"It started off as a regular patrol on a regular day. Well… as regular as days got for Peter Parker. He was, after all, Spider-Man. Anyway things started to get weird as his patrol reached Central Park where there was one situation he wasn't exactly equipped to handle. Fast forward to the phone call he was currently making

"911 what's your emergency?"

"I don't know that it's an emergency exactly, but there are, like, 800 penguins just running around in Central Park. I just thought someone should know."

And that's how Peter's usual daily routine was plunged into chaos as he ended his patrol at 11pm after spending 2 hours rounding up penguins from Central Park.

"Aunt May! I'm home!" Peter called, shutting the front door behind him."Peter Benjamin Stark! Where on Earth have you been, you're home an hour late!" May lectured."I was with Mr Stark, you know, working on the Iron-Man and Spider-Man suits." He lied, trying not to give that away in his eyes.

A light flickered on behind him. "Try Again." came Tony's voice, disappointment and a light flicker of worry in his tone."Look, patrol took longer than it was supposed to and I didn't have time to call, I didn't want to worry you but I just-" Peter realized he was ranting. "Um, anyways, I'm sorry and it won't happen again."

"It's OK if patrol runs over but call someone first, underoos." Tony put a hand on Peter's shoulder. "We thought we had lost you for a bit there. Go to bed, kiddo."

"Make sure you tell me next time. I thought you weren't going to come back this time." Aunt May smiled softly before pulling Peter into a hug. "Goodnight Peter."

"Goodnight Aunt May. Goodnight Tony."

"Goodnight underoos."

And if Stark had been crying over Peter finally calling him Tony, then that was nobody's business but his.

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