With it being May, that means it is MerMay! And I nearly forgot that I was going to post this story! This is to be a big series, but as of right now I only have the Promptis part finished. So enjoy.

Chapter 1

With the pale moon shining in full on the water, Prompto knew that it was the best time to grab a couple of shots. The way the water looked, completely calm, was breathtaking. He could clearly see the stars and clouds themselves reflected in the dark waters of the night.

Prompto clutched his camera tightly as he walked along the shore towards the small pier. Even if he had it around his neck with a camera strap, he was still overly cautious about protecting his precious camera at all costs.

When he reached the edge of the dock, he started to snap the pictures that he wanted to: getting beautiful tranquil photos to post and share online with all of his friends. He was just about to get a shot of the water reflecting the moon when suddenly ripples of water came in, ruining the perfectly still moment. He sighed and started to look around out of curiosity. It was late at night after all, he figured the fish and other sea creatures were probably sleeping.

"What could be splashing around? Water bugs? Are those awake at night? Better not be any mosquitoes! I really don't want to be bitten up tonight!"

As his eyes trailed along the water, he suddenly noticed something that was under the water by the ladder that led into the water… something rather large that made all his thoughts come to a halt. It wasn't bigger than him, but it was far bigger than a fish. Though the more he looked at it, he swore what he was looking at was human. A male with dark messy hair sitting in wet clumps against his face.

Rubbing his eyes, he looked again and let out a yelp when he saw the upper half of a human. "Uuh... " Prompto gaped. He couldn't even begin to figure out why there was someone out swimming this late. Not only was it unsafe, because it was nighttime and visibility was low, but the water was definitely rather cold.


And now the person was talking to him! It couldn't get any weirder than that, could it? Prompto really hoped not, but he couldn't bring himself to walk away or run. "Uh… hi?"

The man in the water smiled. "Not much for words? I guess this would be surprising to see."

"Well yeah! Why are you swimming out in the middle of the night?!" Prompto asked maybe a little louder than he wanted to. There was no one else around anyways at least.

"Oh you know," the man shrugged. "Just out for a swim. Saw you and was wondering what you were doing."

"Just taking some photos, the moon's light is really pretty tonight," Prompto answered, still slightly weirded out by talking to some random nighttime swimmer.

"Photos…" the man said, rolling the word slowly off of his tongue. "Cool. So, what's your name?"

"P-Prompto," he replied, feeling a little nervous.

Maybe it was just the odd situation, or maybe it was because Prompto could not stop staring at this guy. He was swimming shirtless, for crying out loud! It was really distracting for Prompto to truly focus when there was this guy with a nice set of abs and biceps just sitting before him in the water.

"Noctis, but just call me Noct."

"Noct, nice name."

"Yup. You know…" Noctis's fingers wrapped around the ladder. "You're pretty cute."

"Whoa whoa, wait a minute!" Prompto said as he stepped back. "Are you drunk or something?"

Noctis tilted his head to the side, looking confused by Prompto's statement. "I don't understand. I just want to talk."

"Yeah, but most people don't just have a talk with someone who is going for a nighttime swim. It's a bit of a weird situation."

Noctis's lips curled into a smile. "Well, I wouldn't say I'm 'most people' or anything like that."

"Uh...then what do you mean?"

"You gotta keep it a secret, okay?" Noctis asked as he peered up from the bottom of the ladder.

"Secret?" Prompto asked.

He couldn't think what on earth this guy was talking about. Maybe this Noctis really was just crazy and it was a sign that Prompto should just turn and run as fast as he could. Yet at the same time, he found himself a little curious what the guy was going on about. He felt like he wanted to at least know what this guy's thing was.

"Yeah, a secret. Just watch."

Moving his hands higher up on the ladder, he pulled himself quickly up out of the water and onto the top of the dock. Now that he sat there, Prompto could only stare and gape at what he was seeing. It was almost impossible to believe, yet it was as clear as day…as clear as night for him to see.

Noctis had a navy blue tail! With the moonlight shining down on the colored scales, it seemed to shimmer and sparkle. Prompto was so fixated on it, he seriously couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was almost certain that he had to be dreaming by this point, but he wasn't waking up, and it sure felt real.

"Whoa, wait a minute… you… you're a…?"

"A merman, yeah," Noctis replied with a sigh. "Were you expecting something else?"

"N-No! I just never thought… I thought merpeople were just legends. I never would have guessed I'd ever meet one."

"Well, now you have. Why don't you come a little closer, so that way we can talk some more?"

"Oh, s-sure…"

Prompto had to admit he was a bit nervous as he slowly sat down next to Noctis. His eyes were still fixated on the tail, still bright and shimmering in the moonlight. Not only that but now upon being closer he could see Noctis's eyes. They were a deep blue like the ocean itself. Prompto was staring and at the same time he was fiddling with this camera. This was such a rare moment…a unique opportunity that he was sure would never happen again.

"C-Could I take a picture of you? You know, just so I know I'm not going crazy?" Prompto asked quickly. "I promise I won't share it or post it in the papers. I'll just keep the picture for myself to remind me of this night."

Noctis shrugged. "Sure if that's what will make you happy. But can you come a bit closer? I want to see what's on your face."

"Huh? Something's on my face?" Prompto asked as he reached up and placed a hand against his cheek. "Oh, do you mean my freckles? I guess merfolk must not have them living under the water or something."

Prompto scooted a little closer, bringing his face in so Noctis could better see it in the moonlight. Though when it seemed like he was still a couple of inches away from Noctis's, he was grabbed by his shoulders and suddenly pulled closer. At first he couldn't process what was happening, but after a few seconds he realized Noctis had his lips pressed up against his.

His eyes widened and he had the thought to pull away, but at the same time he was stuck there, entranced by the fact a merman was kissing him. A hot-looking, shirtless merman was kissing him! Somewhere in his mind, he was cursing himself for immediately thinking that the merman was hot. That was not supposed to be the first priority of the situation!

When the kiss ended and Noctis pulled away, Prompto could have sworn that he felt a strange chill run through his body. But he still couldn't shake his mind from the fact he had just been kissed and that meant…

"Dude! You just stole my first kiss!" Prompto exclaimed once all of his proper thoughts came back to him.

Noctis started to laugh. It was something beautiful to Prompto's ears. "You're telling me a cute human like yourself has never been kissed before?"

Prompto pouted while he felt his cheeks start to heat up. "N-No! I mean I was planning on it! E-Eventually..."

"Well, now you've had your first kiss," Noctis replied with a mischievous smile. He leaned in a little closer again. "You should consider yourself lucky, it was my first kiss too."

"What? Seriously?"

Noctis let his wondrous laugh flow through the air again before he pushed himself off the dock and back into the waters. When he resurfaced, he started to slowly swim backwards, away from the dock. "I'll see you again, okay?"

"Um, yeah we can… wait! Where am I even going to meet you? And when? You can't just leave me hanging here!"

"Aw, you'll find me again, I know it."

Noctis then dived down below the water's surface. There were ripples everywhere but then it calmed down and the water was still again. It was like he had never been there to begin with. But Prompto knew it had to have been real. Noctis was certainly real and the tingling leftover warmth Prompto felt on his lips was definitely real.

"So I really did just get kissed by a merman… holy shit no one's ever going to believe unless-"

Prompto gasped suddenly as he smacked a hand to his forehead. "He totally distracted me and I forgot to get a picture! Damn it! Now no one will ever believe me."

Sighing, Prompto turned around and decided to head home. No point in waiting around to see if Noctis would come back. But maybe he would come back every few nights just to see. He really did want to see Noctis again anyway.

"A real merman though… who would have thought it? I still can't believe I shared my first kiss with a merman. At least he was hot…" With his thoughts trailing off he made his way back to his house and promptly crashed onto his bed for the night.

When morning came, the first thing Prompto felt was a splitting headache. He groaned as he slowly sat up and rubbed his forehead, hoping to alleviate some of the pain.

"Geez, what a way to start the day…" Prompto muttered before feeling how dry his throat was when he spoke.

"Shit… that merman better not have gotten me sick! Or maybe I just forgot to eat and drink enough yesterday… yeah maybe it was that."

Getting up, he headed out of bed and first into the bathroom to freshen up for the day. As soon as he got into the shower he felt calmer than he ever did before. He wasn't sure exactly what it was but this made him feel more relaxed than before. His headache even seemed to die down a little as he let the water wash over him.

But of course once he got out of the shower and started drying off the headache decided to return. "Great way to start my day…" Prompto muttered, repeating the thought he had first woken up to, as he got dressed.

He hurried down to the kitchen and prepared himself some breakfast. He made sure to grab one of his larger cups this time and filled it with some nice cold water. When he was finally sitting down to eat and drink, he started feeling much better. Maybe it was just because he hadn't eaten enough the day before. The silly notion that a merman's kiss could have caused this left his mind entirely. How he'd ever thought such a thing he wasn't sure.

"Well, now I can go about my day at least. Oh! Maybe I'll see if Iggy and Gladio are free today. They'll probably believe my story even without a picture!"

Pulling out his phone, he texted the group chat that had both Ignis and Gladio, asking if either of them were free to meet up for the day. It only took a couple minutes before there was a reply from the both of them. They were both free and so Prompto invited them over for a day to hangout. Now all he had to do was wait for them to come over, so in the meantime he headed to his computer and uploaded his photos from last night. But upon opening his SD card he saw that he didn't have any photos from standing on the dock, only a few from on the shoreline.

"Oh geez…" Prompto said as he leaned back in his chair. "Noctis distracted me so much I forgot all about my photos last night… I could go tonight if I didn't have work tomorrow morning but it wouldn't be as good as last night…"

Rubbing his forehead, he tried to decide if he was really upset or not over the subject. On the one hand, he still had a few photos, even if they weren't exactly what he wanted to capture. But on the other, he had met a merman. It was still almost crazy to think about and part of him worried it was all a dream, especially since he had no photographic proof of the meeting.

"I gotta go back next time I get the chance and look for him. I need to get proof, otherwise I'll never stop thinking about it!"

Gladio arrived with Ignis right on them, that was expected after all since Ignis was always very punctual. Prompto got up from his seat and headed over to the door. On the way over, he swayed slightly, feeling a little light-headed.

"Come on with the headache. I thought I dealt with you already… I'll just make sure to drink some more. Maybe since Ignis is here we'll have some tea."

Opening the door, he smiled at his friends. "Hey, guys! Glad you could make it! And, oh boy, do I have a story to tell you!"

"If it's another story about your fantasies to have the best camera, I don't want to hear it," Gladio joked before giving Prompto a light shove.

"Oh, ha ha, very funny." Prompto laughed sarcastically. "It's something else. Something much more crazy."

"Well, you certainly seem excited about it," Ignis commented. "Let's head to your living room and you can tell us, all right?"


Prompto told them as best as he could what happened the previous night. He told them every detail minus the fact he thought Noctis was hot and that Noctis had kissed him. Much to his surprise, Gladio stayed quiet the entire time, listening carefully. He was sure at first that Gladio would interrupt with a joke but he seemed to be drawn in from what Prompto could tell.

Though when Prompto finished, that was when Gladio smirked and finally spoke up. "So you've found yourself a little fish buddy. Let me guess, you ogled his chest."

"I did not! How did you even know he was shirtless?!" Prompto shouted far too quickly. Right after, he covered his mouth and felt the embarrassment burning his cheeks.

"You're too easy, Prom. Your face says it all." Gladio laughed deeply. "Besides, if what you say is true and merpeople are real, I doubt they wear shirts like we do. It would just drag them down in the water. Swimmers logic."

"Wha but… I wasn't I didn't…" Prompto started to say, trying his best to deny it. Finally he just gave in. "Okay, fine! I did stare at him! But it's his fault that he was shirtless!"

"We are not going to judge you Prompto," Ignis said. "I'm sure if he had you staring, he must have been quite the catch."

Prompto stared at him, far from amused. "That only works if I was fishing, and I wasn't."

"You've been fishing for a boyfriend for months now," Gladio added. "So, I think Iggy's pun works just swimmingly."

"Ah you guys are no help!" Prompto sighed as he leaned back on the couch. Though a second later, he sat back up and headed quickly towards the kitchen. "I'm going to refill my drink again."

"Are you sure that you are well?" Ignis asked. "That is your third drink during your entire story."

"Yeah, I just didn't get enough to drink yesterday. Kind of skipped out on breakfast and stuff too."

"I would still be cautious, considering that you had a strange encounter with a merman after all."

Prompto felt his face burning as he poured himself another glass of water. He may have let it slip that he had stared at a shirtless merman but there was no way he would ever reveal that he had been kissed! If he let that loose, he knew that it would be the end. Gladio and Ignis already loved to tease him and make puns, and he knew this would only make it worse.

"What?" Prompto asked as he sat back down with his refilled glass in hand. "You think that 'cause a merman stared at me, I got sick?"

"Well, that depends…" Gladio started to say. He leaned back in his chair, smirking widely.

"Don't you dare ask what I think you're asking!" Prompto shouted internally, far too nervous to actually say it out loud. He knew if he tried to quickly cut off Gladio then it would only look more obvious that something was up.

"Did you kiss him?"

Prompto could not control his embarrassment. He buried his face quickly into his hands, knowing now it was too late and there was no hiding from the truth. He honestly sucked at being a good liar; he either collapsed under the smallest pressure or he rambled so nervously that it was clearly obvious he was lying.

"Oh, my god," Gladio gawked. "I was only making a joke… but you serious?"

"This does make this situation rather unique," Ignis commented.

"I didn't mean to…" Prompto finally managed to say. "I didn't want to or expect to kiss him. He… he tricked me!"

Prompto finally looked up at his two friends: Ignis was straight-faced as usual, while Gladio looked more amused than ever. Swallowing heavily, he tried his best to clear his mind so he could explain everything without any further confusion.

"I sat down next to him 'cause I wanted a picture. He told me he wanted me to come closer so he could see my freckles… then he just kissed me."

"Wow, I knew you were gullible, Prom, but falling for that is one of the oldest tricks in the book."

"It was a merman! How was I supposed to know that they have the same 'book' that we do?"

"While this is amusing, if he did in fact kiss you, that may be why you are more parched than normal."

Gladio snickered. "Oh, you best he is. Never seen the kid so thirsty before."

Ignis swatted Gladio on the arm. "Hush, this could be quite serious."

"What?" Prompto gasped, slightly annoyed from the jokes. "You think he gave me fish mono or something?"

Gladio was trying not to laugh now, and it only made Prompto more frustrated than before. "Come on, big guy! Can't you not make jokes for one day?"

"Hey, I'm not the one who said fish mono. That was on you."

"Uuugh, this really is not helping at all!"

"Either way… I think I recall hearing certain legends about merfolk," Ignis replied as he stroked his chin. "I may have to do a little research, though."

Suddenly the embarrassment was replaced by worry. "Y-You think it's something bad?"

"I wouldn't say that, no, but we should not look at it so lightly."

"Well… if you can find out anything just let me know…'cause this dry throat stuff is driving me crazy and I really don't think I can go drinking all day long like this."

"I will get on with the research as soon as possible," Ignis said as he stood up. "Please do let minnow if anything else happens, all right?"

"Really Iggy? Really?" Prompto asked with an exasperated sigh.

"I thought it was pretty good, I'm kraken up myself here," Gladio added.

Ignis was chuckling lightly now. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself."

"Yeah, you can-both of you. Cut it with the fish puns, please," Prompto grumbled as the three of them headed to the door. The sooner they left, the less chances they would have to make even more fish puns. He had hit his limit for the day.

On the way out, Gladio slapped Prompto on the back. "See you later, Prom. Oh before I go, though, I have a question."

Prompto felt like he was going to regret asking. "What's that?"

"You never told us what kind of fish your new boyfriend is. Trout? Bass? Gar?"

Yup, he regretted it.

"Not funny. Now get out."

Gladio was laughing loudly as Prompto shoved him out of the door. A moment later, he slammed the door closed and sighed. "Geez… if I gotta deal with that from now on, I don't know if I'll survive…"

For the remainder of the day, Prompto tried his best to keep the headache from returning. He ended up drinking more water than he expected but it was really helping him. But that only concerned him even more. Was he really sick or was something wrong with him now that he had kissed a merman? He had the idea to look it up himself-the internet always had the answers-but he was too afraid of what he would find.

"Just let it be a cold… please just let it be a simple, normal, human cold," Prompto muttered later that night as he was getting ready for bed.

It was only a hope, but he had the worst feeling of dread sinking in him. He tried his best to shake it off though. If he could just get better, then he could move on with his life and try and get back to normal.

But the following morning was no better, in fact it was worse. Not only did he have another headache and feel extremely parched, but his body also felt funny. His legs felt stiff and almost sluggish as he tried to move them. It was like the dreams where someone would try to run somewhere but their legs would feel like cement.

Seeing that he felt like utter crap, he knew he would have to call into work to tell them he wouldn't be coming in. Thankfully, his boss was understanding and wished him to get better as soon as he could. Once that was taken care of, Prompto slumped to the bathroom, groaning heavily as he started up the shower.

The shower, like before, did help clear his mind and even relaxed his body, but of course he knew he couldn't stay in there forever. He would have to step out to dry off and then everything would return again making him feel worse.

Though, when he did get out of the shower and began to dry off, he felt something on his legs. At first glance he thought it was a scab because of the red color, but when he thought about it he couldn't remember scraping himself or anything. He looked a little closer and he tried to pick at it, but upon trying that he winced in pain. It was like picking at a scab but it felt much worse. It felt like he was trying to tear a piece of his skin off.

Prompto flinched again from the pain when he tried again. "What the hell!? What is this…?"

He wanted to try again, but the fear that it would hurt stopped him. Instead he just tried to look closer at his legs. Maybe it was due to the headache, but he was having trouble wrapping his head around it. But suddenly something clicked in the back of his mind.

The color on his legs wasn't red, but more like a reddish purple. On top he started to notice that there were more little patches on his legs than when he first looked. But he kept staring, trying to figure out why this sort of looked familiar.

"Wait a minute," he gulped as it started to dawn on him. "Are these… scales?"

Suddenly hundreds of thoughts cluttered his mind now, many of them alarming and concerning thoughts. Stumbling for his clothes he got dressed and ran back to the bedroom to pick up his phone. He nearly fumbled his way to calling Ignis, but soon enough the phone was ringing and he pleaded internally for Ignis to pick up soon.

"Yes?" Ignis answered. "Prompto how are you feeling-"

"Iggy! I got scales on my legs!" Prompto shouted frantically.

There was a pause before Ignis spoke again. "Ah I was afraid of that, I had been doing research on the topic of merfolk and while most is said to be legends or myths, there was some overlapping information between sources."

"And that would be?"

"Are you sitting down first? I would feel better if you were before I tell you what I read."

"Fine fine… I'll sit." Prompto sat down quickly just as he was told. "Okay…tell me. What's wrong with me? What's happening?"

"Again, what I read is said to be legend or myth, but it all comes down to this… because you were kissed by a merfolk, you are now becoming one yourself."

"Whoa whoa, wait a minute… you actually mean 'cause a merman kissed me, that I'm…I'm…"

"Yes, I'm afraid so, it means you are transforming into a merman."