"Good morning, boys!" Mrs. Potter was all smiles as James came bounding into the kitchen still in his pajamas, no two hairs sticking up in the same direction. Sirius followed, his pace a bit more hesitant. "James, for goodness's sake, your hair is an embarrassment."

Sirius flinched. James slung an arm tightly around his shoulder as he grinned cheekily, free hand going straight to the aforementioned embarrassment. "Now, Mum... this was hard work. You respect hard work, don't you?"

"Yes, I do, which is why I expect some hard work flattening that bird's nest first thing after breakfast. How would you like your eggs, Sirius?"

Sirius glanced quickly at the pan. "I- you don't have to-"

"Tell me how your brother likes his eggs, James."

Sirius's breath caught.

James grinned broadly.

Mrs. Potter smiled at them both, dishing out a plate of scrambled eggs and handing it to James along with a fork. "Mothers need to know these things. Go sit down and I'll have them ready in a moment. Fried? Scrambled?"

"I think Sirius likes toast," James said reflectively. He ignored Sirius's alarmed glare. "With butter and more marmalade than actual bread."

"Then toast with butter and more marmalade than actual bread is what he shall have."

And so it was that the small family sat down to breakfast, James happily devouring his eggs and Sirius munching with increasing confidence on his toast and Mrs. Potter sipping her coffee ("Your father's sleeping in; he had a late meeting last night"), smiling at her two boys and receiving smiles in return.