AN: Just what I need, another story. You all know that Everything Has Changed and I Knew You will reach their ends soon, so I thought I would start another quasi-AU. So here is the deal. We follow the original series until Rory decides to go to Harvard and not Yale. Future chapters will probably be longer, but this is setting the stage. Read, review, enjoy. And, for the record, you can blame QueenOfTheSloths for the cliffhanger, SHE MADE ME DO IT. Thank you to QueenOfTheSloths and LoveRocket09 for always being a sounding board for me. I appreciate you so much.

Summary: Rory Gilmore never expected to fall for her boss. She had worked with him for years, but one day things shifted and somehow Rory fell head over heels for Logan Huntzberger. How did they find themselves in this situation? And what do they do next?

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Chapter One:

"Do I have anymore meetings?" Rory put her head in her hands, her elbows were perched on the conference room table as her assistant brought her what might've been her fifth cup of coffee for the day.

"You're done," her assistant, Parker gave her a smile. "Headed home?"

Rory nodded her head, "yeah I'm going to grab some dinner and then I'm off for a week. And you are…"

"I will be here," Parker smiled and sat down in the desk chair beside her. "I will be manning your meetings and your schedule, so I'll be working from home a lot and and not really working full hours if we're being honest," he laughed, "but don't tell the boss."

"Secret is safe with me," Rory laughed, "make sure you're in sweatpants or pyjamas for the week. No waistband allowed…"

"If you insist," Parker nodded. "I think Mr. Huntzberger wanted to talk to you?"

Rory nodded and took a sip of her coffee, ignoring the little summersault that her stomach did at the sound of his name. "Can you tell him I'll be there in fifteen, and then after I'm done with him I'm going to head out, so you can go home now?"

"You're sure?" Parker tried to keep his excitement at bay about leaving work early on a Friday. Rory was a good boss, he had worked as her assistant for almost two years now and in his time as an executive assistant, Rory Gilmore was certainly his favourite boss. She didn't have a lot of demands, she needed to be kept caffeinated, she talked to Parker like a friend and not a boss unless it was necessary. Rory nodded and gave him a reassuring smile, "alright, well I will go tell Mr. Huntzberger that you will be a few minutes, and other than that, have a nice trip. I will only forward on things that are important while you're gone. You deserve a rest."

"So do you," Rory stood up and tucked her laptop under her arm and gathered her coffee. She walked from the conference room to her office which was maybe twenty feet away. She remembered when she first came to the executive floor to visit with her then boss and she had been somewhat intimidated by the space. Now it felt like a home away from home. She pushed the door open with her hip, her hands were full after all and quickly put her laptop on her desk, her coffee went down as well and she took a seat. Her office was mostly tidy, she wanted to leave it clean, she liked returning to a clean space. There was something refreshing about coming back to work after a week off to a clean space with no clutter. Rory put away some files and reports she had been reading earlier and locked her filing cabinet door. She opened her laptop again and replied to a couple of e-mails, looked at her calendar and set her out of office which everyone knew was more or less a joke because Rory was always available, she was typically the first in and the last out, it wasn't uncommon for her to work a ten hour day on top of her commute home. Finally satisfied that she had responded to everything she needed to, and sent out the e-mails she had told her team she would send to them after their meeting, she closed her laptop, grabbed her coffee cup and walked to the elevator to head up to the C-Suite floor. Rory knew she could've taken the stairs, but between the linen dress and the Jimmy Choo sandals, she preferred to take the elevator. She walked past his assistant who smiled at her and knocked on the door to his office, waiting a moment before she let herself through the door. She smiled as Logan Huntzberger, President and CEO of Huntzberger Publishing Group put one finger in the air and then pointed to the handset he was holding to his ear as he finished up a call. Rory took a seat in one of the club chairs in front of his desk and crossed her legs as she took another sip of her coffee and waited for him to hang up the phone. When he did put the phone down he cocked his head to the left and gave her an apologetic smile. "You're a busy man."

"I'm a busy man," Logan nodded and sat down at the chair behind his desk. His office was decorated sparsely, there were two chairs in front of his large, black desk and then his desk chair. There was a bar setup in the corner, and beautiful curated art on the walls. "How are you?"

"Good," Rory smiled, "Parker said you wanted to see me?"

Logan closed his laptop and put his fingers on the bridge of his nose, "did you see the Q2 reports?"

"I did," Rory nodded passively, waiting to see where he took the conversation.


"Well I think that readership is…plateauing, but we need to double down on our efforts in getting online subscriptions. We know that online readership is the way of the future and we need to find a way to incentivize readers to subscribe…"

Logan looked at his watch, "enough shop talk," he declared. "Everything wrapped up for you?"

Rory nodded and tucked a hair behind her ear, "I'm just going to grab my things and head out for the night. All of my e-mails are taken care of, meetings are done…"

"I'm going to be heading out soon too," Logan grinned at her, "maybe I'll meet you at your office?" he suggested, "I'll walk you to your car?"

"I can walk myself to my car," Rory told him as she stood up and smoothed her dress.

"I know you can, but I like talking to you."


Rory took in her surroundings, the Italian Arabescato Cervaiole marble countertop was cold to the couch as he turned to face her. She had been here before of course, many nights had been spent sharing food in this kitchen, drinks being taken from the integrated refrigerator that you wouldn't know was there if you didn't spend a fair amount of time there. They had spent weekends curled up on the couch reading the newspaper and books, evenings watching Netflix or late nights after work just trying to decompress from the events of the day. "Tell me what you ordered?" she batted her eyelashes, fluttering them until his hazel eyes connected with hers and a goofy grin spread across his face.

"I got you the one you like," Logan pushed the takeout container across the counter.

"Oooh from the place on Mott Street?" Rory grinned, her blue eyes sparkling as she took the red and white container from him and their fingers connected for just a moment. He nodded his head to confirm, "my hero," she told him dramatically, she stood up from the barstool and leaned of the counter on her tiptoes to give him a quick kiss. "You're too good to me."

"When do you leave?" Logan asked as he looked through the half dozen takeout containers to find the braised Yellow Fish he had ordered specifically for himself knowing that Rory wouldn't enjoy it.

"Chopsticks?" Rory looked at him curiously, "in the morning. I'll be gone for a week, probably completely off the grid for some of it."

Logan raised an eyebrow as he handed her the chopsticks and took a bite of his own food. "Rory Gilmore, off the grid? For a week?" he had known her for almost fifteen years and he was pretty sure she had never taken more than a couple of days off at a time.

Rory rolled her eyes and took a sip of the cold glass of sauvignon blanc he had poured for her. "What are your weekend plans?"

"I think I'll head to the Vineyard, my sister and her family is there, my parents are probably there," he told her, "but why don't we forget about that for now?" Rory laughed and took another bite of her food. Logan put down his fork and took a long sip of his water, "I'm going to miss you," he walked around the island and raised his eyebrows at her.

Rory swallowed the lump in her throat, she tried to ignore the feeling in her belly as his hands went on either side of her body, not touching her, just an inch or so away on either side but effectively boxing her in. "Logan," Rory breathed, he leaned in and inhaled her scent, "we said we weren't tonight."

"That was when you hadn't told me you were leaving for a week," Logan countered, his breath was hot on her neck and he smiled as he saw her body relax ever so slightly, "I feel like maybe you hid that from me? I mean, I knew you were taking a week off of work, but a vacation?" Logan laughed, "without me?"

Rory closed her eyes, "I may have kept that part a secret," she admitted. She hadn't wanted to tell him that she was really going away, that they wouldn't be able to see each other at all. She couldn't remember the last time she had gone that long without seeing him. She had been working with Logan directly for ten years now, working for Huntzberger Publishing in some capacity or another for fifteen, but ten years earlier she had started reporting to Logan Huntzberger and a friendship had been born, and then eight years after that, when Rory had accepted a job as Vice President of Acquisitions while Logan served as President and CEO of the organization, something in their relationship changed. It grew into something else, something more. "We can have dinner when I get back?" Rory suggested as his lips finally made contact with her jaw and she exhaled, not having realized that she was holding her breath ever so slightly.

"Dinner?" Logan smirked, his lips were getting closer to hers now and Rory put her hands on his shoulders. He was still wearing his dress shirt and tie from being at work earlier in the day, his muscular shoulders were one of the many things Rory loved about Logan, there was something safe about being in his arms that she had never really experienced before.

"Dinner," Rory laughed and he kissed her lips gently, "maybe lunch if you're bad. Do you remember when we spent that extra weekend in Paris?" Rory smiled at the thought, it was about a year earlier when they had extended a business trip to include two nights at Le Bristol in Paris. They had played tourist all day, Logan had taken her to museums that she hadn't seen on either of her previous two trips to Europe, he had taken her to amazing hole in the wall restaurants, and when the opportunity came up to extend, they had jumped at the chance. "Do your remember the bed at Le Bristol?"

"How could I forget?" Logan grinned as he took another bite of his food. "You wore that ratty little Harvard tee…"

"Is that really all that you remember?" Rory blushed at the thought of the t-shirt that barely covered her bottom.

"I remember everything about that. Starting with how bad the keynote speaker was at that conference. Tim Reynolds? I wanted to ask for our money back. We paid to attend that garbage…"

"So you do remember," Rory laughed, thinking of the five days prior to their trip extension which had been spent in a large conference centre listening to some terrible speakers in an effort to build some new connections in the European market.

"So you can understand why the tee was the highlight of my trip then?"

Rory laughed and took a couple more bites of her food, "are we going again this year?" she asked cautiously.

Logan shrugged his shoulders, "you'll have to ask your boss if there is budget for that…might need to cut costs on the hotel rooms," Logan told her, he loved the way she blushed at his innuendo and then his heart fell when he saw her look at her watch and make a face. "I guess you have to go soon?" he asked a moment later. The wine was almost gone, dinner was done, she had already told him that it couldn't be a late night.

"I'll finish my wine," Rory told him, placing a chaste kiss on his lips, "turn on some music?" she suggested, "we can just relax, enjoy the view."

Logan nodded and fiddled around on his phone for a minute until a playlist was streaming through the space, "are you coming to the summer party? The HPG thing…" he asked her as they both moved to the living room with river views, Logan sat down and Rory immediately found herself leaning against his body, her legs curled underneath her.

"I'm not sure," she admitted. The company barbecue, she hadn't typically gone prior to her landing the VP role, but increasingly showing her face at those things, "it's not for a few weeks, right?"

Logan laughed and kissed Rory's temple, "you work too hard. Two weeks, so a week after you get back from vacation."

"Will you be there?" Rory grinned.

"Will I be at the Huntzberger Publishing summer blow out?" Logan laughed. "I mean, I can think of a hundred things I would rather do. Have I told you I even hated attending these things when I was a kid. It was just always so brutal…"

"You've said…" Rory laughed, she could imagine a little blonde haired boy running away from a man on stilts or a face painting clown. "You know what I mean."

"We'll be there."

Rory nodded and repeated his words, "we'll be there." Logan watched her for a moment, and a moment somehow turned into another twenty until Rory slowly moved out of his embrace. "I should go."

"Stay," Logan playfully secured her in his arms. "Don't go."

"I will see you soon," Rory turned her body towards him and gave him a gentle kiss. "You'll barely even miss me."

"I'll miss you," Logan corrected her. "I always miss you when you go."

"I miss you too."

The drive home was faster than she expected, but maybe it also helped that she was leaving Manhattan at just after nine in the evening and the drive would be just about an hour with the current traffic. By the time she pulled her Audi Q5 into her narrow driveway she was exhausted. She looked quickly in the mirror and fixed her hair before grabbing her work bag from the passenger seat and stepping out of the car, straightening out her cream coloured linen dress as she walked to the front door. The lights on the porch were on, they always were when she was coming home late. Rory turned her key and opened the door slowly, "hello?" There was no answer, which wasn't surprising. "Hello?" she repeated again, dropping her keys in the bowl on the table by the entryway and kicking off her heels. "Hey," she smiled as she got to the kitchen.

"Hey yourself," Dean Forrester looked at his wife of sixteen years and smiled.