The Flower of a Fireball

By AquaMoon

Disclaimer: I own nothing…except for my socks.

Author's Notes: Yup, I haven't updated in centuries….but why? Because I only got one review! Thank you, Yaten! Thank you! Anyways, here it goes….

A half hour passed of Kakyuu and Chibi-Usa playing games, swinging on the swings, and telling stories of their homes. 'This is what I need. To relax and feel like a child again! Ruling a planet is stressful…' Kakyuu thought. She loved Chibi-Usa's smile. The way she laughed was comforting and warm. 'This girl…she would not be alive if Usagi loved Seiya. She would be a different girl with different hair and a different smile. I wonder…what would a child of Seiya and Usagi's look like?' She stared at her new, young friend thinking about such a thing. "Chibi-Usa, what do you think it would be like if…err…how do I say this, your mother loved someone else?" she asked. Chibi-Usa raised an eyebrow. "Uh…well, I don't know. I wouldn't be alive then! Hmm, maybe she'd be ditzy and klutzy like Usagi! I am too mature to be her daughter!" she exclaimed. Kakyuu giggled. "Oh? You two are more like sister than mother and child, huh? That must be interesting." Chibi-Usa was a little confused on why Kakyuu was bringing this up now. "Um, yeah. Hey, want to get some ice-cream?" she asked. Kakyuu was now the confused one. "Ice cream? What's that?" Chibi-Usa just laughed and said, "You sure are strange…I'll show you!"

They were eating ice cream (from the ice cream truck) in the park when Chibi-Usa realized something. "Drat! I forgot, I have to be at Usagi's! Hey, Kakyuu, do you want to come over for dinner?" she asked. Kakyuu thought for a minute. She couldn't face Seiya just yet so she had no other place to go to. "Okay, Chibi-Usa. Usagi won't mind?" "Of course not!"

Meanwhile, Seiya sat down in a chair, pondering his thoughts about Kakyuu and Usagi. 'Yaten and Taiki told me something about Kakyuu…Something I didn't know before. She loves me. Oh God, this is confusing! I mean, what I feel for Kakyuu is different than Usagi…Could it be because they're different people? I need to sleep on this…' he thought as he walked off to his bedroom to sleep.