Adopted from jn3883

"cold in outside

Warm in inside

The snow who protect the family

The snow who harm the enemies

Become the cold snow that will bury the enemies

Become the blizzard who hide the family and give the warm to the family from the inside, that's the duty of snow guardian"

Note : I don't own anything , this story I adopted from wattpad , I only edit a few things and make the ending.

Thank you jn3883 to let me adopt the story.



The first time that I saw Sawada Tsunayoshi was at the opening ceremony of Namichuu for us freshmen. At that time when the principal just give his speech, Sawada-san came in late and unpurposely made the whole boring ceremony stop for a while, everyone including me were turn to him, and we saw that he have black eye, and swollen cheek, probably done by prefect of our school, Hibari Kyoya-san. As we staring at him, I bet that everyone were thinking one thing, that Sawada-san is a lousy student for making his first day of school miserable. They laugh at him for getting late, some teacher even berated him for disturbing the ceremony. He look down at his head for shaming himself at public, at that time I don't understand why everyone treat sawada-san like this.

Some of the students didn't even let sawada-san to took a seat, I am confused at why they treat him like this ? sure, he late and the teacher scold him for it but to be berated and laugh at him ? he didn't deserve to be treat like this. When I couldn't bear to watch any longer I wave at him, he look confused but walk to me, I let him sit next to me. The students near us look bewildred at me letting him sit, I just glared at them and they look away from me.

Since that ceremony day, everyone including teachers were started bullying Sawada-san, especially Nezu-sensei and Mochida-senpai. Every day, every hour, every minutes everyone are calling him Dame-Tsuna, just because he was failed at academics, P.E. and so on, so forth. I hate everyone because they bullying someone like Sawada-san who didn't do anything wrong to receive such a treatment from them.

I want to stop them, but I can't, because I don't know what I should say, and if I get myself involve, it might turn out worst for him. I always looking at him secretly, stealing glances of his sad, lonely figure. Since he got bullied by our classmate, senpais and teachers he didn't get anyone to be his friend or even acquaintance, though I want to be his friend but I just can't because I am a coward. I regret my actions everyday why I didn't help him ? he even get his lunch to be stolen from him. To watch him like this hurt me, and yet I am powerless, not being able to be help for him.

I actually thinking that he is such a great guy, because even he received such a bad treatment from everyone Sawada-san never snap, or bicker back nor report them for bullying him. He just is receiving them and just quiet over it. for once when I am out shopping for myself, I see sawada-san help elderly woman and give smile at her, I see his smile from far but even so I can feel his smile warm and bright like the sky that embrace all. I am confuse with myself why did I always thinking about him ? why his smile and kindness brought such warm feel to me ?. That's when I realized what I been thinking about him, that it's when I realized that I falling to him. His kindness and accepting everything around him made me feel warm about him. But I knew that he like someone else and that person is one of few people in Namichuu who didn't bully him and that is Sasagawa Kyoko-san, the school idol, no wonder. Sometimes I jealous of sasagawa-san, to be able to be loved by sawada-san who never asked anything in return.

The truth is, I also don't have any friends because I'm such a anti-social also because I hate everyone for bullying Sawada-san. Sawada-san didn't even do anything to them and they took in pleasure bullying him. I'm not a total loner, it's just I hate interact with people who think they are right in everything, keep looking down on people who beneath them, like sawada-san. Though, I have a senpai who looking after me secretly like a brother to his sister, he is Hibari Kyoya-san, yes the demon prefect of our school or so they called him. Well this is just a secret but he taught me how to fight, he even taught me to use an *arnis.

Then one day I got interested at using gun thanks for a drama in TV. Thanks also to an acquaintance of mine I got a license to use gun and he even taught me how to use it and aiming. No one except to Kyoya-san and that person or more of, that baby know my ability in battlefield.

I now can protect Sawada-san from his bullies. I know that he is a guy and I am a girl but, Sawada-san will never-ever take revenge to his bullies. And if I want to protect him all the way without making anything worst then I will be a knight to protect him from all harm that come to him, well knight is such a great word aren't it. But considering how many bullies that Sawada-san has well wouldn't be that just fine? Well tomorrow I will talk to him, even if he won't look at me like he look at sasagawa-san that's fine because to me his happiness is all the matter.

By the way, the name is Shera Yuuki, Sawada-san' unknown classmate, also known at school as lone wolf. And yes I'm in love with Sawada tsunayoshi-san.