My Little Pony: Sleeping Giant

Chapter 1: A Land of Warriors

I have only one question for you Princess Celestia: why? First you turn the attention of your war efforts toward Griffons, Hippogriffs, and Wolf-Griffons. What do you see in us that makes us such a threat to you, or the stability of your kingdom? Your ambitions are turning toward madness. My name is Sakura Breeze, and I will firmly stand against you.

In the name of the Land of Uma, and our Empress Golden Chrysanthemum, we take up our arms against you. What reason did you come up with in your mind to attack us? Is it our customs? Our language? Last I recall, I am a pony, a unicorn to be precise. Your armies are invading our islands, they burn our villages. They shell, and they bomb our cities.

I am known as 'Sakura Breeze the One-Eyed' as I lost my right eye to shrapnel in battle months before. It is now bandaged. Though I lose an eye, I do not lose my faith in my troops under my command. I am a tan-colored mare with a black mane and tail. My 'cutie mark' is a sakura blossom in full bloom. I am 'big' for a mare, and I take pride in that.

"Your highness" I said kneeling to her

I had been summoned to her palace in the Imperial city of Kiku. I wear my 1904 uniform with my Type 98 Shin-Gunto as well as my holstered Hamada Type pistol, "It pains me" said the young and beautiful empress, "it pains me so to see this Princess turn against her own kind...there seems to be no other reasoning behind it other than we are different"

"You have done your very best in the name of our land and in my name, I feel it is time we firmly make our statement that we will fight alongside the griffons, hippogriffs, and wolf-griffons, if the Princess sees it fit to turn against ponies, then I feel it is time we bring a hoof of firm comradeship to our avian allies" she stated, "you seem rather hesitant,"

"It is not in your decision I am worried about, for it is a very strong one and it's well-rooted in good intentions" I replied, "my one worry is that the griffons and their allies will be very skeptical of ponies among their ranks, they might think that this very sword at my side will be used to betray them" Golden Chrysanthemum smiled warmly and made a nod

"I completely understand your concern"

"As a pony of the Land of Uma, you should know that our word is our bond" said the Empress, a white unicorn mare the same size as me with the Imperial Chrysanthemum for her cutie mark, and wearing her Imperial Kimono, "it may come to us to prove our worth in battle at their side for us to earn a trust" she concluded, I stand up and bowed to her

By the Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy, and the Imperial Air Force, we will show Equestria what we can do. For the army, we are a very well-trained and a very well-disciplined fighting force. The army uniform is the standard 1904 khaki uniform with peaked caps. Our rifle is the Type 99 Arisaka 'short rifle' with the straight-guard Type 30 sword bayonet

Our standard machine guns are the Type 1 Heavy Machine Gun and the Shisei Type 3 Light Machine Gun. Unlike many of the military powers, our land was late in embracing the tank. Still, we built quality tanks that have become the standards in our army: the Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu Light Tank and Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium Tank. Both are loved by their crews.

"Kiotsuke! (Attention!)" I ordered my troops

"Sasage tsutsu! (rifle salute!)" I added, and my troops complied without slouching, and in perfect unison. I inspected each soldier both mare and stallion under my command at the base. With a nod of approval to my troops, "yasume (at ease)" they did as ordered, and my second-in-command approached me from the organized ranks of these soldiers.

"Orders?" asked Captain White Lotus. Captain White Lotus is my second-in-command. She saluted me, and I saluted back. She is a bit more tan in the pelt than I am, but she is comparable in 'size' to me, and in mane and tail color. Without any jealousy, I say she is much prettier than me. A goodhearted stallion will be very blessed to have her as a wife

"We are to be the first hooves into battle, tomorrow at first light, we march alongside our allies, for they will be our brothers and sisters-in arms, for tomorrow...we'll commence 'Operation Shoryu'," the troops under my command cheered, raising up their rifles with fixed bayonets. Troops in our operation need to make preparations like artillery and tanks

"Celestia will hear us" said White Lotus

"Indeed she will" I replied looking out at the setting sun. The next morning, the troops were well-rested and ready to travel. We were at the Imperial Port of Hasu where the ship 'Komatsu-Maru' was being loaded with supplies like food, ammunition, tanks, and artillery. With naval escort, we are to meet with our allies at the Imperial Port of Chaika in Orel.

Type 90 75mm field guns and Type 96 150mm howitzers were being loaded onto the ship. They will be our artillery support. As mentioned, my troops will be the first hooves on the ground in this conflict while the empress is managing the mobilization of other regions. The ponies are in good spirits, and eager for action. I'm proud to fight alongside them

I looked up to hear the hum of aircraft. I saw a squadron of Ki-67 'Hiryu' and Ki-49 'Donryu' bombers with Ki-78 'Kensan' fighters as escorts. The battlecruiser 'Azuma' and her sister ship 'Yoshino' will be our naval escorts to Chaika. This is only a fraction, a small taste of our military power. To you Celestia, my troops and I have one thing to say: Banzai!

(Azuma & Yoshino are modeled after the B-65 cruiser)