continued eating his breakfast.

Draco and his bodyguards stumbled away on shaky legs. Neville and Ernie turned to each other and said, "Lord Peverell" at the same time. There had been two great magical families in magical Britain, the Gryffindor and Slytherins. The Peverell family had been the great wizarding family of the Duchy of Normandy. It was said that Duke William, later William the Conqueror, King of England, was the son of a Peverell mother and far from being a bastard was a true born son. The Peverells had been the Wizard Royal. At least until they had died out in the male line.

Harry was relieved he hadn't physically killed Dumbledore. He was not comfortable with how the school was looking at him. It was at that point that he realised he had not used the Potter head of House ring. Oh well, he'd just have to deal with it.


A/N A guide to the 40 in Harry's year. I'm aware it is slightly AU.

Abbott, Hannah - HUFFLEPUFF

Bones, Susan - HUFFLEPUFF

Boot, Terry - RAVENCLAW

Brocklehurst, Mandy - RAVENCLAW

Brown, Lavender - GRYFFINDOR

Bulstrode, Millicent - SLYTHERIN

Corner, Michael - RAVENCLAW

Cornfoot, Stephen - RAVENCLAW

Crabbe, Vincent - SLYTHERIN

Davis, Tracey - SLYTHERIN

Entwhistle, Kevin - RAVENCLAW

Finch-Fletchley, Justin - HUFFLEPUFF

Finnigan, Seamus - GRYFFINDOR

Goldstein, Anthony - RAVENCLAW

Goyle, Gregory - SLYTHERIN

Granger, Hermione – RAVENCLAW

Greengrass, Daphne 'the Ice Queen' - SLYTHERIN

Hopkins, Wayne - HUFFLEPUFF

Jones, Megan - HUFFLEPUFF


Longbottom, Neville - HUFFLEPUFF

MacDougal, Morag - RAVENCLAW

Macmillan, Ernest - HUFFLEPUFF

Malfoy, Draco - SLYTHERIN

Malone, Roger - GRYFFINDOR


Nott, Theodore - SLYTHERIN

Parkinson, Pansy - SLYTHERIN

Patel, Padma – GRYFFINDOR

Patel, Pavrati - GRYFFINDOR

Perks, Sally-Anne - HUFFLEPUFF

Potter, Harry - HUFFLEPUFF

Rivers, Olivia - GRYFFINDOR

Roper, Sophie - GRYFFINDOR

Runcorn, Alice - SLYTHERIN

Smith, Zacharias - GRYFFINDOR

Thomas, Dean - GRYFFINDOR

Turpin, Lisa - RAVENCLAW

Weasley, Ronald - GRYFFINDOR

Zabini, Blaise - SLYTHERIN