Chapter 2

Three days had passed and Wren stood outside Camelot Castle with a carpet bag in his left hand and a walking cane in his right. The cane, naturally, held half of Merlin's old wand, concealed like a sword in a sheathe. On his shoulder was a small Great Horned owl who was snoring softly as they waited.

He hated waiting and figured it would have been faster to just get there magically but, as his dad and King Arthur said, it would be best to try to at ease those in Auradon into the idea of casual magic. So arriving in a column of blue smoke? Not the best approach.

After what seemed like hours, a white limo appeared down the dirt road, much to the gawking of the townsfolk. Wren though, haven seen such devices from his father's old models, raised an eyebrow wondering what Prince Ben was playing at trying to be impressive. Or did he only own limos?

The driver stepped out in a black suit and sunglasses and stood by the side of the door. "You the transfer student?" He asked somewhat rudely as though he had better things to do, so naturally Wren just scowled as he talked back. "What gave it away? The bag?"

The driver only gave a small smirk before reaching into the driver's seat and went to open the trunk before looking at him "we have another stop to make, I'm also picking up the … new students from the Isle" He said as Wren put his back in the trunk.

"Why didn't you pick them up first? Isn't it closer?" Wren asked as he moved his hands away from the trunk as the driver closed it, causing the owl to stir a bit but then went back to sleep. "Cause I was told you first" he simply said before gesturing to the back door in a sign to get in.

With a slight snarl and his hand gripping his cane, Wren just went in so he wouldn't have to deal with him and raised the driver window up with a scoff. He only sighed as he looked down at his cane: dark oak with vine-like carving around the base until it came up to where the handle of the wand half would be which branched out with roots wrapping around a blue crystal. Merlin said not to use it against anyone unless he had no choice, so that meant Wren would have to control his temper.

A yawn suddenly brought Wren out of his thoughts as he turned to the owl who blinked tiredly "w-who? What what? Are we there yet?" The owl said with the voice of maybe a fourteen or fifteen year old boy.

No matter the mood, Wren's familiar could always bring a smile to his face. "No, Aristotle, we haven't even left yet" he said, making the owl scoff, which Wren couldn't blame him for. They had to get up at the crack of dawn just to wait for their ride and when he explained they had to go through Auradon to the Isle of the Lost next. Well let's just say Wren had to hold the little owl or the driver might be going back with talon marks on his face. "Let's just get some sleep ok?" He asked as he set up a small bird perch and hung it from the roof handles. Aristotle just growled lowly and looked down at the middle of the limo "what in the world is all that?"

Looking to where the owl was gazing at, Wren raised a confused eyebrow at the brightly colored food items. Some he recognized from when his father would bring something back on his travels to other lands but Camelot generally didn't have any of this. They had the basics like fruit and meat and grain and such but stuff like this? No way.

"Sweets … it's a ton of sweets" Wren said with a frown. He wasn't sure if the royals were trying to bribe them or something but he had to admit, they went all out. The stack looked like it could take the form of a small hill in the middle of the limo. Wren experimentally took one he was familiar with, a simple mini chocolate bar, and took a small bite. With a shrugging nod, he finished it off before looking at it all.

"I'd rather keep my teeth so that'll do" he muttered to himself (Aristotle went back to sleep) and just sat back as the limo took off.

/ / / / / / / / / / /

He wasn't sure when he fell asleep but when he woke, Wren could feel magic being used and looked out the window. With a small gasp, he saw that the limo was driving over a golden bridge forming under them as they approached the clouded mass of land: the Isle of the Lost.

When Wren thought of a place where all the captured villains lived, he didn't expect it to be so … run down. 'Seriously, some of these people were former royals, no one wanted to go glamorous?' he thought but then he looked closer: none of the houses were exactly matching in construction, it was as if they built shelter from discarded items.

This place was the slums of the continent, and Wren was not liking the sight of the place one bit. Especially when there seemed to be a crowd of people around the limo and Wren saw what they wore.

Not even those who worked the farms in the lower towns of Camelot were this bad! Some looked as though they wouldn't last when winter came.

Before he could even speak his mind he saw four people, kids, coming towards the limo and not gathering like the others. In a split decision, Wren leaned back and closed his eyes again to pretend to be asleep.

He heard doors open and the sounds of fighting and wrapper ripping but kept still. "Guys, who's that?" Asked one of them, a boy by the sound of it and slightly skittish.

"Not sure … maybe they sent him to keep an eye on us?" Another boy said but didn't sound so sure. Wren had to keep very still when he felt someone come close to him and could feel them hovering "well he's asleep, whoever he is" said one of the girls before going back to her seat and spoke up again.

"Here Mal, you're looking a bit washed out" she said as the other girl, Mal, let out a scoff of disgust

"ugg, I'm plotting"

"Well it's not very attractive"

Wren had to fight had not to smirk at the antics the four seemed to be going through: the boys fighting over food and stuff in the car and the girls just talking.

"LOOK!" one of them screamed which caused Wren to open his eyes a bit, none of them saw him even though they were looking at him, or rather the window above them.

"I knew it! It was a trap!" The skittish boy yelled as all four huddled together and braced themselves screaming … until the spell to create the bridge was activated.

Seeing no reason to pretend anymore, Wren sat up and eyed them with a raised eyebrow as the four opened their eyes. "You got some lungs on you, I'll give you that" he said with a smirk as they all looked slightly sheepish.

"Uh … we … we were just …" a boy in red and gold with a beanie on his head said but faltered. "Yes … Auradon likes to preach about magic needing to be retired and yet …" Wren said before waving his hand to gesture the vehicle. However the purple haired one didn't seem to care as she nudged over to him to talk to the driver.

"Hey, did this open the barrier?" She asked, peaking Wren's interest.

"No, this opens the barrier, that one opens the garage door … and this one …" he said before rolling up the driver's window and Wren couldn't help but chuckle a bit, the purple haired girl seemed to do the same sitting back in her seat. "Ok, nasty .. I like that guy" she said then looked at Wren as though she just noticed he was awake but Wren only gave a tiny wiggle of his fingers in a wave.

"Well, perhaps we'll be on our way now" Wren said before glancing at Aristotle and shaking his head, the bird was still asleep.

"So, um … who are you exactly?" The beanie boy said, grabbing another sweet from the pile.

Wren couldn't help but smirk at that as he fixed himself in his seat, he had been sleeping in there for around six hours after all. "Transfer student from Camelot …" he said before his smile turned into a grimace. "Not my first choice … name's Wren"

The four blinked at him slightly as the blue-haired girl spoke up. "Wren? Like the bird?" The others looked at her confused but she clarified "mom said Snow White used to have woodland creatures help her and would go off on a tangent, I learned a lot of animal names from those actually …" she said trailing off in thought at the end.

Wren managed to grin yet again as he nodded in thought. "Lemmie guess, Evil Queen's daughter?" He asked as the bluenette nodded. "Yes like the bird, dad wanted to keep the theme going and Robin was taken over in Sherwood. Falcon and Hawk … anyway Wren was the better option" he said before reaching over and getting a bag of jelly beans and dug out an orange one. "Oh and that's Aristotle" he said motioning to the sleeping bird.

All four looked at the bird and looked confused. Inwardly, Wren wondered if they would figure it out of who his dad was, unfortunately if they did then they didn't say because they just moved on, introducing themselves; The skittish boy wearing black and white was Carlos DeVille, Cruella's son. The boy with the beanie was Jay, son of Jafar. Evil Queen's daughter introduced herself as Evie. And the purple-haired girl, Mal, revealed she was the daughter of Maleficent.

With a very concentrated look of interest, Wren was internally trying to piece together the images from his vision.

The dragon.

Could Mal be the threat he saw?

No … no that can't be right. Wren didn't have that much experience with magic, having only still being an apprentice level, but one thing was certain, he felt no malicious intent from her, any of them really. Mischievous yes but nothing … evil.

Either way one thing was for sure: he'd have to keep a close eye on these four because something told him, while not being the threat itself, they were very much connected. And he needed to find a way to change the future, quickly