Harry has a different reaction to his near death experience at age nearly seven and become a right little Machiavellian Prince and, as his relatives tell everyone he's a hooligan, he starts bringing their falsehoods to life.

Harry James Potter knew 4 Privet Drive like the back of his hand, but there was one place he'd never been. The attic. Everywhere else he'd had to clean, but not the attic. He'd need a torch and some ladders. He hunted for a torch and found one in Dudley's second bedroom or toy junk room. Harry checked that it worked. Then he found some ladders or just one ladder that he could climb up. He found one and lugged it upstairs. Tired from the exertion, Harry rested. Then he went up the steps and through the loft trapdoor. He turned the torch on and had a look around. He saw two trunks. He went towards it, carefully watching where he stood. He opened the first one. Inside he saw an envelope addressed to him 'Hadrian James Potter'. Shifting the torch to his other hand, he opened the envelope.

Dear Hadrian,

This is the short letter. Your mother has written a much longer letter, which you'll find in her trunk. The short version is that we've sent our trunks and wands to this address because it really is the last place on Earth anyone would ever look for them. Only a wizard or witch can see them. We put a notice-me-not charm on them, so nobody else would.

Know that you are loved so much by your parents. We love you enough to die for you and we are screwed. That's why we've included our wands. These don't have the Trace on them, which means you can do magic with them without triggering a Ministry response.

We put your name down for Hogwarts before you were born. You should have paid 5000 galleons for your seven years of schooling, as I'm a member of a Pureblood family. We made Albus Dumbledore our Executor. Your mother wanted to make Sirius that, but I overruled her. Sirius isn't our Secret Keeper, either. He thinks it a great prank to make everyone believe he is. Your mother says that's not how the charm works. Sorry, Harry, but Dumbledore wants us dead. I do know why, but can't say in this letter. Talk to my dad, Fleamont – be glad I didn't choose that for your middle name – or my Uncle Lord Charlus Potter.

In my trunk are school books and auror training books for years one and two.

I'm sorry I won't be there to see you grow up, son.

All my love,

Dad (James Potter - Prongs)

Harry found that interesting. First time that he could remember that anyone had told him that they loved him. He read his mother's letter next, after he'd shut his father's trunk and opened his mother's.

To our darling Harry,

The name on your birth certificate is Hadrian, at least that's what James, your goofball father says. We're going to call you Harry. You're going to love spending time with my mum and dad. The location isn't the best. Cokesworth is an industrial town in the West Midlands. Their home is an oasis of love and calm. I hope you never meet my sister, Petunia. She married a most unsuitable man. She very anti-magic, almost as much as the man she married. They did attend my marriage, but would not come to your birthing and naming ceremony.

Both our trunks contain text books for school and auror training. You'll find all our coursework, too. I've included the Hogwarts rule book and a couple of books I had on my induction to Hogwarts. The first is a guide to the Wizarding World. The second is an introduction to the Ministry for Magic.

If you're asking, I was the one behind leaving some documents in our house under the floorboards. If you're not, it was still me. I'm Lily, by the way, your very proud mother. I know how much you liked riding your toy broom, so I shrank it and put it in my trunk. I'll tell you the spell to unshrink it, if you promise not to fly too fast and not over muggle areas.

I spent the last few months perfecting a spell that I think will enable you to survive a killing curse and provide you additional protection from Voldie's touch. If you've still got the sheet on which I wrote spells to make our house hidden again, you can say them to protect where you are living, if it's not there. Sirius inherited a beach house from his Uncle Alphard. I've no idea what it looks like nor where it is. It does, though, sound ideal for you two to live in. If he isn't behaving you can always threaten go live with your godmother Alice and your friend Neville Longbottom. They were the other family Dumbledore made go into hiding.

I had a conversation, quite by chance, with a Mis Bagshot. Not only is she the witch who writes numerous editions of A History of Magic, she's also the Aunt of Gellert Grindelwald. She told me that he and Dumbledore knew each other in the 1890s and both dreamed of World Domination and shared a common slogan 'For The Greater Good'. Grindelwald was allegedly defeated by Dumbledore in 1945 after a day long battle. Quite how a school teacher had the endurance to match a wizard trained to fight duels all day, I don't know. For some reason the pair had split up. Miss Bagshot wouldn't go into why. She did seem to want to, mind. If you can find an edition that's pre-1946, you might find out why.

Harry, Sirius is your godfather and as your father likes to remind me they are brothers in all but blood. Do remember, Harry, that Sirius is not your father, when he's trying to get you to do something daft.

Take care, Harry.

All my love,

Lily (your mother -James don't be rude)

Harry had a photo album as well that his mother had included. He now knew what they had looked like, alive. His mind held a picture of each of them dead. Harry used the spell to shrink the trunks and put them in his pocket. He tidied the attic, for good measure. He closed everything up and carried the ladder back to where he'd got it from and put Dudley's torch back. The trunks went into his storage area under the floorboards. Out came the piece of paper Harry had used to make his parents house secure. This time, the spells did the same for 4 Privet Drive. Harry felt less tired than he had the previous time. He was still tired and went to sleep, before he had made his supper. Magic was obviously tiring, harry thought on waking the following morning. The paper went back in his hidey-hole.

Harry Potter went into Little Whinging to do some shopping. Harry phoned the Law firm and left a message for Mr Cartwright to find Alphard's bequeathed property and let him know where it was.

Cartwright received the message just after lunch. He remembered receiving keys and a set of deeds. He pulled out the envelope and opened the deeds. There the property was. On the South Dorset coast near Lulworth Cove. Cartwright drove there, used the key to enter and had a look around. He could see it, because he was a squib. He was no expert, but from its general state, there were cleaning charms set to keep it clean. Cartwright could bill for this work. £200. It was far less than the sum the Potters had left. His partner would be pleased he had brought in some money. He'd endured quite a few 'bone' jokes at his expense. Cartwright sent Harry a letter, charged him another £50 and gave him the information he'd asked for.

This brought home to Harry, two things. The first was that the Law cost money and if he asked the wrong question, he'd just be wasting money. Fortunately, it was money his parents had set aside for legal work. They must have had a good reason to suppose Harry would need access to legal eagles. That was a phrase Harry had come across in a book in the school library.

Amelia Bones was having no easy time. Harry Potter had died. How, nobody seemed to know. He had died, of that everyone was sure. Hagrid had let slip that he received his instructions from Dumbledore inside the Potter House. Unfortunately that didn't nail Dumbledore as the man could easily have had monitors on the house and apparated in, once those devices had activated. Amelia couldn't prove Snape did more than retrieve a sheet of a letter. Snape said very little. He said he'd spied for the order and provided information to You-Know-Who that Dumbledore had told him to. The first line of the prophecy, if there was a prophecy and Amelia was beginning to have serious doubts, the orb in the Department of Mysteries, notwithstanding. Snape's wand, which might have shed some light on matters, had gone missing.

Amelia asked around and visited the Hog's Head to interview Aberforth Dumbledore. He'd told her of the interview of Trelawney on his premises in August 1979 and the capture of the spy Snape during a prophecy utterance. Aberforth couldn't remember what the prophecy had been. Another point for the prophecy not being genuine. Even if wasn't genuine and Dumbledore had tricked You-Know-Who into attacking a family, he'd still be praised for winning the war.

Amelia checked the deaths of the Potters. Charlus and Dorea had died Christmas 1980 of Dragon Pox. Amelia didn't believe that for one minute. Not only had the Potters discovered the cure for Dragon Pox, both had had the disease in infancy. Fleamont and Euphemia had just died in Spring 1981. Lily Evans' parents had died in a car accident in the summer of 1981. Records showed that James and Lily Potter were unaware of these deaths. All that would result in was a censure. Aside from Amelia's belief that these deaths and the cursing of the Longbottoms were the work of Albus Dumbledore, there was no concrete evidence. If Amelia presented her finding to the Minister in the morning, she'd be looking for a new job come lunchtime. There were a number of high profile deaths in the Order. Amelia's brother and sister-in-law, the Prewett brothers and the McKinnons. All six opposed Albus Dumbledore's stunner only policy and opposed Dumbledore's leadership of the Order. Amelia could believe in foul play until the Chudley Cannons won a quidditch match, but she had nothing definite.

Hagrid let slip that McGonagall had been watching a family on November 1st. All that proved was she was not at Hogwarts and could not say what Dumbledore was doing to Harry and that she was far too much up his backside for Amelia's liking. Amelia didn't have enough to arrest McGonagall. Amelia could schedule an interview with McGonagall, but the woman was very busy being transfiguration Professor, Head of House to Gryffindor and Deputy Headmistress. McGonagall would see Amelia Bones at her earliest convenience.

Hagrid had taken Harry to Hogwarts and then brought him back under Dumbledore's orders. He had not been told that Harry would be left out on a doorstep overnight. He'd left Harry with Dumbledore and flown off on Sirius' motorbike. Hagrid seemed genuinely upset that he'd left Harry somewhere he might suffer harm. Dumbledore had told Hagrid that Harry would be safe. The Great Man Dumbledore must have been right. Knowledge that Harry had died hadn't shaken his faith in Dumbledore. Amelia was just about to sort out Hagrid's wand snapping incident in 1943, when she had a thought. Hagrid was brought into an interrogation room and taken through the events that lead to Hagrid spending time in Azkaban and having his wand snapped. Amelia took news that there was an acromantula colony in the Forbidden Forest in her stride.

"Hagrid did you see Dumbledore speak with anyone on Halloween 1981 before you showed up at the house?"

"Yes, Dumbledore and Snape met at lunch time. I didn't hear what they had said. Snape seemed unhappy. Nothing unusual about that. Dumbledore and McGonagall spoke as well. Something about McGonagall checking some family out, the next day. Odd thing was, she had had the same expression as Snape on her face."

"How much are you getting for acromantula silk?"

"There's no market for it, Dumbledore says."

"How many acromantula are there in the colony?"

"Several hundred."

"I'll see what I can do about your wand."

"Thank you. Madam Bones."

100 galleons for a pint of acromantula venom. Amelia lifted an eyebrow. 1000 galleons per pound of its silk. No market for it? Amelia was now raising both eyebrows. She would have to make further inquiries as to how much had been sold since the colony had been established. All sales had to be recorded with the Ministry. Dumbledore had a thief as a member of his Order. What was his name? Mundungus Fletcher. Her brother had mentioned him in derisory tones. He might have sold the products on the black market. Amelia would order him brought in for questioning and he and his abode searched for transfigured items, ledgers especially. Amelia would shake the tree and see what came loose. She'd already asked Gringotts for details of Dumbledore's accounts. Gringotts was required to do this, on request, under the most recent treaty. Amelia noted the date. 1690. Two years before the wizards and witches separated from Muggles. Two years before the Secrecy Statute was adopted as binding law by every country in the ICW, except Scotland. Scottish Wizards and Witches banked with the Dwarves, who paid interest to their clients. She'd asked the Dwarves about Dumbledore accounts, after Gringotts told her that Dumbledore didn't have any accounts with Gringotts. The Dwarves confirmed Aberforth had an account. There was an attached note:

'We're sorra we canna hep ye nail Albus Dumbles for money laundering'

As it happened, Mundungus was arrested after committing a theft. Dumbles, Amelia chuckled, would not suspect a thing. She could, with a straight face, tell him that it was a case of theft with the perpetrator caught in the act. The later was almost true. Statements from the arresting aurors made good reading. Dumbledore turned up wearing a bright green robe.

"Amelia, please release my good friend Mundungus Fletcher. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding."

"He was caught in the area with the stolen items. Are you confessing to planning the crime?" Amelia knew it was a longshot.

"I'd received reports of disturbances and asked Mundungus to look into it."

"What was the nature of these disturbances?"

"I am not at liberty to disclose that information."

"Disturbances are investigated by aurors, not by vigilante groups like your Order. The Order you assured the Ministry had been disbanded."

"Death Eater activity, Amelia. Your department is believed to be compromised."

"You're receiving information from within my Department. That's unacceptable." Amelia's monocle came loose. "Who works for you in my Department?"

"I am not at liberty to tell you," Dumbledore smiled as he said that.

"An interesting turn of phrase. You are withholding information from the Ministry. You will be held in custody until payment for the fines has been received."

As Dumbledore was being taken to the cells, escorted by two aurors, he turned and asked Amelia, " What of Mundungus?"

"He is, as the Muggles say, 'helping us with our inquiries'." Then Amelia realised what an idiot she had been. Dumbledore would be placed in a cell next to Snape, Mundungus and Hagrid. Dumbledore had played her. She couldn't release him now. That would be too embarrassing.

She had aurors she was pretty sure weren't Death Eaters or Order members watching the cells.

All three men looked relieved to see Dumbledore.

"I am working on securing all our releases." The three were reassured. That was usually the reaction to an utterance of Albus Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore knew that Hagrid was guilty of taking a child and on his orders. Dung was guilty of theft. No matter how many times he had told the man not to steal, he did. Snape was guilty of the theft of a sheet of the letter from the house. Sirius Black was now free, in part, because of that. The Wills had been unsealed and Remus had received the money that meant he was financially secure. Dumbledore knew his reputation had taken a hit. He'd assured the Wizarding World that Harry Potter was safe and well. His relatives had killed him. That wouldn't save him, especially as he'd not told anyone that Harry was with magic-hating muggle relatives who would systematically abuse the boy. Harry would have turned up at Hogwarts looking for a friendly face. He'd already made certain commitments to House Weasley. All the Potter accounts were closed to him. He'd made sure no withdrawals were taken in his own name. He wasn't even taking the fee he could have had as Executor. He'd used that to curry favour.

The Greater Good required that Harry be brought up by his relatives. Sacrifices had to be made. All in vain. He'd heard that Neville Longbottom was little more than a squib. Augusta Longbottom had blamed him for telling her it was for her son and his family to come out of hiding. She had never forgiven him for their fates. Gaining access to Neville would be hard. Albus was convinced he could do it. There was a prophecy at stake. He'd heard Augusta had moved her son and his wife back to Longbottom Manor. There was nothing she could do.

Dumbledore knew the items Dung had taken were Dark. They were possibly cursed. That was an angle he could pursue. That would involve admitting his involvement and he'd still face time in Azkaban, even if he unmasked a Death Eater. The Ministry would check the items Ding had taken for Dark magic and would then have a different enquiry to make. Without a wand, Snape was safe. Eventually. His Malfoy connection would buy him out of his holding cell. Dumbledore could leak the fact the Ministry was holding Hagrid, in error, just like last time. The popular will would free Hagrid. Hagrid didn't know any information anyway.

Dumbledore needed the Ministry to sanction the Order of the Phoenix as a lawful organisation. With Harry gone and Neville a non-starter, the Death Eaters had to be taken down. His actions were a bit of a gamble, he admitted that to himself. He didn't trust the Ministry to run a piss up in a brewery. Now he had a nice comfy cell to spend the night and see what the morning brought.

During the night the Unspeakables worked. The objects Mundungus had stolen were identified as dark magical items. They were of the sort that got their owners a stretch in Azkaban. They also found Mundungus' Ledgers. They showed the results to Amelia Bones in the morning. Hagrid was owed 1 and a half million galleons. There were other items Dumbledore had ordered stolen – from the margins – that totalled over 5 million galleons.

The Minister and his Senior Undersecretary had fined Dumbledore 900000 galleons; three hundred thousand per offence and ordered him to disband the Order. That meant giving up the names of every Order member and unbinding each of them from their oaths.

McGonagall had come and given them her testimony. She had gone along with an illegal placement of an orphan. She had been allowed to leave. All of the staff at Hogwarts had been interviewed. Apart from Angus Filch the caretaker, who had some repulsive views on torturing students, no-one had any secrets relevant to the cases Amelia Bones was now working on.

She could now link Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall to the illegal taking of Harry Potter from a crime scene. The illegal placing of said child with the worst sort of muggles. A placement resulting in the death of Harry Potter.

She had the proof of Dumbledore failing to declare information to the Ministry on three separate occasions. She had proof he ordered Mundungus Fletcher to commit thefts on his orders.

She had proof that the wizard that Dung had stolen from was in possession of illegal Dark magical items. If Dung were willing to testify against Dumbledore and this Dark Wizard, his sentence would be suspended.

Amelia wanted to hold Snape for longer, but Dumbledore would press her to either charge him or wait until Minister Fudge accepted some donation from Abraxas Malfoy.

She waited until Dung had been read the charges against him and the mitigation he could expect. Dung couldn't agree to act against Dumbledore until Dumbledore lifted the oaths he was under. The Minister insisted all 4 heard the charges against Dumbledore. Hagrid was surprised when he heard how much Dumbledore owed him. Shocked too. Dumbledore didn't know what else Amelia had up her sleeve. He wasn't going to pay 2.4 million galleons in fines and unbind all the order members and disband the Order. Dumbledore asked why no charges were brought against Snape. The Potions Master didn't look happy. Amelia's answer that investigations were continuing did not inspire confidence in Dumbledore. Hagrid renounced the Oath he'd made to Dumbledore. Dumbledore had to give Hagrid the money he'd owed him. The Ministry would take up administering the colony and ensure that Hagrid received his money. Amelia allowed Hagrid to leave. He'd been spent to Azkaban once already. It occurred to her that he must have known who Lord Voldemort was. Another may have. The girl who had died. One Myrtle Warren. She had successfully fought a case to stay as a ghost in Hogwarts in perpetuity. The file was one Amelia Bones could access. She also wanted to know who had pointed the finger at Hagrid as the opener of the Chamber of Secrets.

Amelia Bones knew she could exonerate Hagrid and get his wand replaced. She wouldn't ask him the question she wanted to, because of his continued loyalty to Dumbledore or rather the belief she held that Albus would use legilimency on Hagrid. It didn't take long to find the finger pointer was Tom Marvolo Riddle Junior, an orphan born of a Gaunt - the name Marvolo was a dead giveaway - and a muggle. This was Lord Voldemort. He was a man whom the Americans would hunt down and kill for mixing magic and non-magical. Dumbledore hadn't asked for their assistance. He had to know who he was, since it was noted that Dumbledore had introduced Riddle to the wizarding world. Riddle had won a School Award for Services rendered. Amelia had never had much regard for Dippet and Albus had continued his low standards. She'd requested the exam results from the ICW. Hogwarts was dead last amongst the 11 Internationally renowned school of magic. It was a position Hogwarts had had for the entirety of Dumbledore reign as Headmaster and the last five years of Dippet's. Riddle's results had been second only to Albus Dumbledore. He was an outlier.

Amelia Bones knew that Harry Potter was a favourite of her niece Susan Bones, who was also an orphan from the first wizarding war, who lived with her uncle and his wife in a muggle area – for safety. She had her niece staying over.

"Honey, I have some bad news. It has come to light that Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived is dead. He was killed by his magic-hating muggle relatives. I know how much you loved reading those stories about him."

Susan turned on the waterworks. Susan knew Harry Potter wasn't dead. The reason she knew that was because she went to school with him. He didn't know her. His bully of a cousin and his four friends made sure no-one got near him. Susan wondered how Harry had done it to make everyone think he was dead. Susan thought she could find out. The Bones Manor had quite a good library. She didn't have too long left before school began again. She almost envied her other pureblood friends who were home schooled. Almost.

Amelia presented the charges and fines against Dumbledore. Dumbledore laughed.

"Amelia, I have paid Hagrid and that's all I am prepared to pay."

"I have a case I can present to the Wizengamot and win."

"The Order of the Phoenix is needed now more than ever, your personal bias against it notwithstanding."

"There are 10 years waiting for you to serve in Azkaban for your crimes against Harry Potter. The fines must be paid and all the names of those in your Order must be named and then released from their oaths to you, including Hagrid."

Dumbledore realised he had no choice in the matter and listed all the names of those in the Order and released them from their oaths to him. He knew he could persuade most of them to rejoin, once he explained things to them. They haggled over the amount of the fines. Eventually settling on a sum of 500000 galleons. Amelia Bones was more interested in where the money came from. It didn't come from any bank. Amelia had people watching all wizard banks and muggle banks. Dumbledore had sourced 2 million galleons without blinking an eye. That odd annoying twinkle.

Amelia Bones held the actions against Harry Potter over Dumbledore. The charges had not been dropped. Hagrid left the country. Amelia couldn't hold that against him. Mundungus Fletcher helped in the case against the Dark wizard. Dumbledore departed, leaving Severus Snape in a cell. The daily prophet's headlines didn't present him in a good light. Dumbledore was sure the bad press would blow over.

Amelia Bones wasn't too disappointed about the proceeding. She hadn't discovered where Dumbledore kept his money, but she had taken a chunk of it away from him. She was looking forward to leaving early and spending some time with Susan. In walked Lord Abraxas Malfoy.

The Malfoys were a rich Noble House that did not sit on the Wizengamot. His son Lucius claimed to have been Imperiused to serve Voldemort. Abraxas was believed to have had something to do with Minister Nobby Leach's early retirement.

"Madam Bones, I understand you are holding my grandson's godfather, Severus Snape, in custody. Release him, immediately."

"Who do you think you are to issue demands to the Head of the DMLE?" Amelia hissed, icily.

"I am Lord Abraxas Malfoy. Failure to release him will cause me to reconsider my gifts to the Ministry, without which it, including your department, would not be able to function."

"Potions Master Snape is helping us with our investigations. If there is sufficient evidence, I shall bring him before the Wizengamot on charges."

Lord Malfoy decided to leave. He'd done his duty to his family and Snape. He didn't much care for the actions of his son and disliked the way his grandson was being brought up. Snape had been revealed as marked Death Eater. That said plenty of bad things about Dumbledore hiring him to teach at Hogwarts as well as where his son's true allegiance lay. That could lead to the Malfoys having huge problems, if Arcturus Black connected the dots.

Cartwright decided to surprise Harry on the last Saturday before the return of the Dursleys and drive him down to Alphard Black's Beach House. Harry, it turned out could do with the drive. He was fascinated by the wizarding world. He asked about the invisibility cloak. Where was it? Cartwright didn't know. He was able to tell Harry that Dumbledore had made a gift to Hogwarts of 15000 galleons. He'd not actually paid in the advance fees for Harry as a pureblood, which were only 5000 galleons. Cartwright told Harry, they'd keep that for a later date, when they moved against Dumbledore.

Harry loved Lulworth Cove. It was his first time at the seaside. Alphard's beach house had a rustic rural feel to it. It was picturesque. Cartwright opened the front door and Harry entered. They were in the atrium.

"It's so picturesque," said Harry.

"Who the hell are you?" Lord Arcturus Black demanded.

"James?" Sirius said, not quite believing it.

"I'm Cartwright, the Potters solicitor. I've a key for this place and my client expressed an interest in the place."

"The boy is James," Sirius insisted.

"My grandson spent nearly six years in Azkaban," Arcturus began.

"Framed by Dumbledore for a crime he didn't commit," Harry chorused. "I'm Harry Potter."

"You're dead," Arcturus, asserted, frankly.

"A cool piece of accidental magic," Harry commented.

"Best prank, ever," Sirius slurred. "I'm making you an honorary Marauder. Oh, we did, when you were born, Prongslet."

"Do come into the lounge, Mr Cartwright, Harry."

Minutes later the four were seated. Arcturus used magic to serve tea.

"My family is not what it once was. Walburga Black has taken to blasting Black's who marry outside of the family's traditional alliances off the family tapestry. She has the loyalty of the demented house-elf Kreacher. Of the five youngsters who carried so much hope, Reggie is dead, Andi has a daughter, but both are burnt off the tapestry, Sirius spent five years in Azkaban, Bella is still there an is a regular psycho and Narcissa has Draco, my grandson. Alphard is dead. Orion died last year."

"Only way he could get any peace from my horrible mother," Sirius said.

"Pollux, Cygnus and Cassie are still alive. I lost my own wife last year. I can't spend any more time in the family manor house with Walburga."

"If I may speak freely?" Harry asked.

"Of course, Harry," Arcturus said. He expected Harry to make a comment about their clothes.

"She's in league with Voldie."



"I've only two confirmed Death Eaters in the family, not three. Regulus and Bella."

"Walburga has the services of your family house-elf. You'll all live longer not being in the same place than her. Feel the same living with my relatives. Is this dwelling protected against magical creatures?"

Arcturus spoke in a strange language. "It is now."

"I blood adopted Harry," Sirius said.

"You did what?" Arcturus demanded.

"I made him my heir," Sirius said.

"Yes, I gathered that. Why?" Arcturus wasn't so much angry as curious.

"I'm not going to have an heir of my body. Harry's the best choice. A Potter-Black alliance is the best for the magical world."

"What do you mean, you aren't going to have an heir? You are planning on getting married, aren't you?"

"No. Doesn't mean I won't father children, though."

"That's a relief, Sirius. I'm going to kick Walburga out of the family and Bellatrix, too."

"You said that Bellatrix has the dark mark," Harry said.

"I did."

"Would that mean you could annul the marriage. I think 'annul' is the right word."

"You're a treasure, Harry," Arcturus said.

"How did Reggie die?" Harry asked.

"We don't know," Arcturus replied.

"Maybe this Kreacher knows. Were they close?"

"Inseparable," Sirius said.

"We'll look into the matter," Arcturus said.

Sirius played with Harry, whilst Mr Cartwright and Lord Arcturus swapped stories. Later, as Harry was being driven back to Privet Drive, he asked, "Will they remember me?"

"They'll remember me and what we talked about. I'll give you my card, in case something happens with your relatives."

"Don't worry about my relatives. I can feal with the." Harry still put the card into his pocket. Mr Cartwright had a bad feeling as he let harry out of his car. Harry's ideas had come from Sirius Black and those were never a good idea.