AN: Well, this is it. The story is over. Thank you all for coming on this ride - I've really enjoyed writing this one, but I am also glad to have another one completed. A sequel is in the works but that will take some time, so please enjoy. I also have a one shot that will probably be coming soon

Chapter Twenty Three

Logan was fighting a headache and Rory had packing to do, but neither of those things had stopped the the couple, and Emma from making the trek to Great Neck where they were watching Noah play soccer. Of course Noah had assured his father more than once that it wasn't a big deal if he came or not, but Noah had mentioned it casually a week prior and Logan knew that for the boy to even mention such an event, it did mean something. So they stood…all six of them and their little modern family. Lily and Emma had run off somewhere to discuss Emma's trip to Chicago, they would be leaving the following morning, after the trip they would head to Martha's Vineyard where Noah and Lily would meet them in a couple of days, Rory and Logan would each work remotely for a week and then the five of them would enjoy a week of holidays together. So with the girls having run off, Logan stood beside Tom discussing a charitable endeavour that Tom was leading up, and Abigail and Rory discussed schools in Manhattan. As much as Rory never would have imagined this particular moment, she was proud of them all. They had come a long way in the almost eight short months since all of their worlds had imploded and to know that Abigail was willing to discuss school options for Rory's daughter meant something. Of course, Abigail had researched the schools many times over the years because occasionally she and Logan had discussed relocating permanently to Manhattan but that had never played out. So Abigail gave Rory the short list of suggestions and assured her that Emma would have no problem getting in between Rory's job and their connection to the Huntzberger family.

"Are you coming to the barbecue?" Logan leaned forward to get Abigail's attention, "Dad was asking me. Totally up to you…" the Huntzberger Publishing summer barbecue…another event that would be different this year in so many ways.

Abigail shook her head, "we're actually going to be in the Hamptons," she told him. "Tom has a house there and we just want to get away. The kids can go if they want."

Logan nodded, it felt weird. On one hand it felt weird asking if she wanted to join, but on the other hand…she was still the mother of his children, and he and Rory had discussed it, she was ok with the invitation being extended, so what was the harm. He had seen the group of adults get more than one sideways glance from other spectators on the soccer field that afternoon, so what was the difference. "We'll ask them. Can't say I blame them for wanting to stay on vacation."

"Em is with my Grandma that week," Rory interjected, "they're going to be in Nantucket."

"Oh that sounds great," Abigail nodded, "it is so nice for them to get away. I know our kids are just dying to get to the Vineyard, which they keep reminding me whenever I ask them to put away their shoes or make their bed."

"Well," Rory laughed, "if it makes you feel any better they aren't thrilled about those same tasks at our house."

"He's getting good," Logan turned his attention back to the soccer field and Noah who was expertly swearing around the field. "He says he's liking it?" Logan looked to Tom who nodded. He hated admitting it but he hadn't made it to many games so far that season so he had to rely on information from Tom and Abigail about how Noah was doing. Noah was an athletic kid. He got that from Logan, even if the teen wasn't quite prepared to admit that he and his father shared as many characteristics as everyone assured him they did.

"He's fast," Tom nodded, "a bit cocky," he added tentatively.

Logan smirked and tried not to chuckle as he made eye contact with Abigail, "that isn't shocking now is it?"

"You?" Rory smirked, she leaned over and pressed a kiss against his cheek, "never."

They continued to watch the game. Emma and Lily returned and gave a brief synopsis of all of their plans for their time in the Vineyard. Logan didn't bother to spoil their fun with a reminder that his parents and sister would be just a few houses down the beach, so even if he and Rory were working, they wouldn't exactly have free rein of anything.

"What are you doing for dinner tonight?" Abigail asked. The game was dwindling down and the girls were sitting a few feet away, the former Mrs. Huntzberger looked from from Rory to Logan who for their part were trying to communicate telepathically with raised eyebrows and shrugs. "If you don't have plans, you should come over. We're just having a simple barbecue," she explained. She could see Logan trying once more not to laugh because he knew that nothing in her life was typically simple despite her best intentions or assurances. "Noah might like it," she paused again. "You could see what we've done with the place now that Tom has moved in."

"Well hopefully he got rid of some of the pink velvet furniture," Logan referred to some of the more feminine items that he had stood by when Abigail purchased them. Mind you, he wasn't exactly trying to be selfless at the time. It was a combination of simply not caring, and also wanting to keep his wife happy enough that she wouldn't look too deeply into what else he was doing with his time.

"I did manage to get it out of the family room," Tom chuckled. They had replaced the blush coloured velvet chairs with black leather chairs with gold accents. He had argued that they were more comfortable rather than complaining about the colour of the existing ones. "Then she moved the pink into her office."

Logan nodded and smiled, "whadya say?" He looked at Rory who had already nodded in agreement if he wanted to go. "Why not? It'll be good for the kids. I can make sure Tom knows all of the easy escape routes for when you're in a mood. Plus it means we don't have to cook before we leave for Chicago in the morning."

"Why don't we leave now?" Tom suggested and then nodded to Lily and Emma. "They can come with us, and then you guys can bring Noah?"

Rory nodded her head. It would be the first time that Emma visited the house that Lily lived in. She didn't know why it felt weird to her, but it did. Maybe it was because it wasn't a house, it was a mansion and while the apartment they were moving into was also enormous, this felt much more palatial and…different from the life that Emma knew. "That would be great. Thank you."


Emma had been awestruck more or less since they arrived at the private airfield that morning. Rory had assured her daughter that she should not get used to travelling in this fashion, but they had secured a flight on the Huntzberger company plane as it was heading to Chicago to pick up a couple of executives who were returning from a conference. They had been met by a black SUV that was similar to the one that they often took in Manhattan, but Emma had watched in awe as she took in a city she had been coming to her entire life.

"Where are we staying again?" Emma interrupted the two adults who were sitting in the middle row while she was alone on the back bench.

"The Peninsula," Rory turned back and smiled, "we stayed here last year…"

"Oh," Emma nodded. Of course she remembered that trip to Chicago well…the last moments almost a full year earlier when things between her parents seemed fine. After the trip to Chicago her Mom travelled more, her parents bickered more and her Dad was…well, he was angrier. Emma looked out the window when they reached a stop light. When everything had first gone wrong, or rather, when she had become aware of just how wrong things had gone with her parents marriage, she had longed for them to find a way to work things out. She had questioned how her mom could just leave her dad. How she could leave them. But as time went on, and as Emma had gotten to know a new version of her mother, a version that was in love…and as she got to know Logan it had changed. Getting to know Logan, loving Logan as another father in her life had been unexpected for Emma. She had wanted to hate him. Of course she had wanted to hate him. Sure, she was thirteen now and fairly certain she knew everything about everything, but while she hadn't been warm and fuzzy to the man when she first met him…he had been kind. He had waited for her to be ready to come to him. He had loved her mother. It wasn't conditional. Emma, with therapy and a bit of maturing on her own had clearly seen that what Logan and her mother had was unconditional. The love her parents had…it always had strings. It was never enough. "When does Dad come?"

"He comes tomorrow after work," Rory explained. "Today and tomorrow you'll be with Logan and I, but Logan has some meetings this afternoon, so you and I can do some shopping, and then tomorrow the three of us will do some touristy stuff, and Dad will pick you up for dinner and bring you back here." Rory hoped that no one noticed the trepidation in her voice. Hell, she had snuck a Tile tracking tag into Emma's purse just to be safe…she wanted to trust Dean. Of course she wanted to trust him. He was Emma's father. But there was still a part of her that worried about all of the things that could go wrong. "Then on Saturday afternoon, Dad will pick you up for a sleepover with Nana and Papa."

"Right," Emma nodded. She smiled a bit, her cheeks rising and falling. "What are you two gonna do?"

Rory shrugged and looked at Logan who was furiously responding to an e-mail but took a moment to look back at Emma. "Nothing fun," he assured her. "We'll save the fun stuff for when you're here. But you should look for some stuff for the bathroom you and Lil are going to share at the new place. Lily told me there was nowhere in New York that had the art she wanted for the walls, so maybe you'll see something? You can text her some pictures," he suggested. A big part of him regretted letting the kids choose how to decorate their spaces, but he also knew its as important for all of them to feel comfortable. But if he had one more conversation about the varying different shades of grey that Emma and Lily wanted for their bathroom and the undertones that each shade had… blue, purple, green…he was going to lose his mind. There was a reason people with money hired decorators, and it was to avoid these conversations. Of course Emma wasn't used to simply being able to choose what she wanted. So she was easier to deal with than his own daughter. Emma would be happy with towels from Target whereas his daughter had sent him a link to towels she thought she needed from Paris. Now, she had never actually had that kind of high end item. Logan was certain their towels had been from Bloomingdales up until this point, but Lily thought this was her chance to go hog wild on all things designer.

"Are we even going to be able to check into the hotel?" Rory turned her attention to Logan as they drove. It was barely eleven, certainly checkin wasn't until later. The look he gave her was enough to fill her with annoyance and laughter. The look in which he was asking her, all without saying a word if she didn't think he of all people could take care of such a simple thing as an early check in. "I assume we will be able to walk right in," she continued. "Em do you want to get our nails done?"

"I painted them with Lily yesterday," Emma shook her head.

"Of course." Rory exhaled, so much for a little mother-daughter pampering. "What do you want to do?"

"Do I have my own bed or am I just on a couch or something?" Emma asked.

Logan smirked again, this time not taking his eyes off of the phone screen as he continued to type, "uh, no you have your own bed," he didn't want to look at Rory even though he could feel her eyes burning into him. She had asked him to take care of the accommodations, and he had. It just so happened that none of the accommodations as they were suited him, so he had gotten the Peninsula Suite and added one of the adjoining suite options to give Emma her own bedroom space. He knew that Rory would've declared that Emma was fine on a pullout couch, but he wanted her to be comfortable…and he was hoping to have a bit of a romantic refresh that weekend, and something about his stepdaughter a wall away with her headphones on didn't really do much for him. "I had them add an adjoining room on, so you have a room off the living room with your own bathroom and everything."

"Logan!" Rory glared at him, she could tell he had waited to tell her on purpose, but she also couldn't quite bring herself to actually be upset with him.

"Really?" Emma grinned, "that is so cool!"

"So cool," Rory mumbled as Emma put her headphones on and Rory kept waiting for Logan to break eye contact with his phone. "You can't stare at that thing forever," she told him.

"Wanna bet?" Logan laughed. He finished his e-mail and looked at Rory, lowering his voice, "this is for us too."

Rory felt her cheeks flush, she knew she couldn't really say anything about that. She had sold this getaway as a chance for them to get a little bit of romance, so in theory she had encouraged this. She knew Logan was all about things like this. He liked to give, he liked to see reactions to his generosity and he liked to do things for people that they may not have ever experienced. "Don't think you're off the hook for this," Rory told him.

"I think I'm off the hook," he leaned across and kissed her cheek.

The rest of the drive was quiet. Rory had e-mails to catch up on too and Emma seemed happily stuck in whatever musical dreamland while she texted on her phone. They arrived at the hotel and Rory immediately demanded phones go away at least until they got settled. She didn't want them to be that family that walked through a high end hotel ignoring everything and everyone in their path because they were buried in their phones. Rory and Logan walked hand in hand with Emma lingering behind as the adults went to check in and get the keys. Again, a far cry from Rory and Emma's last visit to this particular establishment which had been marred by her parents fighting and her having to stay in the musty basement until Dean came around to the idea of the hotel.

"We've got it," Logan assured the bellhop as he tipped the man and and Logan pulled the suitcases through the doorway once they reached the eighteenth floor. Logan pushed through the doors and Emma was immediately giddy as she went around to explore. Logan made sure the suitcases were far enough out of their way before he took Rory by the hand and pulled her towards him, "you're not mad, are you?" He asked as he kissed her lips gently. He could tase the chapstick and smell its berry scent, "I thought it would be nice…for all of us," he added, his lips now on her cheek and her exposed neck.

"I'm not mad," Rory assured him, tilting her head to give him a bit more access, "but don't think I'm going to be swinging from any chandeliers, even if she is a few extra walls away…"

"We're too old for chandeliers," Logan winked as he took his lips off of her neck and hugged her tightly. "I'm glad we did this."

"Visiting my former in-laws?" Rory joked, she couldn't not make a joke out of the real reason that they had come to Chicago of all places. Hell, if Rory never saw Chicago again in her life, it would be too soon as far as she was concerned.

"Well I wouldn't say we're visiting them," Logan countered. He hoped that he didn't come face to face with May Forrester because despite many years of excelling at being polite and kind to people he detested…there was something about that woman that he wasn't sure he could hold back his true feelings about. Everything he had heard from Rory, and even the things he had happened to overhear when Rory and May had communicated…the woman was awful and it was easy to understand where Dean had gotten some of his more manipulative characteristics. The only downfall as he saw it was that May loved her granddaughter. She loved Emma, she posed no threat to Emma…the woman was just a passive aggressive human being who was bitter about the fact that someone dared to divorce her precious son, even if Dean himself had come to terms with the divorce.

"What time is your call?" Rory asked, her fingers looped loosely in his.

"Soon," Logan told her. "Why don't we order some lunch, Em seems…content," he surmised based on the fact that she hadn't returned since venturing off into the room a few minutes earlier, "then you two can do whatever you want to do and I will get through my meeting."

"Something tells me I may as well work too," Rory laughed, "Emma is probably happy curled up with a book looking at the view."

"She is your kid," Logan nodded. "I'll put these in the bedroom," he looked at the suitcases, "you order some food?"

"Anything tickle your fancy?" Rory asked with a grin. Logan once again wrapped his arms around her waist. Pulling her close and letting his fingers play with the delicate fabric of her white v-neck tie front dress, "Logan," Rory grinned as he kissed her hungrily.

He pulled away after a moment and looked her up and down, "don't tempt me." His eyes were dark and Rory felt the familiar feeling in her stomach of desire. She wondered if she would ever tire of him. If they would ever stop sneaking off for a quickie, or if maybe one day she would look at him and she wouldn't get butterflies in her stomach. She didn't think that was possible…the way she felt about him seemed to grow in every way imaginable. "I would love a burger."


Rory closed her eyes as she adjusted her sunglasses to keep the light out of her eyes while she realized on a lounger on the rooftop deck of the hotel. Emma was in the pool a few feet away in the indoor section and Rory was outside, Logan was coming up when he was done his call. Of course, it was Friday and Logan wasn't supposed to have any calls that afternoon, but things didn't always work out as planned when you're the boss. She felt his presence around her first, the familiar smell, the feeling of him in her space and then his lips brushed hers quickly and she was reminded of the fact that vacation Logan didn't feel quite as compelled to shave and she felt his stubble on her cheek as he pulled away.

"You better not let my boyfriend see you," Rory smirked as she opened her eyes and sat up, swinging her legs off the side of the lounge chair and taking the sparkling water Logan had brought for her.

"Does he get jealous?" Logan laughed as he sat down in the seat next to her. "I promise that was the last call for the weekend," he hoped his promise was true but he also knew that if anyone was able to understand his work commitments, it was Rory. "I'll make it up to you."

"Oh?" Rory took a sip of the water and put it on the table between them before returning to her lounging position and putting her sunglasses back on. "How ever do you plan on doing that?"

Logan looked at his watch before following suit and leaning back in the lounger. "I'm going to head downstairs in an hour and get myself ready. Do you think you and your daughter can pry yourselves away from the sun in the next ninety minutes?" Logan knew that Dean was set to arrive in the next couple of hours. He had called that morning to let them know he was able to leave work early in hopes of picking Emma up a bit earlier if it was ok with Rory and Rory had agreed.

"Chances are good," Rory assured him, "better if you leave me to relax."

He rolled his eyes and followed suit. His Ray Ban sunglasses perched on his nose as he simply sat and relaxed. The sounds of downtown seemed so far away, although that might also be due to the fact that spa like music was being pumped all around them and they were a few storey's up in the sky. It didn't take long until he noticed that Rory had remarkably fallen asleep. For his part, he just enjoyed the silence, turning every few minutes to check on Emma who was still having the time of her life in the pool. "Ace," Logan took Rory by the hand in hopes of waking her. She had other plans and took her hand back, placing it on her stomach as she continued to doze. "Ace," Logan whispered once more, leaning to her ear this time and smiling as he saw her eyes start to flutter open, "I'm going to get dressed. You guys come down in half an hour or so? I'll tell Em."

"Thank you," Rory nodded.

Logan stood up and told Emma what he had just told Rory, both women assured him that they would be back to the room soon although Logan wasn't exactly holding his breath for that. He returned down to their suite and hopped in the shower. He knew they had to leave for their reservation. They had decided to walk, Logan assured her that if she wanted to take a cab back to the hotel after, they could do that, but he figured the walk would be nice. It felt touristy, and there was something about playing tourist with Rory that he always enjoyed. Pulling her against buildings for a stolen kiss. Enjoying the breeze, popping into stores along the way or stopping for a drink at a hole in the wall bar…something about doing it with her felt different than anyone else he had ever been with. Logan hopped in the shower and hoped that by the time he came out Rory and Emma would be back. He knew that Emma had her things packed to spend the night with her father and she was excited. Of course Logan had concerns about the sleepover, he knew Rory did too which is why he had kept his mouth shut. He didn't doubt that Emma would be safe and that was ultimately all that mattered, even if it wasn't what he or Rory wanted her to be doing. He noted the time as he pulled on his light coloured khakis and then found a white button down shirt in the closet. He put his watch on and looked at his phone, smiling as he noted that Jenna must've taken his out of office request seriously as nothing had come through to him. He knew it meant that there would be an avalanche of work on Monday, but the next few weeks were meant to be about spending time as a family, and sure he had to balance running Huntzberger in there with it, but family time was the priority.

He walked to the minibar and poured himself a drink. Emma and Rory were unsurprisingly, late. He just hoped they were enjoying themselves and more than that he hoped they got here before Dean. He wasn't sure what he would say to Dean if he were left alone with the man. There last interaction had been…well, hostile would be putting it lightly. But things had changed since then. First and foremost, Dean and Rory were divorced, so Logan didn't have to worry about screwing things up on that front anymore, then there was Emma…well, Emma was safe. So while Logan wasn't looking to fight with Dean, he still hoped not to have to interact with the man if he could avoid it. The sound of the main door to the suite opening confirmed that he wouldn't have to face the man alone which was a relief. He smiled as he stood and watched as Rory and Emma both came in laughing about whatever they were discussing. "And to think you were almost on time," he smiled.

Emma looked from Logan to her mother, as if she worried that he was actually upset, "sorry!"

"Em it's a joke," Logan assured her, "but your Dad will be here soon, so you should get ready," he watched as Emma sped off to get herself changed and then Logan looked at Rory who was still wearing her one piece, solid black Burberry suit. "You should at least cover yourself up so Dean isn't really forced to stare at what he lost," Logan told her, not taking his eyes off of her.

"I don't know what to wear tonight," Rory countered, "you haven't let anything slip, and you look… look casual, but hot."

"Just what I was going for, casual but hot." Logan watched as Rory rolled her eyes. She had a habit of getting like this when he tried to surprise her with a dinner out. The truth was that Rory didn't really like surprises, she never had. Maybe it was partially due to the nature of their affair in the beginning, and also because of the various disappointments that 'surprises' from Dean had ended up being. "Just wear a dress, you'll be fine," he knew of course that Rory had basically only packed dresses for this portion of their time away. He wasn't completely sure why, but he knew better than to question what a woman chose to bring on a trip with them.

"A dress will be fine," Rory rolled her eyes as she marched off to the bedroom. She knew Logan was a few steps behind her with his scotch in hand and she couldn't help but enjoy it. All of it. The day spent playing tourist in Chicago with him and Emma, the afternoon by the pool and the hopes of a romantic dinner out, even if he wouldn't tell her where they were going. Logan plopped himself on the king sized bed while Rory went into the washroom. She left the door open slightly as she turned on the shower, her hair was a not so fun mix of sweat and chlorine at the moment and even if she didn't know where dinner was…aside from ordering room service or having Domino's Pizza delivered, she knew her hair needed to be cleaned. By the time she was done in the shower, she returned to the bedroom to find the bed empty and she could hear Logan and Emma laughing in the living room. She was glad he had come. She was glad it had all worked out. Rory and Emma needed some happy Chicago memories, and it was also nice to just be away the three of them, although she was looking forward to seeing Lily and Noah in a few days. Rory aimlessly searched through the clothes she had packed before settling on a black two piece set that she and Emma had found at Neiman Marcus the previous day. It was a skirt with a round neck top that was barely a crop top, but Emma assured her mother that she looked cool in the outfit, and then she grabbed herself a pair of flat, black, strappy sandals that she had brought from home. She heard the knock on the door and stepped out of the bedroom without her hair being done. The last thing she wanted was to leave Dean and Logan to simmer in front of Emma. "I've got it," Rory loudly declared to her daughter who was a few steps behind her on the way to the foyer in the suite. "Hey," Rory swung the door open and smiled. She wasn't expecting to see his mother with him but she kept the smile on her face regardless, "Dean, May, I wasn't expecting to see you here."

"Well I just thought I should see the fancy hotel Emma told me you were staying at."

"Nana," Emma appeared behind Rory, her eyes practically bulging out of her head, "hi! Hi Dad!" Emma moved past Rory and hugged her father first.

"Come on in," Rory stepped back as Emma reluctantly pulled them into the room. "Em, why don't you show Nana around and I will just talk to your Dad for a second." She knew that Logan had disappeared to the bedroom and Emma was smart enough to avoid bringing her grandmother to see him. Dean and Logan may have been figuring things out in theory, but Rory could barely stomach May so she couldn't expect Logan to deal with her. It was funny how when she was young, when she heard of people who were divorced, she thought you could simply no longer be involved with those people. But no, despite the fact that she and Dean were divorced, they shared a child and still had to interact, and so even if May Forrester was not her mother in law, Rory still had to deal with the woman sporadically.

Dean watched as his mother followed Emma and began chatting about how the suite must've been bigger than her entire house, of course Rory wasn't completely sure that she was wrong about that, but she didn't know why May felt the need to point it out. "Sorry," Dean shoved his hands in his pockets. "There were no rental cars, I was in a pinch…I called…"

"I missed your call…" Rory had seen a missed call and voicemail but hadn't bothered to check it yet. She couldn't exactly be mad at Dean for this particular issue, even if she wanted to be.

"Is he here?" Dean asked vaguely, of course Rory knew that he was asking about Logan.

"Bedroom," she nodded. "Em won't take your Mom there. I would rather they not…he isn't really thrilled with some of her antics."

Dean chuckled under his breath, maybe that was something that he and Logan could agree on. Not being happy about his mother, and wanting the best for Emma. Two things he could agree on with the man who now had his family. "More in common than I thought. So you're sure you are cool with this? I'll have her back tomorrow for dinner?"

Rory inhaled deeply, trying to calm her nerves slightly, "why don't you bring her home after dinner? It'll be nice for your Mom, and then they'll see each other on Sunday for a movie, and Monday we leave…"

"You're alright with another dinner?" Dean was cautiously optimistic about the offer. Of course he wanted more time with his daughter, but he also understood why Rory was hesitant when it came to more time, especially with his mother being involved.

Rory nodded her head as she heard Emma and May returning, this time Emma had her overnight bag. "She won't see your Mom again until Thanksgiving so…" Rory turned to Emma, "you'll have dinner with Dad and Nana and Papa tomorrow too, that sound good kiddo?"

Emma smiled broadly and nodded, "thanks mom!"

"This is quite the hotel room you've got here," May added pointedly.

Rory stood up a little bit taller in response, "well Logan and I both needed to do some work and we wanted Em to have some privacy."

"A lot of privacy for a young girl. She has her own entrance?" May countered.

"Mom," Dean spoke before Rory could. "We should go. I'll keep in touch, ok?" He looked at Rory who nodded appreciatively.

"Bye Mom," Emma hugged her mother tightly, "I'm just going to say goodbye to Logan?"

Rory nodded and kissed Emma on the top of her head, smoothing her hair before her daughter ran into the bedroom.

"He's here?" May looked from her son to Rory in a mixture of disbelief and horror.

"Of course he's here," Rory was sick of the passive aggressive comments. Sure, she hadn't checked her phone and that was on her, and Dean was stepping in which was a pleasant surprise. It might've helped their marriage if he had started doing that sixteen or so years earlier, but Rory was not going to let May Forrester believe that she had a right to an opinion on Rory's life. "May, I want to be clear…Dean and I are getting along because it is what is best for Emma. So while I am comfortable making sure that his relationship with her remains strong…I don't owe you that. I don't have to encourage her to talk to you or answer your calls. I didn't have to bring her here, and no court would tell me otherwise before you say that. I am here with my partner. The same man that Emma and I live with. You will not speak rudely about him in my presence or out of it unless you want to see Emma less. Am I clear?"

"Dean!" May looked to her son, hoping for some sort of recourse, after all, Dean had always defended her when it came to Rory.

He didn't though. Dean shrugged his shoulders and it was as if in one single moment he confirms to Rory just how hard he was trying. "He's a good guy Mom. I'm glad that he and Emma get along, he's good to her, he's good to Rory…"


Logan handed her the champagne flute and smiled as Rory sat up in the king sized bed and adjusted the sheets around her, ensuring that she remained covered. "Thank you," she clinked their glasses together and took a sip of the champagne.

"This has been nice," Logan kissed her shoulder, "how much time do we have?"

Rory took another sip and put it down beside her. They had gone to dinner the night before, they had spent the night running around and barhopping, drinking too much and sneaking kisses in corner booths and on the sidewalk. It had been the perfect night. The morning had hit a bit harder, a reminder of why Rory didn't overindulge too often, but it was nothing that room service and copious amounts of coffee couldn't help. "Long enough," Rory answered him vaguely. She couldn't remember the last time that she and Logan had truly just spent a day in bed. There was no work. Cellphones were left on the dresser, dresses and polo shirts had been traded in for the oversized robes provided by The Peninsula, neither of them had opened their laptops. They had read The Times, they had talked, about anything and everything. They had watched CNN and playfully critiqued the news items as they came in. They weren't executives, they weren't parents, they weren't tourists…they were just two people in love.

"That isn't exactly a unit of measurement."

Rory laughed and leaned over, kissing him passionately, "how quickly can you work Mr. Huntzberger?" She moved her body over top of his, not completely sure how either of them had it in them for another round, but somehow they did…maybe part of it was knowing they wouldn't truly be alone for a couple of weeks after. "What ever will we do with our time?" She tucked her hair behind her ear as she remained perched on top of his abdomen. She traced her finger from his lips to his jaw and down to his shoulders and eventually settled both of them on his chest.

Logan leaned forward and kissed her hungrily. He drew circles on her back as he wiggled his body to move any blankets that were obstructing their access to each other. "You can't get enough, can you Ace?" He asked. She was mind-blowing to him…in every way. His lips moved quickly to her breasts, taking her nipple in his mouth as she ground her hips against his. Whatever portion of their robes had been tied before had come undone quickly. "That soon?" Logan smirked as he felt her wetness against his body and she simply moaned her response when his right hand went from her back to her ass and then began rubbing her wet folds. "Jesus, you are full of surprises."

"Not that much time," she admitted hastily as she let her head fall back and after a moment of enjoying the pressure he was putting on her core, she rolled off of him to completely remove her robe and give him the opportunity to do the same. They both stared for a moment. Drinking each other in, it was intoxicating, more so than the champagne or the booze the night before. Logan leaned back on the mattress, laying flat with his head on a slight incline with the pillow as Rory once again straddled him. It was hardly the slow lovemaking they had spent most of the day enjoying, but it was still good. Mumbled declarations of love mixed in with Rory's uncharacteristic dirty talk were more than enough for both of them. "I'm going to shower," she kissed him while they remained wrapped in each other for a few minutes.

Logan nodded, watching once again as she rolled off the bed completely naked and made her way to the bathroom. He got up a moment later and pulled on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, he of course had intended to wear them earlier but that hadn't come to fruition. He walked into the washroom and washed his hands, considered for a moment trying to tame his bedhead but ultimately decided not to, and then he grabbed his phone to check the time. She hadn't been kidding about not having much time to spare for their tryst. Logan went to the living room and took a seat, turning on a baseball game as he heard the shower running in the en-suite. The clicking sound of the hotel door opening brought him out of his thoughts. Standing up he walked to the door and saw Emma, her father a few steps behind her. "Welcome back," Logan smiled to Emma who happily dropped her bag on the floor.

"Hey! Where's Mom? She didn't go shopping without me, did she?"

"She's having a shower," Logan assured her. "No shopping without you. You guys are doing that again tomorrow, aren't you?"

Emma nodded and then hugged her father, "I had fun Dad."

"Me too kid," Dean kissed her head and ignored the pang in his heart as she grabbed her bag and ventured into the room. "I guess I'll call Rory later?"

Logan nodded his head and pressed his lips together, "probably a good choice. Thanks for bringing her home."