Hey everyone, I have decided to do Amazonz with Rising of the Shield Hero. Now I will tell you all that there will be some more Heroes to fight alongside my Amazonz Rider. They are called Species Heroes. Now this is a kinda hard idea to explain. Since Melromarc summoned the 4 Heroes and knowing that the Shield Hero is well considered evil one of the other Kingdoms not sure which one yet maybe Silvelt to support him and fight against the waves. Now there are some advantages and disadvantages to summoning a Species Hero. First up is advantages. One: They don't have suffer from having to lose EXP from defeating monsters when another Hero is around. Two: They can use any weapon except a Legendary weapon and Vassal weapon. Now on the disadvantages. One: they have high EXP requirement. For example, they need 5,000 EXP to level up to 2 and then they need 10,000 EXP to get to LV3, 15,000 to get to LV4 and so on. Two: If a Species Hero dies they can't summon another member of that species. For example, if my OC dies they can't summon another Amazon. But there is some loopholes. For example, since there are different types of Amazon cells and my OC is one type of Amazon they can summon an Amazon of another type. Three: There can't be more than 4 Species Heroes at a time and all of the 4 must be dead before you can summon another 4. Now I have 3 more Species Heroes. Tomoe Gozen from Type Moon as the Oni Hero, a female Veela OC with the Witchblade from the Witchblade comics, and a female Fairy OC. Now there might be more Species Heroes in the future maybe. I also added Atalanta as a Lion Demi-Human. Btw Tomoe Gozen, Atalanta, and the OC Heroes are in my Amazon's harem. I will add more characters to my OC's party. They will be either characters from the RotSH world, versions characters from other worlds that will exist in the RotSH world, and/or OCs. Warning there might be cussing, gore and other bad stuff in this fanfic.

(8:47 P.M: Yokohama Japan)

A young couple were being attacked by a gang of criminals who were going to rape the girl while forcing her boyfriend watched before killing them both. The leader was then struck in the back of the head by a can that hit him which hit him enough to knock him down but not out.

"You people think you're monsters? Don't make me laugh. The only real monster here is me," Said a mysterious male voice.

"Who the hell are you bastard!?" Questioned the leader as his men help him up. The unknown person jumps down from a rooftop revealing himself to them.

He looks like a 22-year-old Kirito from SAO, but his right eye is green, and his left eye is blue. He is wearing red tank top shirt, black jeans with a black belt with silver buckle, a black with red stripes on the arms leather jacket and a pair of red and black tennis shoes. He had a Neo Amazons Register with a lizard motif on his left arm. He also had a red and black backpack on his back.

This is Amuro Ryoma.

"Who I am? Is it not obvious? I am the hunter, and all of you except the people you are trying to hurt are my prey." He said as takes off his backpack and grabs an Amazons Driver from it. He then places the Amazons Driver on his waist.

"UUUUUUUAAAGGGGHHHHH!" Amuro roared out as he grips the Acceler Grip on the Driver. He then twists it down before twisting it back into place.

Delta! (Drums beating)

The Driver eyes glow with the same colors of his eyes as they glow as well.

"AMAZON!" Growl Amuro as a powerful wave of energy burst out around him.


Amuro was then covered in black flames which then disperses revealing in a new form. He look like Amazon Omega with some differences. His right eye is green, and his left eye is blue, the sides of his helmet pointing up instead of down, green replaced with black with the yellow replaced with red, and instead of red stripes he has silver stripes.

The is Kamen Rider Amazon Delta.

"Let the hunt Begin! Kamen Rider Amazon Delta!" Said Amazon Delta as he puts out the Battle Grip and black ooze turn into a sword. He then moves at high-speed cutting off the heads of the gang members holding the couple hostage.

"I suggest you two go now. Oh, and please don't tell anybody about this." Amazon Delta said politely. The couple look at each other and nod yes.

"We won't tell anyone. Thank you." The man said.

"Yes thank you." The woman said as they quickly run away from the scene. The remaining gang members were a little scared seeing what he did to their friends, but they quickly turn that fear into anger as they pulled out knives, brass knuckles and other melee weapon and the boss pulled out a gun.

"You damned freak! How dare you killed my men and ruined our fun! We'll make you pay!" The boss yelled out in anger.

"A freak? I guess I am a freak but what does that make you I wonder? Oh, I know food for a freak like me." Amazon Delta said ominously as he twists the Acceler Grip.

Violent Break

"Violent Overload!" He cried out as he makes the sword longer and bigger and using his speed he quickly swings it a wide arc cutting the men in half. After he finished his attack his blade turn back to regular size. He walks to each men and stabs each in the head for good measure.

"That was easy. Oh well at least I got some grub." He said as he turns the sword into a large bag and places the dead men's bodies in it and grabs his backpack. He then jumps to the rooftops and moves rapidly towards a forest so he can eat in peace.

(Cue the SpongeBob voice)

(10 minutes later)

He arrivals and deposits the bodies on the ground. He then power down and starts eating them.

'I really hate doing this, but I need to eat. Damn these Amazons Cells.' He thought disgusted with himself doing this and cursing that he became an Amazon. Unfortunately, one must sometimes do bad things if they want to survive. After he was done he wiped the blood off of his face using water from a spring that was nearby. He then took their money and any valuables they might have, places them in his backpack, and buried their bones and clothes, puts his backpack back on and starts to leaves. But as he is leaving a magic circle appears beneath him.

"What the-" He was bout to finish before the circle transported him to somewhere else.

"Hell." He said as he was really dizzy after he was transported. After he got his bearings he noticed he was in some kind of he thinks a ritual room and he saw that there were a group of priests and nun with an old priest with a long white beard who seems to be the leader.

"Oh, great Hero please help our world." Said the leading priest bowing to Amuro and the other priests and nuns were following suit and the only thing Amuro can say was.

"What?" Amuro said not understanding what was going on.