"Oi, Naruto!" Jiraiya shouted as he walked towards his pupil, waving casually.

Naruto looked up from the ramen bowl, a noodle still sticking out of his mouth. "What d'ya want, ya old perv?"

"Dammit, don't call me that when the," he paused to look around and continued in a quieter voice, "when the pretty gals can hear you."

"Sho that… you can perv on 'em?" he said between slurps.

Jiraiya slapped him on the back of his head and took a seat beside him. "Cheeky brat," he grumbled. "Is that how you treat your respected teacher?"

Blue eyes glared at him. "There isn't anything about you to respect! What d'you expect me to do? Worship you for peeping on women?"

Jiraiya looked around wildly in panic when he saw the other customers were looking at him weirdly. Now, he usually would never bother with his image. But he had to maintain his reputation in front of hot women—of which he could notice plenty.

He didn't think it would be wise to announce his status as The Pervert among perverts in front of them. Even he had his short spurts of intelligence, rare as they might be.

"Now now," Jiraiya said, holding up his arms. "Calm down. There's no need to get angry."

Naruto finished his ramen bowl in a huge slurp, lowering it down on the stall, and gave a satisfied burp.

"I'm as calm as I can be. But," He paused and turned towards his teacher. There was a cheeky grin on his face as he rubbed his hands slyly. "It'll definitely help my mood… if someone were to pay for my ramen."

Jiraiya scoffed.

"Hah, no way! Pay on your own, you twerp!"

"Eh? Why can't you treat your apprentice to ramen once in a while? C'mon pervy sage," Naruto whined.

"Tch. That innocent look won't work on me. I know you too well—"

"You'd be all too happy to pay if I used my sexy Jutsu." He squinted his eyes.

"—and you would be right," Jiraiya admitted, shamelessly grinning.

"No way! I'm not doing that." Naruto shook his head violently. "And definitely not in front of so many people!"

To his silent horror, he wasn't even surprised when the old man pouted. He had grown so accustomed to the pervert's antics!

The two of them have been on the move for about two years now. Two years since Naruto left his village along with his new Master, Jiraiya of the Sannin. All in order for him to grow strong enough to neutralize the threat of Akatsuki—an organization of S-ranked Ninja hell-bent on collecting the Bijuu. For what purpose? No one knows that yet. But it surely isn't out of the kindness of their heart for the Jinchuuriki. Another reason was to compensate for the lack of a proper teacher in Naruto's early years.

Not that the old pervert was the definition of a model teacher by any means. But training under a legendary Shinobi such as Jiraiya—despite his many jarring flaws—was only bound to be good for him. They've been training relentlessly for the last two years. Other than the usual training, he had made significant progress in arts that required extensive mental knowledge instead of physical—particularly the Sealing Arts—due to the blatant abuse of Shadow Clones.

"Bah! Then don't." Jiraiya made a dismissive gesture, crossing his arms and looking away. "My charming personality and dashing looks are enough to attract women, anyway."

He sometimes really pitied his delusional Sensei.

Naruto slid off the stool and started to walk away, calling over his shoulder, "Whatever ya' say, pervy sage."

Jiraiya shook his head. "Kids these days…" He scoffed. "I was never so disrespectful to Sarutobi-sensei in my youth. That Bo staff was enough to entice terror in a fully grown man. And Minato was… well, Minato. Never did anything to trouble his Jiraiya-sensei," he grumbled to himself.

Ah, how time passes.

A cough interrupted his thoughts, making him blink as he saw the visage of the ramen chef—who had his hand stretched out suggestively.

"What?" he asked innocently, looking at the outstretched hand. Was the man a fan of his books and wanted an autograph? Ah, the chores of being a world-famous artist. Yes. That must be it. An excited grin crept to his face as he prepared to make an epic intro, moving into his kabuki pose—one hand behind him and one outstretched in the front.

"Men, women, and children! And Women! it is I, Jiraiya, The-"

"I don't give a rat's arse if you're Jiraya or Jibaya." The man grunted rudely. "The boy said you was gonna pay for his ramen. The total's worth nine bowls." The man suggestively motioned to his outstretched hand, wiggling it.


Jiraiya's smile fell almost instantly, replaced by an angry scowl.

That brat! He tricked him! Him! Jiraiya! He's the only one who is allowed to trick people into paying for his meal, not the other way around!

Wait—should he be proud that his pupil managed to surpass him in his own specialty…?

The white-haired man snorted in amusement.


Jiraiya fished into his clothes and took out his wallet. Money was never an issue for the Toad-sage—what with the world being filled with fellow perverts who paid for his books—but it was his pride at stake!

"Here." He slapped the money on the counter and turned around, not even noticing the satisfied expression on the chef's face as he stomped away.

He would get back at his pupil for tricking him, anyway. That was for sure.

Or he wasn't Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin.

Naruto strolled down the busy market streets with his hands interlocked behind his head and a giant grin on his face. It had been satisfying to trick Jiraiya, he admitted to himself mentally. A small payback for all the times when the old perv took his money and spent it all on booze and brothels.

His poor Gama-chan had never been emptier.

Well, he supposed the pervert was not all bad. After all, he had been teaching him for all these years. And he had actually learned a great deal under the Sage. Heck, he was now a master escape artist. Turns out, running away from the rage-fueled, half-naked women after blatantly peeping on them was surprisingly a good training exercise. It did help that he was already well versed in running away from his glory days of pranking.

Sage mode is something he had been excited about, but the stupid Fox won't let Ma and Pa finish the last step of sage training. Why was the Fox being such a dick? Naruto didn't know. But then again, he was not the one who was holed up inside a cage for most of his life.

Wait, no. He isn't supposed to feel bad for the Fox! It was the reason his parents were dead, after all.

Thinking about his parents brought conflicting feelings to his chest. It wasn't long ago that the pervert came out in the open about his parents. And boy, was it a wild day.


Jiraiya nodded somberly.

"My d-dad?!"

"Yeah, I know... It must be pretty overwhelming for you," he said sympathetically, clamping down a comforting hand on his pupil's shoulder. Telling the boy about his parents was something that he had been thinking about. Naruto was already stronger than a regular Jōnin, and this training trip has seen him getting matured in all sorts of ways—handling his booze, perfecting the art of being a peeping tom, and some Ninja stuff, too.

Naruto roughly shoved his hand away and looked up at him, blue eyes filled with tears and a plethora of emotions ranging from sheer Joy to utter hatred. "What type of crazy dad shoves a demon fox inside his newborn son!?"

He had actually thought that the Yondaime chose him for some other, mysterious purpose. But this felt like a betrayal! He was going to go on another angst-filled tirade before his master spoke up, quieter than he has ever seen the boisterous man.

"It was because he believed in you… He trusted no one else but his own son to master the power of the beast. He trusted you to use this power for good."

That stopped him in his tracks. The Yondaime trusted him. Him. The one that everyone called a failure.

His dad trusted him.

Jiraiya watched as he clenched his hand over his chest, right where his heart was, as his body shook with repressed sobs. As a child, Naruto had always wondered about his parents. Asking the Sandaime about them only resulted in the same lecture that Naruto swore the old man had learned by heart. His questions were never answered. Did they want him? Did they abandon him? Did they ever truly love him?

To know that his dad had faith in him felt like a weight was lifted up from his shoulders.

"That. And the only other option would be leaving Konoha to the rampage of a hate-filled Bijuu. So yeah…" Jiraiya finished lamely, scratching his cheek.

He understood why his dad did what he did. But didn't mean he had to like it. He didn't hate his dad, in any case. He just had this irresistible urge to punch the Yondaime senseless. Not like he was going to get his wish granted, though. What with his dad being very dead.

The orange-loving genin sighed, his mood now somber, and made his way to the inn that they were staying in.

Only to bump into the white-haired pervert.

"You really mean it?!"

"Yep! Absolutely," Jiraiya said, an encouraging smile on his face, "go ahead. I know you can do it!"

He gave his pupil a double thumbs-up.

"Woah! I mean, I never thought that I would be learning the Hiraishin at such a young age. You said dad perfected the technique when he was around twenty."

It wasn't totally out of the blue, since he had been messing with the concepts of Space-Time for the past year. Jiraiya didn't tell him what for until he found about about his parents.

Naruto looked at the Jutsu formula on the scroll, his gaze carefully scrutinizing as he tried to make sense of the seemingly rubbish writing. If he didn't know any better, he would think that the old pervert was trying to prank him in order to get back at him for earlier.

But that wasn't possible! This was something that was close to his heart, a chance to have something that belonged to his dad. Surely, his master was a buffoon, but he wasn't such a degenerate who would play with his feelings like that.


"Hm… I'm not going to lie that it is going to be easy. But," he put up a finger as he said, "I have faith that someone of your caliber can surely do it."

Naruto looked at his master in surprise for a long moment and then promptly jumped on the old man's back, throwing his arms around his neck.

"Ack! Ack! Get off me!"

"Pervy sage!" Naruto had tears in his eyes now as he rubbed his cheek against the Toad-sage. "You're the best!"

Jiraiya tried his best not to feel increasingly guilty.

It didn't work.

There was no way that Naruto was going to learn the Hiraishin from that garbage. It was actually one of the first prototype formulas—a failed one at that—that Minato had used when he was just meddling with the Space-Time Jutsu at the age of 16. It had taken over four years for the man to master the technique.

Sometimes, Jiraiya wondered what might have happened if his pupil lived past the age of Twenty-four. His skill was already unrivaled by the time of his death. If he had lived, well…

Namikaze Minato's potential was unmatched.

Jiraiya forgot one thing when he tried to get back at Naruto by giving him a seemingly garbage Jutsu formula and told him to make sense of it.

Namikaze Minato's potential was only paralleled by the sheer willpower of a stubborn Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto never failed to complete a task that managed to grab his undivided attention, even if his attention span was less than fantastic on other matters—matters that he found boring. The kid gave it his all. He was a prodigy in the arts of Sealing, even greater than the likes of his parents. And one of them was a full-blooded Uzumaki! The very clan which was known for its unmatched skills in anything that required Sealing!

"See! See! I did it!" Naruto laughed jovially as he bounced on his feet. All that energy from eating an impossible amount of ramen had to go somewhere after all.

Three days. The kid had scrambled something out of that rubbish in a mere three days time.

Jiraiya carefully read along the intricate lines, a thoughtful frown on his face as he admired the work. In truth, there was no way to recreate Hiraishin other than the very junky piece of formula that he tried to give his pupil as a prank, since Minato took the secrets of the Jutsu to his grave. It was for the best, he had agreed, so that no one could ever steal the deadly Jutsu.

A Yellow flashing Shimura Danzo was not something that the Toad-sage wanted to deal with. He wouldn't put it past the crippled old man to borrow the formula for the good of the Village.

He scoffed.

Danzo can shove that cane of his in his own ass for all the good that he did.

Worse that his Sensei—may the Old Man rest in peace—allowed the man to get away with borderline treason on several occasions. Not even a slap on the cripple's crippled wrist!

"This… might work after all…" He rubbed his chin, narrowing his eyes.

"Of course, it will!" Naruto pounded his fist in his hand, a confident grin on his face. "Uzumaki Naruto never fails!"

"Other than all those times that Uzumaki Naruto failed his Genin Exams, huh?"

"T-that doesn't count! It was because of the Fox that my Chakra Control was shot to hell." He protested with his arms outstretched. "It wasn't my fault!"

"Whatever you say, kid." Jiraiya waved him off.

The two of them looked over the Jutsu formula for what felt like hours as they tried to work out the kinks and final touches. Space-Time Jutsu was no joke and could have disastrous consequences if performed without proper knowledge and preparations. Half of your body might be teleported to an entirely another dimension, and if that wasn't bad enough, you would be alive during the whole process as your body gets torn in half.

Yeah… he would instead prefer to die by one of Tsunade's punches.

Like a man!

"You're doing that creepy smile thing again. Ya' know," Naruto stretched his lips using his fingers into a mockery of Jiraiya's lecherous grin. "Dish ting that ya do when ya feef ohn wohmen."

"What? No, don't bother me right now. I'm on the cusp of a breakthrough."

Naruto blinked.

"But… I already finished the formula…" He scratched his head. "What are you doing?"

"Just some final touches. You're still inexperienced and ended up making a few mistakes." He puffed out his chest with pride. "Whereas, I, Jiraiya-sama, am a well-known Seal Master and have mountains of experience.

"You might surpass me one day, but I'm still the best at sealing in the Five Shinobi Nations." He grinned as he boasted, but his face fell when he noticed his pupil wasn't paying attention.

"Yah yah," Naruto dawdled, picking his nose as he feasted his eyes on the ever-moving clouds in the blue sky, something that he learned to appreciate after grueling long hours of relentless training. The lazy Nara was quite ahead of their time, he concluded.

"Dammit! Listen to me when I say something cool!"

Naruto looked at him, shocked. "Do you ever hear the crap that you sprout? if I paid mind to everything that flows out of your dumpster mouth, I would degrade myself instead of becoming stronger."

"You…." Jiraiya growled in anger. "Come here, you disrespectful brat!"

Jiraiya pounced on him, picking him up in a headlock as he messed up his hair. The old pervert cried out in agony when his pupil bit his hand, prompting the white-haired man to run around in circles screaming profanities. There were no people nearby to witness the antics of the duo as they had chosen a secluded clearing on the off chance that the Jutsu explodes on their face. Quite literally.

The duo of Master and Student finally called a truce after half an hour of wrestling like pigs in the mud, grudgingly admitting the other's competence.

"So… are we gonna try it now?" Excitement twinkled in his blue eyes as he kept himself from fidgeting. The Hiraishin formula was laid right in front of them.

"Of course! Go ahead." He pushed the boy with his hands, hiding a grin behind his pupil's back. "Do me proud!"

Jiraiya rubbed his hands slyly as he watched the blond-haired boy making his way towards the formula. He had rigged the formula so that it will only teleport the person—leaving behind all the clothes. This would surely show the brat to never mess with Jiraiya the Awesome!

Wait—that didn't sound cool at all. He should just stick with Jiraiya the Gallant. Probably for the best.

He nodded to himself, his eyes closed and hands crossed when he was interrupted by the sound of his pupil.

"Uhh, Pervy-sage? Where am I gonna show up? Won't I need another marker to teleport to?"

Jiraiya looked at him in confusion before his eyes widened. Of course, he did! Where is he going to end up?

Panicking over the consequences of his prank, the Toad-sage hurried towards his pupil in a mad dash. He gave out a distressed yell when he noticed Naruto disappearing and jumped at the last second, tackling the boy to the ground.

"Wha… what is happening?"

It was the last sentence that managed to escape the blond-haired teen as his body disappeared.

In a flash.

The only thing that was left behind was his orange outfit.

Which was right beside Jiraiya's red Haori and green Kimono.

Senju Tobirama was a genuis. There was no doubt about it. What he lacked in raw strength, he more than made up with his intelligent mind. Tobirama was a master of Ninjutsu, and he loved to pick apart different techniques to see how they work and find out every small nick.

Raw strength was more up his elder brother's alley, anyway.

The white-haired Senju was passionate about creating Ninjutsu ever since he learned his first. And he had been wildly successful in his attempts till now.

Something that his Shadow Clone, which was sitting right next to him, could confirm.

Tobirama was no stranger to failure—he had failed plenty of times before finally perfecting the Shadow Clone—but he was understandably baffled when his new Space-Time Jutsu actually summoned what looked to be a blond-haired teen.

He frowned, dispelling his clone.

This was distressing.

What was even more distressing was the lack of clothes on his frame.

He frowned deeper.

Did someone attempt a joke on him? Who would dare such a thing? Was it his elder brother? He wouldn't put it past his goofball of a brother, but even he knew better than to mess with his inventions.


The boy stirred, groaning as he sat up, leaning on his elbow, and rubbed his eyes with the back of his other hand. He stretched his body, arching his spine and hands outstretched. Scratching his cheek lazily—the whisker marks caught the Senju's attention—the teen yawned and creaked open his eyes, smacking his lips.


Tobirama found blue eyes focused on him, eyes filled with childlike innocence that hid the experience of a trained warrior behind it. He was on his guard even before he noticed the other boy tense up, noticed the exact moment the blond realized that he had ended up somewhere unfamiliar. That was good, at least. The boy had not meant to end up here. It would have been foolish, he thought, for someone to knowingly interrupt him during his work. Everyone knew that.

The boy looked down on his frame and promptly grew pale, his breathing hitched, and he scrambled to protect his dignity with his hands. He raised a shaky finger at the only other member in the room, his eyes wide and trembling, and opened his mouth to say something. What was he going to say? Tobirama did not care. But he did have an approximate idea about the questions going through the blond-haired teen's mind.

He cut him off promptly.

"I did not." His tone was dull, as if he didn't give a crap what the other teen thought. "You were in that state when you appeared here."

Appeared? Naruto thought. What did he mean by appeared? He was out there, with pervy-sage, practicing his dad's Jutsu when... What happened next? His memory was foggy after that. Blank, even. Where did he end up? This... didn't look like anywhere he has even been. And who the hell is this jerk—


"What the hell?!" he cursed when he felt something metallic slamming on his face, raised one hand to cup his face while the other guarded his modesty. What the fuck did he do? For the guy to attack him with a piece of armor—

Wait, he thought to himself, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. This guy...looked familiar.

"I don't have anything else for you to wear right now. Wear it, then we can start with the questio—"

The boy snapped his fingers, his blue eyes alight with recognition.

Tobirama's temper spiked momentarily at being interrupted, but he calmed himself. It was to be expected, he thought. A bit suspicious that he did not recognize him earlier. After all, he was the second oldest son of Butsuma Senju, the head of the Senju clan—one of the two most powerful clans. But it was not impossible. His reputation was sometimes eclipsed by his elder brother's, but he did not care about it, anyway.

"You look just like that guy! That-that second stone face guy on the Hokage mountain. What was his name..." he scratched his head, his eyes squinted.

The white-haired Senju merely leveled an unamused stare on the teen, his red eyes sharper all of a sudden. He did not say it out loud, but he was sure of one thing.

Tobirama had absolutely no idea what rubbish was the boy talking about. He did not like not knowing things.

"Get dressed. Then we'll talk." He crossed his arms and turned around, closing his eyes. He felt somewhat responsible for the other boy since it was his Jutsu that malfunctioned and brought him here.

But even if that is the case, if he had identified the boy as a foe—Uchiha was out due to the obvious lack of black hair—well...

He was also very proficient in assassinations.


How long?


How long is he going to last like this? She wondered detachedly. Trespassing their clan grounds as this lunatic had—now wasn't that an accomplishment in itself—had been a foolish decision on his behalf. More so that the fool dared to intervene in her time of peace. What did this imbecile wish to achieve by teleporting—as in literally appearing out of thin air—into her bath of all places?

Did those cowards send a spy? An assassin? She didn't really consider this an attempt on her life—mostly because the idiot had been caught even before he had finished teleporting. And who teleports inside an enemy base like this? Naked as the day they are born.

The moron currently dying beneath her foot does, she admitted.

She further lowered the leg that was pressing on the top of a white mane of hair, a choked cough by the drowning man causing the water surface to ripple with bubbles as he was lowered into the water body. Looking down at the scene with her arms crossed over her chest and a frown on her face, she eased the pressure on the man, allowing him to pop up until his mouth was out of the water—only enough to speak. The would-be-assassin broke out in uncontrollable coughs as he struggled for air.

"Speak, fool. Who sent you?"

Jiraiya had no idea what happened.

All he remembered was a flurry of movement as he dashed after his apprentice. The surroundings turned blurry, and his world rotated as he found himself falling, and falling and falling, losing all sense of vertigo.

And then a loud splash.

He had assumed that he ended up deep in an ocean, with a large rock over his head, which pushed him further down as he struggled to breathe, choking on the water as it entered his lungs—which burned due to the lack of oxygen—through his mouth and nose. The entire ordeal was terrifying. Death didn't look much beyond the horizon. He could only thank whatever gods were looking after him when he was finally allowed to breathe.


He gulped, greedily devouring large volumes of air.

When he finally looked up, he really, really wanted to thank whatever gods were looking after him. This... this was almost like a scene from his book!

He trailed his eyes along the long, toned legs, that were pushing down on his head, noticing the tiny water droplets rolling down the pale skin, to the perfect thighs and then—

His eyes widened to unnatural proportions, eyebrows shooting up to his hairline as he opened his mouth to giggle or make a remark—no one would ever know what, as he froze, taking in another detail that he cursed himself for not noticing earlier.

Red eyes stared down at him, three black tomoe lazily swirling within them, almost as if looking down on an insect—someone harmless. The goddess—for it could have been nothing else—leaned forward, and Jiraiya would have died then and there, without any regrets.

Fuck world peace.

A charming smile came over his face as he prepared to introduce himself, only to get interrupted yet again.

"Too slow."

The foot lowered down and shoved him back inside.

Something that I wrote while I got momentarily bored with the other story. This one is going to be somewhat light-hearted Time-Travel story. I already have a vague-ish plot but nothing too concrete.

Naruto might seem a bit too immature, but it's just him and Jiraiya being super close and comfortable. And as you can tell, the training trip went kinda different here, with Jiraiya focusing on other aspects of his training than the Kyuubi.

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