I don't own Tomb Raider (2013) nor the characters within.

So this is a collection of the Salara/S.S. Endurance/Lara Croft x Sam Nishimura drabbles I have posted on tumblr, from oldest to newest.

100 word drabble request from anonymous: Pony

Chain tangled in her fingers, pendant twisting in the torchlight, Lara watches as blood drips from her palm. Some of it misses, splattering dirt. The ones that don't have already painted the charm half red.

It's a carved horse, and Lara thinks she's dying.

She doesn't know why she hasn't already. It's cruel. If she's going to die on this cursed island, why draw it out? So she can find artifacts like this? For what?

Her body burns and throbs. She pockets the charm. Starts walking again.

She knows Sam would love it. She just needs to rescue her first.