Chapter III : the snow ring

Oneday shera walking around as her turn to patrol the area. She quickly scan if there's any trouble. As she walk some of the shop under the comitte give her either security money or foods for her and the other members. Hibari kyouya may be feared in all namimori, but even the people there can't deny that hibari kyouya was the one who keep them safe. They grateful for what he's doing ( not that they will say it in front of him, they don't want to be bited to death, thank you very much ). When she pass the hill, she saw tsuna alone without the strange baby ( who she know very well ) or either of his friends. She look at him secretly and seeing he's somewhat down, she gather her courage and walk toward him.

"sawada-san ?" asked shera

"o-oh! Sh-shera-san ?" said tsuna startled she is here and he didn't notice.

'if reborn know he will shot me again!' thought tsuna

"something wrong ?" asked shera frowning at him

"it's nothing, just…. I don't know what to do anymore" said tsuna quietly but shera caught what he's said.

"why ?" asked shera

"eh ?" tsuna just blinking at her surprise

"why didn't you know ?" asked shera

"i- I have disagreement with my father… I never liked him, he never home, always leave me and mom alone, and yet when he go back he come as though he never leave us" said tsuna

"did you hate your father ?" asked shera

"I-I can't never like him b-b-but I can never hate him, my mother love him and I can't just take away that love from her" said tsuna

'sawada-san is so kind' thought shera as she smile at him

"sawada-san, when you have agurment with your father did you think he's wrong ?" asked shera

"!" tsuna's eyes wide open, 'did he think his father wrong for suggesting lambo to fight as his lighting guardian ?' 'yes, he's wrong. There's no way lambo, a five year old kid can be able to fight an assassin but like reborn said to him, they don't have any choice, lambo is the only one who had lighting flame'.

"he's wrong b-but he said w-we no I don't have any choice" said tsuna

"who decide that ?" asked shera coldly.

Tsuna look at her, "shera-san ?"

"who decide you don't have any choice, sawada-san ?" asked shera

"m-my father, my tutor also said that b-but.." said tsuna

"but what ? did your tutor and even your father condemn your choice ?" asked shera

"n-no" said tsuna

"then sawada-san, you don't have to agree with them" said shera

"eh ?"

"you don't have to agree with them sawada-san, you have to stand up and show them even you can have choice especially if you don't like it" said shera

'I-I can have a choice ?' thought tsuna

"sawada-san, you have a choice, you always have, if you don't like it you said it, if you're forced to it refuse, don't hestitate because you are not alone" said shera


'may be she's right, I don't want to be mafia boss but it's mafia that brought me my friends and reborn… I don't know if I will be mafia boss but I know I will not let lambo to fight even if it means I die!' thought tsuna as he became determined by himself.

"looks like you found your answer" said shera looking at tsuna, as he didn't realise his eyes glow orange for seconds.

Tsuna stood as he turn to shera with a smile, "t-thank you shera-san! I know what to do! I have to go now,umm… b-bye! I hope we can hang out some times with everyone too!"

Then tsuna run off to his home as he wave goodbye to shera. Shera wave a little at tsuna before resume his patrol again. Shera smile as she resume his patrol, she didn't even realise the strange odd gaze the namimori's people give to her.

A few days after that, shera doing her usual part time when someone call her,

"shera, you can go home"

"I'll be off now, Karusuki-san." Shera said to an old man whose sitting at a wooden chair as he polishing a rusting guitar. She opened the door of shop when the old man spoke to her.

"Yea, thank you for today Shera, be careful on your way." After he said it she leave his shop.

She walks at the street quietly while she is listening to her headphone that is connected to her fliptop phone. Not caring to the other people that walking at the street. She stop suddenly and use her hand to hold her ring that used as pendant on her silver necklace that hanging to her collar. She look at it intended, staring at the details that carved on it.

According to the details, she saw three shellfish on top and the middle of it is snowflake, when she first try to wear it, the ring is surprisingly fit to her ring finger. Though it is fit to her finger, she continue on using it as necklace's pendant. After all it is not really belong to her.

When she try to remember the time she received the ring, all she remember is the manly voice of the gentleman who is wearing business suit.


Five months ago, she was strolling at the same road that she's been taking since she started to live here at Namimori. She's searching for any kind of job where she can have as part time since she still studying at middle school, and stopping is not on her list. She must graduate no matter what. She must prove to those fellas that even without their help she can have life not as good with their money, but not miserable like she is with them. Well it just until her parents come back from no where.

As she taking down the details about a grocery that posted a hiring poster, she saw group of thugs that cornering a spiky brunette man in business suit, he's around twenty's that was she sum, the older man reminded her of Sawada Tsunayoshi to her. She try to ignore them and continue on her business but failed since the thugs are threatening the brunette man that they will hit him if he didn't follow their orders.

She didn't able to stop herself, with the hood on her head to hide her face, she kick the first thug between his legs causing him to curl down in pain. Seeing their leader curling the two other thugs turn their heads to see who the hell have done that kind of thing to their leader.

They saw a girl, wearing black jacket with hood on her head hiding her face. She's much smaller for them so they thought that she just got a good timing to do it to their leader, they raise their fist to smack her face, but the brunette man done an uppercut to the second thug causing him to lose his consciousness while the last thug were hit in stomach by the girl.

She then pulled the brunette man away from the thugs, after the brunette man give his thanks to her, he then show to her a silver ring, the brunette man then took her hand and place the ring to her hand.

"What is this?" asked shera with respect tone to the brunette man.

"That is a special ring, please take a good care of it, it yours now young lady…" said the man

"Wait you didn't have to give this to me. Beside you said that this is a special ring so why are you giving this away?" asked shera, she didn't want to take the ring or any kind of reward from what she had just done.

She then saw the brunette man smile warmly at her.

"Because the ring chose you…"said the man

Before she could ask further more question, the brunette man already gone.

'The ring chose me? Just what the hell is that?' asked shera to herself as she hide the ring pendant back to her undershirt, and continued walking.