Chapter 1

Once, a long time ago (20 years really), everyone received their happy endings. Kings and Queens reigned and heroes were victorious.

They were so happy that as one they all agreed to unite together and create the United States of Auradon, electing King Adam (Beast) and Queen Belle as High King and Queen.

But then things started changing.

King Adam decided his first act was to resurrect all the villains who had died and round up all the ones who had survived and throw them all to a place called the Isle of the Lost, with a magical barrier to keep them there, claiming death was too good for them.

While everyone seemed to be onboard with this idea, one was very vocal about his displeasure; the most powerful wizard of all time: Merlin.

The arguments got so bad that Beast decided that magic should be forced into retirement and only may be used with royal permission.

Normally those with magic would have rebelled at this but with the threat of the Isle looming over them which had a barrier to keep magic out, they had no choice to comply.

All the magical artifacts, wands, weapons, spell books, were rounded up as well and put in the Museum of Cultural History under lock and key. Naturally they tried to take Merlin's wand, which was more like a walking stick to him but a fight broke out, the end result was one of the Auradonian guards taking his sword and slicing it in two.

Had it not been for Arthur's intervention, Merlin might have been a resident of the Isle as well.

As the years passed, Auradon became more technology advanced thanks to assistance from the Isle of Atlantis. Phones replaced messengers, cars replaced horses, electricity replaced magic.

The one only kingdom who did not embrace the new way of living was Camelot which many suspected was their way of protesting the decisions made by King Adam and the council. Which was strange considering how much Merlin used to go on and on about the progression mankind would make and how it was 'better' than the dark ages they used to live in.

It was all one big modern mess, one even Arthur himself could see.

And so, to protect his friend, King Arthur refused a seat on the Council of Auradon and even went so far as to try to separate from the other kingdoms. It was unsuccessful but the message was clear: Camelot would never agree with anything Auradon decided.

That is, until this happened …

/ / / / / / / / / / /

A young skinny sixteen year old boy in blue robes with a red scarf over the tunic walked through the halls of Castle Camelot in a hurry. His hair was short and raven black and wore a pair of halfmoon glasses on his face, which he kept pushing up his nose every few feet, with a pair of bright blue eyes behind them.

He had no idea why but he knew today was of great importance.

As he rounded the corner, he charged right into the throne room and burst both doors open shocking the Knights of the Round Table at the noise. Unfortunately whatever the boy was going to say died in this throat as he went slightly red at all the looks he was receiving.

Thankfully he was saved by the blonde king himself who looked very amused.

"Ah, Wren, you're just in time" he said, making the boy blink and clear his throat "s-sorry about the … they're loose I think-" he said before shaking his head 'focus' he thought and pulled himself together.

"Your highness, I'm sorry but I felt that it was urgent I come, it's like something is going to happen" Wren said making Arthur frown in worry. "Is Merlin-" he started to say but Wren shook his head.

"No, no no. Dad's fine" he said, relieving the king. "Sorry I should have explained, dad said that because I had the vision I should be the one to tell you"

Wren bit his bottom lip nervously before walking to the table and took one of the goblets, pouring the water out to make a puddle. Letting out a shuddering breath and closed his eyes, gently placing his fingertips at the edge of the puddle.

At once the water shimmered and several images swirled in a mist; first it showed the crown prince of Auradon on the day he is to become king and blessed by Fairy Godmother, then the image changed to the wand being taken, the a dragon growling down inside the cathedral and breathing fire, the sound of a scream, and the vision went dark.

To say everyone was shocked was an understatement, Arthur's son Artie was the first to break out of the stupor. "Monster!" The twelve year old cried and Wren flinched, unsure if the boy was calling the dragon the monster, or him.

"Quiet, Artie … Wren do you know when this will happen?" Arthur asked calmly, which the young wizard was thankful for.

"I think … I think it is on the day of Prince Ben's Coronation, that much was clear he wore the crown" he said with unease, and for good reason too. In his opinion, Auradon was driving his kind, those with magic, into hiding, subjugation, or death. The fact he had a premonition about the new king of Auradon being attacked by a dragon felt sort of justified.

Arthur pursed his lips in thought looking at the boy before nodding and looked to one of the Knights "send word to Auradon, we must warn them" he said as the knight nodded and the king returned his gaze upon Wren for a bit. "Wren … I must ask a favor of you" he said but the boy in question narrowed his eyes in an accusatory glare.

"My answer entirely depends on what your request will be, your highness" he said, making Arthur bite back a chuckle. He acted a lot like his father, snark and all.

"I need you to go to Auradon Prep as a transfer student"


Wren could only stand there slack jawed at the request, looking at the king as though he lost his mind. "Auradon?! No, no way! After what they tried to do to dad-" Wren tried to argue but the king silenced him with a single hand raised up to stop him. He didn't like it, but Wren kept quiet though his glare held.

"I know how you feel, I almost went to war with King Beast because of it … but now might be the time when our kingdoms mend" he said, however it was obvious Wren still wouldn't listen. "You might even be able to help show magic is as needed as much as their technology"

Wren just snorted and shook his head "My Lord, no power on Earth or Heaven will even convince them of that. What makes you think I could?" he said before dismissing himself from the council.

/ / / / / / / / /

Merlin knew a long time ago that his attitude would come back and bite him back, however what he didn't realize it would be in the form of his son. He was just like he was; outspoken, sarcastic, and definitely vocal about what he believed in, thankfully the kingdom didn't seem to mind because they got used to Merlin's rantings, and nine times out of ten those rantings often gave good advice.

So here he was, sitting in the living room of the tower he and his son lived in, listening to his own son's rant.

"-wants me to go to Auradon … I mean has he forgotten everything they did?!" He ranted as Merlin calmly listened "why should I have to try to save that- that- ooooh!" Wren said before plopping down into a chair, grunting in anger.

"Erm- well … you would leave innocents to the fate of a dragon? If what you said is true then others will be there" Merlin said trying to appeal to his son's good heart.

"Innocents? Auradonians you mean, they'd burn me at the stake just by walking in'' he said with a scowl. Luckily he wasn't angry enough to dismiss tea as the set moved around and poured them both a cup. "The day Auradon accepts magic again will be the day they bring people from the Isle of the Lost over"

"Funny you mention that ..." Merlin said, getting out a newspaper and handing it to his son. Wren's jaw dropped when he saw the headline: VK Initiative project, Prince Ben's first decree.

As he read it, Wren's eyes creased more and more at the article before looking at his father. "Yes i thought so as well" he said reading his expression. One of confusion and, possibly, hope. "That shows right there that Ben is a lot different than the current Monarch" he said with a pointed look "that … perhaps … earns a chance?"

Wren looked down in thought before setting aside his undrunk tea and stood up "fine, i'll go ... what little good it'll do" he said with a scoff but couldn't help his eyes soften at his father's smile. As he left the den to his room, Wren couldn't help but think this was going to be a very weird year.