Chapter IV : the snow guardian

"it isn't true, byakuran indeed made such a promise to irie-san" a voice of young girl suddenly brought tsuna and the others to snap out of their thought.

"you're.. !" souchi gasp, he never thought for her to be here.

Before them stood a young girl with green tail hair with a flower pattern tattoo under her right eyes, she wore a black squad uniform with a cape with a symbol of flower pattern behind it and a giant hat that look like a mushroom.

" .. she's moving.." said bluebell, the rain mare ring's bearer

"who is she ?" asked takeshi

"millifiore originally founded by two famiglias that's been war for years with each other, the gesso and giglionero" said dino

"yes, the gesso is lead by byakuran while giglionero is lead by the previous head daughter … you don't mean .. ?!" said futa as he just realise whose the girl.

"*cough.. yuni de giglionero, the daughter of the previous boss of the gigilionero famiglia and the boss of the black squad of milliefiore" said soichi.

"you have grow up, yuni" said reborn, his tone had a little sadness in them.

"yes, it's been a while reborn oji-sama" said yuni

"oji-sama ?! you called this cruel-satan-baby oji-sama?!" said tsuna surprise


Reborn hit tsuna hard, "shut up dame-tsuna, she is my aquintance's grand daughter"

"yuni-chan, I happy to see you well again" said byakuran with a closed eyes smile.

"did she sick or something ?" asked tsuna as he look at the girl who smile at him.

"!" he blushing when she smile at him.

"ah, tsuna-san blushing!" said haru jealous

"no, she isn't. byakuran-san to take over giglionero famiglia sealed her soul so he can manipulated her behind the scene, isn't that right ?" said soichi as he look at yuni who look back at him with a sad smile

"that's cruel desu!" said haru angrily

"har.. har.. so-chan, you made it like I am the villain.. I just want to help yuni-chan since she's easly scared" said byakuran in mock hurt tone

"is it ? you just want her to fufill that's ambition of yours!" yelled soichi

"it's alright, soichi-san. While i placed my soul in another place so he can't touch or use me as he please" said yuni

"what did you said, y-u-n-i-c-h-a-n ~~?" asked byakuran

"byakuran I know why you want me but I can't! I can't let you use me or even them!" said yuni

"yuni, you don't- " sawada-san, I want to ask you to protect me" said yuni cutting byakuran

"w-what ?" asked tsuna confused

"it isn't just me, sawada-san, I want you to protect these too, the souls of my dear family" said yuni as she took out many clear pacifiers and made them glow

"that's!" tsuna shocked and then he notice something in her neck, a necklace made of pink ribborn but what made him surprise is the pendant.

'orange pacifier ?! then she's ?!' thought tsuna as he realise she's like reborn

"you can't take my collection without my permission, yuni-chan" said byakuran with a glint in his eyes.


"no! either them nor me is your belonging, byakuran! You will never control us!" said yuni

"is that so ? but look like your white horse prince is scared of me ? if you come back to me now I won't punish you" said byakuran as he getting closer to yuni

Yuni walk backwards as byakuran getting near her, tsuna panic not knowing what he should do.


Byakuran stop as a bullet hit his hand

"byakuran, I don't care who you are but if you touch the boss of arcobaleno then …. I will kill you" said reborn as his killing intent pilled up

"playing knight in white horse ? the strongest baby reborn" said byakuran

"what ?! this girl the boss of the arcobaleno ?!" said tsuna

"tsuna, this is your decision. You are the one who asked by yuni" said reborn

"yuni-chan, if you go back with me now I still can forgive you. You don't want anything to be happen to them right ? your family ? hm?" said byakuran

"…. They.. they will be understand" said yuni determined that she won't go back with byakuran

Tsuna stunned at her,

'her eyes…. She prepared for the worse… she knew' thought tsuna

When byakuran near yuni, a hand suddenly hold to her. that was tsuna. Tsuna hold Yuni's arm making Yuni look at him and raising Byakuran's irritation.

"Come with us! Join us!" Tsuna asked her with determination. He finally made up his mind, and this made Yuni's tears to be out

"Everyone! We're going to protect her!" he declared to his family, earning smile from Kyoko, Haru and Ipin, and o shape mouth from Lambo.

"Tsuna-kun!" said kyoko

"Tsuna-san!" said haru

"yes boss" said hayato

"Okay! Well said!" Ryohei happily said as he pumping his fist and smile curved to his face. And soon follow by Yamamoto, Gokudera, Basil, Dino and smirk by Reborn.

Yuni then feel happy to his decision, thanking Tsuna with bright smile. Tsuna blush at that.

"Ah! Tsuna-san' blushing again!" Haru whined angrily.

"Idjit, I won't let that happen." Zakuro said to them.

"Lord Byakuran, give us permission to attack and take Lady Yuni back." Kikyo asked to his boss, then Byakuran approved him.

And the battle finally started. Squalo, Hibari and Gokudera buy Tsuna and the others time to find the teleportation system that brought them from the Namimori. When they found their base and the teleportation system the all noncombatants members are quickly retreating to their base.

"What about Gokudera and everybody else?" Tsuna asked as he looking back and there he saw Squalo and box weapon coming to their way.

"You did it, Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna praised his storm guardian who is sitting at Squalo's shark.

"It wasn't me." hayato answered his boss with smile along with his cat on his head also smiling. "The needles from Hibari's hedgehogs are multiplying to slow them down." Hayato explained.

They happy by the news but cut off when Chrome calls him and they saw Byakuran coming towards them with great speed, giving creeps to Tsuna. Dino then step forward with whip on his hands.

"You guys go on ahead. It's my turn to buy you time." Said dino as he prepare his whip.

"But you'll be left behind by yourself, Dino-san…" said tsuna worriedly

"Someone has to do it. The real six Funeral Wreaths will be here any moment. Go!" said dino as he push tsuna back.

Then mist started to release from Chrome's trident.

"No one will be able to stop me." Byakuran said with creepy smile of his.

While Chrome and Tsuna feel the familiar sensation of someone.

That same creepy laugh has rung to their ears.

"Kufufu~ I don't know about that."

"Not even us?" said mukuro as he appeared at front of Chrome, earning shock from Byakuran, Tsuna and Hibari.

Then Byakuran used his flame ring to match with laughing pineapple ( a/n : *Sorry about that Mukuro :P*), while Kikyo arrived ready to attack Mukuro but a cold breeze suddenly passed in front of Tsuna and the others, a white haired girl block Kikyo with her two metal stick.

"Kufufu~ Aren't you little late Snow Queen~" Not a question from Mukuro who changed his right eye from six to one. Then a tower of fire with lotus came out from Byakuran's foot.

"Byakuran-sama!" Kikyo call out for his boss, ignoring now his new enemy.

Then the woman who appeared out from nowhere comes at Mukuro's side.

"And you made a grand entrance there Laughing Pineapple." Said the woman

"Eh? Snow Queen?!" Tsuna asked terrified at Mukuro's fellow.

His voice made Mukuro's fellow turn her head to him, a gentle smile spread to her as she saw Tsuna's face.

'her face… it's familiar.. but where ?' thought tsuna as he blush at her.

"Kufufu~ it's been a long time, Sawada Tsunayoshi. And aren't it's been a long time since the last time I saw that sweet smile of your's Snow Queen~" Mukuro said to his fellow.

She turn her head to Mukuro with blank face "Don't give Tsu-chan and I creeps, Laughing Pineapple…"

Mukuro twitch at that.

'if not for the battle I will torture her kufufufu~~' thought mukuro

Then they both turn their heads back at Byakuran.

"But aren't you injured or anything?" Tsuna asked then Byakuran's face showed from tower of fire.

"Tsunayoshi-kun's right, Mukuro-kun." Said byakuran as he shocks Tsuna and the others.

"I thought that I'd destroyed your mind when you were possessing my subordinate. Or at least caused enough damage to prevent you from creating such illusions." Said byakuran

"Kufufu~ I definitely thought it was over when I fell prey to your scheme and found myself trapped in a sealed space. It would've been, had I been alone." Said mukuro.

"I see. You had your buddy open a hole from the outside." Said byakuran

"He's more like a poorly raised child than a buddy." Said mukuro

"ehh~~~ Shishou, don't be so cold~" a monotone boy voice said beside Mukuro.

Mukuro shudder at that as he looks at the source and saw his fellow talking to him with monotone boy voice as if she's playing someone else.

"Quit it Snow Queen, you are creepy." Mukuro commented then he turns back at not-burning Byakuran.

'Who is she?' Tsuna thought as he staring at the female fellow.

"Either way, you dealt me considerable damage. Enough to prevent me from doing anything a moment ago." Mukuro continued he then heard a sigh from the same person beside him.

"And that gives me more work, than Tsu-chan originally gave to me. Thank you very much…" said the woman

"Kufufu~ Stop it Snow Queen…" said mukuro

"Hm~ who going to thought that you also still alive… Tsunayoshi-kun's Snow Guardian, Shera-chan~~"

His voice gives chill to her spine

"Wow! You are more creepy than before Marshmallow glutton~" shera replied.

While Tsuna and Gokudera are surprised from what they heard,

"Snow Guardian? Wait…. Sh-shera-san?!" asked tsuna.

Then she turn to Tsuna and the others, "And what are you guys waiting for? Christmas? New Year? Hurry up and charge that teleportation system!"


Then Mukuro raise his illusionary fire, making Tsuna yelled.

"She's right, take the Sky Arcobaleno to Namimori, Sawada Tsunayoshi." Said mukuro

"Tsuna! We should let Mukuro and your Snow Guardian handle this." Dino said to Tsuna.

"But, Mukuro-sama!" Chrome yells at to Mukuro.

"So sweet Chrome-chan, huh~ too bad she married a creepy guy~" the woman that called as Snow Guardian whispered to Mukuro.

"Kufufu~ stop insulting me Snow Queen~!" whinned mukuro

"Mukuro!" They heard Tsuna called him. "Will we see you two again?"

"Of course." Before Mukuro could uttered another word, his fellow guardian burst into pink smoke. "Don't tell me…"

Then the woman known as Future Tsuna's Snow Guardian replaced by a girl with shoulder length black hair and purple eyes,

"Eh?" shera uttered.

"Oya, oya It's much like I gonna work by myself from now on~" Mukuro whispered to himself.

"Hm, Kikyo, kill this girl before she become a threat~!" Byakuran said to his cloud guardian, and then Kikyo obeyed by attacking her using his plants, but his plants didn't able to hit her as she used her two wooden stick to destroyed his plants.

"Hm~ I didn't know that Arnis can be use like that…" said byakuran

( a/n : *Believe me Byakuran, so do I :P*)

"Wh-what?" asked shera confused

"Shera!" Hibari call out her name, she then turn her head where Hibari is

"Kyoya-senpai!" she call back

"WHAT?! She called Hibari-san Kyoya? Are they that close?!" Tsuna shockingly asked.

When she heard Tsuna's voice her head and saw "Eh? Sawada-san too?"

"Shera!" Reborn voice rung to everyone's ears and they are all turn to him.

"Reborn!" said shera as she look at reborn.

"Protect Yuni and Tsuna at all cost!" Reborn ordered her, without any question she nodded as response and run towards them.

"Now Sawada Tsunayoshi go, protect Yuni." Said mukuro

"But!" said tsuna hestistated

"I can't have someone other than myself taking over this world." Mukuro said his speech

"What a creepy guy." Shera commented, shudder at what mukuro's said.

"Listen carefully, Sawada Tsunayoshi. You absolutely must not let the Sky Arcobaleno, Yuni, fall into Byakuran's hands." Said mukuro

"Quiet." Byakuran ordered as he buried his hand at illusionary Mukuro.

Giving creeps to Chrome and Tsuna, causing Mukuro's illusion vanished.

"Now, hurry. Charge the teleportation system with flames." Mukuro said as mist started to leave his body.

"G-Got it!" Tsuna said as he holds up his ring, calling all his guardians, except to new arrival guardian. And they all started litting their flames along with Dino, Squalo and Basil. Sending flames to Teleportation System, leaving Byakuran, the real six funeral wreaths and fading Mukuro.

"You may think that you helped them escape, but it's pointless, Mukuro-kun. You've merely allowed them to live a little longer." Byakuran said to Mukuro.

"My goal wasn't to save the Vongola Family. I simply need to prevent the Sky Arcobaleno from falling into your hands." Said mukuro

"You sound like you know something. Oh well…" Byakuran then shining his ring

"I'll do whatever it takes to get Yuni-chan. The Mafia way, which you hate." The Mukuro's illusion burst fading away "Bye-bye…"