Chapter One

In Stephanie's apartment.

"Joseph, you are not going to find out who I have seeing for the past six months. It is none of your damn business."
"Come on, cupcake. I am sorry I cheated on you a year ago." Joseph told her.

"You are a pain in the ass, just like my mom. She, too, has been driving me nuts for the past six months. Did she put you up to this?" Stephanie screamed.

"Well, she and Ranger and I are concerned, Stephanie. He can't find anything out about this guy. I can't either, and that has me worried sick." Joseph told her.

"Joseph, I love him, and I have never been happier than I am when I am with him. Don't worry. He is a good man." Stephanie told him as she drew a deep breath. "Now, please leave." She told Joseph.

"Fine, but I am not leaving this alone," Joseph said as he walked out of her apartment.

Meanwhile, at Rangeman in the conference room. "Okay were are going to each take a shift and keeps an eye on Stephanie. Sooner or later, this guy she has seen for six months will slip up, and then I want him in here for questioning." Ranger told his crew.

"Boss, we can't do that, and you know it." Tank said.

"I don't care, I want to know who is dating Stephanie, and I want to make sure she is safe." Ranger spat at his right-hand man.

Tank got up and left Rangeman then. He knew he had to see and talk to Stephanie.

"Hi," Stephanie said as she answered her door.

Pierre came in, and shut and locked the door. He walked up to Stephanie and gave her a huge passionate kiss. She took of his shirt, and looked at his dark chest. He took her shirt and bra off. He started to suck on her one of her breast. "Let's take this to the bedroom" Stephanie told him.


They made their way to Stephanie's bed. He managed to get her jeans off, along with her thong. He moved his hand down her inner thigh. She got his cargo pants and boxers off of him. He lightly pushed her down on her bed. He was inside her in a minute. The two of them were so busy. They did not hear anyone come inside Stephanie's apartment. Ranger quietly made his way to Stephanie's bedroom. "What the fuck" Ranger yelled.

Pierre and Stephanie turned their heads to see Ranger fuming at the two of them

"Carlos, what are you doing here" Stephanie yelled.

Ranger went out into the kitchen. Tank put his cargo pants back on and went into the kitchen.

"Boss, listen." Ranger smacked him right in the left eye and stormed out of the apartment.

"That went well," Stephanie said as she came out in a sheet.

"yeah," Tank said.

Stephanie walked up to Pierre and looked at his eye.

"Okay, how about we get some Ice for that eye." Stephanie walked over to the freezer and took out an ice pack. Pierre said down in the living room and kept the icepack on his eye.

Meanwhile, outside, Ranger was fuming. "How could they, Tank knew that she was off-limits."

Ranger took a few deep breaths. He turned around and went back up to the apartment.

When he came in, he saw Stephanie sitting next to Tank. "Babe, Tank, let's talk."

Ranger said.

"Boss, please let us explain. It just happened. I was working with her in the gym, trying to get her stronger, which was her idea, by the way. One thing led to another."

"Ranger, you don't want a serious relationship, and Joseph treats me like dirt. He cheated on me a year ago, and I was crushed for six months. Pierre came to check on me. He helped me feel better about myself. Pierre helped me realize that it was not me that it was Joseph. We started to date three weeks after he was helping me get stronger. No, Joseph does not know it is Pierre I am dating. We have not even told my parents yet."

"Boss, you said it yourself. You don't want anything serious. It just happened, I swear."

"You are right, I have not treated you the best, babe, and I don't want a serious relationship. I should not have punched you, Tank. I am sorry for that. You two have my blessing. Why did you not tell me." Ranger asked them.

"Well, you have just gotten back to Trenton. You were away for six and a half months, boss. We would have told you." Pierre told him.

"Carlos, you are not the easiest person to talk to," Stephanie told him.

"Yea, I guess not. You are right, babe. Babe, do you want to be with Tank? Does he make you happy?" Ranger asked her

"Yes, he does. I am a lot happier with him than I have been in a long time," Stephanie told Range.

"All right, you two have my blessing," Ranger said and then walked out of the apartment.

"Let's go. If we don't tell my parents soon about us, then all hell will break out," Stephanie said.

"Right," Pierre and Stephanie walked out of her apartment and went to her parents' house.

They got to the house and went in. "Hello, sweetie" Frank came up to her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Dad, I want you to meet Pierre Sherman," Stephanie said.

"Pierre, my dad Frank Plum" Stephanie said to him.

"Nice to meet you," Pierre said.

"Cupcake" Joseph yelled and stomped in the Plum house.

He saw Stephanie with Tank. "What the hell are you doing with him. You are supposed to be with me." Joseph yelled as he stomped over to Stephanie.

Tank just then got in between him and Stephanie. "I am going to tell you once, Morelli, she has the right to date whoever she wants. She was yours, and then you were stupid. You don't deserve her. You never have and never will." Tank told him in a stern voice.

Morelli shook his head and then left the Plums.

"Pierre, thank you," Stephanie told him.

"You are welcome, Little one. Now can we eat? I am famished." Pierre told her.

"Yeah, let's eat," Stephanie said.

During dinner, Stephanie's mom said, "Pierre, thank you for standing up to Joseph like that. I did not realize that he was so possessive of my daughter. That scared me to see that side of him tonight. I know now that you care a lot for Stephanie, and I am grateful for that."

"I am lucky I know her. I will protect her, and she knows it." Pierre told Helen and Frank.

Just then, Grandma's gun went off and shot the apple pie for dessert.

"Well, it looks like there is no dessert," Stephanie said and then started to laugh.