"I have a great idea!" Momiji suddenly announced which made everyone look his way. "Let's tell scary stories!" Kyo saw Tohru immediately tense up and sweat with fear.

"Yeah that's not happening." He stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Awwww! Why?" Momiji asked with disappointment then gasped. "Is Tohru too scared?"

"I'm f-f-f-fine, really!" Tohru said in a weak voice.

"Oh I know! How about a test of courage?! I saw a cave nearbye - we can-" Momiji suggested brightly.

"That's way worse!" Kyo shouted in anger. Tohru started for the door with an overly determined look on her face.

"I-i can d-do this!" She said a bit too loudly. Kyo put an arm around her neck and pulled her back towards the center of the room.

"Fine! You can tell scary stories! Whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't get herself killed in the process!" He resigned and sat her down on the couch then sat down next to her. A few days ago Momiji came to Shigures house announcing he was taking them on a vacation to the beach house before everyone graduated and left. In the end it was Momiji, Kisa, Hiro, Tohru, Kyo, Yuki and even Machi. Hatsuharu opted out because Rin didn't want to go. So here they were, sitting in the living room with Kyo and Tohru on one couch, Yuki and Machi on the other while Kisa and Hiro sat on the floor as Momiji grabbed a flashlight then turned off the lights. He turned it on and put under his face.

"Once upon a time..." Momiji began in a sinister voice.

"Is this a fairytale or a scary story?" Yuki asked in confusion. Momiji ignored him and continued.

"On a dark and stormy night a man was walking through the woods when a big scary demon appeared!" Tohru made an EEP sound and latched herself onto Kyos arm. He smirked a little bit and thought, 'Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.' He removed his arm from her grip and put it around Tohru before pulling her into side protectively. She hid her face in his shoulder and clutched his shirt.

"Why is he walking through the woods when it's dark and stormy? That doesn't make any sense." Machi commented which made Yuki snicker.

"That's a good question." He replied in amusement.

"Then what happened?" Kisa asked quietly.

"Please don't encourage him..." Hiro complained.

"The demon said he would eat him. The man begged the demon saying 'Please! I have a wife and family! I must get back to them!'" Now Tohru was sniffling against Kyo.

"Thats so sad!" She said in a sad voice. Kyo sighed heavily.

"It's just a story, Tohru. Don't take it so seriously." Kyo reminded her. She nodded sadly.

"'I don't care about your whining about a family!' The demon cried. 'I know who you truly are!' Then he gobbled the man up, clothes and all! It turns out the man was planning on murdering his family that night and the demon was stopping him! So you better be careful or the demon will..." Momiji paused. "Eat you up!" He shouted and then suddenly pointed the flashlight at Tohru, who nearly jumped out of her skin and onto Kyos lap before she threw her arms around his neck, tucking her head into his shoulder. Kyo put his arms around Tohru protectively and looked at Momiji with an angry glare, his eyes shadowed by his orange bangs.

"Any last words rabbit before I kill?" He growled in a low voice. Momiji rushed to turn on the light.

"You're still scary sometimes Kyo... Sorry! I got carried away!" He apologized. Kyo moved Tohru off of his lap.

"I'm taking Tohru on a walk to calm her down..." He said as he got up and took her hand, leading her towards the beach outside.

"But the demon!" She cried fearfully. Kyo put a hand over his eyes.

"There isn't any demons, Tohru. Don't listen to what that bunny says..." He opened the door and brought her outside. After they walked for a bit she suddenly gasped with delight and ran ahead of him. All around them were fireflies that lit up the night. They danced around her as her eyes glowed with excitement. He gulped at the sight, suddenly nervous for some reason, his heart pounding. He took a breath and walked over to her. Then Kyo cupped his hand on her face, just under her ears, and gave her a look so full of love it made Tohru blush.

"So precious..." He whispered before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers softly. They could feel the wind against their skin, hear the sound of the waves and smell the salt of the ocean. After they finally separated Tohru spoke up.

"Ummm, Kyo..." She started. He looked at her with a soft smile.

"I don't feel like going back yet. Wanna build a sand castle?" He asked her. She smiled happily at him and nodded with tears in her eyes and hugged his arm. They continued walking down the beach, Tohru talked excitedly about how this time she would build the best sandcastle ever while Kyo listened intently, smiling down at her and just happy to be with her.