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Meanwhile, the source of the explosion that Naruko had seen was caused by a Villain made entirely of sludge, capturing a young boy after seeing his Quirk could cause explosions.

The boy was a young man of average height, with a slim, muscular build, and a fair skin tone. He has short, spiky, ash-blond hair with choppy bangs that hang over his eyebrows. His eyes are sharp and bright red in color. With him wearing a black gakuran uniform.

This was Katsuki Bakugo, who had a Quirk known as Explosion, which allowed him to cause explosions from his hands thanks to the nitroglycerin sweat from the palms of his hands.

With a crowd soon forming at the sight with numerous Heroes arriving, including Death Arms, Slugger, and Backdraft.

"It's taken someone hostage!" Death Arms said, seeing someone was trapped inside the Sludge Villain, before seeing the person was just a kid, making him rush forward to save them.

"How dare you prey on a child!" Shouted Death Arms, hating Villains that get children involved in fights, as he jumped and threw his fist forward, only for it to have no effect on the Villain.

Even worse was when his arm started sinking into the sludge, making Death Arms grunt as he tried freeing himself, only for his other hand to get stuck.

"What the hell is this?! Some kind of goo!" Death Arms muttered, before grunting when the Sludge Villain smacked him away with a tendril, sending him crashing into a wall.

"You okay Death Arms?!" Asked one of the Heroes, while rushing over to him.

"Heads up!" Slugger said when he saw the Sludge Villain attack them, forcing the Heroes to jump back.

"Ha! Stay back or I'll snap his neck!" Threatened the Sludge Villain before his attention turned to Bakugo when he tried freeing himself.

"You picked the wrong guy to mess with! I'm gonna send you back to whatever sewer you crawled out of! Let me go!" Bakugo yelled as he set off a large explosion that forced the Heroes to shield themselves from the blast.

Only for the smoke to clear and reveal it did nothing, with Bakugo still being trapped inside the Villain.

"You've got so much power, I really hit the jackpot. With a Quirk like yours under my control, I can take All Might down with one punch." Said the Sludge Villain, eager to take control of Bakugo's body and take his Quirk for himself.

It wasn't long before Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods soon arrived, only for the former to be unable to do anything due to her Quirk making it so she couldn't fight in enclosed spaces. While Kamui Woods quickly grabbed hold of Bakugo's friends that were with him, when he was captured by the Sludge Villain, pulling them away from the fire.

"Fire and wood don't exactly make a good combination! I'll let someone else stop this guy!" Said Kamui Woods since his Quirk wasn't useful in this situation either, though he made sure to grab everyone trapped by the flames so they wouldn't get taken hostage as well, or injured.

"Don't look at me, I've got my hands full here! And where are those fire trucks?! Can you guys get to him?!" Said Backdraft, focusing on putting out and containing the fire before looking at Death Arms and Slugger, wondering if they'd be able to save Bakugo and stop the Villain.

"I can't get a grip on his weird body. Plus, that kid's Quirk is causing explosions left and right." Death Arms said, doubting he'd be any good against this Villain.

"This is a shutout, we've gotta rally and knock him outta the park somehow. Incoming!" Said Slugger, trying to think of something they could do to stop the Sludge Villain, only for them to be forced to jump back when the Villain tried crushing them.

"It's no good! None of us have the right Quirks to stop a Villain like this!" Said Death Arms, seeing that all of them were useless right now.

"We'll do damage control until someone with the right power shows up." One of the Heroes said, hating how useless they were right now, and unable to do anything.

"There are still plenty of people to save!" Backdraft stated, seeing the fire was spreading faster than he could put it out.

"Don't worry! I bet every Hero in the city's coming!" Assured Kamui Wood, while grabbing people and putting them safely on a rooftop away from the fires.

Death Arms hoped he was right, while mentally apologizing to Bakugo that they couldn't save him, while hoping he could hold out until more Heroes arrived.

"Damn! If only I had more power, I could blow this guy away!" Death Arms said, hating that he couldn't do anything.

Meanwhile at the back of the crowd, an unexpected person had arrived, with it being none other than All Might himself. Though no one would recognize the Number One Hero in his True Form, as opposed to his more recognizable Hero Form. With All Might having seen the explosion after noticing he had dropped the Sludge Villain, when that kid grabbed onto him.

'I must've dropped him in the air. I was distracted, worrying about my time limit, I can't believe I made such a rookie mistake! And after lecturing that kid about what it takes to be a Hero. I'm pathetic.' All Might thought while gripping his left side, where his injury was.

Though unknown to All Might, across from the street, the same kid he talked to was walking by the scene of the fight.

The kid was a boy who was somewhat short for his age, his round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair which sticks up at odd angles around his head, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself. His eyes are large and somewhat circular, their irises the same green color as his hair, which at times are very watery, and are usually stretched quite wide, giving him an innocent, energized appearance. He has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations, one on each cheek. He wore a plain black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons, accompanied by bright red sneakers.

This was Izuku Midoriya, who dreamed of becoming a Pro-Hero despite the fact that he was Quirkless, having been born without a Quirk. Something that made everyone doubt he could become a Hero, though Izuku still didn't give up on his dream, wishing to become a great Hero like All Might.

Though after meeting his idol, along with seeing what he looked like when not performing Hero Work and being told he couldn't be a Hero without a Quirk. Izuku was starting to think that maybe everyone was right, and he was just avoiding reality, that he couldn't become a Hero.

Izuku was pulled from his thinking at the sound of an explosion as he looked and saw that he ended up walking towards the fight he saw earlier.

'That's strange. Is the fight from earlier still going on?' Thought Izuku, having figured that some Heroes would have arrived to stop it by now.

'Why am I here? Did I subconsciously walk this way to check it out? I shouldn't even stop; all my notes are useless.' Thought Izuku, even as he went to get closer to see what was happening, only to gasp in shock when he saw the Villain causing the destruction was the same Sludge Villain All Might had captured.

'That's the guy who attacked me! That can't be right, All Might captured him! But the bottle…if he dropped it…That means…' Izuku thought in horror and realization.

"It's my fault." Muttered Izuku, realizing it's his fault the Villain escaped, because he grabbed onto All Might and made him lose focus.

"Why aren't the Heroes doing anything?" One of the bystanders asked, seeing the Heroes weren't trying to fight the Villain anymore.

"It looks like they've met their match. Plus, the Villain captured a kid. Things aren't looking good for him." Said another bystander, much to Izuku's further horror that someone was taken hostage.

'He caught someone? I wonder how long they've been in there. How can they survive being suffocated like that? I thought I'd die after only a few seconds of struggling. Oh man.' Thought Izuku, feeling sick at the idea that he could be the cause of someone dying.

Which was only worse, as he heard the crowd realizing it was the same Villain All Might caught earlier that day, with him wondering where said Hero was and why he hasn't shown up yet. With All Might also hearing this and feeling even worse that people were expecting him to arrive, even when he's already here and could do nothing.

'I'm the one to blame, he wasted his energy on me. He can't power up yet and none of the other Heroes have the Quirks to stop this monster. It's my fault, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.' Thought Izuku, blaming himself for what's happened, with All Might unknowingly doing the same, believing he's a disgrace for not doing anything, no longer believing he could even be called a real Hero anymore.

'Help will show up and save the day, I'm sure. Someone…a real Hero will come soon.' Izuku thought, looking at the Villain before seeing the person inside, his eyes widening when he saw it was Bakugo.

Before Izuku even realized what happened, he was running through the crowd and past the Heroes to save his childhood friend-turned-bully. Much to everyone's shock, especially All Might's at seeing the same kid from before was now running headfirst at the Villain.

"No, you idiot, stop! You're gonna get yourself killed!" Shouted Death Arms, rushing to grab Izuku, only for him to already reach the Sludge Villain.

"Not this brat again!" Said the Sludge Villain, recognizing Izuku from before.

"Deku?" Bakugo said weakly, seeing who was running at him.

'What am I doing? Why am I running? Why can't I stop?!' Izuku thought, not even realizing what he was doing right now.

"You're dead kid!' The Sludge Villain yelled, throwing his arm out to attack Izuku.

'What do I do? What would a Hero do right now? Page twenty-five! Right!' Thought Izuku before pulling his backpack off.

"Take this!" Izuku shouted, throwing the backpack at the Villain's eye, making them grunt at the sudden object hitting them, which also allowed Bakugo to breathe again, coughing at the lack of air.

"Kacchan!" Said Izuku, rushing up and began clawing at the sludge to free him.

"What the hell?! Why are you here?!" Bakugo demanded, not believing Izuku was actually doing something this stupid.

"I dunno! My legs…they just started…moving!" Replied Izuku, not knowing why he did what he did either, only that he did.

"Kacchan! I couldn't just stand there and watch you die!" Izuku said, refusing to let his friend die, not unless he could do something about it, with his words resonating within All Might, the Symbol of Peace feeling a familiar determination growing within him, one he thought was extinguished years ago after he was injured as his body began emitting steam and growing.

"Just a little bit longer kid. And I'm done playing with you!" Shouted the Villain about to crush Izuku, with the Heroes rushing forward to save him before he could be killed/

But before the Villain could make a move to kill him, light blue flames shot down from the rooftops, making the Villain cry out as it was suddenly frozen. With Naruko jumping down and shattering its arms with a drop kick, landing in front of Izuku, much to his shock.

"That was really brave kid, running in like that. But just leave the rest to me alright." Said Naruko, smiling at Izuku before turning and facing the Villain.

"If there's one kind of Villain I hate the most, it's ones that get kids involved." Naruko stated, before blasting the Sludge Villain with more flames, freezing the entire Villain solid while leaving Bakugo completely untouched.

With Naruko breaking the ice around Bakugo and pulling him free, the blonde boy breathing more easily now that he was no longer trapped.

"You're…the Flame Hero's daughter! The Frozen Flame Hero: Frost!" Izuku said in disbelief at seeing the daughter of the Flame Hero: Endeavor, one of the newer Pro-Heroes who's already started rising through the ranks.

Looking at the surrounding flames, Naruko clasped her hands together before pulling them apart, revealing a small, condensed fireball. Before she threw her arms out, unleashing a large inferno of ice fire that extinguished all the fires at once, while leaving the road covered in ice, much to everyone's amazement.

"Talk about fighting fire with fire." Kamui Woods said in amazement at the power, the other Heroes nodding in agreement.

"Alright looks like that's all taken care of. Let's get you both-" Naruko said, turning back to Izuku and Bakugo, only for her eyes to widen when she saw the Sludge Villain reforming behind them.

'What?! But I froze it…' Naruko thought, before glancing back at the frozen Villain, only to mentally curse when she saw it had managed to break off part of itself from its main body to escape her flames.

'Damnit it, I hate Villains like this!' Thought Naruko, hating Villains like this one since they're always tricky and difficult to know if you've captured every piece of them.

"You damn brat! I'm gonna bury you!" Shouted the Villain moving to attack Izuku, wanting to pay him back for getting him captured by All Might before and now ruining his chance of getting a new body.

Izuku's eyes widened at the sight before he covered himself, readying himself for the pain, only the Sludge Villains attack to be stopped. The green-haired boy looking in shock at the sight of All Might standing over him.

"I really am pathetic." All Might stated, holding back the Villain from attacking Izuku.

"All Might. But…" Muttered Izuku, not believing he'd save him despite using up his time for today.

"I told you the traits that make a great champion, but I see now I wasn't living up to my own ideal!" Said All Might, feeling the determination that drove him to become the Symbol of Peace returning, after seeing Izuku selflessly risk his life.

"Pros are always risking their lives! That's the true test of a Hero!" All Might declared, knowing he didn't deserve to call himself the Hero if he wasn't willing to do the same.

"Damn you, All Might!" Yelled the Sludge Villain as he moved to attack the Number One Hero.

"Detroit…SMASH!" Shouted All Might, throwing his fist forward and blowing the Sludge Villain away, with Mt. Lady shielding the crowd with her arms so they weren't blown away as well.

When the resulting wind pressure died down, everyone could only look at All Might in disbelief, at seeing firsthand the power he had. Before they saw storm clouds suddenly form overhead as it started raining, shocking them further to see that All Might's punch was powerful enough to change the weather.

Though while everyone cheered for All Might's victory, no one noticed how he stumbled a little while raising his fist, no one except Naruko and Izuku, with the former frowning at the sight before looking away.


Once the police arrived, they began rounding up all the scattered fragments of the Sludge Villain, making sure they didn't miss a single piece. While the crowd surrounded All Might, taking pictures of him and asking questions.

Though while that was happening, Izuku was having a less pleasant time.

"You moron! Do you have a death wish?!" Demanded Kamui Woods, as the Heroes scolded Izuku for his actions.

"There was absolutely no reason for you to put yourself in danger, like that!" Death Arms added as Izuku lowered his head.

"Man, you're tough kid! And that Quirk is something else!" One of the Heroes said to Bakugo, who was being praised for his bravery and Quirk.

"When you wanna go pro, head over to my agency first! I'd love for you to be my sidekick, while you're training!" Slugger said, knowing Bakugo would be a great sidekick.

"Would you all shut up!" Said Naruko, stepping forward and glaring at the Heroes, getting tired of them chewing Izuku out, while hypocritically praising Bakugo.

With her words silencing the Heroes and unknowingly getting the attention of the reporters around All Might.

"None of you have the right to scold the kid, since he was the only one who actually tried saving Mr. Explosion right there, while the rest of you just stood and did nothing! Personally, even if he doesn't have a Quirk, he's more of a Hero than any of you are, right now! And sure the kid has a powerful Quirk; just imagine how much damage he could have caused if he kept causing explosions?! That's not being brave, it's being reckless since he could have also ended up injuring someone or himself!" Naruko said, shocking everyone at her words, especially Izuku and Bakugo, with both boys being grateful for her words though.

"What were we supposed to do? None of us had the right Quirks to fight the Villain." Said Death Arms in their defense.

"Death Arms is right, there was nothing we could have done." Slugger added, only for Naruko to scoff at their excuses.

"Why exactly are any of you Heroes, then? If you'll all just stand by and do nothing in situations, where your Quirks are useless? Since isn't that's the point of Hero Schools? So you can train to not only use your Quirks, but be capable of fighting without them and countering your weaknesses. And even when you go pro, you should still work to improve yourselves so that something like this doesn't happen." Said Naruko, with none of them having any retort to her words.

"Death Arms you could have broken open that fire hydrant right there to release more water to put out the flames if you weren't going to fight the Villain. Slugger, you could have been throwing balls at the Villain to keep them distracted, leaving them open to be attacked. Or even aim some at its eye, since the kid had showed that it's the villain weak point, since it's the only part of its body that's solid. Kamui Woods, you could have sent your roots underground to attack the Villain or save the kid, or help Death Arms put out the fires by creating wooden hoses to better direct the water into the flames. Backdraft at least did something in trying to put out and contain the fires, but he still shouldn't have been praising the exploding kid for being reckless." Said Naruko, listing all the ways they could have done something aside from standing around, with the Heroes lowering their heads as they started feeling shame at their actions or lack thereof.

"This is why we're dealing with extremists, like Hero Killer: Stain running around." Naruko stated, making the Heroes flinch at being seen as the reason for people like Stain being around, with the Frozen Flame Hero unknowingly stealing the show from All Might.

"She's right. While I don't normally talk bad about my colleagues and fellow Heroes, Frost is right in that you all could have done more than just stand around. I hope you'll all realize this; the next time you face a Villain you can't defeat head on. Remember this moment, not as a failure on your parts, but as a learning experience to better yourselves and grow as Heroes." Said All Might while walking up to them, agreeing with Naruko's words, before looking at Bakugo.

"And you young man, please forgive me. If I had been paying better attention when I first captured that Villain, he wouldn't have managed to slip away and capture you. I'm just relieved you are unharmed." All Might said, knowing he'd never forgive himself if he'd inadvertently caused the death of a child, because he wasn't paying attention.

With Izuku wanting to protest, that it was his fault the Number One Hero hadn't been paying attention, but kept silent. Knowing he couldn't say anything without exposing All Might's secret, and he couldn't do that.

"And you Frost, it's been too long since I've seen you. But I can see that you've grown immensely and have grown into an even better Hero." Stated All Might while turning to Naruko, seeing how much she's grown since their last encounter.

With her long crimson hair flowing freely past her shoulders and down to her mid-back, her skin being paler due to her Quirk, and her eyes being the same turquoise color. While seeing she's also changed her Hero Costume from what she wore previously.

With Naruko's Hero Costume consisting of a sleeveless, skintight black bodysuit with silver flames in the shape of a snowflake on the front, black heeled boots, a dark blue, sleeveless coat with silver designs along the bottom resembling snow and flames, and matching dark blue separate sleeves with silver designs and holes for her thumbs to go through.

One thing that was consistent in Naruko's costumes, was they were always skintight and showed off her body, given the redhead is confident in how she looked.

"Uh…th-thanks…All Might. Just…glad I could help…for once." Naruko replied, while muttering the last part, as her previous anger was replaced by a sense of solemness and self-loathing as she looked at the Symbol of Peace.

Something All Might noticed and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I don't blame you for it happening." Whispered All Might so only she could hear, while momentarily eyeing her whisker marks.

"Now then, I'm sure you boys have had a trying day and I'd be more than willing to escort you both home." All Might said, turning to Izuku and Bakugo, surprising the former while the latter scowled.

"Tsk, I don't need your help All Might." Retorted Bakugo as he turned to leave.

"And definitely didn't need your help Deku." Bakugo hissed quietly in Izuku's ear, angry that Izuku tried saving him.

"Very well, stay safe Young Bakugo. Young Midoriya." All Might said, looking at Izuku.

"Oh um, sure All Might." Replied Izuku, not wanting to pass up the chance to spend time with his idol.

"Splendid, now let us be off!" Said All Might, while knowing he and Izuku had a lot to discuss away from prying eyes and ears.

With Naruko soon going off on her own as well, creating another path of ice she rode off on with a downcast look on her face. Her encounter with All Might bringing up memories she'd prefer to keep buried. Memories of when she got the scars on her face and the Villain that gave them to her.

'The same Villain that nearly killed All Might.' Thought Naruko, shuddering at remembering that Villain.

All For One.

He came after her five years ago for her Quirk, having never encountered one like Ice Fire before and he wanted to be added to his collection of Quirks. Naruko fought as hard as she could, but she wasn't any match for the Symbol of Evil, who actually seemed to have toyed with her than actually fighting her.

If it hadn't been for the arrival of All Might, Sir Nighteye, Gran Torino and her father, then Naruko would've lost her Quirk and most likely her life. The Heroes worked together to fight All For One, but in a rather subtle matter as to not give too much away.

But the fight ended when All Might broke off to fight All For One alone, coming out the winner after crushing his head, but at the cost of damaging his respiratory system beyond repair and his stomach being destroyed. It also lead to her and her father being brought in on the loop of All Might's Quirk, One For All, and who All For One is.

With Naruko having blamed herself for being the reason the Symbol of Peace was now limited in being a Hero. Something All Might tried to assure her wasn't her fault. That his fight with All For One was going to happen one day eventually, and could that have been the same outcome, no matter what. Though that didn't stop her from feeling guilty, whenever she saw the Number One Hero, knowing he had to search for a successor sooner than he probably would have liked.

Leading Naruko to promise to help find a successor that would be worthy to carry on All Might's legacy.

'Though maybe he's already found the new torchbearer.' Naruko thought, remembering what Izuku did, even when he didn't have a Quirk, knowing he had the heart and determination of a true Hero.

It wasn't long before Naruko arrived at her Hero Agency, which wasn't as big or luxurious as her father's skyscraper building. But it was still a decent sized one thanks to Naruko's rising status as a Hero, despite still being a relatively new one.

With there being a large window that showed her office, which opened up at her approach before closing once she was inside. Sitting down at her desk and leaning back in her chair, before groaning at the sight of all the paperwork on her desk as she got to work.

"It's times like these, I wish I became an Underground Hero." Naruko muttered, knowing at least she wouldn't have to worry about filling out so much paperwork.

Thankfully, her cellphone started ringing, pulling her way from the paperwork as she saw who it was and answered it.

"Principal Nezu." Naruko greeted her old principal, and the principal of the Heroes she studied under.

"Good to speak with you again Naruko, I just wanted to call and let you know that your resume has been approved, and it's decided you'll be assisting All Might as the Heroics Teacher. As even if you've only been a Pro-Hero for a few years, you're already on the fast-track to making it into the Top Ten. Congratulations for that by the way." Said Nezu, making Naruko smile at hearing she'll be able to become a teacher at UA.

"I'm glad to hear that Principal Nezu and thank you, I learned from the best after all. I'll be ready for when the next semester begins." Replied Naruko before hanging up, glad to know she'll be teaching at UA.

Given she hoped to train the next generation of Heroes to be better than the previous generation, since the fight earlier reminded Naruko that so many pros have forgotten what it means to be Heroes. She wanted to help make sure this generation will remind everyone what true Heroes are like.

'Shoto's going to starting this year.' Naruko thought, remembering her brother would be starting at UA this year as well, which is another reason she applied, so she could continue to help train him.

'I already failed Toya; I wasn't there when he needed someone the most. I'm not going to fail you too Shoto, I promise.' Naruko mentally swore, refusing to fail Shoto like she already failed Toya.

But that didn't mean she'll be playing favorites with him and neglect her other students, ensuring all of them grew as Heroes and be the best they can be.

Shaking her head, Naruko pulled out her communicator that she uses to contact her sidekicks, with her having managed to take on two for the time being. As she still needed more experience, and a bigger agency, before she can start taking on more. With both of them currently out on patrol, being on the lookout for any Villains are crimes.

"Hanabi, Fubuki." Naruko called, waiting for them to respond.

"Yes Frost?" Asked Fubuki after a few moments.

"Did you need us for something?" Hanabi questioned, wondering if something happened.

"No, I'm just contacting you both to know that my resume was approved, so the two of you will be in charge while I'm at UA, performing my responsibilities as a teacher. But don't hesitate to contact me in case either of you need help, alright." Replied Naruko, letting them know they'll be in charge, while she's away but would still show up if they needed help.

"That's great, the new students will be lucky to have you teaching them. And don't worry, we'll do our best while you're away." Hanabi said, determined to prove themselves to the Hero.

"I'll also let you know if I think of any new ideas for my equipment." Added Fubuki, with Naruko nodding.

"Glad to hear it, take care while I'm away." Said Naruko, before turning the communicator off.

Hanabi Hyūga and Fubuki Kakuyoku were her two sidekicks, with Hanabi's Quirk giving her X-Ray Vision, letting her see through walls, buildings, and even inside the human body. With it resulting in her eyes being a pale white color, making it look like she's blind. Along with having trained in hand-to-hand combat to focused around striking an enemies weak point to incapacitate them.

While Fubuki's Quirk, ironically enough, was an Ice Quirk like most of her family had. But unlike her family, Fubuki's Quirk only let her control preexisting ice and snow. Leading to her also developing Support Items to counter this weakness. One of which being a set of armor that absorbed the moisture in the air and converted it into ice and snow, which would shoot out for Fubuki to use. With her armor also having a set of wings allowing her to glide at high speeds, along with wrist-mounted wire launchers. Though she also trained in hand-to-hand combat, in the event her armor malfunctioned, so she wouldn't be left helpless.

Knowing all that, Naruko was confident they'd be able to handle themselves, while she's at UA.


"I'm home!" Naruko said, arriving home after finishing most of her work for the day.

"You're back?! Finally, I missed you a lot, sis!" Said someone, running up and hugging Naruko, making the redhead smile and return the hug.

"I missed you too, Himiko." Naruko replied as the now named Himiko pulled back and smiled brightly at Naruko.

Himiko is a relatively petite, fair-skinned girl who is very prone to blushing and is frequently described as to having a rather pretty face. She has slightly inward-tilting bright yellow eyes with thin slits, making them somewhat resemble those of a cat, and her wide mouth is also rather feline, as both her upper and lower canines are more pointed and longer than the rest of her teeth, giving her a vampire-like appearance. Her hair is a pale, dirty ash-blonde and is styled into two messy buns, with numerous wild strands sticking out at all angles from their centers and where they're fastened, a straight fringe and two chin-length side bangs to frame her face.

Her attire consists of a plain seifuku with a Kansai collar, both the skirt and the shirt were dark blue with a double white trim, which is paired with a red scarf that she ties loosely below. Over this, she wears an oversized beige cardigan with a rather long hem and cuffs, and pockets on either side, the right one shown to hold a number of trinkets on either a keychain or a cellphone strap. She sports knee-length black socks and dark brown dress shoes with thick heels, the same as the outdoor uniform shoes students traditionally wear in Japanese schools.

This was Himiko Toga, who's been staying with Naruko for a few years now.

Naruko had first met Himiko while she was studying under Sir Nighteye, given how he previously was All Might's sidekick before going on to become a Pro-Hero himself. She stumbled onto Himiko one day while out on patrol, finding the girl by herself, leading Naruko to approaching her. Which then lead to them developing a close friendship, along with Naruko learning about Himiko's Quirk and how it worked. But rather than be disgusted by her drinking blood, along with her fascination with it, Naruko began helping Himiko better understand her Quirk, knowing that some Quirks can affect how a person acts.

This leading to Naruko learning about her homelife, with how her parents began pressuring to act "normal" and hide her "abnormal" tendencies. Something Naruko had told Sir and the police about, leading to Himiko's parents to be arrested for IQI, Intentional Quirk Ignorance. As rather than helping Himiko understand her Quirk and behavior, they tried forcing her to suppress it. With them losing custody of Himiko and her siblings, while the girl chose to stay with Naruko ever since, having come to see her as an older sister.

With Himiko having even entered UA, wanting to become a Hero like Naruko, who was the first person to accept her for who she was, rather than forcing her to be something she's not. With her already finishing her first-year in the Hero Course, and is about to start her second-year in the upcoming semester.

"So did anything happen today? I saw you one the news and wanted to hear everything that happened, when you got back." Himiko said, wanting to know the full story behind what she saw on the news.

"It was definitely an interesting day." Replied Naruko, before she began telling Himiko everything that happened.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see the explosion was caused by Bakugo taken hostage by the Sludge Villain, with things going the same up until Izuku rushes in to save Bakugo, with Naruko arriving and freezing the Villain, freeing Bakugo, and extinguishing the flames. Only for her to miss part of the Villain who moves to attack Izuku, with All Might then arriving and defeating the Villain with ease. Then we see the Heroes chewing out Izuku while praising Bakugo, only for Naruko to call them out on doing nothing simply because their Quirks were useless, while also listing what they could have done to help, with All Might agreeing with her. Before we learn just how Naruko got her whisker marks, having been attacked by All For One who wanted to take her unique Quirk for himself and would have if All Might, Endeavor, Sir Nighteye, and Gran Torino didn't show up, leading to All Might confronting his enemy and crushing his head but at the cost of his injuries limiting his time as a Hero, something Naruko feels guilty for. Next we see Naruko arriving at her Hero Agency where she gets a call from Nezu telling her, her resume was approved and she'll be working with All Might as the Heroics Teachers, with Naruko calling her sidekicks and telling them they'll be in charge while she's at UA. Finally Naruko returns home where she's greeted by, surprisingly, Himiko who she met and befriended while studying under Sir Nighteye, learning what her homelife was like and reporting it, leading her parents to being arrested and losing custody of Himiko and her siblings, with Himiko wanting to stay with Naruko and even become a Hero like her by enrolling at UA. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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