AN: Hello everyone and welcome to the one-shot Fate Series. This story will be Naruto and Arturia pairing. Naruto will be a knight that serves Arturia and knows of her gender. They were summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War with Naruto as the Archer Class Servant, having Rin Tohsaka as his master and Arturia as the Saber Class Servant, having Shirou Emiya as her master.

This story will take place in the UBW with small Heaven's Feel line but be called the Archer route, Fate Stay Night: Maelstrom. Some things will change for the story and into something peaceful. This pairing will have to be one of the best pairings out there and my best pairing to read out and many fans love this one.

Side Pairings are Shirou x Rin and OC x Sakura x Medusa (Rider) x Medea (Caster).

And last, this would be a three-part one-shot

Now let's enjoy the first part of the story.


"I failed in my first life to save my friends and the people I cared about. I was lost in a new world but was found and care for by you, my King. You helped and give me a chance to be your knight. The evening I know your gender, but I know that you are my King no matter what. I give you my life and soon enough my love towards you, Arturia Pendragon, my King of Knights," Naruto said, being his last thoughts before drying with a smile on his face.


As the Fifth Holy Grail War comes underway, some servants have been summoned and masters have yet to be chosen. One of those masters was Rin Tohsaka of the Tohsaka Clan and now the master of the Archer Class Servant. She planned on summoning a Saber Class Servant, but something happens, and gained this new servant in front of her. She can tell that this servant was from a timeline where knights fight for their king and listen to orders. So, she won't have to use a command spell.

"Archer, have you find any servants in the area?" Rin asked, resting herself on the fence of the school.

She was on her school break and had her servant with her to investigate things around the school area before going into the city. Soon the Archer servant came before her out his spirit form and shook his head. He was a young man, wearing golden armor that looks like a lion and had a red feather coming down from his helmet. A sword in a blue holder on his left hip and a black bow on his back. Underneath that helmet, he had sun-kissed blonde hair, three whisker marks, and ocean blue-like eyes.

"I am sorry, my master. I haven't found any enemy servants around the area. My class is an Archer after all," Archer replied, crossing his arms.

Rin sighed, understanding what her servant met, and said, "That's right. The Caster Class is known to find servants from a long distance."

"I will keep my eyes open master. I won't have an enemy come between me and you, Rin," Archer said with a smile on his face to calm his master.

Rin smiled, being grateful for the servant she has with her. While she didn't get a Saber, she was still happy that her Archer servant was sharp and loyal to her like a Saber would be. She was told that Archers were hard servants to work with, most of them, but this one was different from what she had been told and was glad of that.

"Thanks, Archer. We will do some investigation around the school tonight. I sense a barrier and it's very well made. We will have to deal with it very soon before it becomes a problem," Rin said, noticing that break was almost over and will need to head to her next class.

Archer saw the time and understand what his master must get back to class.

The golden archer smiled and said, "You should head back to class, master. I will keep an eye open for the barrier and maybe find the marker. Once I find one, I will inform you after school."

Rin nodded her head agreement and watched her servant coming back into spirit form as she heads back inside for her next class.

Archer watched his master close in spirit form, thinking a few things, like the day they met...and was interesting, to say the least, but he couldn't help himself remembering some of his past.


In an open field filled with grass, calm winds blowing in the air, the scent of nature, and flowers to be seen. This field of nature had a young woman smiling as she plants a few new flowers for the morning before going back to her tower to study. She wore the white cloth of a mage, blacktop, black pants with a white cloth around her waist to her legs, colored boots, and had some flowers placed on her clothes. She had white hair and purple eyes. This was Merlin, Magus of Flowers, and the King's most trusted ally.

Merlin wanted to hang out in the field and relax before heading back to her tower and later the Camelot.

Before anything else, Magus of Flowers felt a powerful wave of magic hitting her and trun to see a wormhole opening up, scorching the grass and dirt, and a young man fall is described as him skidding across the ground showing that he wasn't so much tossed out so much as blasted out.

Merlin walks over to see a young man covered in wounds and was in awe that he is still alive. She looks and thought a lot about this young man like where this stranger came from or what he was involved in to get wounds like that. She can tell that it was a massive battle with someone and was grateful to see that his wounds were healing up.

Merlin can't let someone here and should help the young man by taking him back to her tower to recover. Who knows, she might find a good finding today.

Three Weeks Later-Camelot

Merlin leads the young man to the Kingdom of Camelot to become a knight and be a member of the Roundtable under the king's leadership. She looked back to see the knight coming and smiled at the armor he wore.

Naruto's armor was gold, shining like the sun as the light hits it and would stand out in the night as the warrior from the light. His armor resembles a lion, the helmet more so, and had a red feather coming down from the back. The chest area had the Camelot's symbol on it while the shoulders had the Uzumaki swirls. He carried a long sword spear in his hands while his back carried his bow and arrows.

The Magus of Flowers had help made that armor to help Naruto's old charka network to his mana network. He can create lightning and wind mana which was very powerful which took training to make sure he can control it and started his path of becoming a Knight of Camelot.

Before Naruto could take a step, he stopped thinking really hard and the path ahead of him.

Seeing the young knight holding back, Merlin spoke, "Are you ready, Naruto? I told you that once you take your first step on being a knight, you give up your past and move foward to serve a king."

"Hai," Naruto nodded and spoke, "I remember and know what's ahead of me. You told me that the road ahead of me will be long and hard, pushing the past away. However, I can also see a better future for me. A future where I can help people, see them smile, and keep them safe while protecting the kingdom and serving my king. I promise Merlin that I will protect Camelot and my king to the best of my ability. And I never break my promises."

Merlin smiled at Naruto and could see an interesting story the young knight was taking as he walks foward in the kingdom to meet his king.

End Flashback

Archer shook his head and went into spirit form while making a note to ask his master about getting some modern days clothes to travel and see the world around him while vowing to one day see his king again...and not fail her again.